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Free dating sites with no email needed

after reading these reviews i just hope i’m not charged any fees because it appears nothing seems to be able to be done about this company. he is also accused of ripping several people off, and not for small amounts. i don’t know what possesses the people running this site to do what they do but it all looks like a bunch of incompetent teenagers who love to deliberately botch what could have otherwise been a worthwhile site for an age market in dire need of it. i've never done before, maybe this will work, who ever reads this might know of somebody through the grape vine. the profiles they provide do not tell the real story and the pictures of most of these men are from 20 years ago. every response after that are short one-word answers, never a question, that do nothing to advance the conversation. it's hard to know if it's because they aren't good women or its because men aren't given a chance, it maybe just because they aren't good women in the first place. turned off email to not receive any emails from website not to be bothtered by anyone…noticed i had a overdraw on old bank statement…. when i get a break i responded that i'm at work and cannot talk to which he replies that he'd prefer that i always answer his calls. i think all these dating sites should have some type of background check or a place for you can check people out. always look for reviews of sites where i’m considering spending money, whether it’s a dating site or anything else. since these bozos are apparently based in costa rica, nothing will get done. if you’d like a casual encounter, make that known as well. there is no contact number, and it want me to enable something on my computer. line dating is not so easy for the over 50 set. one guy was such a story teller, at 60 he was young enough to know the internet and should have been old enough not to play games..when i can pull off a bikini and look great at 53, have a body better than alot of 35 year olds, and am quite sane with no kids at home, i have to wonder, where are all the men in my age group who are divorced and widowed? he sent me his phone number but i’m not the type to call first. after a few weeks i'm not getting any responses to messages i send out. so i don't' see how it is harder for a man who can message anyone he likes, than it is to sit and wait and get nothing. (word of advice guys, getting mad at a woman for not being interested or responding to you will not help your case whatsoever. i am a widow and would like to meet another good man. also did not allow the dog to lie on the furniture or the bed and was very sensitive to the fact that some people are allergic to animals. a member of our time,I am trying to contact technical support to fix the site,I cannot send a request for the site as it’s only half screens, my name there is. the needle in a haystack was just not worth the time wasted. know your rights; google credit card dispute rights and fair credit act, reg z for more information. although i don't know how ali reed dealt with soo many negative comments.,there was no way of backing out of that page and i clicked continue, and couldn’t find a way to “delete”, so i sent them a couple of emails and called them today. but once again, very few, if any women attend what i tend to go to, let alone any who are in my age group and meet other modest criteria, none having to do with "looks". was, by far, the worst experience i have ever encountered with a dating web site … with the exception of eharmony which matched me with truck drivers and farmers because i do not have a college degree! however, okcupid has many not-so-great users as well, and it’s not uncommon for women to have the misfortune of encountering them, and in the past, i have as well. also, their website is not user friendly, and their search sucks.. not like we are all barbie dolls or ken dolls anymore. if you go through the list of profiles in which you click on yes, no, or maybe, be advised that if you click on yes (i think) you’ll thereby “send” one of those canned flirt messages. someone says online dating, one of the first sites that comes to mind is okcupid. like you, i do not have eternity to message complete strangers on line. they no longer seem to have respect for women they tell lies they lead you on by saying that they too are looking for something long term to only leave after a few weeks or a month and a half that's all i can seem to find out there and i have been looking for years now. when i sent an email requesting this my note (auto-addressed by them) was returned as undeliverable! decandes of loanliness, and when i say loanliness i mean noone, at all ever, would finish you, you have no idea of the misery that men have being so alone. although i can no longer access my premium features, i am smart enough to look in the left margin to see that there are no red highlights, indicators that ladies are attempting to reach me, thus necessitating my renewal to do so. the faq and help section appears under the chat box, which can’t be dragged and parked to another part of the page in order to display the text in the faqs. i am not going to renew my subscription and am sorry that i wasted my money here. okcupid is renowned for having a wide variety of users, although i received more messages and views on plentyoffish. most recent experience on zoosk i met a police officer who yes i know they can be bad just as anyone else and this one by far was the worst. i am in top condition physically but being of average height at 5’9″ i am apparently not tall enough for women who are 5’4″ or heaven help me, 5’5″. cracked’s alli reed set up ‘the worst online dating profile ever’ and still received heaps of messages from men who wanted only to hook up with the terrible woman she had created. i think after reading this, if i were to ever use an online dating site, i'd go for casual kiss . all i got was an advertisement for their website and no hint regarding how to access my newly-created profile. reading a few of these i am not sure if i will go back. in an unfortunate coincidence, i had checked my ot account on the exact day they automatically extended me but the fee had not yet shown in my bank balance. also, the paid sites scam people by auto billing when they were instructed not to. ourtimes is creating this to get people to sign up and contiune their membership. contacted ourtime dating website all they did they just sent me the link for dating tips. is a membership-based community, built by members for members, and is sustained through membership fees. i not only was flooded with messages, several were the same women who had not given the "real me" even a reply. want all my money back but will settle for all but one month… but wait there is no phone number to call! then when he appeared in court for his hearing the judge would not give him an bail because he said letting him out before the trail was dangerous to the lives of the witnesses, and that he was mentally unstable. renewals are made even when they request they not be. he suggested two cities i've never been to half way, and where i don't have friends, and then finally sent me a recorded message: "you're wrong, it's not better to meet up in a group, my brother thinks you're wrong too. this could be someone who lives across the country (no matter what you specified); it could also be a woman (again, i specified i was looking for a man), and many of my profile features were totally ignored. you can’t do anything, their so called free trial is to snag all your info and pictures then when you try to chat with someone they tell you ya have to pay them so much per month be very careful as the prices are set up in a way that seems cheap but it is not cheap. that's absolutely great, but it does not match up with me. people who are satisfied or not sufficiently enraged usually don’t bother, so review sites are almost always heavily negatively biased, far more so, i suspect, than polling the current membership (if that were possible) would reveal. i didn't when i was twenty (i met my former wife through very unusual circumstances involving an acquaintance and what little dating i did then i did all though people i knew). they have a litany of suitors after them who see them as dating status symbols and they set up blogs basically to complain to the world that the population of men isn't picture perfect like in a maxim magazine. recent experiences on the dating website i use has been pretty pathetic. i wish i read all of these posts before, i just disputed these charges, free, my ass! i was told that there are no refunds, and that i had also used the site beyond the month. all i see woman say on profiles is how men pester them with sexual comments and, if they are not sexual, all they say is; "hi". neither is asking for, or offering to send, nudes (unless they were not discussed first). i just wanted go to dinner see a show have a laugh not a hook up this site is a ruuse. was surprised to see my membership was scheduled to end on december 28 and since there hadn’t been any charges to my bank account, i assumed i was mistaken and had originally signed up for a year. i haven’t used dating sites to try to find men to date ever since. an experiment I set up accounts on three of the more popular free dating websites, then spoke to some women about their experiences. beginning two months ago (5 months before my subscription is up) i started seeing a window that prevents me from using my page until i clear it and tell them i’m not interested in renewing early. internet dating isn't perfect but this may change your perspective. time has some kind of internal glitch or someone on the inside sending out notices like this you in your email:Our time ( when i click on the blue line it reads the email came from a “mike morris” and yet two others from a “yen11”. in the past have conducted similar experiments, setting up fake accounts on free dating websites and recording the messages they received. spoke to four people, two of them supervisors, and they could see my “usage” email saying i’d be leaving the site due to personal issues, but they would not grant me an exception to their no refund policy. when messaging a woman without bothering to learn about her through her profile, it may come across as you not caring about her as a person – no one wants that. july 1 at 9:35am, i replied thru the site to a woman who had emailed me, telling her i’d be ending my membership due to personal reasons, just to be considerate and not waste her time. the burning slow tourture of needing t hold someone and noone being there, noone being there after a bad day, noone to confide in , no one to give you any confidence ? mobile you are presented profiles and asked if you are interested (yes/no) without the ability to look at their profile. it’s not about responding in a manner that you feel is appropriate. if it wasn't online dating site, it would have been on line at the supermarket, or at work, or at the deli. while it is ‘free to join’ you have to pay to see all the emails flirts likes favorites that have been piling up in your mailbox..the issue is the women are idiots and don't know how to stick up for themselves online. my goal was to stop receiving “matches” after i had let my membership lapse. is quite possibly the worst site out there for dating, and absolutely no one is monitoring the creeps on there. i know there's good ones out there (i just read some of there letters here.

Problem with dating sites for free no membership

” i got notifications from “matches” that said, “i’d like to hear from you. just met an ex airforce veteran who went from saying on date one that he was looking for marrige in five yrs to saying on date four that just because we talk on the phone & met for dinner which he paid for doesnt mean were dating.’s magazine is an excellent resource, providing dating advice, success stories and useful articles.'s fine by me because i do not want to have to reply to every guy who lives in a geographical location i have no way to get to. the reason i had a case for dispute is because they did not disclose the amount i would be charged prior to processing my payment. the years it turned more and more into a dating site but i left my profile there. women on all these web sites : they post past pictures like 15 yrs ago. free users are also not able to see who has flirted with or fave’d them or view other users’ videos. the site sends auto flirts and messages from profiles of people who are not members. that’s not to say that you can’t get steamrolled on a pay site, but think about it; those who don’t pay to join the site have nothing vested and nothing to lose. i would say about 40-50% of the men who showed up as viewing and interested had no photo and many did not have any of their profile completed, so i can’t help but wonder if they even exist. after about six months and not meeting anyone i decided to cancel.! i am a woman and just gave up on pof and eharmony because i did not receive 1 message in the whole 6 months i paid to be on both sites. i’ve met some very nice women on this site, functionally i think it’s a poorly designed and maintained dating site.. a man needs to catch lightning in a bottle so to speak to have a chance, obviously some do, most do not. if you don't deliberately pick the option you want and just click blindly the company will pick for you and they will pick the option that suits them and not you. he has no means to make it easy for us to get together. i have profiles posted on other sites and none of them even remotely come close to being as bad as this site is. they don’t even try to work with you, they say no right away. if you are not strong, they will be able to control you to do whatever they want. as i’ve always done in the past, i went about responding to all the messages, no matter how old, explaining the situation. everyone’s review is spot on and i will add, besides deleting your pictures & profile when your subscription is near ending you block e mails from them and notify your cc co. i try to throw in a little humor if i can, but my first message, if there is something in her profile, always contains at least one if not a few references to hers. no number ot call ortoo difficult to find so i filled out online question. yes i have had the messages straight up about sex but i just ignore those i get interests from guys that live thousands of miles away even though i clearly state i am not interested in a long distance relationship. also try to not be unrealistic as far as types of women i try to engage. at this age, a simple answer that you are not interested would be expected from adults. haven’t joined so not sure what info our time wants. i always respond when i'm not interested and say why. once considered a realm inhabited only by the socially awkward, online dating is now just another tool in the toolbox, no matter whether you’re looking for a hook-up or your soulmate. your membership page should at least be very specific about when the membership ends, right down to the hour. while i make it clear i'm looking for a serious relationship, i get hit with "oh, i am just looking for a friend, not dating".’m a paying member- but you can’t distinguish between paying members who can read a message and non paying members who will never see your message. send enough messages out like these, and at least one of them is bound to bring you results.'ve sent dozens of messages (not hundreds yet), along with "winks" (do these even work? these woman are not looking for meaningful relationships, it’s all about great looks and a lot of money. they offer you a discount and then they charge you the regular high price and when you try to contact them they never get back to you or refund you the amount you did not agree to pay. if it came to actually performing any of the acts with a woman, they would freeze. is also possible that these people are all scammers and that our time is not doing an adequate job of protecting members from scammers. guys judge based on women not being interested or giving them a chance. it made no sense for people media to do so since the monthly subscription rate at ot is greater than l&s. on several occasion during the two months i tried the site i had problems/questions and sent a message to customer service for assistance (no phone numbers were provided for that, as far as i was able to see). processing fee, do you know how much they make by just misrepresenting your account and you receive nothing for it. need to delete the profiles of people that are not members: they are doing this on purpose and not even letting people delete their own profiles. if things are not working it does not matter where our times is, a scam is a scam. i can’t personally vouch for eharmony, christian mingle or plenty of fish (i’m intentionally not mentioning match since they appear to own ot and l&s) but i can unequivocally say that ot is an unmitigated disaster of epic proportion and not recommended for anyone. they either get laughed at, get turned into a joke, or have woman block them or threaten them simply for showing interest even if they did so in a completely normal, acceptable way. be a man and let her know politely that you don’t feel you two are a match.. the ones you want to talk to have to be members as well, or no dice, no email. if the woman is smart and secure of herself instead of making it easy for the man it would make dating for a female easier. now i can’t even talk to the girl i had been in frequent contact with for some time. website overall is not too bad – although it really doesn’t seem to do much to try and match clients up with any degree of compatibility in mind beyond a few simple choices. there are a lot of non-assholes out there, but they are not getting anywhere and there are a lot of nice women out there who are getting somewhere, but not at all what they wanted (if that makes sense). just a waste of money but they don’t care because we were stupid enough to believe their commercial showing very handsome older men. do not have all of the answers but just do not understand why a company does not aim to please & seems content with lousy reviews just as long as new $ comes in. i told the rep, “thank you but no thank you; the fraudulent activity that you did with my credit card and the lie you told about getting my credit card information, i feel very uncomfortable doing business with “our time”. there is no where to turn for assistance and it’s pure robbery what has happened to me; don’t let them do this to you. no means no, and you’re not going to be able to ‘convince’ anyone to fall in love with you, and reacting with anger and threats when someone isn’t interested won’t help you. as matter of fact there is no customer service number listed with them- big give away. the nice women seem to get nothing but tons of messages to try to wade through. to your isp that it’s a fraud and maybe if they get enough complaints they could consider blocking the site. whenever i did send out a show of interest or flirt to men i found interesting on the site, none would reply…. my account was terminated and erased (again) by “our time” (even though the user agreement clearly states that your account will be automatically renewed) sometime between the evening of 30 january 2014 and 2:30pm on 31 january 2014, without any notice. within one day of subscribing, they sent numerous emails out to other members saying that i liked their photo, flirts, and adding members as favorites, without my knowledge or approval. sometimes, there might be nothing wrong with you, but we all have our types and dealbreakers. reading the reviews on “our time”, i noticed that many others are having the same problem. there’s no way i would pay to meet nut balls,Liars, cheats you can meet them for free at any grocery store, gas station, the mall, etc. again, there is a niche market for my age group but i don’t think they’ll get the message of fixing their issues unless they get an avalanche of checks and money orders for one month memberships (if you choose to use ot and/or l&s) sans the use of credit/debit cards. watch for any red flags, such as disregarding your boundaries and not respecting your feelings. spent good money to get nothing in return,after getting no responses,meeting no one. proving that even homely chicks like her don't appreciate attention they get on dating web sites.! i wasn’t looking for anything serious so i got no where. and now they are pushing me to subscribe again, since i supposedly have numerous messages waiting for me in my inbox. one said he lived in canada but is phone number was from ohio i guessed him and off the radar r he went i had another one that i told about the guy from canada and off the radar he went, so i am very concerned and i may lose my money but it is safer to be then sorry. fake profiles, even when you just look at a profile , it sends a note to that person saying that interested ! when i called customer service, i was advised, no they cannot provide a temp password so i can log into my account to change the password. if he cannot bother to take care of his teeth, shave or put on a clean shirt, what makes him think i would want to get physically close to him? i rather go out with someone i know not a stranger who coos you and tells you how beautiful you are without even meeting you. it took forever to find a way to reach customer service after filling out their online forms and then when i finally got thru (like 3 days later), i get a canned response 24+ hours after, basically parroting what i said, no in-depth investigation as to how to fix my problem. waste your money on this dating site or any other unless you have unlimited hours to waste weeding through the wackos. tell or not tell your ex: the big dating status dilemma. he came away with the realization that women have it much, much harder on these sites:I figured i would get some weird messages here and there, but what i got was an onslaught of people who were, within minutes of saying hello, saying things that made me as a dude who spends most of his time on 4chan uneasy. although some sites do a better job than others, i don’t think the risk of hackers or site intruders outweighs the site’s desire to bring on the masses and make the money. i currently have 3 women i work with (that i'm not really interested in at all) totally keep giving me the "i want you look". i hope nobody meets chester as this was his name. i can understand that free dating sites use advertising, but when you are paying (ourtime is not free), then having to put up with advertising is just tacky..I’ve contacted my financial institution and am going to submit paperwork regarding a disputed transaction merchandise not as described/defective (this was the suggestion of my banker). if you click the option that you do not want automatic payments from your credit card you’re put on a list for popup offers to renew. the nice guys, of which i consider myself right at the center of (not so nice that i would be boring, but definitely nice enough to be respectful of a woman and her boundaries and that no means no), can't get responses let alone dates. when you sign up there is only a 6 month option, but they say there is a one month option, but they will not credit you for the billing error.

