The prime minister is dating korean drama episode 1

  • Prime minister is dating korean drama ep 1

    i thought i was the only one getting hooked on kdramas because they are refreshing, different and enlightening. january 20th, his agency, group ti said through their official facebook, "we are happy to release the still images of choi soo-han on the set. what i learn is that we can change our boyfriend or husband with our true love. my english husband is 11 years older than i am but i won't exchange him for a younger man,not even lee min ho.. who is turning out to be a caring, loving person, all because of yoona. many artist picked her as the most prettiest idol with and without makeup and her as their ideal type too ! if it is of our interests then go watch, otherwise find another drama that will meet your interests. hopefully 'beyond the clouds' gets high ratings -- it looks promising,Fanni jan 17 2014 1:41 am.< she and lbs makes a unique couple that is so fun and entertaining to watch. was such a good comedy drama and it just ended in failure. drama is pretty good but getting boring in the middle -,-. she fits this kind of character which i think she should do a couple of rom-coms in the future. The Prime Minister and I - 총리와 나 - Deputy Prime Minister Kwon Yool and Scandal News reporter Da Jung bump heads when Da Jung tries to write an article on Kwon Yool's personal life instead of his political career. really looove this drama it is now one of my favorite drama! hope yoona and beom soo do great,Joseph dec 04 2013 10:03 am. it probably is unfortunate that it meet a strong rival on mon & tues timeslot. ah i love you both <3 can't wait for this drama..The music is fantastic, and kbs never fails to that. the chemistry between yoona and beom soo is so great!. even though we didn't expect the story to come up with this. i am one of the people who's wondering about how this drama can't get any high ratings so far when in fact it deliver so well from the story to the actors. and lastly, for god's sake this is a fricking drama! to hancinema pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for us. :) and i love the way it was well put into a drama, it's like you're just watching your neighbor's fuss. gave 1st episode a try and then i was hooked!. if this drama more serious or more funny, the story will boring and be cloy story, because many drama in that plot . i would give it a 100 but it only goes up to 99. a comment name (required) mail (required but will not be published) websitecomments. people need to learn how a person is called an actor/actress. drama is not the best, but better than love rain. the story about a young woman fall in love with a mature guy is so different. not only that, for sure the entire cast of characters are being examined before they became part of this drama. even the dark show secret had a very satisfying ending. this is very sad thing from a finnish point of views luckily we are not in that kind of society here yet.! i hope this drama can reach higher and higher ranting! i dont know why this drama wasnt rate at korea itself, maybe bcse the theme of the story were focus abt the minister's family story,. third, in this drama nam da jung is 28 yrs old, not her real age. don't understand people who comment on the age difference but i suppose it is a cultural issue. it's from kbs, you will never regret it's a great quality drama.. not that boa is not feminine or pretty, it just her face looks so full of experiencess and wise (? hope that the final episode of this drama yoona with yoon shi yoon! just wanna say that this drama is bound to be lovely and whatnot.
