Stephen from laguna beach who is he dating

Stephen from laguna beach who is he dating

’s hard to believe that the 10 year anniversary of "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" is coming up soon. did not have to go to laguna beach high school to drool over the group of guys on the hit show laguna beach. important life lessons you learned from the hills and laguna beach. her dad was a preacher and she regularly tested her vocal chops at the pew pit on sundays. was the baby-faced player who knew how to handle the ladies – he juggled both lauren and kristin for two entire seasons without breaking a sweat. this year what happens in laguna beach comes with to cabo. he graduated from the university of california and continued to act post reality show. tessa feels her world is falling apart because she lost raquel and by hearing a voice mail from chase she understands that she has lost him too.'s cameron's birthday but it's tessa who is surprised when she realizes that cameron has a totally different take on their hookup. tears erupt when rocky and alex see each other at a concert by chase's band. however, in 2010, jason got sober during a stint on celebrity rehab and has since cleaned up his act. after high school he attended parsons school of design and was labeled one of the young designers to watch by vanity fair. final corner of our torturous love triangle, kristin made regina george look like a girl scout giving out boxes of delicious thin mints for free. seniors spend some quality time with their families to prepare for the upcoming graduation; they share their personal thoughts on senior year, graduation, and the future in a video project. after that, morgan moved to new york where she took her journalism degree to elle, kate spade, and guess? 10 years later, he continues to get his bite of the big apple as an associate designer for vera wang. also like stephen, talan had no problem juggling two girls at the same time -– remember poor taylor?’s bff jessica quickly escaped the spotlight after her run on (three seasons of) laguna. after dumping poor dieter in season 1, jessica quickly entered the most dysfunctional relationship that ever existed on the show, and we had to sit through endless episodes of her wondering if jason was cheating on her -– spoiler: he definitely was -– and watching her make a complete idiot of herself when she defended their “true love” to her concerned pals. meanwhile, derek (tessa's ex-boyfriend) wastes no time in aiming to get close to her number one enemy, breanna. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. kyndra and cameron planned on a bbq at cameron's and kyndra with cami made a slideshow for them. the celebrity news, candids, and red carpet photos delivered to your inbox. she’s currently engaged and still close with taylor cole. even though stephen had his scumbag moments, something about that loveable mug reached deep down into the darkest desires of our hearts and unearthed the long-dormant affinity for prepubescent boy bands we thought we’d outgrown in the '90s. otto was one of heidi montag's co-workers on the hills and was often pulled in to listen to heidi's problems with spencer pratt and lauren conrad. after the show, stephanie admitted that she doesn't speak to the couple, but she does remain close with lo bosworth and lauren conrad. it's been almost 12 years since it premiered in september 2004, and we obviously miss all the catfights, spring break trips, and beach bonfires. he dated actress hayden panettiere and chelsea kane before reportedly flying solo. montag tearfully calls out lauren conrad for "ruining her life".'s what the 'laguna beach' cast is up to now. she was no whitney houston, but the girl had moderate talent and might have done well if she hadn’t been so focused on jessica in season 2. hard work at the magazine and another reality show based in la helped her launch her own fashion line, land a book deal and find new love. conrad gets back to business following her bora bora trip.