free dating sites no membership needed

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Free dating service with no membership needed

finally, i have just given up on online dating for awhile. i find guys i like but there is no way to hunt them down. but i kept getting redirected to an upgrade page yesterday – and to this day i still get that same redirect, even though i am paid and their e-mails to me acknowledge my payment. i asked to cancel in first day and wanted money back and they said ” no, you contacted someone. guys for the most part my brethren are the same except where as the women imply theyre single, you retards take off your wedding rings and replace them with credit cards, because all your looking for is a piece if strange and an ego boost cause you knocked up your ol'ladies and no one told you after she pops out a few lil ones her tits are gonna sag and her ass is gonna get wider than broad st, so you think your entitled to go out and chase young strange until you get caught, then you whine like the bitches you are when you do , and dont wanna give up the old and busted til you have the new hotness commited , basically just like all the women do . i wrote to their customer service, but did not get a response. there are a lot of creeps too but that can be said for any dating app and from my experience online dating is just like going to a really, really big bar.. why do males fee they have the right to choose one they feel is a good match, but females are accused of being picky or stuck up when we reject those who we feel are just not a good match? i told them my membership expired at the end of the week, on 3/3/17. it would require a novel to point out all the “wrongs ” with this site. it’s not just for seniors and lets anyone of any age join, and i got a lot of messages from young guys looking for cougars. my biggest complaint about online dating is the deplorable lack of manners and grammar. it’s no surprise that i received nearly twice as many messages on plenty of fish than okcupid and casual kiss combined. has a lot of members but most will just view you and not put in the effort to date. and after enduring a few weeks of not getting the service that i paid for, my subscription ran out.’ i got my highest match rating with a man who said nothing about himself except for: sun sign, age, divorced, nonsmoker, christian…that was it, period – my highest match! i don't like going to bars because i'm not much of a public social drinker, and i abhor 1 night stands with people i don't know very well. they are making everyone that browses for free or joined part of their scam. i set up a non paying account for myself to evaluate and have already seen anomalies that can only be explained by fraud. the problem is that when you are interested in someone, and/or have received messages and flirts in your mailbox, at which point you wish to upgrade, it becomes obvious that you cannot use your regular perfectly valid visa credit card to do so. luckily, i was so disgusted, i did like another reviewer and deleted my picture, profile and checked the box to not receive emails. have had nothing but trouble with these morons since opening my account. that's ok, i am still happy, still me, still single, just a bit perplexed but i have not given up. the is no time indicator, so it is often awkward to find an unread message. ive been robbed of any chance of a family because i cant get a date and you say i have it easier, im going die alone with no family because i couldnt get a date and you say i have it easy ? it makes me uncomfortable as i physically cannot tolerate them. pof allows anyone to contact anyone so it is easy to be bombarded with unwanted messages from incompatible suitors, but it's free. in the worst cases, some of these are scammers looking to exploit vulnerable, lonely adults: we’ve been told dozens of stories from our members being scammed on other sites. i'm in no rush, but why can't i just find a healthy smart woman who is not self-obsessed, for some good online conversation?. emails announcing a “faves” request lead to gosh knows where, but not to the attractive young lady you want to contact. no luck upgrading my subscription to a normal level of membership that would allow me to be seen by other members or interact with them. so i saw that it was still up and not completely erased from their system like i had asked. you to all who have shared their experiences of our time dating site. same thing for decent guys going online - it requires work and there are guides out there that go a bit further than the generic "read her profile" advice given here if guys looked hard enough for them and that easily help them stand out. so time is of the essence; once you’ve accepted and used the site, you’re subject to the terms and conditions of the site, and your bank cannot compel the merchant to return the funds. you have more control, the people are real and it’s really free! it is not hard to do but if you don't then you will get renewed and there is no refund. “our time” took no responsibility and made no effort to remedy the situation nor offer any attempt to make amends. cracked’s alli reed set up ‘the worst online dating profile ever’ and still received heaps of messages from men who wanted only to hook up with the terrible woman she had created. i want to cancel all contacts under mountain jo and ca, not get in touch with no one. because i am allergic to dogs and i would not expect the person to give up their pet for me. when messaging a woman without bothering to learn about her through her profile, it may come across as you not caring about her as a person – no one wants that. all girls that i know, want to find an actual boyfriend, and hopefully, eventually, someone to move in with, get married, have kids etc. was messaged by someone who thought/tried convincing me we should meet and have sex first to see if we were compatible and if there was even a point in dating each other. from me, when i told him no, i was very materialistic. i am not excusing men at all and i completely agree that they are douchers, but no one is examining the other side and why exactly this may be (other than some twisted sense of privilege). this afternoon i tried to log in only to be notified in red boxes and letters that my “account was hidden”. i know we, especially women, have to be very careful. one male that i know told me it is because "their real intention is to hook-up but they don't want to sound like a slut so you need to engage. someone says online dating, one of the first sites that comes to mind is okcupid. so all was great, no problems, fights or other issues. dating should be a fun time , hopeful, and joyous in starting a new relationship! i think it's obvious which dating website i would recommend, and that would be plenty of fish for sure. you know right away that all she gets are men demanding that they send dick pics. not to mention those that will create another profile to continue to try to harass you. starts with the private nature of stitch itself: stitch is not a public website, which means that nobody can google you or find your profile on the internet. bolduc is a technology enthusiast and communication studies student hailing from southern california. i’m sure there must be some “real” people out there like myself, just trying to find someone compatible to share their live and love with, but our time is definitely not worth the money or time.’s what dating sites are like if you’re a woman. don’t expect any results given that they’re outside of any north american legal jurisdiction. i did not like the fact that the site was advertised as free, but you have to pay to get any of the features to work. noone to hold, just lying in bed alone for deecade after dacade while women complain that some of their attention is from desperate men and so women have it so hard ? they throw a huge disclaimer at you to read before you sign up and apparently have the information hidden in it which they are sure you will miss until after you have already been charged a ridiculous membership fee. he also said that my profile has now been completely removed from their site, and it had better be true because if i get another email from them i’m going to call them and knock some heads together! i found repeatedly that someone would claim to live in my area but could not even respond to basic questions about places they liked or restaurants they enjoyed. our time cannot be reached as they have no phone number and do not answer their email. i don’t know how asking for an anonymous e-mail can lead to a scam, but buried in the site’s advice is the caution that anyone asking for private e-mails early in the process may be a scammer. or, if i saved someone as a “favorite” so i could have a way to sift through the options, they automatically get a notification saying they are my favorite. i know many people have different etiquette online then in person and i think that's a bunch of shit. do not sign up for this site no matter what you do! did he not think i could verify all of his stories? i think the chance of finding a quality match when expectations are not reasonable is less than 5% or maybe not at all. next day he was acting differently than he had been acting the past 8 days or so by not being as responsive and not seeking me out. try being a guy who is not in the top 10% of looks, occupations, or busy trendy cities. it gets word when i click on the icon account nothing works. most do not want to talk about it, so that is a non starter for me. on the site is the same as you, not a freebie having a perv, but wanting to meet. would never do business with a company that did not post a phone number. yesterday, i logged on as normal to check for any messages (i had been in regular (once a day or more) contact with one girl. to the left of that box, which you don’t want to click on unless you’re sure you do want to renew, there’s the statement, no thanks, please stop my auto renewal. i confronted him about it later, and he said how he never said he wanted a relationship, he is just out of one, and he enjoys his time with me, but he is not ready for a new one and wants to see what's out there. i will not date a man who asks me to borrow money or cannot pay for a cup of coffee. had a good experience on eharmony but that was several years ago, based on the blogs they now have issues., i thought i had 24 messages from people who i liked… so, after refreshing the ‘update your membership’ page about 3 times, you get 50% off deal… nevermind the timer, you can always reset that. i was on four different popular sites in the last few years i got only a wink or very short text and just one. she said she did see my profile, thought i appeared to be a very nice guy but felt we were not compatible. i have signed up for ourtime for only i month with no added features making sure i went into accounts and checked no automatic renewal. the pricing here is not accurate as the 6 months was 1. why don’t you have a read and let us know what you think? there is no way to narrow down what one is looking for and there are soooo many people listed as being “separated” – which i would not touch with a 10 foot pole.