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The prime minister is dating episode 1

i just so disappointed in ending, when they meet again just shake hand and the end..its a shame that there is no voting for this drama . and get back to square one again after those painful separation and 16 episode ?'re reading the news with potential spoilers, make them spoiler free, dismiss. i really want to see yoona acting again ^^, she is one of the best actress idol, she is awesome acting, hwaiting ~~. "you're my destiny" drama is one of the best dramas. something wrong with the gathering of results you know computer is not perfect it might hacked..♦♦♦♦ another fact is that great actors like as: song hye kyo, lee da hae, hyun bin, lee jun ki and many had low ratings and bad critics in their dramas. love this drama, its sad that its not rating well in korea. is an interesting way of making your fashion and electronic devices and marks known to the world., i always waiting forward for this drama to be aired every week . because you happen to be bored with your life, it’s unfair to ridicule someone’s performance over a mere issue of drama entertainment. for me this drama is worth-watching and i hope koreans will give this a chance and not think of the actors age gap. i hope there will be a season 2 perhaps "president and i" since lee beom-soo's character in the end is u for the presidential race :). the writers did a story very soft in the 4 first episodes, did lose audience . these good critics are the opinion and analysis from professional experts in drama.'ll be watching this drama though the age difference is big but i think actress yoona and actor l..even jgs admitted how bad was love rain for his career. out to haveno effect on the ratings as a good drama, the most important thing to make audience swayed and enjoyed, even highly rated drama i did not see. plot and good chemistry between the couple and yet i m so disappointed with the ratings. hope this drama series got part ii or season 2 i really love this drama very entertaining and also heart breaking <3 i love all the cast of the prime minister and i <3 i love you yoona ! is good actress and pretty girl i love you get your dream come true. after u watch ep 1 you are hook and hope this cute couple will hv happy ending. best wished to you from finland and happy new year 2014! i have watched both and i prefer korean dramas by far. this drama really pulls you in from start to finish. is a very positive person and has one of the greatest smiles that i have ever seen and i hope people around her will give her also energy back because she gives a lot of her energy to other people. been watched this show two times and i really love it. drama is really amazing choi su - han ( wendell) is really handsome! however, the only good actor in this drama are the prime minister ,secretary kang, chief secretary seo and minister park jun ki. but all of that is about to change when nam da jung (yoona from girls’ generation), a young reporter who is desperate for a good scoop on the prime minister, comes into his home as tutor for the children., the lead actress is ssoooooooo beautiful, stunning, smart and multitalented and the history sounds interesting will watch it. even when kwon yul hug dajung is like butterflies flying around in my stomach .'ve watched until ep 11, and what i have to say is this drama has something different. to the people that claims that there is a huge gap of age, guys you have to remember that the characters are one thing and the actors other. ny is not bring any good rating or good impact for this drama. good drama, have a good storyline and always succeeded make me laugh ;). personally, i could not live under, what seems to many, under what seems like a "despot" parent that does not allow minor or adult children to make any decisions about school, friends, spouses, etc. it's a very sweet and light-hearted drama, but it's kind of weak. nam nam da-jung (yoona) is a reporter full of enthusiasm at work, but she always ends up missing big scoops. drama really is funny and it is warm to watch with family members ! recommended drama, watch it since get dollar per ep from my sister haha. Warning sign you are dating a loser,

The prime minister is dating korean drama

the chemistry between yoona and kim beom soo was just beautiful to watch..i was watching yoona's dramas: "you're my destiny" and "love rain", . this as something i have noticed while watching many korean dramas during 2013. i really wonder why the finnish national tv channels or even the private owns do not show any asian drama series ever. i did a research on her and i out that she is the main dancer in snsd and she is the prettiest member in her group. to see more[hancinema's drama review]"the prime minister and i" wrap-up[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 17 final[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 16[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 15[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 14[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 13[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 12[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 11[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 10[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 9[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 8[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 7[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 6[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 5[hancinema's drama first look]"the prime minister and i"[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 4[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 3[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 2[hancinema drama review]the prime minister and iepisode 1[hancinema's drama preview]"the prime minister and i". this drama has ended february 4, 2014 so everyone will comment on it as a whole, beginning, middle, and the end. common it's an awesome drama if you ask me i'll say it's much better the heirs and bel ami. will also improve relationships and understanding of cultures so it is a very good way to see a country which you might not be able to visit ever in your lifetime.