She actually believes parents should prohibit kids from dating until

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That she actually believes parents should prohibit kids from dating

” this implies that when you were dating, you were actually going places, alone, with men much older than you. however, both of our parents didn’t want us to date online, but we did anyway. you would like to submit a question for chris to answer publicly, please do so to adviceforparentsoftweens[at]gmail[dot]com. confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent through this form. jmc simply means that the rights that were exclusive to the sole managing conservator under the old scenario can now be made (1) exclusive to one parent, (2) joint (meaning that both parents need to agree before a particular decision can be made for the child), or (3) independent (meaning that either parent can make a particular decision for the child, without the consent of the other parent). maybe you think your kids won’t lie to you, or disobey you, or sneak around and doing things behind your back, but i have been parenting long enough to know that they will. we will not allow her to have a boyfriend until she is 16. 🙂 in a perfect world, they wouldn’t date until they’re ready for marriage, but alas, it’s not a perfect world. yet, my parents were very tight lipped and never said it was a bad idea to date. ever we would urge parents to monitor their children’s internet usage and encourage them to report anything which might disturb or unsettle them. also, my husband decided not to date until he knew he had prayed about the relationship and that’s who god had for him. thanks for reading all of this if you did and i hope i provided information for you if ur kids play this game., just because i didn’t allow dating before 16 doesn’t mean we avoided the strife that came later with boyfriends/girlfriends. in fact, there is an emerging trend of recognition by social scientists that the divorced family is a fundamentally different unit than the marital family and that a child's circumstances may actually be improved by a relocation when other positive factors are present. children who love both parents don't want to hurt either one and this is one way this can get expressed.(c) prohibit the parent from applying on behalf of the child for a new or replacement passport or international travel visa;. my son had a sweet girlfriend for 4 years (thru college) but she had terribly strict parents and couldn’t ever be honest with them. parents get really riled up with this stuff because their kids can go on a spending spree. now that i am responsible for 15 teen girls, i tell them all the time, dating can wait. they are ruining our game and adding “safe chat” because the company needs to make it better suit kids.  what kids do now and how they are with others is key to learning how to be in a relationship when they are adults.(iii) is in loco parentis and has the consent of both parents, of a parent with sole custody over the child, or of the child's legal guardian, to the issuance of the passport. rights and duties that now have to be allocated between the parents in a jmc are as follows:§ 153. didn’t allow my four children to date until 16…and truth be told, none of them were particularly interested in it until then, though this may be because we homeschooled. parents told me i couldn’t date until i was 16, and then on my 16th birthday, changed it to 18. this incident, i accessed my younger sister’s account with her permission and have since seen numerous avatars claiming to be hackers, names including anon, anonymous, dolly, twins and even an avatar without a name, i learnt that this avatar is sometimes known as “the grim reaper” now if that isn’t disturbing for a child, i don’t know what is; but i can safely say, her account has been left alone and this site has been blocked on all of the devices connected to the internet; my parents fully agreed with my actions; and i’m not saying we should ban our children from playing these games and give them no privacy; not at all, far from that; but there is a fine line between safety and privacy invasion, and these people who are out to exploit children care about neither. if you have a question, please email chris at this specific email address: adviceforparentsoftweens[at]gmail[dot]com. you’re able to friend numbers of people & actually become best friends! her idea of dating centers around the disney show girl meets world.