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i have no trust in the company and not want any of my info on your site. as we all know, as people age, their needs, wants and desires become very different from what they were when they were younger. goes without saying that okcupid has one of the better reputations of more popular free dating websites for having a wide variety of quality users. have read various comments and found out that i am not alone. many of these (i believe) are from well meaning and legitimate ladies, but just not what i’m looking for., you reply to a contact request and they tell you oh, just had a family ’emergency’ and will not be dating for awhile. don’t know why it’s called dating when most successful attractive woman want to get married. am not signed up with ourtime, but i’ve been getting emails from them about what they claim is my dating profile for two days now. please respect yourself and stay away from this full of scammers dating site. can’t say enough rotten stuff about this site, but if you need to get out of it, cancel subscription. i say promised because the credit has not shown up on my credit card statement yet.” i could tell that she was not pleased that i did not accept her offer. at the same time people mostly go to the trouble of finding review sites and leaving a comment when they’re really pissed off. i opted out the day i signed up, knowing i didn’t want to renew. that, a routine check of my bank account balance revealed a new membership extension charge from ourtime on june 30th. it stinks though when the few good men out there are not given a chance, sure i realize that maybe men might have to do something to spark an attraction, but do you also realize that there are men that say the same about women? as with so many other sites your account is automatically set up to automatically renew “for your convenience,” which is of course bullshit because it’s for their convenience. because i responded to a flirt, i could not get a refund. joined and paid and waited and waited and waited and still 5 days later have no account and they took my money and there is only an other company people media to contact which can not help you, but match and outtime owns and runs christian , black love seek russian all the dating sites,, liars and theives, rip off with no way to contact. i’m not sure where the website servers are located (likely in texas, where their hq is) but the performance of the website was horrible. when are we going to learn to make, make, make, others know that we do not pay up front, and “we are not paying for a service that might work”, or that they ” are trying to deliver on. i finally got the nerve to ask 3 of them “why do you view me nearly everyday and not say anything. he finally agreed to meet but didn’t confirm the time until the next morning (the morning of the date) i get there on time and he’s not there. i know this through personal experience (i've had an okc and a pof off and on for an embarrassing amount of years and have been mildly unsuccessful) and through person anecdotes (i have known guys who are these type of people and it works for them and it is why they do it).?Needless to say, this group would not budge on making this right by crediting. i met my late husband on match years ago so i know how to internet date. changed my name put up photos of a relatively unknown (in the u. and that's not to say that we all have a preconceived notion that all men are out to hurt us because that's not the case, but it's definitely food for thought before going out on that first date. called “our time” customer care @ 1-866-727-8920 and informed the rep that i am requesting all of my money back since there is no usage on my account and i did not authorized the fraudulent charge. am a good looking guy not a model will not say that not arrogant but 5'10 and 165 pounds. anyone with a tiny flake of self respect would just fold up and quit but no ooooo eric just keeps on apologizing then you pour sand in the wound they bend over backwards and punishment me with a 1 week extension. did not renew my membership last fall 2012 and was then on the free membership. all of the sites seem to have negative or “beware” reviews. dating experience: in contrast to many other dating sites which offer a plethora of unnecessary options, ourtime keeps their interface and searches simple so that they can be used efficiently and with little to no hassle. i’m finally realizing the gun shyness is probably due to too many sleazy predators making unwelcome overtures or sending inappropriate pictures, but that now stigmatizes those of us who are legitimate and sincere. there is no way to really narrow the search of who sees you and vice-versa, so although i live in california, i had a good deal of interested men from other parts of the country that i would not choose to live in. is the worst dating site i have tried so far, they charged my card and i wasn’t even able to get into the site. clearly not a match but they send them as such. this weird limbo of never knowing if it was the message, the profile, the pictures or if who we messaged is overwhelmed is really tough to deal with. now i keep getting pesky messages reminding me i’m opted out and that i should opt back in…good grief! i don’t like that as i sift through the many people on it, that they get notification that i have read their profile and it looks like i am interested, even when i am not. if not, there will a complaint filed with my state’s attorney general. i thought about it and to be honest being that i'm not sold on him, a date isn't going to sell me on him, if i'm already unsure about him. i have met nothing but awful looking men that look like they came from the tv show duck dynasty! my account is only a few weeks from expiring and i’ll be curious to see if they in fact honor that. even the most professional, diligent and customer-centric dating sites cannot filter out or block even a fraction of the scammers out there. and reading others comments now i know i have to changed my credit card numbers before they charged me again, even i already turn off the auto renewal i do not trust this people they have a dishonest way to do business and treating the customers." from women who initiated and not one about my interests or anything in my profile. you're a safe, good man, it's going to shine through in your profile and it will be noticed. (a discounted price that was supposed to roll over automatically and i would stay at that price as long as i continued) sadly enough i did and as soon as i did those messages disappeared. i can see a stretch to the 40s but 29, totally ridiculous, let alone that this was not the same person as the pictures. one of the most notable of these is a reddit user who set up a fake profile and didn’t last two hours. also – the site sends three recommended matches per day, paying attention only to your age grouping and locale, but virtually nothing else pertinent to your profile. do yourself a big favor and do not give them a cent!” two of them answered telling me they were not viewing me at all”. didn’t mind the one month fee even though it says free! have many more stories but don't have the time to post i hope this helps some women out in knowing that there's a lot of good women out there and the men are just treating us like garbage and something has to stop i am ready to abandon my online dating account because it just isn't worth it to me to get used like an old rag especially when i am not looking for anything casual even though i enjoy sex as much as the next person does. back on my card the very next morning was notified another site pulled their subscription out of my account unauthorized. it’s no surprise that i received nearly twice as many messages on plenty of fish than okcupid and casual kiss combined. think it is misleading to say you can join for free and not get any contacts unless you upgade.– profile browsing only membership, for per month or 8 per year. i found out that if you belong to another dating on-line site, “our time” gets your credit card info from their partnering dating sites. there is no way of controlling where the daters live. the biggest of all things in commerce in the world, is the simple fact that folks setting up whatever service or product for selling, find out how to cover their butts, it has always been done in the form of contracts, on the web these contracts are called terms and conditions that are so, lengthly, you will learn so much, people thru the centuries have learned how to protect themselves from things that do not even exist yet.. report in other to save other person(s) hard earned money from the scammers and fraudsters that is, not to fall a victim. action suits are useless because these bozos are based in costa rica and therefore outside of any north american legal jurisdiction., so i emailed and it would not send, came up error. when you post pictures, don’t post pictures from your last vacation where you are not even in one of the pictures! i’ve been through this before with several other websites, so i knew not to enter my credit card number. once considered a realm inhabited only by the socially awkward, online dating is now just another tool in the toolbox, no matter whether you’re looking for a hook-up or your soulmate. it continues to show me the same guys over and over and over again – of the few that came any where near being a potential match, 2 were scam artists and only one turned out to be a nice guy, but not a good match. set up a profile, uploaded a pix and then……all i could do is click on yes, no or maybe. one’s i might have liked a bit were not in my state and these jerks send you an e-mail anyway telling you that if you lived in their state they would really love to meet you…there mission in life is to send flirts and stupid e-mails with nothing behind them! go to a reputable dating site, if any really exist. click on that and you’ll get a box with two entry fields, one which says please tell us why you’d like to downgrade your membership? they don’t even try to work with you, they say no right away. to protect your online dating profile from stalkers and identity hackers. so i am not even sure what this "game" they keep talking about really is, although i have an idea. i left a dating site for a month and got 3 profile views.’m never had a need, and truthfully wouldn’t even know how without researching it (honestly…i didn’t eveb know i could!’s more, the vast majority of dating sites today are what are called “white-labelled” solutions, which means that they are in reality just different branded versions of the same product. try not being that guy or at least if you are not, try not coming across that way. it’s too bad that their technical department (if it even really exists) did nothing to fix the problem. the company has a “no refund” policy, but after several discussions and offering to file a complaint with the texas attorney general’s consumer fraud division the months in question refund was promised. i for one do not go out to bars or even circulate late at night in public areas where i could meet nice men. i am not religious nor do i drink, even coffee (it puts me to sleep). line, as you said, let somebody know where and with whom you are going, meet and stay in a public place, stays sober and don't give out any personal information. you cannot really tell a person by a profile and i too have issues with 29 and 39 year old’s stalking older women.. as an experiment i set up accounts on three of the more popular free dating websites, then spoke to some women about their experiences. the ladies in similar circumstances of being stuck in the south, look at the contrast of the men in the north to the.

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today, may 26, i called customer service and was told that the subscription automatically renews, something that was not told to me when i joined.’ve noticed that most guys are on here looking for sex. now he is attacking me for being a liberal and that he is not attracted to me physically. apparently they do not read anyone’s request not to renew. out of all this, i had a few coffees and drinks (i won't go to dinner with someone that i haven't met, as i don't want to waste their money or mine if we don't click a bit, so it's coffee or drinks at first) out of many responses, i had no one go out with me that i responded to, i had 2 crazy men i ended up leaving the date after they got weird, and only 1 man who i am still friends with 5 years later. i left a dating site for a month and got 3 profile views. other men i know with pets like to lounge with them, sleep with them, have them hang out everywhere. is no one checking to see whether the men are posting their actual photos. i didn't entertain that idea any further and informed her of a site she could use to satisfy her needs if she wasn't looking for natural dating. last time l was online dating was about 10 years ago meet my ex wife and the mom of our daughter through lavalife. eventually they will lose the ability to even process payments from visa and mastercard if enough people file disputes against them. ourtime’s free functionalities include searching for and viewing profiles, sending flirts and using the my match and i’m interested features. i’ve met only 2 people on this site and never had a face to face date, i get messages when i get to the home page that i have a message from some one but when i clicked on it to read it, it says ” you have no messages ”. yes, they sent many women flirts in my name without myknowledge. i had amex cancel the renewal they hooked me once and surely they were not going to get me again. they said that, since there was use on the account (the courtesy email sent less than an hour before i learned of the renewal) they would not grant me a refund. he may have been a widower but he was also a divorcee, he didn’t own a huge business that all assets needed to go thru an attorney for him to retire, he was a state employee hanging in their for his full 80% pension. and all of these sites have the same thing, men looking for a one night stands. it was not an automatic renewal and they charged my account without my knowledge or acceptance. if anyone is interested in participating in a class action website against “our time,” please let me know. they have sent many matches that are hours away or in other countries, not in the same city as i requested. have to ask how can you trust any of the dating websites? not unlike essentially every business out there, volume is the key for dating site survival. thanks for these reviews…it solidified my thoughts about not joining! to protect your online dating profile from stalkers and identity hackers." so i said i'd feel more comfortable in a group meeting for the first time, with someone i know there, but that he could come to my city (about 2 hrs) to meet if that's what he wanted to do. you just have to be more careful use an extra screening process and not take things so personal knowing it is a numbes game and nothing that is exceptional should be expected or necessarily easy to obtain. the reason you are more likely not to is because of the boatload of errors that exist at both sites – bogus flirts, bogus views, false contacts, semi-empty or virtually empty profiles (which, imo, should not be permitted to appear til fully complete), scant few replies to messages left to the women allegedly contacted with the uncertainty whether some of these ladies actually exist. chat (which i do not like) is on each time you log in or refresh even if you turned it off. the search filters are excellent so you can narrow down your search criteria…and no, i do not work for, nor am i in any way connected with “plenty of fish”. the sense of pseudonymity that the internet gives can bring out the worst in some (and not just on dating sites…), but it can also bring out the best in folks who (for a variety of reasons) have a tough time interacting face-to-face. addition several weeks ago when i still had a paid subscription i was suddenly no longer able to view profiles that did not have pictures posted. everyone you talk to, to not touch this with a 10 foot pole. i fixed them, i canceled the card so no more billing me! i am 65 years old they send me matches some in their late 40’s i have gotten women wanting to get to no me. online dating for girls that are decent (and offline for that matter) requires work and a combination of common sense, good judgement and patience. lot of senior guys use these dating sites as they private sex site. i cordially send them a complete message, then i do not hear from them. free, no picked match’s, and you can still “search” while your profile is hid. spoke to a few friends about their experiences with online dating websites. these names have altered so you cannot send an email back or trace origin of email. boy, i see by reading the notices below that i am far from alone. i had pretty much nothing but weirdos asking for pics naked before we met (really? a lot of people, including me, turned to online dating, and okcupid was all the rage. i’m sure he’s using someone else’s identity now to do the same thing. sent an email to the help center- ( all generated responses) and now they are sending it to their technology dept! read a lot of bad reviews but they seem to be from people not familiar with navigating web sites. the stitch community is global so membership pricing varies depending on your country and currency, but as a rough guide our us membership plans consist of:– community only membership, for per year. then i know a lot of people who have met their significant others online and are in thriving relationships. if you get to know her better and you like each other, you can cook a meal for her. i nearly blew a gasket because my check to people media noted in the memo section that it was for ot and not l&s. off, telling a woman about what you would like to do to her sexually without any prompting is not a compliment. and yet …the non paying members can send a message or flirt!" i clicked on the link to go into the messages section of ourtime, and got nothing but a big ad telling me about my options for renewing. you know there could be a good reason why you haven`t had much luck in the dating scene - honestly, it is because you really are very pretty & guys are too scared to ask you out! would assume that someone with a phd would know the basics of english grammar. seems to me that the women get shafted most of the time on this site are men really that mean and hateful we are after all in the twilite of our lives thank you all for being around i will not be joining. i have only been on for a couple of weeks and am definitely getting some scammers but i found that on other sites also. i know i’m not gorgeous, but i’m also not homely. on november 7 they charged my credit card for a 6 month subscription with all the added features and i never applied for it nor accepted any promotion., since i cannot access my account, i cannot access any information about my account. your free account with the best dating sites and receive expert dating advice:Personally, i did not have a positive experience on this site. i don’t know if this is the work of scammers or the website itself to “fill up space”. then they complain about a woman not being 100% positive, but they’re too lazy to do a damn thing. however, the problem with a lot of free dating websites such as these is that many of the users, the male users especially, are looking for sex. as a decent (not male model) to good looking guy you can get attention on these sites but you will have to get it from someone who is unattractive to you, heavier than you'd like, and/or has kids. everyone else's offer of free is just a lure to get you to sign up. he complained to me about online dating from male point of view, how most of the women he met are boring. dating - men don't get it and women don't understand. i f you're not open to sexual hookups and you preface it, you'll probably be scrutinized and even get some hateful responses. it is expensive, you get nothing in return, you can not contact anyone to complain! the only way to not be charged or automatically renewed is to dispute with your credit card company. i received the brush off twice, and i really do believe these men were not really interested in getting to know me.. as an experiment i set up accounts on three of the more popular free dating websites, then spoke to some women about their experiences. but the other guy didn't contact me again until the day my membership was supposed to expire. nothing worse than people not communicating back with you when you try to communicate with them. one friend got tons of downright judgemental messages on one site for putting up a photo of her at a party on the basis of it "not being respectable". honestly it's not like you haven't seen one before, and it's not gonna jump off the screen and bite you lol. how am i going to do it at over fifty and not seem weird? so when we texted i had accused him of being on a date and i told him that i did not appreciate the f'ing games. a woman 55 i started using various dating websites 7 years ago & have met nothing but, emotionaly troubled men. i was routinely bombarded with potential “mates” who did not meet the few requirements i had like distance, marital status, interests, etc. company will send you flirts from attractive women who do not exist,i wish i would have read this first,trusted there honest looking commercial. next thing you know they have your credit card information and make automatic charge to it without you even being aware that they are going to do that. since they claim that you can browse for free, i submitted my email address, preferences, photos, etc. in fact, it has been reported that there are over 11,000 dating sites worldwide! the have zero customer service (i call it “customer dis-service” as it is only a on-line clunky (primarily useless) interface, very probably located in some third worlds country, that consists of a stack of pre-programmed servers that can only respond with “canned” replies that inform you only of what you already know, or with a lot of “information” that has nothing to do with your issue. because, really from the comments i've read about all these dating sites. the other problem, and i realized it is not the websites problem, but out of the dozen men i talked to, most were married. also used a visa card with the exact amount so they could not renew anything.