@khyun coz prime minister & i got unlucky fate to airing at the same time with the awesome drama like empress ki. innocent c: totally should watch it, i don't get how this drama isn't even in the rankings. first of all, he's the prime minister, dont tell me you expect a middle 20s to be a prime minister? the reason why this drama has really low ratings is because 'empress ki' is popular and airs at the same time, and because the age range between yoona and lee beom-soo. are a nation with two official language due to our past history with sweden. love korean drama and this one it's so great i love it and i m waiting for the next episode also i hope it will continue in the same way :). and for that, i can feel how sweet their relationship is, even without obvious skinship.. i really want this drama, and we really want this to have a season 2. think the drama is based on the popular musical "the king & i" :).. btw lee beom-soo is so gorgeous and yoona is beautiful.!God bless the prime minister and i drama and all actors/actresse. she brought the family together made the pm connect with his kids more but we didn't even see her meeting her beloved man-se again or getting the title "mum" that she clearly deserved (i know you cannot force kids to call another woman "mum" but if this stupid ending had been written right then maybe it would have happened) . on top of his reputation of being an honest man of the utmost integrity, he's also a widower who raises his three children alone. the ending i guess starts a new beginning, they should make a sequel since the pm is now a candidate for the presidency. usually avoid dramas with idol actors as the protagonist, but i think i'll keep a look out for this drama since all the other actors seem promising. did not know the language before moving in to the country so if you have a talent to learn languages then it is easier and if you are talkative then you have learn to speak fast and also you have to learn to work in those different societies working conditions show the easy or hard life a nations as well. loved this movie so can i see lee beom soo and yoona at the prime minister and i part 2. as you follow the drama you will eventually fall in love with them and hope they will have happy ending. and yes it could happen in korea, in fact lee bum soo's real life wife is only 4 years older than yoona. at the beginning, it was difficult to find the time slot for zones (paris, honkong, etc. want to be a yoon si yoon is the one who will be with.. i really hope the male lead soon will be on exciting drama story. si-yoon's career isn't destroyed by this film with yoona like geun suk's carrer,after the really bad love rain. this drama is definitely one of my favourite drama of all times. she is so adorable and super funny and the way she acted was made me in stiches. even if the show ended well it will be nice if you will create another sequel for this show :) please writers. it makes me laugh and somehow it is so different from the american dramas that we are very accustomed to watch on our national tv channels. is sooooooooooo sweet friendly and show lots of chemistry in her acting. he is cool as prime minister while she is clumsy. i just love every single detail of the drama, i would recommend it to all my friends but i hope it continues like that ^^. hope part 2 of this good drama will come this year. i thought that it was going to be boring, because its about a prime minister, but its funny, romantic and just fun to watch. guess kbs drama awards people disagrees with you alfatunissa, cause they gave yoona a excellent actress award. 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The prime minister is dating korean drama episode 1

how i wish there is an episode 18 for this drama. maybe the rating is good but it's not recorded well. not turn the drama became melo in last episode just like what happened on pm and i drama.. hopefully i'll see him more in dramas next year (it would be ok if i see him playing the lead in near future) :). during her cinderella man drama her acting at first was a bit awkward but she managed to pull it off towards the end. antis are so pathetic, always trying so hard to attack actress or idol yoona and even invented things and try to minimize her excellent and brilliant work. is so nice to ave fun and watch it nothing to compare with heirs the stories are different but still this one is very nice and i like to see kwon yul falling in live with nam da jong it will be an amaizing ending. so it is a very good way to learn languages as well to watch other nations dramas online. they have an interesting story, plus the main character is lee bum soo who an admired actor in south korea. are gonna have an awesome chemistry together because both are very good and professional actors. i know that people make mistakes but abandoning your kids for a man is unforgivable.* masaki okada, tori matsuzaka cast in ntv drama sp "we're millennials got a problem? like the story and i also like the fact that a korean idol seems so natural beautiful and fresh without plastic surgeries. it gives me different rush feelings and hook me with prime minister and da jeong chemistry. do you keep on criticizing yoona's acting performance to the extent of saying "she is shameless. don't care for the rating, this drama is really fun to watch, so much comical effect, i love it, really cute ^_^. for part 2, now i watch it two times and i am now episode 14..the chemistry is good, funny, and can't wait for the next episodes. i couldn't imagine any other actors who can pull this off as good as him.