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's prom week and all the girls are waiting to get asked, lexie gets asked by derek but states that she won't hook up with him, neither tara with cameron, the prom pre-party was at lexie's house." and he definitely didn’t outgrow his ladies man persona. which is why our souls died a little when kristin targeted her on the show, stole her boyfriend and kept repeating how terrible taylor was whenever cameras were around. she’s now married with two kids — a boy and a girl — and still lives in california. still love you lc: why lauren conrad is a breath of fresh air. morgan also made the brave choice to let the cameras roll as she opened her –- what turned out to be rejection –- letter from byu. is proof that nice guys don’t always finish last., christina never made it to broadway but she did make it to the altar. spencer is still making a name for himself on reality tv, having appeared on the 11th season of celebrity big brother uk in january alongside his wife., talan and jeff drag jessica away for a weekend of snowboarding to help her forget about jason. but not everyone is sulking as talan and kristin get flirty again, and alex m. second time was the charm for morgan –- she graduated from byu in 2004 after reapplying.'s time for open air stereo to play their songs to some important executives of epic records in a small concert. kyndra, cami, candance, tara and lexie, go lunching and talk about how excited they are for starting senior year. 2010, heidi nearly divorced spencer, and the reality star was forced to file for bankruptcy. while he briefly dated hilary duff in 2007 during the show, he has now settled down with jennifer acosta, whom he married in dana point, california, earlier this year. the aftermath of events in cabo, kristin invites stephen to a blink 182 concert, hoping to reconcile; trey, dieter, lo, and lc also attend the concert, and have problems of their own. about the upcoming prom are on everyone's mind—what to wear and whom to go with; kristin is confident that it will be a drama-free night with stephen, so long as lc keeps her distance. fun fact: you might've seen him in the hunger games: mockingjay -- part 2 as "district 5 rebel. it's no different now, as tessa goes on a date with cameron's friend derek at the same time jessica and cameron head in different directions. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc.) the reality show based in orange county gave us so many wonderful memories, from catfights and socal surfer lingo to spring break trips in cabo and that damned hilary duff song we still can’t get out of our heads. but he didn't plan on lc and jason hooking up - no one did. ties up some loose ends in his last few days at laguna, saying his goodbyes, visiting the surf shop one last time, and finally kristin; and it turns out that he will not be leaving alone. but as they say, what goes around comes around as alex m. oh, and she’s slated to be a bridesmaid in lc’s upcoming wedding! reaches out to her former best friend raquel in hopes to repair their relationship, but things don't go smoothly. she continued her reality run with "dancing with the stars" and made a few guest appearances on shows like "csi: ny" and "veronica mars" before giving up hollywood and settling in small town suburbia with chicago bears quarterback jay cutler. she found her sexy mormon counterpart, joel smith, who she married in 2010. she also runs a website, beach babe fitness, where she gives exercise and diet tips. meanwhile, chase arranges for a double date so his pal kelan can go after his long-time crush, lexie. on the sunny beaches of california, laguna's next generation doesn't waste anytime ranking on the drama-meter. later that year, she nearly divorced spencer pratt, but the pair reconciled before the split was finalised. in 2011, he started dating actress chelsea kane, who even appeared in the final season of one tree hill back in 2012.

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and lo hit up their high school reunion with laguna beach stars. that's if kristin can control herself and let jessica have him. after some serious investigating, here is your update on where the season one and two laguna beach babes and bros are 10 years after mtv first rocked their (and our) world. kristin and jay have a son, camden, who was born in august 2012. as the seniors leave for college, and lc leaves for la, no one gets out of laguna beach without shedding a few tears. lc so eloquently put it, morgan’s claim to fame was “saving it for the right guy. lauren is still living in la, has written a successful series of young-adult novels, and has established herself as a style and beauty guru. took over the mtv reality show "the hills" when lauren left the series and she added to her list of enemies by dating some of the girls’ current and ex-boyfriends while on the show. alex realizes he made a mistake and get back together with rocky. by the looks of her twitter account, she is now a stay-at-home mum to two children and is still living in california. her appearance on laguna beach, jessica evans (née smith) dropped out of the limelight and did not pursue a career in film or television. meanwhile, the kyndra/cameron relationship heats up behind jessica's back. now, brody has returned to the world of reality tv after landing a more regular role on keeping up with the kardashians following a series of guest appearances. the romantic event was attended by lauren conrad and brody jenner, as well as kim kardashian's ex-boyfriend reggie bush. after leading teams in santa monica, san diego, and san marcos, he is now based in norwalk, conn. aside from her new business venture, lo also released her first book, the lo down, in 2010. now, she has been spending a lot of time in nyc with her new boyfriend, businessman jeremy globerson, and recently launched her own startup, revelry house, which delivers stylish party kits to your doorstep. in 2011, she released her own advice book, true whit: designing a life of style, beauty, and fun." he left laguna to study hospitality at santa monica college. take a walk down memory lane and find out what the cast of laguna beach is up to now. are seniors now and plan on making the most of it, no matter who gets hurt. the two tied the knot in mexico in 2008 and again on the show in 2009. in 2011, spencer reenrolled at usc to finish his degree and moved in with heidi's mother in santa barbara, california. from the love triangles, to the bonfires and the black and white parties, we felt like we came to know the cast personally — which makes it crazy to think the once 17-year-olds are now married with businesses and families of their own. beach: the real orange county, better known as simply laguna beach is a reality tv teen drama show that premiered in september 2004 on mtv in the united states. in 2010, she appeared on dancing with the stars and premiered her own show, audrina, on vh1 in 2011. he recently married his girlfriend of five-plus years, danielle, who co-owns effin shop. even though jason admits to being with jessica he still can't win back lc when dieter counsols her. but we especially miss those cute surfer boys who made your expectations a little too high for the average high school boy out there. bunney followed lauren conrad from laguna beach to the hills, but she will forever be immortalised for "the shady thing" she did with lc's then-crush brody jenner during her birthday party on the second season of the hills.” morgan was christina’s loyal and bubbly best friend and the two girls shared their diehard virginity pact woes with each other on season 1 of the show. had a few minor film roles, but alas, her dreams of stardom never made it past reality tv and a tmz drug bust report. in laguna heats up when kyndra and cami crash rocky's holiday party. as the artsy surfer/teen activist who threw the best barbecues, trey broke out of the laguna bubble and headed to new york to study at bard college, and eventually parsons school of design.