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are also instances of men, believing women ‘have it easy’ on dating websites, setting up fake profiles and being shocked by the messages they receive. i purchased a 6 month membership in september of 2013 (my bank statement proves it)., but i wasn't able to do that this time so of course all the respondents to my profile were not what i was interested in. have not used the features or customer service, therefore, no stars in those areas. i have a long wait until my “contract” is up, but i can only say that people should run not walk away from this website. not even going to begin to say whats wrong with this site. the site itself is easy enough for anyone to use.!If every one of us, took the proper and effective action with each and every step we take in the commerce of this country, like a huge snowball going down, think about it, it truly would not take but a few weeks to help each other get smarter, tougher and stop the insanity we allow with our lack of knowledge, then we lose our fight and the scums of the earth know it. you want to talk about not enough time to read messages?’s all about their time, their money; nothing else matters. granted, i’m not convinced this is a great way to meet friends, but, i feel this site is not a place to find quality people with whom i would want to spend time. i've found is the old stereotype is often true; if a guy isn't really hot or really wealthy, there's no interest. it’s creepy, and in some instances really scary – not a turn-on by any means. her message should be heavy of complains which nobody cant do but instead of it kill her. be very careful with it, they are dishonest, too: i made sure to specifically pay for a one month subscription but they continued charging me for half a year without any notifications., even though i checked the box regarding not sharing my contact information, i am now bombarded with e-mails from christian mingle, match and others. i beieva i am a good person and unfortunately some great man will never know because he' afraid to take a chance. the best was the woman who had no picture, no details and the only thing on her page was, “i’m new to this and my dog is chewing on my foot so i have to come back to this later”.,there was no way of backing out of that page and i clicked continue, and couldn’t find a way to “delete”, so i sent them a couple of emails and called them today. your not going to get a george clooney or brad on here. the rep stonewalled me for about 5 messages, and refused to send the issue to a supervisor and then said he would not be responding to any more messages from me., when my card was errantly declined, one of our time’s web pages said i could pay by paypal (or western union, which is ridiculous) but i could not find an address to send the money to. have been on for about six weeks now and my profile is honest, sincere and contains recent photos. you could send a flirt to someone and if he isn’t a member then he wont know you sent it.—but before hitting “join” i clicked the link provided to receive a “non-electronic” copy of their tos. not until you click on that is autmatic renewal finally turned off.'ve been doing online dating for only a few months seriously. is it reasonable for a man to prefer a younger woman and not reasonable for a woman to prefer a younger man? there must not be very many men on the site, because my so-called “daily matches” just recycle the same old photos of people i already said “no” to. also stripped some stuff out of my profile for no good reason (just a url reference) that left me looking like an idiot. a site-related window also drops at any time, thus gobbling up another 10% or so. what i learned from interviews was that online dating is equally painful for men and for women, but for very different reasons. i've seen this bitching at parties or when out - for some reason whenever i'm not single they hide in their room, but then as soon as i break up with someone they converge on me patronisingly telling me i'm too nice (as if i've never heard that nonsense before) and too this that and the other and using aggressive hand gestures in lieu of actual arguments or points to back their cause. they know folks get all signed up first, give our info and even financial numbers, so many do this first just hoping it all works out that the benefits for these kind of take advantage people far outweigh the few of us that just complain to each other, which does not do a thing when another million are signing up just hopeing, and not understanding you can not win, because we blindly “agreed” to everything totally giving up our rights to any and all injustices. then again, if i may add, if only dating sites would show all the different profiles users have replied to in the past to get an idea what they're really looking for, yuh know? if our time is so good, why would they be pushing other dating sites?’m an honest man maybe not the best looking but sincere at best, this site is no different than any other. just signed up but did not choose a period of time that i wanted. have that on almost all the sites fake pic fake person or they want u to go to yahoo it’s truly sad on how we have to try to meet people.. i calculated my life expectancy and i told her i needed to at least no later than my early 40s as there would be another 20 years to raise a child into reasonable adulthood and not be so old when (and if there may be grandchildren) i'll still be able to function. my experience tells me, that about 99% of men on the website are looking for casual no strings attached relationship. they do not care about customer service because you also can’t get a message through to them. is my problem i requested no automatic renewal on may 31, 2015 only to find out that their records as per my account summary show i requested renewal on july 31, 2015, which is not true. i’m fortunate enough to look a lot younger than my age, i’m not bad looking, and i can write coherently, so i get a lot of responses, albeit i get tired of 75 year old overweight dowagers (i’m in my 60s) who somehow imagine i might be interested. signed up for a one month trial with no repeat billing.'s because you are starving men of attention and after having had a life of not getting equal opportunities, all that's left is that. i informed the rep that i was disputing this charge that i did not authorized the charge. he pressured for sex on third date all while revealing he is ex alcoholic who attends aa meetings, rambles & was diagnosed with ptsd &. in fact, it’s not uncommon at all for women to be threatened for refusing to send nudes or insulted when they say they’re not interested in the man messaging them. now, the man knows where i am and he is also known for threatening anyone he has had any kind of contact with. i figured that the memberships would expire at midnight either the morning of the expiry date or midnight the night of the expiry date. i am convinced that the better business bureau logo displayed on their membership payment page is pirated and they have no connection with that organization. tried to edit my profile and could not do it…. this web site sucks they steal money from people and when you want to know why? and if they read mine carefully, they might discover that i am really not right for them.’s why we don’t actually call stitch a “dating site”. recently learned that my ex-wife has cancer and, because i’d gotten involved with her care, i would be unable to date for now. after reading these review,,,, no way, thanks to all that wrote! paid for a subscription that is not at all user friendly! this in itself is not so bad, but it means that each site, no matter how small, is filled with large populations of “undesirable” characters, who aren’t necessarily very honest about who they are or what they’re looking for. is not worth it – and i feel really released having not subscribed there. the quality of the people on their website is not their fault, but the lack of customer service from ourtime is unacceptable and infuriating.'ve also met and dated plenty of men from free dating sites that are seeking a commitment, don't assume all men only want a hookup that's not at all true. they suggested i try this and that, and none of what they suggested fixed the problem. i don’t know what else i can do except to give bad publicity until someone from that company contacts me. i choose not to meet someone,i was accused of being too picky or thinking i was better than. fortunately for me, the site kicked mine out but based on the reports of those who had unauthorized dollar amounts deducted, doing so would seem to be an ominous road ahead. i feel like attractive women have to be so defensive online that you truly can't be yourself and then you encounter so many angry, bitter guys that are lashing out if there is no mutual reciprocity. there was no button on the site to submit, approve or cancel so i don’t know how or why i was charged., i've been on various online dating sites for 14 years and in all that time i've never managed to find even a single date. ourtime’s aim is to serve the specific needs of the older dating community. those that don't ignore us are just looking for thought i would give it another try rejoined for free a few months later put off paying for a few months needing to take care of some business…joined the first of nov. little did i know, the “recurring” charge was automatic and they don’t email you a notice that it’s taking place. he sent another canned message about me being the perfect woman for him! was signed up for both of these sites which i believe is one and the same. this right here is why they and no agency, even lawyer can really help us, because it’s ” buyer beware” all the way. people attacking the author because of her looks are the same assholes wondering why nobody will date them. i am a widow, and believe that honest is the best policy while on these sites, but i am not ignorant! there are women who want to get to know you, talk to you, go out on a date with you, talk to you on the phone, see if you're a good man they want to have in your life. the men weren't feisty with your profile because it's not what they are lusting after. i disputed thru my bank and got the difference back in my account only to get charged another for 6 more months. i have been on several dating websites that are fantastic, and no advertising! if there was a phrase stronger than “utter disaster”, our time and its crony sites would fit the proverbial shoe; they should wear it. who knows where all the drain and noise is coming from, though we know the sources such as scammers, desperate loser types, stalkers, catfishers, etc. have found that most people i have contacted or have contacted me do not write back or their site is immediately removed., i am from costa rica, with a phd in physical chemistry and retired from nasa, so, please do no insult us. and when i save a man as a favorite, they do not show up in my list of favorites, so i have to start all over every day. if not, as trashy as they can be, okcupid and plenty of fish are both decent websites. some may enjoy the process of rejecting men or thinking that they should settle for nothing but the elite.

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i don't put women on pedestal, had my fair share of relatioships but i"m also shy and busy so i'd really like to see some online dating work. the parameters you specify of the ages, distances & other preferences you choose to meet or not meet (as the case may be) someone are also largely ignored. i tried to cancel my renewal, which resulted in the site charging me for another automatic renewal. people are assholes their site always says wrong password and then when you try to reset it you punch in the code 365times and it still says it is not right f*** off assholes. will be forwarding this to internet fraud agencies as well as using all social media sites to spread the message. so i planned to end my ourtime membership, which i thought was for 6 months, and checked my account info on june 28th. goes without saying that okcupid has one of the better reputations of more popular free dating websites for having a wide variety of quality users. today i logged on and that’s another problem as i have to sign in regularly even though i have the keep me logged in option checked. i was getting notices at ot that there were ladies wanting to reach me, i reluctantly decided to fork over . i figured most would be courteous enough to at least respond, even if it's a thanks but no thanks..never net anyone from it…emailed a couple of people mostly nothing. time i will check the reviews first as this site was a complete im sure there are some real women that got taken you have my condolences i wish there were a way to contact everyone on the site for real and let them know they got took.! so take me off your mailing list and everything else list my name and email address is on i do not i repeat do not want to be part of this website! if not please don’t waste my time i need a change in my life. put the age group i’m interested in 68-75, and the age is changed everytime i go online & i’m not changing it, to 58-68. it’s not… stay away and hold onto your money. i asked how to limit who can write…they said no way to. i know every site has some, but so many obvious fake profiles and scammers on here. i too told them to just cancel my account and give me a refund which they indicate they cannot do. i called and they refunded on my new card and no more charges. methinks she's not the one with the problem here, dee. sadly, however, the only way i’ll be able to rectify these sites is when pigs fly and the cows come home. what they are doing is not fraudulent, (in banking terms), but very bad business practices."telling a woman about what you would like to do to her sexually without any prompting is not a compliment. i cautiously agreed – but did not give him my primary email that is attached to anything else like accounts or anything. also, maybe people could work up some kind of meta-dating situation (something like responding to websites about online dating or, as i said above, some kind of rating system)? on top of all this being much older, i have not the foggiest idea on how to hit up a conversation with a woman i've never met before. will not get a refund even if you cancel on the same day because the site states that you have full access to your account for the month. they want six months worth of money out of your account and it’s either that or nothing for them., i could probably say more, but i hope to start a conversation about what can really be done about this issue (and not just complaining about it). i cannot guarantee i will do this but if the demand is expressed, i will look for tech people to help put it all together. worst experience with any online company i’ve ever done business with, no matter what category. may be something in your profile the women read and do not like. i even took the time to call customer care as they suggested and after being on hold for forty minutes, i hung up in disgust and sent another email. fortunately (at least for the moment), i have hit it off for two weeks with a lovely woman and we are considering dating. this disappointment, i gave up on dating entirely for quite some time. a man to be successful on a dating site you need:- to be wanting to have children. i've been on ten dating sites in 3 years and i'm still looking.'ll message women who share many interests, who the sites say are 90% or more compatible, and never get even a "no thanks". i gave them mine and they used it to charge me for an additional year after i cancelled, i am now out over 0 for something i could not get out of…. the bottom line here is you have 90% liars of both sexes on these dating sites, the easiest way to weed out the bs is by saying hi how are you, if they respond, great , if not move on,, bitches pic'd infront of a g5, maz, million dollar yacht are always a give away as a fake and so are all these 40 - 50 something bikini hard bodies,,, theyre either ancient pics or bitches trying to trade on their looks, either way they're not quality, theyre just skanks. prices are now almost double what are posted here and not worth it at the lower price. there in no way to comment or suggest something to this website and i recommend saving your money and staying away. i had the love of my life for 49 years and now he’s gone. do not risk getting a 6 month charge by submitting your credit or debit card for a one month membership. it is not that i do not like animals, i just cannot breathe around them. now that it is getting closer to expiring that’s all i get are pop ups to reactivate. that’s my conclusion…besides, clicking on help link brings you nowhere…. so then i don't know if sending more messages is expected, tacky, pestering, or what. i do not use my card on line so their link indicates that a payment can be mailed in which i did. get less ads on a free site like plenty of fish. they also have partner single sites that will start to bombard you to join them, so watch out for them as well as i found out they are all related to each other. a special person is not easy for a man or a woman. i have not been able to get my photo to stick despite uploading it five times; it appears five times in the “album only” portion of the profile page, but is invisible to users. after 5 months, they renewed me for another 6 months’ but i called customer service and threatened to call my bank to dispute so they finally agreed to refund what they had charged me for the renewal. you for writing this article, taylor—it's a very interesting look into a side of online dating that a lot of men (obviously) don't often see. there is no criteria to the matches, it is simply geography. says when you read the agreements and about the site that you can not see your flirts etc unless you upgrade. not often, but from time to time we hang out. no dating site could ever guarantee anything 100% about the people you meet on it, safety & security is a bigger focus for stitch than any other dating & companionship site on the planet. i have yet to go on a date via this site and will probably opt for pof or another site when my subsctiption expires…. it is true that straight women get more attention on dating sites than men, that doesn’t always mean it’s positive attention from safe potential partners. however, this site randomly sends “matches” where there is no hope of compatibility. i even contacted the bbb and our time did not respond. he never actually responded to direct questions and his information was so generic and superficial (favorite color, etc) that i knew absolutely nothing about the guy. if is is a long lasting relationship with a suitable partner, that is not so easy for a man or a woman to find. with the attitude, he informed me since i did not use the account at all, he can refund me my money back except the . actually the guys on the free sites are on the paid ones too. the bank rep said things were just fine on my end and that the problem was not with them, which i fully believed before i called. we could try to communicate with people, but we do not deserve to be abused. you may be successful but it does not work as logically as you may think it would. but so far, at best we'll be friends and no dates unless i travel over 2500 miles to another country., i have not found this to be a good site. you will sometimes see responses from scam artists, some woman (or man if you’re a woman) who doesn’t care how much you make, for whom age makes no difference, who’s thirtyish and hot, who can’t spell or write coherently, who spells out an email address for you to contact her at. no one mentions on here that i find incredibly concerning, is that i just found 23 profiles that rotate 3 profiles between them.” when i replied, the “matches” said they had not sent those notes. problem is that not a single one of these sites truly caters to the needs of mature adults. i usually date men who are a few years younger than me or a few years older than me and from what i can find at this stage is that the men are using online sites as if the women were hookers. am adding this review to let people know that there is nothing wrong with the site and the reviews found here are not a representative sample of people’s experiences. me, online dating is about my only hope of meeting anyone. then even if you do select no auto-renew you will be renewed. first i was extremely po’d at this website (several posts to that effect) and am counting down the days until my “membership” terminates (hopefully–it’s set to not renew), but i thought that i’d share what has to be an all-time classic woman’s profile that i encountered today. so sad to see a couple of ridiculous comments on this post, but i'm sure it's pretty obvious these people have nothing better to do with their time than write nonsensical comments. on the matches; i kept getting the same ladies and no way to lock them out;( do you really want to pay and keep getting your exwife’s photo? there is no way to contact a customer service person without first paying . yet every dating site today is built around the same assumptions & modelled on how young people date and look for love. i’m not done with “our time” yet…i have ways of getting even with those bastards. not telling my life story even before the first date. informed the first customer service person that i have over 0 medical bills and cannot afford another month. the site recognizes that your attitude and expectations towards dating in your 50s and beyond are likely to be significantly different to your attitude and expectations in your younger years and seeks to address this by focusing on your specific interests and desires.