Actually believes parents should prohibit kids from dating until

my position was that if we can’t discuss dating, then you aren’t old enough. example of how this works is as follows: a pediatrician will often recommend that a child who has chronic strep throat, bronchitis or tonsillitis should have their tonsils and adenoids removed. often these are exclusively assigned to one parent, but if they will be assigned to both parents, the court (or the parties, if the divorce will be by agreement) have to determine if the rights will be exercised jointly or independently. agree with what everyone has said here ^-^ i am 12 years old and i play moviestarplanet i think it is a great game but very addictive, and personally i think that it should be for kids 13 and over because online dating for 8, 9 & 10 year olds? my girlfriend is not allowed to date until she is 16 but that is not stopping us. this includes family members, but since they are often seen to be biased witnesses, the better witnesses are the unbiased ones, like neighbors, parents of the child's friends, teachers, coaches, counselors, etc. msp is very addictive & should be played for about 3 or less hrs. right after school got out this year, they started dating again. there is “dating” on this website there could be old men out there on these young kid sits. shouldn’t not be able to play because some stupid fake people pretending to be hackers empty threaten to hack you…. essentially, we need to follow a child’s lead on when he is ready to start dating — some teens feel better knowing they don’t have to deal with any of that stuff until they are older, while others are curious and really want to get their feet wet.. you can influence what activities they will do with each other, ex: if they are dating secretively, chances are they will sneak out somewhere, and with the lack of activities to occupy their attention, i can almost guarantee they will make out the whole time and/or touch each other sexually and possibly have sex. i honestly think that the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing on a gaming website is not safe at all, especially for younger kids who want to play moviestarplanet. a few weeks later, we did discuss it and he still wasn’t exactly sure what all dating entailed. (proverbs 1:8; colossians 3:20) for children living at home, this command includes obeying their parents’ decisions about dating. not for a second did their parents telling them they couldn’t do something keep them from doing it.  as someone who was freely allowed to “date” starting at 14, i look back and think, “what were my parents thinking? she thought it was me until i told her i was hacked too. may be right in some ways, but for the most part parenting does involve setting limits, adhering to rules, protecting their kids from danger, and in some cases cutting them off from things they enjoy as form of discipline. – not just child’s play – what every parent should know. agree on the “dating” thing it ruins the whole game! now i know three things that you should know too….. you should be old enough to put the other persons feelings above your own. my parents never forbade dating but they weren’t very involved either and i did a lot of physical stuff right under their noses. one of the more popular 50/50 schedules for younger children right now is the 2-5-5-2 schedule, where one parent has every monday and tuesday nights (overnight), the other parent has every wednesday and thursday nights (overnight) and they alternate weekends (from friday after school until school resumes on monday morning). your child should play this so they know , how good the outside world is. parents, just know that there are people out there who may approach your kids in a nasty way.  she was not allowed to date until she was 16, but her parents allowed her to go out in groups.  i’m glad he is having at least an intro into dating while he is still at home.

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She actually believes parents should prohibit kids from dating until

i know what you’re thinking, well what if i was that horny manipulative teenager that just wants to have physical relations with her, doesn’t that justify my girlfriend’s parents’ actions? my daughter got so scared that she couldent sleep at night 😢 and i got really angry 👎 plz do something those hackers are scaring the kids 💔😞. you may be surprised by what your 13, 14, or 15 yr old considers dating.” then she said this girl was going to hack her now, so i went into her room to watch her on the computer but then suddenly it logged her out 5 minutes later she kept logging back in but it kept logging her out then 10 minutes later it let her log back in but her status update said this ”hacked” in big capital letters and she lost 4 rare items and also the glasses my daughter owned on moviestarplanet which cost 1000 star coins, so i told my daughter to block and report her and change her password so she did after she changed her password it finally stopped logging her out msp really needs to have a safety team and moderate the game better and when a child gets their ip address locked out for bad behaviour, they should lock them from the whole sight so they can’t make a new account, but i am so mad my daughter had vip and they locked her out for a week and 10 hours which is when her vip ran out so i contacted msp and they unlocked her but also if your ip address ever gets locked out! kids don’t really “hack” they just use a friend’s login and reset the password. actually, jmc is more of a title, and does not affect the amount of time either parent spends with a child. am curious about all the other parents of teenagers, soon-to-be-teens, survived-the-teen-years think? i later found out that my parents “had” to get married, which is why he was so concerned! but much more important is the children’s safety -this site is not safe for our kids. and its sad that kids my age and younger go on google or youtube and look up ways to get “free” vip. after raising my daughter who is 21 i have learned to not stop them from dating but do not push or be excited when they do my daughter had a super nice first boyfriend but after graduating her brother asked her when he was entering highschool if it would have been better without a boyfriend . the “joke” was that i had to wait until i was 18 because i was the cute one in the family. i am 15 years old, but unlike many other 15 year olds, i plan to stay chaste and pure until i get married. if the parent is in control as they should be, then don’t be afraid to say no. she was vip until the twenty-first of may and i was actually really happy! the family code prohibits the court from considering gender in making its determination (§153. she already was friends with the boy in question and she didn’t see how calling it dating would change anything. didn’t really have any set rules about dating but i did have one instance in 8th grade where my mom picked me up from a friends house where a bunch of us were hanging out in her front yard (including my then boyfriend) my mom and sister teased me about how he looked like a baby. i wish my parents had explained what real relationships were- relationships that were based on god and lasted forever. we may think our kids are perfect, but they are just learning to navigate this world and we need to remind them to be a kind and trustworthy friend and to expect the same. i suggest you get your kids off of msp for good i used to play this and i hate it now. her dad became very suspicious and called her for dinner she was constantly on her computer all day and most of the night until bed time. whereas if you allowed them to date, they could be at your house under supervision playing a game, or watching tv, something that i would assume parents would highly prefer over what i stated before., i think you should reconsider your decision on how to parent your children. these might include the age at which a son or a daughter could begin dating and what activities would be allowed. that’s a term the kids use to justify manipulating other players to give them their password or somehow manage to reset another player’s password., some of them think that they are being accused of dating sex offenders and that this is aimed directly at them. for a child under age 3 who resides over 100 miles from the visiting parent is very tricky because it will necessarily involve longer periods of visitation time less often, and a parent will have to travel with the child at least until age 5 if traveling by air, which from age 2 through 5 means the purchase of 2 airline tickets each time. my mom dictated that i was not allowed to date until i was 16.