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as ice-t so eloquently put it, “don’t hate the playa, hate the game. since his appearance on the show, jason has struggled with alcoholism and has been involved in six different alcohol-related arrests since 2006. according to his linkedin profile, he now works as a “mid market account executive” at everstring technology in san francisco. it concluded its third season in november 2006; the main cast from seasons 1 and 2 have since graduated, and season 3 began with a new cast of primarily high school juniors. she also oversees her successful fashion line paper crown and her popular kohl's line, lc by lauren conrad.'s been nearly 12 years -- what are the dude of Laguna Beach up to now? after stephen left, kristin needed a new boy-toy to string around for a season and the loveable goofball fit the bill. he played chase adams on one tree hill, teddy reynolds on vh1’s hit the floor, and austin nicholas in the film summer forever. throws christina an 18th-birthday party, without inviting lo and lc; morgan and christina later head to new york city for their spring break trip. but a happy b-day turns to tears for lc when stephen heads back to san fran. signing up, i agree to the terms & to receive emails from popsugar. tries to calm the rumor mill by hosting a valentine’s day dinner party with tyler, but tensions flare when cameron shows up. following the show, christina got married and now works as a certified fitness instructor in laguna beach. never did get the guy, but what she did get was even better: an unpaid internship at teen vogue.’s go back, back to the beginning… it’s hard to believe it has already been a decade since we indulged in the high school drama on the sunny shores of laguna beach. taylor and alex m, who has an obvious crush on jason, run into him and talan and invite them to their poker party. meanwhile, rocky takes it to another level with alex on their romantic night out. the couple finished in second place behind actor rylan clark.) out of all the cast members, lauren found the most success after reality tv, and deservingly so. kyndra and cami go to the ceremony and start cheering up their friends. the spring break trip to cabo, stephen gets into a fight with kristin, opening the door for him to hook up with lc; and matters are not improved by their staying in the same hotel. from what we could sift through on twitter and instagram she works in hawaii as a realtor, likes watching "workaholics," and still keeps in touch with some of the cast members including kristin and alex m. was probably one of the most laid back, level-headed girls on the show -– which is saying something considering her best friends were the reigning drama queens of orange county. her senior year at laguna beach high and pining for her best friend, lc was the girl next door. by the looks of his instagram account, he is still close to stephen colletti and lauren conrad. he is currently living in newport beach and is the ceo and founder of a record label called lovelips inc. - who nearly tears her head off one night at the club. open air stereo gets the record deal and they tell everyone what they have achieved. he was also the main love interest in taylor swift’s “white horse” music video. saw laguna’s very own bad boy on celebrity rehab after several run-ins with the law. every girl loves diamonds, and almost all the girls of lb get them. from the looks of it, she spends a lot of her time posting pics of her children. after a mildly romantic dinner, stephen takes kristin to a quiet spot to see fireworks. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page.