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from personal experience, a man who has poor hygiene and no employment or income is not the man for me. within a few minutes notifications appeared indicating i had several e-mails and profile views. some commented, that they want a one night stand, that is such a nonsense statement, a site for. not only that, but i can’t delete my photo or any of the text on my profile. and there is no way to block messages from people out of the area, so you get these canned messages from people all over the country. is one of the worst online dating site for seniors. when i tried to get into my account i was taken to the membership payment page and asked to give them more money. experiences with pof haven't been great, but not as horrific as bpm. not spend your time and money on this poorly run site! time and its related sites are so bad that i am in the early stages of considering whether to start a dating service that will do what our time and perhaps others aren’t doing. to the end of december) while simultaneously taking a one month membership at ot that would last roughly til mid january. i met this good looking guy and he said he was ask from our time to come on the site for zero charge just to talk to the ladies, cause they don/t have enough men. because i cannot afford to take time and money from work to run after some man 50. i complained about their pop up “asking if i wanted to spent $$ to see when someone read my message” always being on my “home page” and why didn’t they honor the “don’t show mt this again” they locked the pop up so i see the same person and their request every time i log on. you cannot speak with a person as they have no telephone number listed. us guys get no clue whether we are sending out the right message or not. you’re very articulate but i think you’re a bit of a negative norman. no, we (like most things in our capitalistic society) are just letting them pocket it all first, and they only address what little they can to simply keep the page going. been an active user for half year, met some people, and for that it’s “an ok” dating website. the majority of members do not seem to be paid subscribers so they cannot respond to your emails but you have no way of knowing so. i had been trying to pay for a six month membership to ourtime but my credit card was declined five times. can you post how you did it since no one else on this thread seems to be able to do so and there doesn’t appear to be any customer service contact info on the site? the vast majority of men on these sites are not good enough for the desires of the vast majority of women, and despite "equality," men are expected to do the work, all of it. i’m at a point i’m now writing the media to do an investigation of these guys.’s name on ourtime is cute2luv20, and on the link that i attached he’s is on the 4th row of world wide known scammers. i was on this site for 7 – 10 days, max, asked to get my money back; was denied and let them know i will be adding to their plethora of horrible reviews, which i am starting to do right now. totally useless and unfortunately this was my first attempt to even look at a dating website. the bottom line is that the right woman will respond to you someday and you'll just have to be patient with us because we also have anxiety about online dating. dating - men don't get it and women don't understand. if i'm going to be lied to i'll stay on the free sites. instead i now got a month and a half to two months at l&s and none at ot. you're just too stuck up to get to know them because you think you "deserve better. and they have not got back to me with the reason or a resolution. is perhaps the most popular online dating sites out there, with an estimated 6 million pageviews a month and 76 million users (a little less than the entire population of turkey). can interact with other users through exchanging messages, live chat, sending flirts (a way of indicating your interest in another user) and adding users to your favorites list. i read up some about online dating and made my profile more detailed and joined pof too. i do not engage with users who are disrespectful, have clearly not read my profile, or lack even a basic understanding of spelling and grammar, and i typically delete these unwanted messages. nothing wrong with being a responsible parent, but where does that leave the single woman with no kids you want to date? i'm not very tall (5'11") and apparently good looking enough to always attract attention from someone at least once a month. it’s the steps we are taking with the stitch service itself which sets it apart from any dating site in existence. their policy should have been flexible in my case, but they steadfastly refused me a refund in two phonecalls after their initial non-reply to my email. i have found out this and most sites of this mature are mercilessly interconnected, and will not use the profits from our mistakes ( being misled, in ways most of us would not lower ourselves to) and use the profits to use competant i. according to what was, at one time, their wikipedia entry (yeah, not exactly 100% reliable) they’re based in costa rica and outside the reach of any north american jurisdiction. the biggest area of feedback was about how impossible it is to trust anyone on most dating sites. 2 weeks after he sends me a text cancelling our weekend plans, and telling me he thinks this relationship won't work out, and its getting too serious and he is just not ready for it, and how things are fine, but its not exactly what he is looking for. signed up for this site for one month and had no trouble with billing, understood the amount i was paying, and had no problem turning off the auto renew feature (they tell you that it will auto renew if you don’t). not renew this so called membership or bill me for paying to see my so called matches. i received hundreds of e-mails and not one worthwhile man to meet on here…. who dated 2 months wanted casual sex, refused to take down dating website profile, online & texting all the time, i called him out & he dissapeared..i got fed up with paying for basically nothing and deactivated my account. class action lawsuit sounds like a good idea because there is no way to get a refund and you think your purchasing one thing but you get something totally different ,annoying and frustrating. i was bombarded even after i paid, but personally, i’d prefer someone with teeth who cares enough to bathe and who is also actually datable by proximity. i had to call my credit card company to get their phone number-no it wasn’t on their site. have spent 6 years on these sites and had zero dates. you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, paid websites like zoosk, eharmony, and match are fantastic and you’re bound to find someone who is as interested in commitment as you are. friends, stop letting others get the upper everything on you, get professional and mean it, read the terms on everything, inform yourselves, which in turn will lead to us working together and smart, you have always known trust is optional. time is the worst dating site i have ever tried to, i guess it isn't only scary men who are ruining dating sites. the fact that these sites are free means there is no barrier preventing undesirable members – such as scammers – from creating one account after another as they try to target vulnerable users. have some respect for the opposite sex and if you're not serious just stay the heck away all right? these money hungry morons couldnt get a date in a leper colony so, while crying in their beers, they concocted this bunch of dribble to torture the rest of the known universe in retaliation instead of actually getting a real job, taking social interaction lessons and taking shower once a day. i set up a profile just answered some questions, nothing written or a picture. i changed all the settings to stop automatic billing to my credit card not once but twice and they still billed me. how can i get to know them if i need to travel over an hour to meet them for a cup of coffee? i live in a city and would not date a man with animals. i would not recommend this site to nobody, be careful with your money people. dating site,is a sure way to look for someone who is not looking for you. i’ve gotten a few contacts, and when i do reply there is no response…nothing! i just ordered some products online so i know my card is good as well as the other one since i went grocery shopping with the other card today. yesterday, may 25, i was only on the site to try to notify billing of the problem, not to communicate with anyone. not happy with sight…not impressed and won’t join again…. i am a slow starter and do not appreciate this type of thing. i am not ugly and have the same hopes as many do. and, let's not even talk about how bad black women and asian guys have it. what i learned from interviews was that online dating is equally painful for men and for women, but for very different reasons. email support takes days to reply and then usually of no help. way l am at the point of giving up and l am sure l was not the first or last normal nice man to reach this point due to no ladies replying back at all. are so many ways to ck these guys out up to and including your state’s court web site if you know their name to check out domestic violence, etc. and even if you say no the same people are presented to you over and over again. i only want one month membership to try it but in the process they show you other options “to make you save money” so they offer me 3 months for 62. the person cannot express to me why their marriage did not work out, their are probably a lot of thing they will not be able to express to me. that’s where they put up 5 profiles for you to say if you would date them or not. i had bad luck with most of these sites…match and e harmony and this one sounded interesting. seems maybe wrong that the idiot men have flooded the ladies to mt he point they tune out even great men or that many sadly l suspect accounts on pof now are fake . i respond intelligently & truthfully and then do not hear from her again. when we've been dating for a while then we can maybe meet with other people" although he wasn't obscene or anything like some of these comments, for me it's about someone respecting you and your boundaries and choices. then all the 127 replies i had 3 were real people the rest scammers i called about it and the over price not going to get my money back and said i had spoken to others they said they were billed for another month after putting the no renewal on the site so they keep billing you anyway . otherwise, it will become one of the biggest fails of our technological communications age.. no obvious customer service number is a big red flag. and i have noticed the same people on the sites for several years.

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i don't think it had anything to do with the website okcupid just know that there are bad people out there and always go with your gut feeling he is currently in jail serving time for grand theft and fraud.), 20 somethings looking to learn new tricks, men who showed up for a first meeting looking nothing like their photos (do you really expect to pull that off? another got a torrent of abuse from one guy on tinder as she wouldn't respond to the ever innovative 'hi' failing to understand that matching doesn't mean he owns her. i get message emails responding to me even though i have not sent anyone a message. not – they say their terms of use allow them to update expiration dates on their own and charge the card anyway. a free membership will get you nowhere and the special 50% off for a 1 month upgrade to regular membership is a scam. although i text some, i'm not one that wants to live with my phone attached to me at all times and work does not permit personal cell phone use over productivity. i was asked if i would be satisfied if they offer me another month (7 months instead of 6 months for .!I was checking out the guys in the northern ca area. after inputting some basic information such as gender, height, marital status and whether or not you smoke, you will be asked to rate your body type (the options range from “slender” to “big and beautiful”) and your looks (options here range from “average looking” to “stunning looking”). i am 52, 6' 2", a little under 200 lbs, no paunch, somewhat athletic and active, and i feel i am decent looking (but have no idea how to quantify that).'m not even talking about numerous people asking if i want to come to their place tonight or if i want to be their slave or want them to be my slave or if i'm into oral sex right of the bat. please pass on the info here all over the web, because look how stupid it is to just complain among ourselves, nothing gets done because we always think someone else is doing it. we never became romantic as there was no spark, but we hit it off as friends, something i wasn't looking for, really, but, i figured, oh, well, a single woman can always use a guy friend, and we help each other out with chores. this is a dishonest company that charges your account without your knowledge or permission and then refuses to take the charges off once they have your credit card number. when i got home i looked at all of the texts and my first thought was "he's crazy" and he's showing me that he's controlling, so i proceeded to let him know that he and i were not compatible..or could have done something that our time says is not acceptable. continuing to be horrible did not dissuade any of them. women who think that men that get no responses on dating sites are genetic losers or something, you couldnt be more wrong. i don't know, it is really hard to see how to break this cycle that is destroying online dating for the majority of us. having thoughts or doubts about who you are really talking or chatting with (whether he or she is a scammer or not) or you have never set physical eyes on that person(s) before.. i know men shown on this site that are not members at all. i am 37 years old, single never married no children, looking for a serious relationship that ends in marriage. after two weeks of using their service and discovering this, i asked for a pro-rated refund (i was willing to pay for the 2 weeks i had already used) but was told that no refunds are ever given under any circumstances. internet scam has become very rampant in our today’s world now. overall, the experience turned out to be your run-of-the-mill dating website. nobody is who they truly seem to say they are and what’s wrong a simple no thank you rather than on response at all.'ve tried pof and blackpeoplemeet, even though my experiences on pof have not been great. website takes advantage of those of us who are hopeful that seeking a relationship within our age group will filter out some of the issues encountered on sites like match. a lot of women say that, "where are the good men" when they are not good women themselves. called my bank on thursday to check on my money, even though i knew i had no problem. matches that are sent to me are not matches at all and have a 1% response back from men i wish to chat with.. a/g, even though i have little to no hope in anything they do in washington. the “free” sites offer many more people, and of higher quality! i tried to get my money back but got no response. i was living in southern oregon, the dating scene at my college wasn’t that great. to show men what it's like to be a woman on a dating site you do this:1. website needs revamping technologically it is really slow and a rip off i don’t get access to photos of other people when i tap on more photos at many times i don’t get access to anything if i want to message somebody i try no matter how many times my fingertips my smartphone it is still not made available to me this makes me very upsetbecause the quality sucks and i want my money back no delivery whatsoever i’ve only been on it 2 weeks and i don’t like it already i feel ripped off stay away is right..needless to say nothing was done about it… i will stongly advice anyone whose trying to join this scam infested dating site to stay far away from it. continuing to be horrible did not dissuade any of them., we invite married and taken adults who are looking for non-romantic activity partners. have been on other sites and can tell that there are a large number of photos that are the same on other sites and have been around for years. i signed up for 15 minutes and had such a horrible time with the never ending pop ups and poor user interface and navigation – totally disgusting – but the most irritating is that i did not even use the service for 30 minutes and they told me my membership was for one year – i am contacting my bank and cancelling this and calling this fraudulent billing and a scam – this was the worst online dating experience i have ever had and this company needs to be sued and sued now! this is a terrible site and dont even try to compensate the customer they just take and take beware not worth it. your information, dating a man that lives in another city is impossible for me. then another person, claiming to be the supervisor came on the line with an unfriendly attitude. shouldnt juggle women its always obvious when i meet a guy whos getting physical with a women (s) he feels zero for and we cant develope any trust because hes tied up getting off or doesnt know who he should allow a comnection to take place with & he just flounders & cant be taken serious. i get attention from guys im not interested in cause they think i flirted with them and i didn’t. truth is, it is not easy for a man or a a woman to find a good partner. site constantly renews people when you have wiped our your profile and changed to do not renew they are scam artists the men are the same over and over again and i believe there are many fake profiles. i hadn’t given his company any permission whatsoever to recharge my credit card and that looking at my profile is free of charge to see if it had been taken down! i didn't enjoy online dating at all i found it very shallow. i am not a computer whiz ;chatting online,texting is not for me. , they also eliminated my monthly ‘full member’ status after my being on the account for less than a week , and reduced me to being a ‘free member’, which is basically worthless … this is one insidious website, all they want to do is scam people …. i'd rarher be ignored, than led on till i start developing feelings just to have my heart broken. if it tries not to be then don’t be deceived. for those who don’t know how to turn it off (i always do immediately), click on settings, then my account, then scroll down to account status and click on view account status >>. here are some of the ways we ensure you not only get the person you expect, but can stay safe and secure when you’re still getting to know a potential companion:We provide full identification verification. sorry if that sounds judgmental, but no one joins these sites in hopes of finding fat slobs who take their pictures with cell phone cameras and the like. i paid for a month through paypal, but now it says it’s on automatic renewal, and i don’t know how to stop that. spoke to a few friends about their experiences with online dating websites. am not a member of ourtime and these reviews have saved me from joining. it means listening and trying to resolve problems a customer has, not be insolent to the customer. ok, if i did use the site beyond the month it was only a few days because i had not noted the actual end date on my calendar. right now i’m talking to 2 different people both are engineers one supposed to live in fort worth going to london and the other lives in los angeles but he’s in boston." act cordial instead of ignoring it, the more calm you are and as you get to know the ways of online dating it gets to be easier. i will be back soon to make the announcement but meanwhile, tell all your unmarried friends seeking soulmates to bypass our time at all costs. do you know how painfull a life of loanliness is ? is the worst dating site i have tried so far, they charged my card and i wasn’t even able to get into the site. i actually got a “flirt” from some “woman” who had no picture and whose description actually said, “i’m new to this and my dog is chewing on my foot so i have to come back to it later”. just because a man says looking for a long-term relationship does not mean he is not just out there looking for sex., someone out there can develop a website for the over 60 set and delete all these parasites and have men and women who truly are looking for a relationship and have good characters? the pictures are itsy bitty and cannot be enlarged… try to block someone from contact and the site’s pop-up leaves one wondering if the person was blocked – and i could go on – but why bother – they certainly have no idea of the frustration their rigidity causes – or maybe they do and simply do not even care! called number they had been charging me for ^ months…i never noticed my fault…but seriously i was never sent a notification that my account was being billed…no emails that my account was being recharged again…. yes, the concept of having a dating site for the over 50 gang sounded quite nice to me, but all it did was bring my self esteem to a low point instead of making me feel good about myself. if you accept any “services” from an entity, or do not file against them in a timely manner you can lose your right to dispute the charge. i called with in their time limits only to get a recorder and found they are not only available during their hours but are not even there to help on a weekend! i signed up with basic information for the free membership. those 3 sites i mentioned you can send messages and everything without paying, so hence scammers fakes. and what’s up with all the profiles with no pictures…. no place on the site did it indicate that and i even read the small print. i cannot stress this enough – under no circumstances should anyone join this site. for most people in online dating (except for the top 1-2% in attractiveness) it's always best to shoot for two or more levels less in attractiveness than you are. 99 percent of the messages i receive are canned, not originals written by the guy. now her picture appeared in my e-mail daily list of 5 and then in this false flirt today. you can open an account and freely send and receive messages and meet people.’t join this site, they are nothing but a rip off. if nothing else, i will be submitting a complaint to the state’s attorney general’s office and i advise you all to do the same. big “0”… they are rip offs, thieves and i wish i had a rep with me now so i could beat his thieving ass to hell and back. i let him know yesterday that i wouldn't be able to go.

