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however, as the "ice doesn't care" notes above, a so-called "soft knee" is just as much about the hips and the spine. everybody says ilyushechkina doesn't have her triple jumps, but she did have them once she and dylan got their inaugural feet under them. i always have the fantasy that as one gets older, one has less patience for bullshit, and more strength of character. you probably never heard me say that before, but i like some of the new rule changes that the isu has made for the short dance especially and i feel like it has grown. we can’t come back two years later, three years, four years, trying to be the same athlete and win."i believe there are specific people in the skating world and the [international skating union] who are afraid of a runaway effect — of a skater coming along that can do so much .)* ben agosto spent his grand prix final commentary time swooning over papadakis & cizeron's "soft knees. virtue and scott moir interview with ctv morning live halifax. that’s what we really aligned ourselves with our coaches patch and marie and our team off the ice are just people that look at it the same way we do. their bent knees are not coordinated with and moving responsively with the rest of their bodies (including, bizarrely, their ankles and feet).=interviewer (tatjana flade for isu), t = tessa virtue, s = scott moir., that extra core strength scott needed to manage fat tessa.'s javier fernandez brings crowd to their feet & wins men's title at worlds 2016yuzuru hanyu is out for 'revenge' at worlds 2016; tops leaderboard for short programolympic champ yuzuru hanyu crashes at cup of china; still takes home silver medalmaia & alex shibutani kick off cup of china 2014jeremy abbott skates breathtaking new program at worlds 2014 exhibition gala - watch here! the casual observer sees the knee bend and how it flexes. and as you move up and down, every single joint has to respond together.

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glad scott and tessa are getting rid of crutches like closed hold. they elevate everyone's skating, and isn't that what all competitive figure skaters want? googled "figure skating and soft knees" to get a better handle on why soft knees are important in quality figure skating. but with the shibs, as alex swings maia into her set up for her transition out of the spin, she is set down on an inside edge, slides out on an inside edge and transitions in the slide to an outside edge. propose that papadakis/cizeron have tight/weak hips, and lack strength and flexibility there and in their spines. i'm now in my 60's, i'm okay with the muscles of the back and core, the ankle bend and the hip flexion. we gave ourselves time, then we sort of touched base and take a few months and let it come together and evaluate again. it’s kind of fun for us to be i don’t know if i call this role models, but at least able to pass on a little bit of what we learned in our 20 years of skating together to some of these younger and very, very talented athletes like gabi and guillaume, the danish team we skated with, nick (nikolaj sorensen) and laurence (fournier-beaudry). i don't know the reason why she has struggled to keep her head in the game, but certainly the usfsa has treated her as expendable despite clutch performances that outdo its pets gracie gold and ashley wagner. we asked patch (patrice lauzon) and marie (-france dubreuil) and they tested us for a little bit to see how serious we were. we now are kind of seeing these young athletes that have come up with this new system for their entire career and it’s really paying off, the skating skills, the technical level is just so much higher and that is exciting for ice dance. it’s great to see them, it is great to see her engaged and now see her married, luca has become a father. experience has been in both riding and skating that a 'soft knee' is what i'll call a 'responsive leg'. they opened their routine to “stillness”, “oddudua,” and “happiness does not wait” with a stunning straight line lift that covered the whole ice surface. virtue and scott moir interview - golden skate at 2016 hpc.

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the reality that so many fans critique ice dance programs while ignoring the skating explains why so many fans side-eyed the fact that the shibs pcs came so close to virtue and moir's.*i* suspect a reason davis white were railroaded to gold is because specific people in the skating world disliked that scott and tessa were in another universe of ability than anyone else in the sport and, if scored correctly, would have run away with every gold medal for ensuing ten years. we love the environment, the credit goes out to patrice (lauzon), marie-france (dubreuil) and also romain (haguenauer) for creating that environment and we need that to train every day, inspired by all athletes. unlike with other sports, even gymnastics, the goal of the figure skating commentator is to make sure we know less, not more, about what's going on, and what factors into results, once the event is over. think tracy wilson is getting to be a little senior to be this much of a full on propagandist at this stage of her career. it looked nice, and she was praised, but she was not initially a strong skater. we left some points on the table level-wise and that we’ll be looking to improve, but for end of october we’re very pleased. i'm fortunate that my riding background is so extensive and strong, and coach cruella is good at getting everything coordinated both mentally and physically. marie france and patrice lauzon have helped make them better. we’ve competed against anna (cappellini) and luca (lanotte) for a very long time. and scott- what's love got to do with it (csoi 2016, toronto). following europeans on the skating boards, i realized a lot of p/c fans couldn't spot these errors:I felt the judges were prepared to leave p/c third if not for rocky outings from cappellini lanotte and bobrova soloviev in the fd. for us, especially at this time a year, especially this season, especially competing against such great skaters the focus is just on our skating and just being in the mix again.: i think for tessa and i to have a perspective of being away for a little bit and to sit in the stands in boston and watch how great the level of ice dancing is, is, to be honest, a little intimidating. just connecting with them and collaborating artistically and technically and sort of trying to put their vision into place and into practice has been a great joy.