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after feeling pressure from raquel, alex decides to call it quits at the group's bonfire. he got engaged to model ashley slack last november and the couple married in a ceremony in malibu on oct. bosworth made appearances on both laguna beach and the hills, but she shifted her focus away from tv once the hills went off the air in 2010. in fact, kristin thinks he's cheated on her, but can't prove it. seriously, the girl’s obsession with lauren wigged us out at times. but as we’d hoped, he is still a complete and utter babe. the two are based in los angeles, where talan considers himself a “digital marketing guru” as well as a creative producer at tmg digital. signing up, i agree to the terms & to receive emails from popsugar. was known as the bad boy in laguna and kept that reputation even after the show ended. according to his linkedin profile, talan is now "creative producer, digital strategist, content creator, social media marketing, social media strategist" at youtube. sinclair (née schuller) was vocal about pursuing an acting career during her time on laguna beach, but she has switched her focus to healthy living. the couple admitted that they were having money issues, and in 2011, they both moved in with heidi's mum in santa barbara, ca. we shudder to think how sweet little lc would have fared on the show without lo for back up. he graduated from the university of san francisco, guest starred in movies, and is now the creative producer at tmg digital. with jessica denying the contact with jason, there is sure to be drama that follows. her problems –- like a few of the other girls on the show -– stemmed from her short-lived relationship with jason, and from the fact that she was a teenage girl. breanna writes a letter to raquel telling her how she wants to begin her life anew; they agree that it is time to grow up and move on. will she be able to convince everyone nothing happened including tyler’s little sister, nikki, before she tells? she’s the “proud wife” of chad sinclair and the two have a four-month-old baby boy, patrick. after studying at the university of san francisco for two years, talan moved back to la, where he now works in marketing with a focus on social media. apparently, she’s still close with alex murrel — duh, they were known as “the alexs. was known for his super rad band, open air stereo, which he started in 2005 with chase johnson. we’ll always remember the kids of laguna beach high as fresh-faced teenagers, navigating the perils of high school romances and contemplating the vast unknown that is adulthood -- while they maintained their california tans and drove around in bmws.) to be the lead singer and songwriter of open air stereo. there's the one you're comfortable with, that you wear every day, and ones that are gorgeous that you want everyone to see you with. raquel tells tessa how hard she and breanna are trying to be friends again, tessa looks disappointed because her rift with lc's sister. in the most recent season of the show, brody opened up about how his dad, bruce jenner, was never as involved with his family as he is with that of brody's half-sisters, kylie and kendall jenner. raquel is afraid that alex is going to leave her for college girls but later they plan on enjoying every moment they have left. staple hottie of laguna pursued a career in acting after his time at san francisco state university. but after cutting all mafia ties, alex met a sweet guy name kyle and the two got engaged on a trip to thailand.’s sidekick and the party boy we knew as “polster” studied at the california polytechnic state university, and is now a graphic and web designer based in manhattan after relocating from oregon. risks her relationship with tyler when she gets a little too cozy with cameron at winter formal. we honestly never understood what was so special about the kid –- and we use that term loosely because he looked like he was 28 not 18 when the show aired –- but he was kryptonite for the girls at laguna beach high. he had multiple arrests and visits to rehab but luckily overcame his struggles in 2010 on celebrity rehab.

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"bobby" brescia and his gorgeous head of hair hooked up with both audrina patridge and kristin cavallari on the hills throughout the run of the show. after the show, dieter got into hospitality and hotel management and now works as the hotel manager at the lakehouse hotel and resort in san diego, california, where he lives with his pretty blonde girlfriend. derek is back with tessa and breanna is kind of jealous because they start kissing in front of her face. her time on laguna and the hills, jen pursued a career in the healthcare field an studied at tufts university, usc, and loyola university. he lost yet another girl to jason when his ex jessica took up with the bad boy in season 2 of the show. jenner became a household name when he dated both kristin cavallari and lauren conrad on the hills. with the exception of a small role in 2011's just go with it, heidi has mostly stuck to reality tv since the end of the hills, with guest appearances on vh1's famous food, celebrity big brother uk, and i'm a celebrity . lauren may be happy to see stephen after she moved back to lb from san fran, but kristin makes it obvious that she and stephen are dunzo. for those in need of a refresher, jen kissed brody at the behest of pot-stirrers heidi montag and spencer pratt, and lauren cut her out of her life after she found out. alex is not happy after seeing rocky interact with other guys. things get uncomfortable pretty fast as jessica finds out jason is dating alex m. everyone in the laguna crew live out their high school dreams?" does she learn her lesson when he stops over the next day? lauren throws a bbq and stephen sees this as his shot to get things going with her. before they go their separate ways, they have to get their diplomas, and graduation gifts. the program, a reality tv series in genre, is presented in the form of a narrative, which is more common in drama series. however, during the prom, alex (raquel's boyfriend) disappears and they start fighting at derek's house, where