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people actually can and they won’t ask you for your password or to change this they can also give you free vip… but i wouldn’t do this because they have to use msp’s hack tool to get it…. to my ancient mind, the term dating conjures up images of unsupervised alone time. on the other hand, my parents were pretty permissive and open to me dating, etc. there is a lot of psychological evidence that goes against such schedules, but in certain circumstances (like where the parents live only a few blocks away from each other and can work well together regarding the children) it can work. the second she was away from her parents at school, she went crazy. i believe that parents should only take kids of moviestarplanet if they are also interacting inappropriately with other users, not because someone interacts with them inappropriately. by 16, i was in a controlling, abusive relationship, and by 17 i was punched in the face by the guy in my own front yard, but i couldn’t tell my parents, who were right inside, because i wasn’t supposed to have a boyfriend anyway. i felt it was important to support him and set some ground rules for “dating” then say no and have him do it behind my back where i have no opportunity to be a positive influence. now a days kids are far more advanced than mine were and way more than i ever was. son is in 7th grade and is “dating” a girl. i raised twins, 1boy 1girl, and they could not date until highschool. unfortunately sites like this do attract adults and it is clear from what parents have said and from our own research that the rules are being breached and complaints are not being handled as well as they could be. a child’s brain is not fully developed until 21-25, but at 14 they should get into a relationship? consider how some of these relate to the subject of dating. when i was young it was my parents house and my parents rules, that’s how i brought my children up and they turned out good! i could leave it at that, but i’m taking advantage of this anonymous forum to talk about my kids and still respect their privacy. parents have the ultimate control over what their children see online and so it would be wise to use your own discretion at all times but to also ensure that you have access to parental controls and an up-to-date anti-virus system.. they could teach her a lesson about dating, about how a good boyfriend acts as opposed to a bad one. 14 yo son has expressed zero interest in dating, not even wanting to go to the 8th grade dance. you should be able take your date out and pay for it on your own. but i wasn’t too sure that it was very safe to give my details away, so i got my laptop and typed in “moviestarplanet” (also known as “msp”) i clicked “create a moviestar” and i pressed “chat” to see what came up then there was 5 or 6 different options so i pressed “high school” and took me to a cartoon background place where you can talk to strangers and “friend” random people and a strange boy popped up and asked me to be his “girl friend” so i banded my daughter from visiting this weird website until i knew more about it. a shoulder shrug and blind eye isnt going to change facts.. i went rage and band her ipod until she admitted what had happened and paid her dad back with pocket money. girlfriend or boyfriend should first and foremost be a friend.  she learned that just because a boy asks you out doesn’t mean you should say yes. her parents were super strict and she was one of the ones always sneaking around in high school. is really difficult for me even to process the thought of my kids dating, so i am commenting just to express my admiration for the wonderful lesson you taught your son wrt the purple flowers.” (galatians 6:5, footnote) still, when it comes to dating, many wisely seek the advice of mature witnesses who have their best interests at heart. the disturbing truth is that ‘james’ probably has a number of accounts on this web site & others & he will move onto the next innocent child & the next until he finds a child that is a little more vulnerable.