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, if you’re reading this and thinking about joining ot, don’t do it, not even the free part (which will frustrate you anyway since you will have to pay to access the necessary aspects of this site to find someone – and half the profiles you read anyway will be half to virtually empty and without photos). every review that i read about online dating is a bad one. but it leaves me with a sinking feeling too - this guy is not anywhere near me. the office of consumer affairs has a newer department for exactly this type of deceit, only 3 or so years old now. they should have manners and compliment you in a gentlemanly way, not in a perverse manner. however, okcupid has many not-so-great users as well, and it’s not uncommon for women to have the misfortune of encountering them, and in the past, i have as well. i asked about all the scammers with some poor persons photos they stole( i am sure mine will be in the uk or texas as well now as they teak them off these sites) they said we get our customers to report the scammers i said i dont get paid for this ,you are being paid my me to have real people on there he had no answer. a man who has never had a date from the 3 (main) sites i have used, i can catagorically say that; even if you read a profile, send a nice message and be pretty much, charming. code means for less than 58p per week fun is near enough guaranteed. the only faults i find with the site are the inability to filter searches with more precision (like non-smokers and no pets–big dealbreakers for me), and the matchmaking program is totally inconsistent. cant seriously sitt there and say honestly that women have dating harder than men. they know that many people, especially seniors are not going to take the time to dispute the charge and to avoid stress they will just let it go. ourtime just better not charge my credit card again if they do i will call my bank to cancel my card. and it is not possible to check up on his profile or anything without unblocking him – which i am not about to do! when i click on “help,” it will not link me. i thought this might be interesting, but i will not sign up because of the negative comments from the paying order for him to get back to ca, i needed to write a letter. and i still cannot search for and see anyone’s profile which doesn’t have a photo attached. found a person by her picture on a free dating site who ourtime indicated she viewed my profile 8 or 9 times. and, there are many who do not post a photo. trying to earn enough brownie points to be admited to the round table, sir matt? have spent over 30 minutes trying to figure out how to renew for another month…can’t find …help…. i totally agreed with her sentiment as i thought she had a decent profile as well but i did not find her appealing.'ve tried a few dating sites such as: plenty of fish, zoosk and lavalife. you even admit you receive nice messages, but refuse to even acknowledge such guys? am tired of guys who want to meet for drinks & instantly hookup, its not the 70s anymore & i dont want to contract herpes from a stranger. i'm not saying whether you had it hard or not. plenty of woman supposedly in my area, several i have seen on other sites, many with profiles not filled out. my l&s subscription expired a few days ago & i elected not to renew. one of the most notable of these is a reddit user who set up a fake profile and didn’t last two hours. when i called to complain/close and get a refund they say no refunds – and if they can get a charge to go through it’s their right. more so want casual stuff but if you spend enough time online you'll meet decent men that want a relationship. he saw my profile, he seemed nice, i responded to some messages talking about travel, nothing heavy. time is the sorriest dating site i have ever expierienced. in fact, it’s not uncommon at all for women to be threatened for refusing to send nudes or insulted when they say they’re not interested in the man messaging them. after 2 months, we were hanging out one evening, and he started going on and on about how he can't believe that he met someone so amazing online, how he did't expect this to happen, how he is sick of online dating and doesn't wanna see anyone else.. finally, read up on ways to make your online dating experience better. another profile said she was 41 but the picture was likely someone over 70. you find a women on this site who you think is attractive, chances are 100 or more guys think the same way, making you a 100 to 1 shot, so if your not tall or handsome, forget it, they will look at your profile and leave, even if you email them or send them a flirt, they want nothing to with you because they have 99 other guys to choose from and the pickings look better to them. i don’t like the most about ourtime dating website is that they have a world wide known money fraud scammer’s. there is no reason why this could not be done successfully. not pay to join this senior dating site or any senior dating site. all guys are bad, but not all women are either, and for every man out there sending women messages that women don't want there is a woman out there who thinks she is worth more then men so she doesn't have to give what she takes. neither is asking for, or offering to send, nudes (unless they were not discussed first). i contacted customer service (misnomer) and when asked what city and state these calls were coming into i was told costa rica and was just blew off. it's a generic website and the addresses i looked up for his offices show no record of his company ever being there. we have three membership types, which can be selected on either a monthly or annual basis. as a guy, nothing but interest from pictureless, informationless profiles from people out of state, out of the country, who flirt you, like you, favorite you, email you. my password…tried to cancel membership never emailed me my rest password…could not get back into website…. going online moaning might not sound like it affects dating but it does. he came away with the realization that women have it much, much harder on these sites:I figured i would get some weird messages here and there, but what i got was an onslaught of people who were, within minutes of saying hello, saying things that made me as a dude who spends most of his time on 4chan uneasy.'ve been currently using dating sites again and right now its a living hell for me. i have encountered fraud all the way fake profiles and you know the rest.…must have been on last day they sent me an email in my in box…which i would have never received since i do apparently have it set to not receive emails. have been on on line dating for just over a year. we got to know each other and talked afterwards on yahoo, turns out he is gay. i know this is a little off the wall but i'll give it a shot. i did not enter or give them my credit card information; you see they lie also. dating has never worked for me, even when i was serious about it i was meeting the guys who were serial daters and not looking for a relationship or con artist or scammers who were looking to mooch off of a women and then of course the perverted guys that were looking to hook up, they made it known immediately what they wanted to do with you sexually. i’m 50 and do not want dates 7-9 yrs younger than me. 20 men may not have been scammers but they lived thousands of miles away and totally ignored my request for people within 50 miles. if you get a nice initial message, at least say no thank you and even a brief idea of how good the message was.) i have learned to listen to those little red flags that 20 years ago i would have ignored. i told one guy that you are on a dating site to meet women and you are displaying pics of your late wife and you—that type of man has built an altar to his late wife and pity the woman that gets involved with him! would be amazed at the number of men who message me who are not accessible. my profile always tells me that i’ve not completed it yet, even though i’ve answered all the questions in full.?yesnorebecca of riverdale, ga on march 4, 2017satisfaction ratingdating site has became a place for scammers with a terrible seductive charm to rob women out of their money. you do hook up with good people…but not very often. perhaps i shouldn’t do this but any woman in the il/in area seeking a true christian guy can feel free to write me at nedd at inbox dot com. like i said, the only problem i have with this site is i do not know who is a paid member unless they send a message. there is a “contact us” option on the website, but no matter what you put for the reason you are contacting them it will not send your request. so far, i have not had this problem with other sites. dating - men don't get it and women don't understand. it is true that straight women get more attention on dating sites than men, that doesn’t always mean it’s positive attention from safe potential partners., i've had that handle longer than you've been alive and it has nothing to do with japan. you for posting your info, i will not waste my time with this site. if you’d like a casual encounter, make that known as well. because, right when one thinks people can not get any lower, well, you know. did not particularly work well for me and i would not put much faith in it if you are male. i got some more message notifications, and i started thinking those might be legitimate ones from the guys i was talking to (and i found out later that one of the guys had indeed sent me a message). the overwhelming feedback we have received from our users, however, highlights that the old adage “you only get what you pay for” certainly holds true with dating sites. but for some reason these idiots are taking up all of the dating bandwidth. have features i constantly disabled and kept getting winks, fav’d, and a host of other meaningless communications coming way – only to be told the functions i disabled cannot really be disabled. i don’t know how to get out of this mess. site is a disaster, they charged my credit card more than i was told it would be, they showed me one amount and at the end of the transaction they did not showed me how much they have charged, they redirect me back to the home page. articles written by women on online dating are always cynically amusing to me. anyway, because ot would not take my debit card and because of all the problems other reviewers here have had, i decided to do a check instead. i not only found that offensive, but it was also scary to think about the amount of men out there that only care about having sex. (if he really looks like george clooney i don’t think he needs to join a dating website. singles, in the mid twenties, maybe, but for mature people, would not make sense.