the post-party takes place, tessa and derek hooked up again. kristin’s former bffs jessica smith and alex hooser completely fell off the radar, but stephen, trey phillips, and dieter schmitz still kick it. all this happy relationship news got us wondering: what are the former cast members of the two groundbreaking mtv reality shows doing now? hoping to recapture their spark, he comes up blank when she just wants to be friends. schmitz is best known on laguna beach for being stephen colletti and lauren conrad's best friend and dating jessica smith before she moved on to jason wahler. after graduating from usc, she became a certified fitness instructor, nutritionist, and lifestyle expert, who runs the site beach babe fitness with fitness programs throughout orange county and los angeles., lc, and trey visit a fashion show in los angeles, where lc sees stephen's attention turn from fashion to fashion models; kristin's day of joyriding comes to an abrupt halt. he scored a celeb -– pussycat doll nicole scherzinger -– and, in one of the strangest relationships we’ve ever gossiped about, he was engaged to rod stewart’s daughter for about all of five minutes.’s “new girl” went from pageant queen to cupcake queen, as the winner of food network’s cupcake wars in 2011. dabbling in small movie and television roles, including the hills, kristin was done with reality tv eventually went down the lifestyle route, starting a line of shoes (kristin cavallari by chinese laundry), a jewelry line for glam boutique, and launching her own app. even more obvious to everyone is that there's a new player in town: jason. double-date dinner goes sour as stephen becomes jealous when kristin receives phone calls from another guy; lo and lc pay a visit to trey's aya (active young america) open mic night; everyone gathers for a bonfire at the beach. bosworth taught us the quintessential traits everyone should look for in their bff. speaking of the club, talan and kristin get awful close, again. so the triangle taylor, kristin, and talan finally heats up. following his time on the hit show, stephen worked as a vj for mtv and, in 2007, landed a recurring role on the cw's one tree hill. everyone loved to hate kristin, but the girl knew what she wanted and went after it, and her mean girl behavior made for some great tv., and then has to watch them as they're all over each other.

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morgan is currently based in los angeles where she works in marketing and strategy at bugaboo.’s former sidekick now lives a simple life as a professional photographer in southern california. the girls are occupied with kyndra's barbecue and, more importantly, cameron- who already has his mind on playing the field with laguna's ladies. meanwhile, kyndra rekindles her rocky romance with her ex-boyfriend, tyler. girl who just couldn’t seem to get over jason was the bane of our existence in season 2.'s been 10 years since the premiere of Laguna Beach, so we're catching up with Stephen Colletti, Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, Lo Bosworth, and more. guess she just assumed her boyfriend would go with her. made her dreams of working in the fashion industry come true by launching multiple clothing lines (lc lauren conrad and paper crown) and releasing six books, some of which have been on the new york times best seller list. it seems like she is happily taken at the moment. she works in the health care field and recently revealed that she is looking to get into graduate school to get a masters degree in public health. she has started her own business, casey’s cupcakes, which has stores throughout southern california. we’re not exactly sure what all of those jobs are, but we do know he’s a fan of tweeting viral videos. in the relationship department, lauren got serious with actor kyle howard from 2008 through 2011 and is now engaged to former something corporate guitarist william tell. and her clique over to make up before they move out. she studied communications at chapman university and is currently is a director of media at a marketing agency, mox, in newport beach. he still lives in the big apple and works as an associate designer for vera wang. now, morgan lives in la, where she works as a digital marketing project manager at bugaboo. we’re not completely sure of his current relationship status and whether or not he’s still dating actress chelsea kane. after graduating from san diego state university, he now works as a hotel manager. went to the university of arizona and works as director of sales & marketing at tlc&you, a company she and her mom started in laguna hills. as a professional chef and lifestyle expert, she’s also started a business, reverly house, which delivers party goods. the resident laguna beach heartbreaker had so many problems in season 2 and their names were jessica, lc and alex m. for once, all the drama is forgotten as kristin and alex h. the orange county police frown on that sort of thing so, of course, a drug raid was staged and alex was caught in the crosshairs. didn’t pursue her singing (or marine biology) aspirations long after high school. now, she has moved to newport beach, california, where she works as a seo analyst for kelley blue book. cameron is kind of depressed because all of his friends are leaving. lauren conrad got engaged to her boyfriend william tell while her ex jason wahler got married in malibu. in 2010, heidi attempted to launch a music career and released her debut album, superficial, on itunes. whitney is currently dating tim rosenman, an x factor producer she met while he was working as an associate producer on the city. when he wasn’t telling jess how terrible of an influence she was on him or cheating on lc in front of her group of friends at a fashion show, he was having alex m. lauren and lo were inseparable and the latter always had lc’s back when it came to boy drama, nasty cat-fights and getting her bestie out of trouble with her parents. are they nowlaguna beachkristin cavallarilauren conradbrody jennerspencer prattheidi montagwhitney portthe hills. but it's not all fun and games as kristin annoys talan before they even get to the prom, and alex m.