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moir and tessa virtue discuss their dating situations | interview | kiss 92. tells us that weaver & poje couldn't be happier for the return of virtue and moir. there is so much this city has to offer, so much art and culture and fashion. we wanted that option on the table and even in the way we approached our show skating it was all to set ourselves up for our potential comeback in the way we crafted programs and in the way we trained for those performances, but i think we both felt it equally and that was important to us, because we couldn’t do it if just one of us wanted it more than the other. by all appearances alexandra paul and mitchell islam did everything they could to get skate canada to give a shit, and nothing worked, is there nothing else they could have tried? despite meeting level requirements, their programs lack the complexity and difficulty of other ice dancers' programs. virtue and scott moir - ctv morning live "who's most likely? that’s what we expected and for us that’s what sport is about and that’s stuff we miss, kind of that grind and we’re just going to keep building and using that motivation to kind of push us forward, because i know we’re not out of the woods yet, until 2018. observing her rigid progress across the ice, it's understandable that one would believe soft knees = bent knees.&c's edges are shallow, they sometimes wobble and often lack unison.) no protests against evaluations by referees, judges and the technical panel (technical controller, technical specialists, data & replay operator) of skaters’ performances are allowed;. that offered a unique challenge and enlightening to sort of see things from that perspective, which we loved. you know, technically tessa and scott used to get back on the blade a little bit and it robbed them of power and it also robbed them of control and that was the first detail that marie france went after, getting them a little bit more forward on the blade to give them that power and control and that showed off in the stability … there’s no doubt, when i watched them in sochi i was sort of hanging on for them but i don’t do that naymore. p/c are still protected some, what with being out of sync, non-matching lines/angles and slightly off time (most of this happening during direction changes) still being viewed as a feature with them. however, if one assumes a soft knee is an indicator of excellent stroking and superior skating skills, then why aren't p/c's soft knees getting the job done?

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to the recently concluded european championships, i believe the french fed complained, either inside the hour that the rules allow or perhaps outside the time limits, that the judges had failed to properly deduct for an over-rotated choreographic lift from cappellini and lanotte's score. if only they'd had some power and control they may have been able to defeat the team that "skated" on its flats.: at nhk trophy, you set a new record score in the short dance and a new record total score. and the commentators mash-up skating skills with performance values that's just a projection of their personal taste and shit they make up. this author, i know how important the leg is in horseback riding - for example, my legs naturally turn out a bit, and it is real work to keep my inner legs lying flat against the horse's side (people who are naturally bow-legged have a big advantage here). i lacked the motivation to create gifs of davis white and papadakis cizeron's own knee slide transitions, but they're slop. virtue & scott moir, et al - "rise up" (japan stars on ice 2016).. had a shot of lasting as long as the roman empire (507 years) but the world has speeded up (both "sped" and "speeded" are correct). did a lot of research on this, and all i could find were a couple of comments that 'soft knees means bent knees'.: on the one hand it’s very familiar to us, we’ve done this many times, and in a lot of ways we come out with a fresh perspective and with a new team and things feel different. i'd be down with that if a) the shibs' skating in the free dance wasn't exquisite and b) if the opinion weren't accompanied by the comment that only papadakis & cizeron could deservedly approach virtue and moir's pcs. and i think that people are probably a little bit surprised, because, at the end with meryl and charlie we got critizised a bit for that situation and now we kind of are hopping back into a very similar situation, but we always thought that it is to our benefit to train with the best. their lifts, as with davis white's lifts, have a widely distributed center of gravity and lots of redundancy. i won't be able to watch mtm ii without waiting for chunks of kirsten's hair to come unglued and litter up the ice. followed four continents on goldenskate, learning that, as usual, the best skating is a combination of appealing program, a musical selection that doesn't depend on musicality for fans to appreciate (in fact, for some fans, the less rythmic, the better), and undefined performance attributes.