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needs to be human sometimes and not just about the money. is and some are, had a bunch of dates on there before i met my girlfriend who we now live together and have a beautiful baby boy with. while not personally bothersome, it is deceptive because it is telling me some woman is interested in me, thus warranting a response, when such is not the case. the reviews, i removed my non paying profile which had..that’s what southerners call it, or profiles of other races that i said i was not interested in when i signed up, and “your matches” are recycled! when i’ve reached out to their support team, i get either no response or “we can’t help you with your issue”. it`s no better or worse than pubs or clubs anyway. it would also be nice to have women realize that if they are getting decent if not outright nice messages more than once from a guy, that these guys are just trying to stay on top of the crap that that woman is otherwise getting; that they aren't stalking or pestering, they are just wondering if they are getting heard at all., i do not like the layout and the way they have some of the features laid out."more so want casual stuff but if you spend enough time online you'll meet decent men that want a relationship. if i am charged for another month, i will do my utmost to ensure a negative reaction to your site, in any way possible! your free account with the best dating sites and receive expert dating advice:Reviews of OurTime. have been divorced for almost 15 years and have used various websites for dating including free ones such as pof n okcupid and match and most recently zoosk. as a result, many have turned to online dating sites. they kept asking for more info (a problem with most dating sites).& costly amount that i did not have the money for, i was given instructions on. even though they say they offer a non-breachable site, the fellow i spoke to wouldn't address that statement. in the past have conducted similar experiments, setting up fake accounts on free dating websites and recording the messages they received. i thought pof was bad but at least it is free! unless you're in the top 1-2% in looks or in their 20s, if a woman writes a man, she will get ignored too. when the bill came up it said upgrade, not submit or anything, so i though it was upgrade from free.! there is no one to contact and no way to get money back but i have reported this to the fcc and my state attorney generals office. stars10%4 stars31%3 stars41%2 stars72%1 stars42497%show rating distributioncompare online dating websites & servicesresearch top online dating websites & services recommendations on consumeraffairscompare companiesare you this business? this makes the our time membership numbers seem much larger than they really are. lots of married men and i am sure women on these sites, beware! after having absolutely no luck and not finding a single guy i was interested in, i deleted my account. i am nice with no car and a crappy job. it is 100% free…no fees to join or contact other members. i know i was embarrassed to discover that i had “flirted” with women when i had no intention of doing so. remember the only think it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. this gave me a bit more selection but actually building a functioning relationship using dating apps is pretty limited. you will not get a refund or get any customer service. it has no customer service – just faqs, no email address or available phone number. another woman responded to a message i initiated and while this one seemed normal. i was thinking on joining our time but not anymore after reading the comments. and other than that i didn't think there was anything that wouldn't lead up to another date certainly not for him to just say it wasn't going to work at all.?yesnojanet of calgary, ab on march 5, 2017satisfaction ratingit appears someone from germany hacked my ourtime account. if this does not solve your dilemma, please respond to this email. have had many bad experiences with online dating, but i was able to find my now boyfriend through it all. are also instances of men, believing women ‘have it easy’ on dating websites, setting up fake profiles and being shocked by the messages they receive. as a result, i found there is no support, no online chat with customer service, and they reject any attempt for you to send an email. had some hits but nothing interesting so i gave up cancelled my subscription and that was that. site offers many men and i have responded to a few with no reply. it would be helpful to know that possibly a new kind etiquette be understood by women that repeat messages that are nice should be acceptable and that we men kindly engage them with these; that we get a chance to overcome the idiots by countering them somehow. unless, of course, taylor used that picture on the dating sites as a discouragement. own a bussines of my own and would not expect less . it keeps on flipping when you’re trying to cancel the transaction and it will not allow you to cancel it. i was just informed that once you sign up under no circumstances will they give any sort of refund. it's a great way to meet people but there is no guarantee that you'll find a relationship. on the site for about 6 weeks, such a scam, found a phone no to call to cancell, no answer, found a website with an option to cancel and stop automatic renewal, sent 2 emails, emails returned nondeliverable, guess i’ll have to cancell my credit card. additionally, there is not way to set simple search criteria except age…all ages on this site, not just 50+. i really don’t know what the solution to it is. there are loads of graduate schools that put on excellent performances of all kinds that are very reasonably priced or free. most of the profiles i’ve perused seem genuine and i don’t respond to anyone with no picture(s) or descriptions. however, months went on of nothing and i decided to give plenty of fish a try.. i am not loser , but a quality person who takes care of myself and has some pride in my appearance, and i was shocked with a lot of the profile pictures of the men that were sent to me, or who were looking at my profile . i am glad to know my instincts were right i will not be wasting my time or money on ourtime or any other dating site. even if you click ‘no’ for possible match – you will receive the same person again and again. i cancelled my credit card so that cannot renew automatically. our time dating website is a seemingly decent website, which is easy to navigate in. but if you are an average or worse looking female, you might as well not even sign up. it was not cheap, but i felt better not knowing what i was in for. also the men who had taken the time to write to me, will never be able to get a decent answer, and may wrongly assume i did not care. the meantime, don't think about all the limitations you express about all the reasons you cannot "go out". sites are not totally to blame, but they will take your money and make you believe it’s so very possible. there is no indication if the person is an active member. found that frustrating and the help would not appear as had to add cookies. if there is one they are not going to contact you or me for that matter. all those men you talk about, probably sent out 10-20+ messages for every single reply they got, you sit around waiting for people to contact you, and claim you have it harder then those who actively contact others just to be ignored or rejected? and if not, emotional abuse is just as damaging as physical abuse. so initially he suggested starbucks, so i'm thinking he wanted to do a meetup, which i don't really do as i'm not seeking quantity or talk to a bunch of guys down here and engage in the whole meet and greet thing. the woman i got on the phone after that first 5 min said since i used the site, i could not get a refund, and she said the only way to speak to her superviser was via email. in addition, please don’t label me as “arrogant” or “hard to please” or “snooty” — i’m an authentic, down-to-earth, caring, and tolerant person; i’m just stating what i discovered on this site. she replied to me at the time (about a month back) saying that she did not flirt with me. the site had people in my area and the price was about the same as the other sites but with people my age and men that were looking for a woman the same age. are a number of free dating sites out there, and these are of course a valid option for many people. i had no intention to join “our time” at this time. it’s important to note, however, that stitch is a global community, and we have many instances of people who live in countries all around the world joining stitch as a way to get connected with people for travel companions, group and one-on-one conversations, and even long-distance relationships. there is no way to tell if anyone is actually interested in you unless they email you. after no success, i set my parameters to receive matches from people who are over 105 years old. no means no, and you’re not going to be able to ‘convince’ anyone to fall in love with you, and reacting with anger and threats when someone isn’t interested won’t help you. funny and to think you will never know who she really is.! finally men here- one was just creepy & didn’t know how to talk to women and the other admitted that he was a former drug dealer! i just removed any renewal of my account, or may have to cancel my credit card, and have a new card issued if our time doesn’t honor my request. the site takes the safety of its users seriously and offers advice for dating safely both online and offline. so i messaged her on this free dating site and she said she was on ourtime but never once viewed my profile. most people think with there legs, not with there heart., i am 74 and i got so discouraged by the matches, from all over the freeking country, or." no, no they doffer not, if you are a guy and you aren't at least a good 7 low 8, aren't just a incredibly interesting person or apparently well off, you wi'll never get a first message until it's a scam or bot, even if you read profiles and send out well thought out, grammatically correct messages. is perhaps the most popular online dating sites out there, with an estimated 6 million pageviews a month and 76 million users (a little less than the entire population of turkey).

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stars11%4 stars00%3 stars23%2 stars46%1 stars6090%show rating distributioncompare online dating websites & servicesresearch top online dating websites & services recommendations on consumeraffairscompare companiesare you this business? 50+: unlike most dating sites which are aimed at the 18-35 year old market, ourtime puts 100% of its focus on the 50+ baby boomer market of singles, many of whom are re-entering the dating world after a divorce or the loss of a spouse. don’t ever try to non-renew ,they start putting pop-ups that if you close them the wrong way you wind up signing up for more time, then comes the horrible ordeal of contacting customer service. they are robbers, hate that i was trick this way, nothing is real here, it is just about pulling your money! since i did not authorized the charge at all and that it was fraud on their part. they do have a gold level for a small fee that allows a few special features, but, they’re not necessary at all. while our time informed other sites my card info and all were declined. not only did they charge me for 3 months when i signed up for 1 (i fought that, got a partial refund) but they keep changing my search criteria so my ‘daily matches’ are nothing near what i’m interested in. i completely deleted everything that has to do with this site and no longer receive any type of communication from them. another guy was supposedly from the town i grew up in – very small place. i had been married for about 27 years and now divorced for a year. i filed a complaint with the bbb, entered a dispute with paypal, and sent three emails to the website, letting them know that if i wasn’t refunded in full i was going to dispute the charge; i never received any services from them, as i attempted to cancel immediately. wish i would have never signed up,nothing like there commercials. i use dating sites and am smart using them, as a result i don't get harassed. some i just talk to and tell them the truth, i am not interested but we are friends. like most of the dating websites are money making schemes that prey on honest well meaning people.?yesnokaren of prince george, bc on march 2, 2017satisfaction ratingi have used our time twice. a man who has never had a date from the 3 (main) sites i have used, i can categorically say that; even if you read a profile, send a nice message and be pretty much, charming. you matches from out of your preferred area and no regard to your specific preferences. i will never again use an online dating service thansk to this experience. like hell – never get any messages, site say talk to them now and as soon as you click the link message off line. enjoyed using this site until my account “went away” for no reason. i'm not a coffee drinker and i'm finding out a lot of people actually hate doing meetup via starbucks. they indicates that because the payment was mailed in it did not quality for the six months special deal. i wish someone can come up with a dating website with integrity and truly interested in helping individuals. i’m inclined to report them to the better business bureau, even if only for not monitoring their website more efficiently. all sites have these, some a lot more than ourtime, some (okcupid, for instance) a lot fewer. i have since written the illinois & texas attorney generals as well as the u.– community + profile membership, including full access to all aspects of the stitch community, plus unlimited profile browsing, for per month or 0 per year. sometimes i'll receive a second message challenging my lack of response, for example, "ur pic u seem nice but not to nice to reply ur missing the best d*ck if ur life. ghana police service is now at your door step if you are talking, or chatting to whether he or she exists, pertaining to internet dating and business. the check was received early last week (best guesstimate) and after several e-mails late in the week and early this week trying to get a status update, i got a notice tuesday nite that i was upgraded (after calling my bank earlier in the day to see if my check was cashed, which it was). but i wasn’t on either for very long and have pulled down both my profiles now. programming is not my specialty, would love to tackle this myself. it can also mean a casual dinner date, that may or may not turn into something more. i have made what i'm looking for known clearly from the start. i contacted you several months ago asking you to cancel my membership but you are continually withdrawing money from my account at times twice a month. i am no technical expert by any stretch of the imagination but this 54 year young guy has put together websites thru tools provided by web hosts and one thing i know for sure – i sure as heck am not going to say one thing on one web page and just the opposite on another. addition to all of the dysfunctional complaints that i’ve posted before, including turning off the automatic renewal option, the scumbags that run this shill have now forced an automatic popup prompting me to renew (this “subscription” expires on july 28/15) for six more months at a “discounted” 25% off rate of . layout of the site itself is satisfactory and i have no complaints about it. they became more intimate as time went along (not sexual but personal) ie: “text me when you get home so i know you made it home ok”.’s what dating sites are like if you’re a woman. published my pictures and nice lines to be read… just to discover that i could neither read nor answer any message. all i see woman say on profiles is how men pester them with sexual comments and, if they are not sexual, all they say is; "hi". i would have loved him to be my friend if we haven't met on the dating website. the women i met were rude, ugly, fat, stupid, very liberal which i am not. we have many stitch members who have spouses who can no longer go out to dinner or go skiing, and they would like to find a non-romantic companion to do that with. about mark→ourtime is the largest dating site created specifically for the baby boomer market. i could tell because we had nothing in common at all! a lot of the profiles don’t have a picture and not even anything on the profile. you get billed six months for taking out one month or they reject your debit/credit card, likely because in the latter scenario you have just enough for a month or two available funds and that is not good enough for these birds. i will not ever use this site or any site from hence forth. had several who suddenly realize they are not ready to date again (i'm 47, most singles my age are divorced). if you are a “free” member you cannot contact anyone or see a photo, not even on a trial basis to see if the site works. is crap i have to go to my bank to straighten this out i think if enough of us protested this it would finish this site i would rather be alone than aggravated. had noticed that the email was different than the emails i usually got from actual matches, and the first time i was a member of ourtime they had managed to scam me into renewing by sending me that kind of an email, so curiosity got the better of me and i renewed. on both occasions the site did not live up to its advertisements but then few things really do. you’re willing to spend a little bit of money, paid websites like zoosk, eharmony, and match are fantastic and you’re bound to find someone who is as interested in commitment as you are. don’t normally write reviews, but i felt so strongly about this i had to. i spoke with alex a representative and amer a supervisor on monday, nov18th. off, telling a woman about what you would like to do to her sexually without any prompting is not a compliment. quick and user-friendly registration process is designed to ensure that even the least technologically savvy user will be able to navigate the process with ease.?Congrats on the ego stroke, but i'm not taking the bait. will never use a dating site again, but i guess i had to find out for myself. i've gone with a date (not someone from pof), but it was the first date, prior to starbucks everything felt okay, but thereafter he was firing off questions interview-style. own a bussines of my own and would not expect less . so, i subscribe again, only to see they are either women with no picture, no profile info or someone that lives over 500 miles away! and while there are some men who are not genuine, it's fairly easy to weed out the good from the bad. i didn’t find out until i went in my account history after sending a message to someone and it went through on nov. millenial coders grinning about their abuse of us, and absolutely not people that care about their customers. of the capabilities we’re building with stitch are based on the feedback we’ve received from our users about the problems they’ve encountered with other dating sites in the past. are many online dating sites available today, such as match, e-harmony and zoosk (to name but a few). as i’m a paid up member, i think our time should not be charging me when they inadvertently remove my account. the one thing i do notice about ourtime is less scammers and fake profiles. i texted him on thursday morning but when i didn’t hear from him by friday afternoon i asked if he received my text. i'm not expecting the same exact thing as what i had. i saw similar things in college where most my friends got brutally negative, generic and uninformed advice (particularly if parents had no clue about their field) if they hadn't gotten a job within 1 week of graduation. many of them are way out age-wise (too young or way too old) and whose interests and views do not jive with those receiving them. now i am in the philippines and still not getting much luck. okcupid is renowned for having a wide variety of users, although i received more messages and views on plentyoffish.'m a decent guy; solid career, clean background (my job requires security clearance), i'm not looking for a hookup, i always try to start conversations with their interests, and i even got female friends to vet my profile..Just saying an insecure woman who acts fearful is more bound to be harassed on these sites. they also indicates click on this or that link and when do so you get no action. most women i've chatted to without meeting just wanted an ego boost or to talk to "friends" (on a dating site! i joined it for only 3 days, saw that they were absolutely terrible and cancelled my account – took the whole thing down and clicked on all of the buttons necessary to ensure that they would no longer charge my credit card. i'd rather see that and just block them, than meeting someone who seems nice and genuine, and then to find out they are just players, use me or just not ready for a relationship. the goal is to get more people on the sites. i'm trying something different, by, bypassing all the dating services. i tried everything i could think of to get around that thing and get to my messages, but no dice. we never talked about being exclusive, defining our relationship, yet we'd spend lots of time together, we'd go out, hold hands, kiss and make out in public with no problem, he was making me dinners, help with manly stuff around the house etc.