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everyone seems to be having a good time, except for lc, who gets more than she planned for when jason is all over jessica. the hills, whitney port moved to nyc, where she starred in her very own mtv spinoff, the city, which lasted for two seasons." he is now a photographer and filmmaker at his own company. the end of season 2, jessica’s friends predicted that she would be a mom who drove a minivan and lived in virginia, and they weren’t too far off. poor jessica, that's probably why he didn't pick up all her calls all weekend. she loves travel, hot yoga, and wine and is dating real estate investor kevin simshausher. after a dui arrest, jessica got her life back on track, got married and had a few kids. kelan left the group in 2008 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business management at san diego state university. whitney has remained in the public eye with minor appearances in tv and movies, including a cameo in what to expect when you're expecting and a guest judge spot on britain and ireland's next top model. signing up, i agree to the terms & to receive emails from popsugar. is out, it is their last summer with everyone together, and reality begins to sink in as everyone gathers for one last barbecue at trey's house. former laguna drama queen didn’t pursue an acting career for long. you wondering if kristin cavallari is serious about quitting reality tv? reminiscing about the past memories weren't hard to find in conversations among the graduates. they specialize in travel-inspired wear and handcrafted accessories from bali. signing up, i agree to the terms & to receive emails from popsugar. she only really had four things on her agenda: destroy lc, break-up and then make-up with stephen, rock those beach-blonde highlights, and destroy lc. he also has a pretty blonde girlfriend, who he loves showing off on instagram. she started to date jay cutler in 2010 and, after an on-again, off-again romance, the two got married in june. and jason end the night hooking up in front of everyone. she is currently working towards her masters in public health at uc berkeley and married taylor dunphy last month.’s sidekick was notorious for stating the obvious (“you really like stephen, huh? is still as artsy as he was in high school. the two admitted that they have struggled with money issues due to their outlandish spending habits. so stephen's plays the odds this year when he rolls into town and takes kristin to dinner on valentine's day night, and then brings flowers and candy to lc the next day. were introduced to talan as the junior heartbreaker who courted almost every laguna girl from kristin to lc and lo (at the same time, in the “jacuzzi, jacuzzi”). fans of the hills will be thrilled about audrina patridge's new look. followed lauren to los angeles, studied at school and made appearances on "the hills" for five seasons before finally leaving the show. he is now married to ashley slack, living in laguna niguel, and working as a manager at a rehab facility. but the odds don't look good for jason and jessica when he tells her she's a "bad influence" on him, and they call it quits. delgado was a permanent fixture on the hills thanks to his close friendship with spencer pratt and brody jenner. he remains close with classmate/fashion icon lauren conrad along with his other classmates, recently posting a #tbt instagram picture with stephen and dieter. we know stephen colletti has found some showbiz success, along with former arch enemies kristin cavallari and lauren conrad. she briefly made headlines in 2012 when her boyfriend, line snob app founder julien chabbott, ran over a policeman's foot in nyc while he and stephanie were trying to avoid getting a parking ticket.