* yoon si-yoon & kim min-jae cast in kbs2 drama "the best hit". think people should start watching it before judging it because even if they think that it is just a usually drama with predictable ending, i think that it's been a long time since there is a a feel good drama like this again..There were many times when i was touched watching the scene between the children and kwon yul, also dajung's father with the children. love the drama very much and hoping there will be a sequel to it . not turn the drama became melo in last episode just like what happened on pm and i drama. how i see after one year of seeing yr culture thru korean dramas: people are divided to two groups the rich and the poor. 42-years-old, kwon yool (lee beom-soo) is south korea's youngest prime minister ever. enter the e-mail address you used when you registered and we'll email you your login information. colleague’s that’s affiliated with the same industry don’t get this much sarcasm. difference between the man and the father is only 9 years.'t the koreans tried to sell these to any finnish tv channels or is it just that you wish these your own series to be dispatched to the world wide screen and this way make your industry known to other nations worldwide. park joonki got the happy ending even inho's brother is alive again after long coma and ny as the bad mother got the happy ending , but the real lead couple which is dj and ky got a flat ending ?.2014 50th baeksang arts awards : most popular actress in a drama nominees list2014/05/09,2014 50th baeksang arts awards : most popular actress in a drama nominees list,., more more yoona drama, she is so cool acting, i love all her jobs as actress and idol. i pray hard that this drama really goes well and become successfull .. it will be hard for prime minister and i to beat that huhu the first ep is fun, i hope it continously funny. just finished watching this kdrama today, and i really want to have another sequel for this! especially my old mother does not seem to like it at all, so some negative points probably it is just jealousy of some sort because i remember when i was young girl she did not aprove me reading romance books in the night time..'s life, please writers, don't give this a sad ending."the prime minister & i " u are the best ever drama what i see..but they couldn've gotten an older woman who about 30 years of age since lee beom soo is already around 40ish. it true that prime minister and i will be having season 2? his passionate acting performance shines even in the cold weather, on dizzy guardrails, and in the water!

Prime minister is dating korean drama

this will be one of my favorites and i am sure it will have a great following to come. and lee beom-soo are great actors and doing a great job on this drama. loved her in love rain it was so good i am very excited about this drama i love snsd and yoona especially !. i know endings shouldn't always be spelled out but this was one of those dramas that needed a clear picture of what happened. the lead actress and actor only arrghhhh handshake without explained me where is the 3 kids and i seriously prefer the ending will be ny and dj with 3 kids in a good time. and get back to square one again after those painful separation and 16 episode ? yoona is trying her best and you guys are offending her behind her back.'m not a person into k drama, but pm&i is one of favs (along with full house and iris 1). really don’t understand why some people would call this lee beon soo disgusting, to me he looks manly and real, he has amazing chemistry with yoona. especially this drama has lbs in it and up till now she's met my expectation. end was not disappointing for me,she promised d priminister dat when she returns she will hold his hand and never let go. drama is a lovable i like it and wait for it chows every moday it's a real dream story and make us dram i like heirs also and lee min ho so much. at the end of the story, those words that they said to each other signifies that it will be a great start to undo things that was done incorrectly when they got married just because of political issues. i have also made interest in learning some korean and also i have learned some language as much that i sometimes watch the raw episodes and nearly understand 1/3 of the whole episode. i am able to follow her spanish well i have studied that language as well for rather many years. the show is a must watch but it is just sad that it cant gather high rating in its homeland..[hancinema's idol actors] ham eun-jeong and yoona2014/06/21,Idols who go into acting often have limited choices to begin with. very love this drama, so fresh, they both chemistry is natural and cute couple. rating so low because this drama air same time with empress ki. because bad acting of yuna may disturb the awesome acting of yoon shi yoon. altough the main actor is not young and as hot as lee min ho or kim won bin but lee beom soo certainly rocks .* ryohei suzuki cast in live-action wowow drama "kenji miyazawa's table". how could the writer made such an unsatisfaying ending like that for this drama. okay but i find it strange that yoona ( a 23-year-old) dates a 44-year-old man in the drama and the kissing i found was quite disturbing.) but now i just look at that girl's profile and turns out she's an unnie born 1977. yoona is more matching to be lee beomsoo's daughter, than how about me and jisub ahjussi. am yet to see a korea drama without love triangle! i dont care bout kpop tbh, i only watch kdrama and i think she did a decent job, kpop fanwar are always so dramatic. can say the story is common but there are different twists in it which i enjoyed much. ham eun-jeong has had a few drama and movie parts in the 9 years she has been working as an actress and having had the chance to act in different genres and roles, her skills have matured nicely due to that variety and consistency,. it just so bad that their ratings is not as i hope. yet to see the last 3 episodes and can only hope they maintain the same high quality storyline that this drama has displayed so far. enter the e-mail address you used when you registered and we'll email you your login information. don't over exaggerate on this, it will just make it worse. are in ep 13 and its getting more and more interesting. everyone got their happy life at the end of this drama but how bout pm & dj? i didn't have to think twice to watch this drama as the plot itself had caught my attention. this show must continue with a happy ending with lee beom-soo & yoona, together as real husband and wife. not to say how amazing the casts for this drama. seriously the writer is very stupid because he bring ny character alive. si-yoon's career isn't destroyed by this film with yoona like geun suk's carrer,after the really bad love rain. but what the public doesn't know is that despite his perfect image, prime minister kwon is actually a struggling father devoid of even the most basic of parenting skills.