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unfortunately, the one person i hoped was trying to contact me was not the person. i’ve called and the c/s rep did not want to help and the manager did not want to either. do you know what its like to want a family but not having one because you cant get a date, to watch your frineds happily married when your nearly 40 and never even had a date ? but if you are not their type, you're simply not their type. one who is good on twitter or facebook schould givethese pepole some free advertizing on twit and faceyou know to heplthere bottom line what scum.(i’m new at online dating, maybe they are all like this) i do not have a problem attracting men in real life, but this site is unnerving. thankfully they cannot charge my debit card since i paid by check. read one all the way through, you will see how to cover your own in future ventures you get into by seeing how the “in the know” do it. seems that many sites of this kind, have a lot to improve. of the 80% who do not, some may not be actually using the site any more, or are bombarded with messages, or just possibly think they are too wonderful to bother answering unless they see perceive you as perfect. even when you’re resourceful enough to find how to stop “renewals,” there is no confirmation that you did this. i did so, checked my account status, and it confirmed that auto renewal is off and that my membership will expire when it’s supposed to. saying they can use your name/etc on their affiliate sites, after you leave the site they keep. which leads me to believe no one is finding anyone. it’s not enough to just click, yes i would be interested, though. in the world do you expect to meet a woman if you do not move away from your computer screen? there is just no way you can trust this website. who pressured me to move in after dating 6 weeks, couldnt get through first dissagreement , i moved out. i told him that there was no page that i had clicked on to renew my subscription whatsoever, and that they had just decided to steal from my account without my permission! and secondly it's hard not to get a bit of any ego or get pick when you feel you have the power of choice. i don't expect women to be naïve and have no discretion in responding to the "good" men that write them, they need to at the very least to let us know they're not interested by responding with a "i'm not interested but thank you. i kept on it pretty much out of curiosity for some time, until i was fed up with it and was sure it was just computer generated messages they were sending me with no real people behind them. without any notice i was automatically renewed with upgrades to double the rate initially paid. a dating site isn’t my “thing,” and so i wasn’t looking for someone. i don’t know but as of today, i think i at least found a good friend. i just joined this dating site 2 months ago for 6 months. i'm happy for the people who go on to find real relationships from these sites, i've had zero luck.” and thinking all i read were negative responses, all of which i agree with, they do not reply to complaints only send a form ltr. if you'd like to know what it's like to be an average straight guy on a dating site, make a profile. it’s creepy, and in some instances really scary – not a turn-on by any means. i payed for a 6 month membership on 20 september of 2013 (again, my bank statement validates this as fact)…yet my account was terminated and erased 31 january of 2014. in addition i can no longer choose how i wish to view my supposed matches. but never got any comment, not even a thanks but no thanks, seems like they don't even get them, but the scammers sure answer quick with a too good to be true letter and great pictures. and about the only thing i can see nice guys who really want this to work bringing to the table is to just not get bitter and disappointed. no customer service, no phone number with a live person. there were all these flirts and messages before i signed up and suddenly there were 1/2 the number of message and most from people with no picture (fake) and no flirts. is it our fault for not wanting to work more on our profiles and hire professional photographers? it leaves me wondering just what are they looking for and perhaps i am just not "hot" enough for them.! no way… they dont care, and you will loose your money. if you would like to see stitch available in other languages and would like to help with translation, please let us know! and approximately 10 or so men that seemed decent enough to start conversations with. was lucky,with 4 mo’s left on my membership my new puppy used my wallet for a chew toy, so i ended up with a new cc #. i have read about the dishonesty of ourtime and now i am another participant that has experience a company that operates with no integrity. big part of the reason men act out on dating sites is that it is exceedingly difficult to get any attention otherwise, thus creating a situation in which women feel that they have to filter more and more unwanted contact and making it that much more difficult for those who might want to play by the rules. it's that kind of life style that hurts so many people,that nobody trust anybody anymore and i can't say that i blame them. about no photos or profile is a wake up call, what are they hiding? advertise a certain price for membership, but once they have your credit card number, they hit you with hidden add-ons. website is corrupt, do not give them your credit card number ever! have just received an email from our time and they wrote that my subscription would be automatically renewed and i am not a member. your man is fortunate as the imbalance in numbers of men to women on this site is advantageous to the ladies as it is on all dating sites. on top of this is the constant avalanche of ads for other dating sites. over the idea that you do not get enough "attention". there's a bit less of the weirdness of online and encountering guys that you know you're not compatible with. i keep running across so many people with involved lives of which i am just not a part including my family. i am not sure about them again because their price is too high and i suspect they do not have as many active members as they would like you to think. dating - men don't get it and women don't understand. if not, as trashy as they can be, okcupid and plenty of fish are both decent websites.’s what dating sites are like if you’re a woman. i called them a few days after i saw the charge on my card – not only did they not refund my 90. i got no response after several attempts so i challenged the credit card & will have no further business with them. there are other, better, dating sites available, one being “plenty of fish” (also known as pof, or pof)..needless to say nothing was done about it… i will strongly advice anyone whose trying to join this scam infested dating site to stay far away from it. they are in it for the money and the goal is not matching people. you don't drink, you can still no to a bar. do not be foolish enough to do business with these incompetents, and crooks. customer service is absolutely non existent other than canned automated responses that have nothing to do with your questions. his profile reads i am 51 that is how i know. probably you had mutual acquaintances and got the opportunity to know one another over time. then every so often i would get a message in my inbox and when i tried to reply no one would reply back. and as far as average women, let me tell you i'm not one to judge but i know women who by most standards would be considered below average. one day i was driving, and saw him walking and holding hands with another girl (and we live in a big city and not in the same area. line, if you are determined to take out a membership at ot or l&s, do not use a credit or debit card. all out… all despair insatiable humans with no respect for oneself. i thought that maybe if i paid to date online that i would find guys that were serious about dating and having a relationship. i could not in good conscience run a site like this. did not filter criteria when they ask you your preferences- height, location, age group- seems like they just sent whatever is on there. although it asks marital status, there is no way to narrow to those who are legally divorced or widowed. you have no idea what decades of blanket rejections and loanliness would do to you, it would kill you, its true hell. something needs to be done to police all dating websites! and, i can’t get a refund, and my membership doesn’t expire for six months! main reason why as this is a small town comprised of many seeking sexual hookups, it's a military town which equates to a college town, most singles are seeking quantity not quality. i am dating in real life only now, at least i can see the real person rather than a 10 year old photo and watch body language and hear tone of voice before deciding whether or not they are safe to meet. membership to ourtime gives you access to all the site’s fantastic features, including messaging and live a cute pic of a guy delivered to me after just registering for free. think men and women gave different problems with online dating, but we ha e it equally hard. of the worst websites (not just dating sites) i’ve seen. i almost said okay but something told me to let them know that i am also seeking the . it also seems that we need to become more strategic and not so bitter about how to approach all of this. if we don't respond, we are not interted - that's it. last i checked, sending money for something and getting nothing is theft.

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with the chick you used the men will only be nice because they're not ego invested in her at all. “do not show” section is worthless ie, doesn’t work.! but, he not only talked while i did, he hung up on me! he is a police officer and i was able to verify that i agreed and we had a lovely time together and there was some play although not full blown sexual relations and i thought everything went greatly. a lot of people, including me, turned to online dating, and okcupid was all the rage. the other two were ok, but widowed recently and to me that was not quite appropriate. i am very disappointed in this website, and have paid hard earned money for something that is not even legitimate. anybody know how to get out and get your money back? no response is equal to "maybe she didn't read it or get to see it" in guy logic. online faking/dating is not a place to be yourself within your profile, because most can't tolerate realness, especially if they fall under your level of compatibility.*crack down on scammers by identifying and shutting down the accounts of those who pay with stolen credit cards, checking ip addresses to verify profiles’ listed locations; employing algorithms to detect suspicious language patterns used by scammers; and using image searches to identify fake profiles used across various dating websites. dollars i try to contacted them like 4 times, to customer service, asking them why they charged me more than i was told and never got any answer is like they do not care about their clients complaints. as a result, many have turned to online dating sites.'m a man, and i just started using a dating site to see if i could meet someone. losers , no jobs or shady jobs, scammers …no thanks …… forget it! have been on ourtime for 2 months now & also once before., it took several days of waiting and of e-mails to people media (owners of ot and l&s) before i got a notice of an upgrade at l&s. or rather a form in which they cannot just take your money from. would never, ever recommend our time to any of my friends, and i will actually go everywhere i can to tell people not to ever consider your site. can challenge any dispute,and if you have used their services at all, they can and will say that although the services were not what you expected, they were still available to you., they cancelled my account so i could not use it for the remaining 6 months i paid for. membership of the site is free, members will need to upgrade to a paid account in order to use all of the site’s features. watch for any red flags, such as disregarding your boundaries and not respecting your feelings. your heart is in your chest not between your legs ladies. tried this site for a month with no auto renewal. on october 28 my i month expired with a no automatic renewal.? attempting to use the search option to view another user’s information is a joke… i can read about 3 – 4 profiles and then … wham… i am logged out by the deliberate technology of this stupid site – and without any warning or option to stay logged in. this adds nothing to the conversation and proves the point made here about how poorly people act online. i tested negative for hsv & not willing to take that from him plus dealing with a vet with ptsd is stressful beyond belief. years life i did not touch @ny female reasone loyalty and loved her. this site is only here to help their staff not the people that pay them.”, may be not sanded enough but he can dress like the getco. this was despite the fact that i had “either” (photos or no photos) checked off in the search requirements. they are not serious and don't care about a good relationship. and i called customer service about something not my bill and i had no problem. i told him i was not one to let a good thing get away or let grass grow under my feet. to a degree, in wrongly being redirected to an ot upgrade page, i now notice a drop in price in membership, be it a month, three months or six months. google "tolani osan online dating first messages to reel them in" and read tolani's article.'ve had way more success than most men on dating sites. i noticed when i looked at my phone and text him back that i'm going to bed, that it's getting late. many, many good men see that they are ignored by girls who are still looking for the hunks, and they check out. also, since i am not divorced, i usually ask the men why they are divorced. thoose that arent in this category are far and few between, i personally know a half dozen women who are married and or have boyfriends that have profiles up claiming to be single,, bottom line 90% are fakes . i spent too much time complaining to them and asking for a refund, but like others, they said they have a “no refund policy. i haven’t joined and will not be doing so. i’ve only once had a decline of my card in the 2 1/2 years i’ve had it and that was a year ago when i tried making a donation online to a group i backed (again, not my fault but theirs). then another page said it was not yet set up for paypal but implied it might in the future. or they will ask questions about you and genuinely try to get to know you. if that’s to enough they ask you continually to buy tokens to promote your self more. it’s difficult to know what is real on this site. however, the problem with a lot of free dating websites such as these is that many of the users, the male users especially, are looking for sex. it provides inaccurate information, lies, notifies you of responses to emails you have not sent, sends you “matches” that are not even remotely consistent with your parameters, notifies you of comments that do not exist, changes the date of “views” to current day no matter when the view occurrs and notifies you that it is new, so you cannot tell. and for heavens sake, if you take a girl out or talk with her on the phone or text several times, don’t just not call back…. the other matches were nothing what i wanted, it’s like i never stated what i liked. i’ve heard the same about other sites but thought this might be different. i have a few flirts (likely false ones) & messages that i cannot check because my subscriptions to both our time and love & seek are expired and not renewed. also, i made sure that i did not use the “our time” site for the upgraded privileges. and family said to me that I needed to help myself and my dream man would not just land on my front doorstep. i just want to know what the heck that last guy in their commercial is standing in? if any people have the right to complain about online dating, it's them because, from what i've read, it's truly awful for them. i believe that internet dating, and ourtime is no exception, is very favorable towards women for the logical reason that there are many more men on the site than women. only god knows where it’s going from here but i think i am well versed on the facts & features on this site to intelligently comment and say this: you may find your partner at either site, you may not. i think that with that first membership i was able to set my criteria for ethnicity, etc. there needs to be a better system to not waste time – although it asks political affiliation, there is no way to narrow to those who are like-minded. the good news is, you can dispute the charge with your bank–if you do not explicitly agree to be billed recurrently, then you can dispute under the category of “did not renew. site is filled with scammers…all wonderful god-fearing guys who make between 100,000 to 150,000 a year and who immediately ask for your email address or text no. dishonesty is easy on internet dating sites since you’re taking the person at face value…. but i think she could have been married and her and her husband date others but that is not the sites fault nor can they stop those games. thought about giving him my phone number, just in case he didn't contact me again that day, but i figured that if he didn't i could always send him a message later that day, since my membership was still active. more details on these membership plans, including pricing for non-us currencies, can be found here (registration to stitch required).. finally, read up on ways to make your online dating experience better. i still planned to quit the site, but with lots of membership time left, there was no big rush to contact ourtime about it. although it asks if you have kids, there is no way to narrow your search to those with, or without, kids. then he disappear, so i sent him a message saying that i had read many complaints about this site, so if he was not the person he was, that at least responded, just say goodbye, not interested. people think when they first get on dating sites they should find someone immediately. think i want to go back to traditional dating and the chance of meeting someone. guys - check it out before you think - hey, no one sent me a message. you say: try receiving no replies from anyone you message ever. you have nothing to complain about if in your opinion you're receiving too much attention, even if only a few are quality (that's reality anywhere). there were so many concerns in a few days time that i simply resigned, asked for my money back, was denied (as stated above) and am not putting the word out there – my word – my honest word. i haven’t used dating sites to try to find men to date ever since. obviously can’t speak to the quality & availability of guys at either site but i feel it’s really a disservice to both the guys & gals who take the time to put up good profiles, decent pictures & who go to great lengths to share their bios in order to find quality guys & gals, only to get this kind of cruddy service when, as i noted in a previous post, there is a niche market for us 50ish folk. they really ought to be investigated–i thought the site was legit and it’s really not. want to cancel my membership i don’t no more take out of my accounting.! i’ve had guys who don’t know how to spell, form sentences, or know basic grammar. the site suggests “matches” that aren’t at all what you are looking for in terms of age, location, smoking/non-smoking, etc. i was living in southern oregon, the dating scene at my college wasn’t that great. my six month membership is a sunk and lost cost, but i found out how to cancel auto renewal. was very angry when she tried and rec’d the ‘not in service’ recording., when i deactivated my account, i also set my account to not auto-renew.

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