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    but i also hope that the shibs are standing on the second tier of the podium. “we’re really looking down the road to pyeongchang and kind of started our journey again today. and by virtue and moir, tracy means marie france, but we all know that. that was a big part of our comeback, we try to help ourselves out by getting an early start on that and we’re glad we did, because it was a challenge. in reality, papadakis & cizeron's skating skills should have them off the podium, and probably in the bottom part of the top 10. a wrong identification of an element or of a level of difficulty, although it results in a lower or higher score, is a human error and not an incorrect mathematical calculation;. so if for some reason they said no when we picked up the phone and called them, i don’t think we would be here today. and Scott give a preview of how competitors must be feeling the day of competition. gabi and guillaume are easy ones, when we watch them they kind of floor us, but when we’re watching young kids skate we find things that inspire us, so we’re lucky to have our training mates. moir and tessa virtue discuss their dating situations | interview | kiss 92.*i have watched skating video of russian 1999 world champion maria butyrskaya, and her knees are as stiff and brittle as matchsticks.: to be honest, we don’t have the finger on the pulse of the skating world necessarily, but in the arena in montreal and with the training environment that marie, patch and romain have cultivated it was a very welcoming feeling, it was very warm, supportive, inspiring and that’s a testament to the coaches and the tone that they set.*again, virtue and moir were "bested" by davis white in pcs. we’re going to miss to work with tsn and that crew again being on the ice this time.'s two things that horse back riding and skating have in common: soft knees and independence of upper and lower body.
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    said this about papadakis & cizeron at the nhk trophy (virtue and moir back on top with record scores):First to skate the free dance of the top three were papadakis and cizeron.'s tessa virtue & scott moir return to ice with skate canada 2016.."i believe there are specific people in the skating world and the [international skating union] who are afraid of a runaway effect — of a skater coming along that can do so much technically that they're going to beat the most artistic. virtue, scott moir and kurt browning filling time before reskates. who’s back on the ice — tessa virtue and scott moir! and scott lead the short dance competition with usa’s madison chock and evans bates in 2nd place. being back feels nice, it’s nice to have people in the sport that we really love and find the people that have a similar vision as us. but if you eliminate that aspect of it and you say 'oh no, the artistry has to be the most important,' i would be the first person to say that you should take figure skating out of the olympics. these specific people did their utmost to let scott and tessa know their showing off was unwelcome, which is why vm now have the programs they have, with tes that accessible to other skaters, but it's ok if vm win on execution. who's back on the ice -- Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir! we’re thrilled with our material and we’re so excited to focus on our job and to skate the way we know we can. two years off is a long time and the sport has moved ahead.: getty posted to: evan bates, madison chock, patrick chan, scott moir, tessa virtue, yuzuru hanyu.: now that you really came back, competing at autumn classic and in the grand prix, is it how you imagined it to be or is it somehow different? it’s nice, at this stage of our career i also feel like there is life outside skating and montreal gives that to us.
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      radford and meghan duhamel think their tes should get higher scores, myopic to the fact that if their tes actually showed off their skating or was at least accompanied by skating, it might. if it's 8 years where in every single competition a particular team that skates two footed on wobbly edges and just as often on flats is scored higher than a team that is brilliant, do not protest. there is tes and skating skills and it's really ok if skating skills are the most important part of the sport of figure skating. virtue & scott moir on skate-day jitters at the 2016 isu world figure skating championships. maybe they can get rid of the skating too, and then actually get somewhere. our buzz word right now is perspective and our perspective of the sport has changed and i think that’s powerful for us, because we feel even more than ever than this is for us, we’re enjoying the sport, we love going into the rink every day, see each other, see patch, marie and romain and the environment that they have created. our goal for this fall season and this entire season actually is just to kind of be in the mix, to kind of prove that we can hang with this talent level. virtue & scott moir - "try" (2014 csoi, with weaver/poje) [hd]. i think we all understand that is what sports is about. all this has to be balanced and coordinated, otherwise you pull on the horse's mouth as your leg will get in the wrong position and throw off your balance. you have to control the leg relative to the upper body, and to do that you need to get over the right part of the blade and that takes ever single joint below the waist.: we definitely disconnected a little bit, but then we were sort of able to come back on the other side of things and be involved in the broadcasting press with both cbs and tsn (candian tv channels). my riding days, i learned that 'soft knees' involved the muscles of the lower back and abdomen, flexibility and strength in the hips and knees, and controlled movement of the ankle. the gap between virtue and moir and the rest of the field (placing the shibs behind them) is nearly matched by the gap between the shibs and the rest of the field. i'm taking them at face value and will be very happy if that's a mistake on my part.
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      : tessa and i always have been a team that doesn’t really pay attention to the points.: really, when we were deciding to come back, it was in large part because of marie and patch and romain and the school that they have. olympic champions and 2014 olympic silver medalists tessa virtue/scott moir (can) returned in style to competition this season, taking gold in their two grand prix events skate canada international and nhk trophy.’s #1 ice dance team has returned to competition with the 2016 skate canada international held at hershey centre on friday (october 28) in mississauga, canada. virtue and scott moir - ctv morning live "who's most likely?'ve been watching and rewatching figure skating - us nationals, canadian championships, european championships, but. year i figured between dylan's injury, and what i had begun to figure was lubov's ability to enjoy pairs skating without being intense about the result, they would end up 6 or 7 and never push to podium contention, which is where their combined talents appeared to position them when they first teamed up. think everybody has a good idea where worlds is heading, and i hope i'm right about it. as virtue and moir are, i have always felt that gilles poirier were way more up skate canada's alley. (even then, getting your knee so bent your butt is practically on the ice, a la megan duhamel's quad throw landings, is not ideal. we’re lucky that we were able to stay in the skating world and we had to some extend stayed in skating shape. in a lot of ways we’re walking back into the same world, see a lot of the same faces, and the same buildings and volunteers and so it feels very familiar, but our approach is so different and our team is new that there are a lot of elements that bring a fresh energy as well. they can't extend their free legs to save their lives unless their working knees get low, and their lines seldom match.'s virtue and moir's sochi free dance:Tessa virtue and scott moir - fd - sochi 2014 by tessa-and-scott-fan. i think we’re becoming better athletes, well rounded athletes and smarter athletes.

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