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i cannot believe they got an amazing drama that was funny and romantic and turned into sad central towards the end. what i am saying is that we should consider all the efforts they put into this drama. even i can know the result the end nam da jeong will be w/ prime minster , but i still want she will be w/ chief kang :) ( the man full of warmly and angle bodyguard , even he not good purpose when in role , but for nam da jeong , he always surely when w/ ) however still support my princesz yoona & prime minster and i , till the end ^^. too, i'm worried about the writers and director's experience in comedy and romance, hope this drama will do well with all them. is a terrible actress and her previous dramas confirm that. i thought the drama was great, acting was great, and everything in-between was great, except for the ending. i mean the prime minister not only older, but he's married, and it's not an american drama, so romance between these two will never happen, koreans are so conservative with their dramas. by lee so-yeon-i (이소연)screenplay by kim eun-hee (김은희), yoon eun-kyeong (윤은경)•drama kbs | airing dates : 2013/12/09~2014/02/0417 episodes - mon, tue 22:00. there's enough pain and sorrow in everyday life, so i'd rather spend my leisure moments viewing uplifting, happy kd's! hope the story line of this show will be good, and not the usual kdrama. common it's an awesome drama if you ask me i'll say it's much better the heirs and bel ami. is one of the best actresses idol, she is very good acting. but the global system has affected us also in this very negative way as well. it's like you are scolding a baby for not talking or walking as soon as it is born. this drama is great, and if it doesn't meet your interests then leave your comments for else where! i read the haters comment, i will be rolling on the floor laughing, for example,This drama sucks! where can watch this drama in real time and subtitled? yoona's acting is flawless, and the story is so good. but it began to lag a little toward the end and then the final episode was extremely disappointing. do not like dramas, i prefer to see more movies, but i sometimes find very good actors and actresses in dramas, then i start to see their drama. at the end of the drama yoona with yoon si yoon. kim eun hee and yoon eun kyung, the screenwriter/script writer of this k-drama is so awesome..i'm even hear that yoona unnie want to try a new cast in her new drama. finally i would like to thank all the drama participants for making me laugh a lot and they say that it makes life longer if you laugh. i watched two episodes of empress ki and got bored. i have been watching korean dramas since 10 years ago but this drama certainly a cut above the rest . i will keep watching this drama and decide that for myself~ ㅎㅎㅎ. ps/ i'm waiting for episode 4 to be english subbed as i dont speak and understand korean. was disturbed by the male lead at first thinking that he's too old but after watching it, i think he's just fine and suit the role as a pm. during this week i keep piling on the upcoming drama goodies and speak about my followed shows, both of which will be regular categories here. no one i know that's into korean dramas are watching prime minister and i just saying. i like the storyline, the acting and i like the twist.. i thought 15 and 16 episode was just a preview of the more exciting of 17 the last and final episode and yet the worst. i have always love watching drama with yoona in whatever drama she is in. tho i'm a sone, i had doubt concerning yoona's acting, especially after love rain, i felt like this drama would be so boring and there will be no good scenes between lee bum seo and yoona because of the age gap, but i was suuuuuure so wrong ! i know how real life is but this is a drama for god sake.!She is one of my favorites actresses in all asia!% and the first in the same time slot is empress ki (20~%) but it only reached 13th ep of total 50 ep. se and his cute act, makes me want to hug him! autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. could have been better but yoona acting not pure it is not good like love rain with jg suk..rating, does not apply here, because all of the viewers after watch, definitely love this drama. Dating in corner brook newfoundland canada