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    in austin in particular, it is extremely common that one or both parents moved here from somewhere else, and that their extended family is not local. if every parent tries to spy on their kid 24/7, the kids will eventually go behind their back and do what they are not supposed to do..), how important consistency and continuity is for the child (autistic children, children with adhd and certain other disorders have a very strong need for consistency in routine and sleeping at two different homes on school nights can be very disruptive for them), how well or how poorly the parents get along at exchanges of the children (if the parents cannot properly behave during exchanges, it would be better to pick up the children from school and return them to school than to have the parents appearing at each others' homes), etc., i do sympathize for you, because the situation you were in does sound very bad, and your parents made a poor decision letting you go alone with that boy.!Age 16, i think you should just because it won’t really mean anything. the day i turned 18, while still in my senior year, i moved out and didn’t speak to my parents for years. of the family code) that, unless there is a history of domestic violence, or there is some other really good reason why the parents shouldn't be joint managing conservators, the court shall appoint the parents to be joint managing conservators. she came home wasted all the time and was sleeping with several different guys at once (and, not surprisingly, ended up pregnant and having an abortion, unbeknowst to her parents of course). sex and romantic love are part of life, and many parents think that they can ignore those topics until their child is practically an adult. 🙂 it is like the best kids website ever but here is some things i want to say. on how the parents can work together, how involved the secondary parent has been in the child's life, a parent's track record on making good decisions for the child, how far apart the parents live, etc. know this website may seem bad to a lot of parents, but the kids that use this website should be old enough the understand common sense and how to use it.  the first two were in middle school where “dating” consisted of maybe hanging out at lunch with each other. except that in this instance, i have seen time and time again parents who refuse to allow their kids to date and kids who lie, sneak around and do it anyway.! i guess this is to prevent kids from giving away phone number, addresses, personal information…. of all, many children so desperately want to please their parents, they will say anything they think they want them to say - or even something that they perceive will make the parent happy. of a broken record here, but kids are definitely going to do what they want., thanks for the advice, my 13 year old daughter started dating a 13 year old boy, the boy ask to date her… and i was really afraid about making the wrong decision, we agreed. daughter was accused of actually stealing another child’s identity through hacking. i know that many people think this is a horrible reason to allow your kids to do anything. more importantly, it’s a distraction from real life, slows education, gives kids absolutely no creative or productive skills, or in fact anything useful at all, in return. and a hint they’ll do it anyways i know i did my mom said i could date till 15 i started dating at 12. (matthew 19:6) because jehovah’s witnesses consider dating to be a step toward marriage, we view it seriously. all of this is from personal experience from me playing the game and if u want to try it out for yourself go ahead and check if its safe enough for ur kids but i recommend not to my mom told me not to play it anymore after i told her i quit and all about the website. i feel as parents we must create whole individuals before allowing them to become preoccupied in another.. as a result of the first reason, if i was that horny teenager only dating my girlfriend for physical relations, then the time i spend with her wouldn’t be very productive, and my girlfriend would most likely realize i am not a very good boyfriend.. in reality, no sensible parent whether supervising or not would want their own child have pointless conversations with neglected bored kids anyway – and judging by the content of most conversations – no child want to expose them to a parent either. › info central › moviestarplanet – not just child’s play – what every parent should know. yet, my parents were very tight lipped and never said it was a bad idea to date.

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    we have allowed, supervised, observed, and tried not to comment as our oldest has dated as described above – always driven by us or the boy’s parents and with a parent or an activity in a public place with lots of other friends. i thank her for being honest with my son who at the time had his first girlfriend( very nice but needy girl) he secided being friend would be more fun smart kids i have lots of time in life left to meet the one! either scenario (sole/possessory or jmc), all parents continue to have certain rights and duties at all times. factors that the court will consider to determine if the visiting parent should have an expanded spo is how far the visiting parent lives from the child's school (they don't want the child to have to travel an additional hour just to get to school in the morning), the visiting parent's work schedule (a parent who has to be at work at 7:00 a. i’m sorry to say you may want to rethink how you blog with concerned parents who have lost money, bounced checks, wiped away tears, and in some cases had to call the police.. 1999), which found that "the interests of the child are closely interwoven with those of the custodial parent, [which] is consistent with psychological studies of children of divorced or separated parents. are some very nasty kids on msp and trust me they find a way to say inapropriet language.