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sure, you may already know what lauren conrad is up to, but keep reading to find out which cast member is currently working for vera wang, which star opened his own hair salon, and who just can't seem to quit reality tv. since the end of the hills, audrina has had an on-again, off-again relationship with bmx rider corey bohan. dieter was the poor guy always caught in the middle of lc’s drama. later that year, heidi and spencer had a brief appearance on the american version of i'm a celebrity . trey is a 2010 parsons school of design alumnus and works in new york city as a designer for vera wang. we hope to god he is single again, because he is looking damn fine. she is married to chicago bears’ quarterback jay cutler and the couple has two sons, camden (two) and jaxon (four months). pratt is infamous for being one of reality tv's most loathed villains, but the connection he made with the hills co-star heidi montag turned out to be very real. schemers kyndra and cami put down tessa and derek's relationship, it seems there is also trouble in paradise for raquel and alex. after gaining popularity, the show returned for a second season. he scored a few small acting roles in straight-to-dvd films you’ve probably never heard of before catching the social media bug. we’re happy to say he is still tight with stephen and dieter, as seen on their instagram accounts. despite burying the hatchet many years ago, lauren conrad revealed that she is not on speaking terms with her former rival kristin. he is now engaged to isabell hiebl (sorry, jess) and working as the general manager of even hotel, which has previously been rated no. patridge has stuck to reality television ever since leaving the hills. all of the laguna beach kids, stephen colletti was the only one who created a successful acting career. you might remember her cringe-worthy broadway audition during her spring break trip to nyc, but we’ll never forget that time she didn’t invite lc and lo to her 18th birthday party at the uber-classy joe's crabshack. after years of watching her pine over stephen, lauren finally found herself a hunky lawyer, william tell, whom she married earlier this month.’s bubbly virgin certainly redeemed herself after getting denied from the only college she applied to on national tv. cashed in on his money-maker (for a while at least) and guest-stared on a string of tv shows including "one tree hill. after the show, brody paired up with avril lavigne, and the two dated for nearly two years before splitting in 2012. the love-triangle of lc kristin and stephen is a tragic tale of unrequited love, raging teenage hormones and its crash-and-burn ending proves that high school romances taking place on reality tv just never work out. oh, and if you aren’t following her on instagram, you should start now. even though the two went through a rough patch, they eventually reconciled and even lived together for a time. the hills, kristin cavallari landed bit roles in movies and tv shows and even competed on the 2011 season of dancing with the stars us. stephanie eventually split from julien and is now reportedly dating made in chelsea star spencer matthews. laguna, it seems there are always new relationships sparking up as others fade away. her time consoling lauren conrad on laguna and the hills, lo stepped away from tv and into lifestyle. oh, and he's been the face (and body) of the usa water polo campaign. the real show ends up being backstage where everyone witnesses jason finally getting his share of fun. since then, the pair has gone through a series of highs and lows." he was later freed from prison but was barred from re-entering the central american country. lc isn't graduating, but she gets a gift of her own in an afternoon jacuzzi with jason. she was married in 2011 and is currently expecting her first child.

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even with jason in costa rica, jessica spends half her trip stressing about him, and the other half avoiding alex m. cole was the sweet girl on season 2 of laguna beach. jason kept lc from jetting off to paris on "the hills" -– something we will never forgive him for –- their relationship soon sizzled and his personal life quickly followed. polster still hangs with the laguna guys, and the last we saw of his girlfriend was over a year ago. the celebrity news, candids, and red carpet photos delivered to your inbox.’s hard to believe that the 10 year anniversary of "laguna beach: the real orange county" is coming up soon. all three seasons are presently available at the itunes store, in addition to the release of the first two seasons on dvd. throws tessa a surprise birthday party but it's chase who delivers tessa the best present. get me out of here, and spencer was arrested in costa rica for attempting to board an airplane with "hunting weapons. jen is also active on twitter and instagram and occasionally updates her personal blog about her daily life and beauty tips. conrad laguna beach lauren conrad the hills laguna beach: the real orange county kristin cavallari laguna beach kristin cavallari jay cutler. alex was often seen gossiping with besties kristin and jessica, but she rarely got involved in their shenanigans. meanwhile, in san fran lc's crushing some hopes of her own when stephen asks if they could ever be in a real relationship. the celebrity news, candids, and red carpet photos delivered to your inbox. today, it looks like he spends his time giving tips on staying sober through his site wahlers wellness, as well as doing interviews and photo shoots and looking pretty. continued his acting career after starring as “steeee-phennnn” on laguna beach. spencer pratt's sister, stephanie pratt often got into arguments with her brother and his wife, heidi montag, on the hills. after breaking every girl’s heart in laguna, he dated nicole scherzinger and was even engaged to rod stewart’s daughter, kimberly. after reality tv lost its sparkle, lo moved to new york city where she now runs a website called revelry house -– a one-stop shop for those who like to plan parties – writes books, frequents music festivals and is attending culinary school. he was handsome, loved to surf and genuinely cared about making a difference in the world. meanwhile, tessa's new relationship starts to chill when derek gives her the cold shoulder. landslide took out a section of laguna beach, so stephen, dieter, lc and trey put on a "fight the slide' fashion show/auction/concert benefit to raise money. now, she is mostly focused on her fashion career and her line, whitney eve. the winter formal, you can only count on one thing for sure: the girls ask the guys to it. they live in socal –- shocker -- and though we have no idea what she does professionally, we do know she loves to actively tweet about tv shows. she narrated our orange county coming-of-age tale and somehow always found herself in competition with bad girl and romantic rival kristin on the show. is torn by his attraction to two girls, kristin and lc as the senior girls prepare for a hotel party. the hills, heidi montag went from being lauren conrad's bubbly best friend to one half of one of the most hated couples on reality television. smith (née olson) stood out as the cheerful brunette in the first season of laguna beach who was focused on finding the right mormon man. he’s also an associate designer for vera wang and keeps in touch with his former cast members, including lc. right away things are not like they used to be when everyone comes back for christmas break. is just around the corner and that means that chase, kelan, derek and nick g. -– but he ended up getting his heart broken when kristin finally bored of him at the end of season 2. ring true for lc when she says, "everyone needs to just get over jason.