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the language will revert to english if your chosen language is unavailable. well, i guess he has to be older since his going to act as a prime minister.! dont say lee beom soo is too old or yoona is too young cuz it must be like that.* osamu mukai & takumi saito cast in wowow drama "akira and akira". for me,it comes because of the man's main character is ordinary looking, but he acts so good!'m really looking forward to this drama, i'm a fan of beom soo since i saw giant. the site language for displaying all messaging on the site including all menus, buttons, and labels. the site language for displaying all messaging on the site including all menus, buttons, and labels. although i hate open ending for most dramas, i have to say its not the case for this drama. is a very good actress and one of the best actresses-idols. finished watching this drama and i liked it very much but the ending was disappointing. i admit, i skipped episodes 14-16 (how'd that woman come back was beyond me, i really didn't like her character but i pitied her so i settled with ignoring her character). after korean drama industry has raised high standards with much better dramas, we indeed expect better ones. yoona needs more time to be called an actress and i find her expressionless and unnatural while acting, and i would prefer yoon si yoon in a more leading role cause he is a really good actor and does not deserve this secondary role,where he actually does nothing. needs to take up more roles like this because it really suits her.. hoping to watch more korean dramas as good as this. first 3 minutes of 1st episode was enough to turn me into a prime-minister-and-i-junkie. verify that you are at least 18 years old to continue watching.- hard work,consistency in beliefs,goals as kwon yul did. i see her improve in each and every drama that she is doing. way to understand a country and its people is thru learning the language their speak.. i even watched that drama, but i can't get feeling until early eps. is the best drama with mixer of comedy, crying, happy and a bit angry on some part. ( and i really hope that you help me nag the writer so much, that he doesn't have a choice but to give in in our selfish desire of having this drama its' part 2 of the story! in love with this drama, much much better than the heirs xd i love dramas with wild romance or fighty romantic comedy kinda thingi hhhhhhh ♥♥♥. love this drama, one of the best i have seen, tho i would of loved it if it were 20 or 25 episodes. yoona best action in drama 'prime minister and i' ep 10 eng sub. the chemistry between the leads were amazing, the development was really good and personally i think every cast did a good job at conveying emotions. people need to learn how a person is called an actor/actress. the start was so good but towards the ending it's getting a little bit boring and then the ending was quite disappointing. first time watching lee bum soo and yoona on drama. let's try to appreciate their efforts to make this drama entertaining. may like the plot or cast of a drama but i feel awful watching most of idols act.. i am loving yoona in this paper, she rocks in this drama. and just like everyone is saying, if you don't like the drama then don't watch it. hints were dropped here and there through out the last few episodes,for example like how park joon ki said that his sister is still with kang in ho's older brother (in last episode).. i just hope that the prime minister will end-up nam da jeong. for me, the way they write the storyline is spot on, especially in term of the pm character. this drama has both great comedic timing and many moving moments. what i liked the most about this drama is that it's light and fun and the transition is just right. to save and manage your shows, join discussions and more! i'm so satisfied from the beginning until the end, the characters were great, the script were so inspiring, the mood every scene was perfect for this drama.