(2) require supervised visitation of the parent by a visitation center or independent organization until the court finds under section 153.. code and provides as follows:"(a) both parents, or the child's legal guardian, must execute the application and provide documentary evidence demonstrating that they are the parents or guardian; or. it is further ordered that parent y shall pay any other traveling expenses and charges incurred for the child from the time parent x surrenders possession of the child by placing the child on the scheduled nonequipment change flight at the beginning of a period of possession until the time parent x takes possession of the child at the termination of the scheduled nonequipment change flight at the end of the period of possession. like it and i hope all kids that play do. when i was a teenager, my friends with the strict parents were always sneaking around and lying. without the secrecy and “fame” competition that no one but the individual cares about, it’s nothing like what it’s cracked up to be, kids either have virtual dates at 8-10 years old or ask each other for things that cost money, and that’s all they do. kids are not allowed to “car date” until they are 16. i especially like how you pointed out that early dating is a teaching experience – teaching kids how they should treat others and expect to be treated in return. please keep your questions on the issue of raising older kids. generally, the presumption is that children should have short, frequent visits under the age of 3, never going 7 days without seeing the other parent. game is bad for all kids my uncle has bought me vip cause i have never gotten vip but honestly im going to pay him back everything he had bought me on msp this is total… >. i don’t participate in online dating, nor do i want to. my husband and i have met the boy’s parents and both party’s have agreed that the kids will be allowed to visit at each others home under adult supervision, they both know that they should never be home together while there are no parents at home. this is a huge transition for our children as they begin to stick their toe in the dating waters. travis county, the trend right now is that the judges tend to allow parents to move somewhat easily if they meet the basic test. the echols case (which is an austin case), judge yeakel noted that the courts needed to look at the reality of how people need to move on after a divorce and that this may sometimes involve relocating the children and affecting the relationship between children and visiting parents:"[i]n the context of relocation cases, slavish adherence to [the old] policy ignores the realities of a family that has been dissolved. he is “dating” a girl who cannot date at all until she’s 16. to prevent their hearts from misleading them, couples who are dating can avoid being alone in tempting situations. like you, chris, i homeschooled for many years and thought they shouldn’t date until they were ready to marry. i am lucky that im smart enough not to give away that stuff i know about old men and predators coming to your house, and doing stuff with you… this is why i stay safe on websites and i encourage my friends to too like once my friend almost gave this guy on msp her adress but i stopped her and im glad i still have her and there are also bullying problems on msp like if you dont have vip or are new, most vips are jerks and i know this from asking to be someones friend in chat and they called me a noob and said im ugly and i should kill myself but i didnt listen because i support non bullying and some of my friends get cyberbullied and i hav to help them thru it and i said to her to not tell people to kill themselves because someone might actually think they are worthless and ugly and do it, its not funny. a lot of boys messaged me when i got vip but i said no i never dated on msp i didnt want to i think online dating is wrong and it says its a kid website ugh. courts look to a lot of different factors when selecting which parent should be the primary parent at the time of divorce.
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      my mom taught me not to start dating until i can pick a girl up myself and pay for the date myself. i was rather alarmed when she asked me what something rather explicit was which i do not feel comfortable in discussing due to the crude and foul and nature of the message, i wouldn’t explain to her, and settled it as something she would find out when she was older, the site does have a system which will block certain naughty words from being written and sent, but people have found a way to bypass the system, inevitable yes, but i would simply recommend that parents monitor their children’s online activities, even if they are aware of dangers already; better safe than sorry. the only way to have peace is to keep your kids off it. i always remind them not to online date, always tell there parents if someone interacts with someone inappropriately, and to block anyone who asks for their passwords.  we were in touch with her parents, and they could hang out here or at their place, as long as a parent was home. nor do parents have to guess where there child is. you join games like this you should automatically know that you just have to ignore these people…. think parents today (as i am a new one myself) can’t be blind to the realities of today’s childhood, but they can’t treat them like adversaries or delinquents either. for example, the parties may agree to begin spo at age 3, but not expanded spo until age 5; or they may agree that until age 5, the visiting parent will not take 30 consecutive days in the summer, but rather will break up the 30 days into two 2-week periods.’m going to get right to the point my daughter’s are 12 13 15 16  and i don’t allow dating until 16 if they are keeping their grades up i’m strict and i found out my 13 yr old went behind our backs n started dating this boy and the way i found out was his number was on my phone she got grounded for living to us and sneaking around behind our backs when we were a little bit easier on her about dating she was cutting herself whenever she got upset so because of that we have had to set rules don’t get me wrong i love all four of my girls but it’s my job as a parent to protect them and if it means being the bad guy till they are older then i will. site has been discussed on both netmums and mumsnet, popular parenting sites, where parents have voiced concerns over the website, citing examples of children being sent inappropriate messages, accounts being hacked and children warned for reporting others. once a girl made an acc with the name anon is back nobody is safe and so she messaged me asking for my password and said she was gonna hack me with the devil face i