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quitting the hills ahead of its final season, lauren conrad has proven that reality stars can sometimes have serious lasting power — if they know how to manage their careers correctly. wahler's sometimes feisty relationships landed him major roles in the second season of laguna beach and the first season of the hills. the 'lifestyles of the rich and famous" theme couldn't have been more perfect. kristin confronts stephen about his night with lc, but sparks fly as everyone attends the black & white party. continued using his casanova charm on the ladies when he graduated high school. you may have seen him as chase adams on one tree hill, teddy reynolds on vh1’s hit the floor, or as a host on mtv’s total request live. phillips showed off his budding fashion talent during the first season of laguna beach, and it looks like his hard work has finally paid off. he’s still doing good in the world with his non-profit city love, which “invites anyone and everyone to paint murals of what you think your city loves” – we assume the project was modeled after the john mayer song of the same name. after the show, trey moved to nyc to study design at parsons. weekend was a big one for news from laguna beach and hills stars. throws one last party before heading to la and invites everyone, but jason. signing up, i agree to the terms & to receive emails from popsugar. trey is still close to his co-stars stephen colletti, lauren conrad and dieter schmitz. as her other loyal bestie, dieter had her back when boyfriend jason showed up to her fashion show and proceeded to make out with his ex girlfriend in front of lc and co. finally visits stephen in san fran, and doesn't tell talan she's going. used to date jessica smith on laguna beach, who he considered to be his “first love. well, her dream came true, as morgan got hitched to joel smith in 2010 after graduating from byu in 2008 with a degree in humanities and journalism. loses it when taylor leaves, even the guys lament their last surf at lb. she’s still best friends with morgan olson, lives in los angeles and runs her fitness website, beach babe fitness. and jason don't waste any time telling everyone they're officially an item. she got it, and also a call from stephen and a little something started with talan.'s a birthday weekend in lb, but lc is splitting with kaitlyn, stephen and dieter to celebrate in mexico, while alex h. he got married to his longtime girlfriend and currently imparts inspiring words of wisdom on his huffpost blog. he keeps up with lc, stephen and trey on social media and also regularly tweets about his fondness for the nhl. he put on fashion shows and charity events with lc, could hold a conversation about the artistic nature of clothes and makeup and his house was the number one go-to spot when a party needed to be thrown. she married joel smith in october 2010 and the pair is expecting their first child any day now. since then, elodie attempted to launch her own line of bath and beauty products, but the plans fizzled. now, justin isn't dating either girl, but he has opened his own hair salon, or "barbalon," inside the stade california store in orange county, california, where he tends to the tresses of men and women from around the southern california area. is definitely one of the success stories from the show. she launched a youtube channel that gives tips on beauty, food, business, and fashion and released a book, the lo down, in 2010. is forced to confront jason about what happened between him and jessica. laguna beach, talan torriero remained in gossip headlines for his relationships with kimberly stewart (aka rod stewart's daughter) and nicole scherzinger. he changed his high school dating habits and married danielle zuroski in 2014. he’s now focusing on more film and tv projects –- and making sure no wrinkles ever grace that beautiful face.

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