was so scared until i found out she was fake and the famous hackers are anonymous, also known as anon, the grim reaper, the dolly, and a new one, the twins, or something like that. this further drives a wedge between two parents who couldn't work together to begin with, so it is important to be sure that the child understands the consequences of their statements and that there are good reasons for them to be making such statements.. your parents didn’t discuss dating with you, despite this post saying that allowing dating gives you the opportunity to discuss the subject with your children. was not allowed to date until i was 16, but a boy asked me out when i was 15 and i went to my parents and asked them to reconsider and they did. when parents are initially splitting up, the primary parent, who will now be a single parent, will likely need the emotional support, financial support and child care support of his/her family. parents also questioned the website’s rewards for befriending strangers and options that allow players to be boyfriend or girlfriend. the parent section they do their best to convince parents of the safety of the game and encourage parents to talk to their children about internet safety. i think that is the sort of thing we all hope for as parents, on both sides–to hear your child is kind or to hear that your child expect kindness. let me know any other social network sites that my daughter shouldn’t be using. you just have to keep your kids busy with old fashioned activities like reading, talking to friends, crafts, car trips…idk we as parents have to support each other. never leetting my kids to date until they graduate hs teenagers are not eable to handle dating., her parents do not let us hang out at all. you would not be able to report someone until u put ur email adress in hence why it said earn 300 starcoins. also, children love to manipulate their parents by complaining about the other parent - and maybe even exaggerating what goes on in the other parent's home - and this is especially true when they know that the parents do not communicate very well. also i read the parents section to see if they mentioned about girlfriends and boyfriends but they didnt.. or from friday when school lets out until monday morning when school resumes. this friend thing got lost in my marriage and now 15 years later i’m not sure i know what a relationship should be like let alone what to teach my son so again i’m very thankful for an article such as this. totally agree with you and the vips that are bullies and tell you to kill yourself and that u have no life, we’ll i just tell them actually u don’t have a life because you spend all your time and money on a dumb internet game.
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      the time of divorce, many soon-to-be single parents want and need to move back home, which for many parents in austin, is out-of-state. get to know the other kid’s parents and what his/her home life is like. my daughter was threatened with prosecution by other parents due to their child’s accusations of theft and the like. parents should just have a stern talking to with their kids letting them know that if they want to go onto a children’s website, let them.*before middle school “dating” is basically telling everyone that you are “going out” and then consistently ignoring the other person to the point that no one would ever believe you two even know each other, let alone are boyfriend and girlfriend. when the parents reside near each other, the visiting parent can be very involved in school functions, after-school activities, the child's friends and those friends' parents, etc. on how far apart the parents live and certain other circumstances, the weekend visitation can be either from friday at 6:00 p. jehovah’s witnesses view dating, not as recreation, but as a form of courtship, a serious step toward marriage. they should treat you the way a friend would treat you. 2 dating is part of some cultures but not of others. how have you handled the idea of dating in your home?’s a good point that kids will do it anyway. and why she should behave as she wanted, not as her “friend” thought she should. since you have a houseful of kids, i am wondering how you deal with this. example, when the parents live close to each other, the dad (for illustration purposes) can attend parent-teacher conferences at school, can coach the child's soccer team, can volunteer at the child's school, can have lunch with the child on a weekday, can get to know the child's teachers and friends, and not be considered an outsider or an uninvolved parent. it is further ordered that, if the child should miss a scheduled flight, the conservator having possession of the child when the flight is missed shall schedule another nonequipment change flight for the child as soon as is possible after the originally scheduled flight and shall pay any additional expense associated with the changed flight and give the other conservator notice of the date and time of that flight. i was sexually assaulted and felt i couldn’t tell my parents, so i never went to the police either. let me just say that if your kids have the game, monitor what they are doing. i wish my parents had told me not to date. i had said no, i wouldn’t have had the opportunity to guide her through the dating process and have her “own” her decision. you should never give out personal info to people you don’t know. (proverbs 28:26) single christians who are looking for a marriage mate recognize the risks of online dating sites, especially the risk of developing a relationship with a person whom one knows very little about. if the right to make medical decisions is to be exercised jointly, both parents have to consent. please get your kids off this site right now asap. ashame that a game that should be fun has turned into a war zone and a money pit as well. 11 year old daughter was a member of movie star planet until this time last year when she informed me that she thought her account had been hacked.! i have been hacked on a new vip account but my parents just helped me get vip on a new account:(. i’ve talked about dating before they were old enough to understand what i was talking about. reason the court imposes geographic restrictions is so that the child can have close and continuous contact with both parents.
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