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love this drama so far<3 yoona has def improved and is doing so good!.8 of "prime minister & i" did not air on december 31, 2013 as originally scheduled due to award shows airing at that time. people need to learn how a person is called an actor/actress. you will also fall in love with im yoona after watching this drama because that was exactly what had happened to me before. this is my stress-reliever, when i am getting tired of going to work i just watch this series and everything will be fine, this inspires me a lot. usually like to buy the dvd and watch the drama calmly but when the history of the dramas and actors / actresses are really good/great, then i'd rather see it in real time broadcast. kwon yool (lee beom soo) is the prime minister of korea, but he also is a single father to his three children. i watched this drama because my ultimate bias was here (yoona). is a very nice drama to watch hence, i don't think the rating does justice to it.! i had love this drama until episode 17 which made my heart drop a million times! seriously, the last 4 episode only talked about ny and i really dislike and hate ny character. 24yrs old i do love this show im from philippines pls do this. omg nnnnoooooooooooo please noooooo lee beom soo perfect actor and yoon si min ho but yoona singer she is not actress omg no no no. nam da-jung comes to kwon yool and his three kids like a christmas present. seriously, the last 4 episode only talked about ny and i really dislike and hate ny character.) everyone says this is the best drama show they have seen in years. think this is very bad direction to be headed for the world in general. i like all their acting, it's hilariously funny, but by later episodes, it's understandable that it went melodramatic, since that's where the climax is. yoona is the best actress, she is a queen drama! it will not disappoints me like marry him if you dare since it has only 2 episodes so far. i was kinda have a worst feeling about love rain, because they explored that drama too much (like the scriptwriter from autumn of fairytales, etc), and then it comes out too bad. always do watch also in the dramas how people dress and what kind of fabrics are being used. most of the drama's now are sad teenage drama with popular cast or family drama with a nagging granma or cheating husband's or sad drama.. now in this drama i was confident that she'll do good and i was right she did even better than i expected of her. and this drama was really funny i can't wait for the 7th episode yoona bumsoo fighting. the chemistry between lee beom soo and yoona is so natural ..actress yoona definitely is one of the best actresses, not just actress-idol!.'hyde, jekyll and i' child actor choi soo-han plays hyeon bin's childhood 2015/01/30, source,Still images of child actor choi soo-han on the set have been released. just gave the first episode a try and i was surprised that i already finished the latest episode. not a big fan of yoona but i'll watch it for the great cast and the interesting-looking-plot *w* yoon shi yoon, ryu jin, lee min ho from rooftop prince and lee bum soo in one is a must watch! episode 1 on dramafeverwatch episode on hancinemafull episode 2 on dramafeverwatch episode on hancinemafull episode 3 on dramafeverwatch episode on hancinemafull episode 4 on dramafeverwatch episode on hancinemafull episode 5 on dramafeverwatch episode on hancinemafull episode 6 on dramafeverwatch episode on hancinemafull episode 7 on dramafeverwatch episode on hancinemafull episode 8 on dramafeverwatch episode on hancinema. yoona is so cute and i've got admit she suits the role of nam da jung more than the her character in love rain. empress ki of same timeslot is way over better than this! minister and i : yoona and lee beom soo got teased by children said they were kissing.. so, i hope will coming the 2nd seasons, "president and i" which the main character is both of them ofcourse. very good drama and yet hilarious and fun to watch. omg i waited all week for it to come and now i'm so disappointed. this drama so much before i watch the final episode, and then turn become so dissapointed with the ending.. i can to get fun & serious feeling, also easy act without feel pressured by all artists. of this korean writer need to go back to school to write better drama ! " the prime minister and i", she can do it very well and great. there is not boring moments throughout the drama, and i really love those kids!

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i have been so bored these days and someone told me about this drama and after that this drama saved me from my boring holidays. how can some viewer hate this drama as soon as i watch 2 episodes i've enjoyed it and looking forward to watch more of it. they come up with this drama for us to watch and enjoy. for instance,the prime minister keep insisting that he is a busy man , but end up having much time to spare to save yoona from lily association, and to read his child homework. lately i watch korean drama because drama is quite boring lately mreka monotonous, but this is very daebak and deserves to be watched. at first, when you watch this drama may be it's just normal or even boring. so just give it a chance if you feel like watching, you might find it enjoyable and a fun drama too watch ^^. is a very small nation by population when you compare to korea or turkey and its language is not spoken by anybodyelse only estonians speak a language which is a relative to us which we finns can understand. i am so disappointed and i am expecting that they will kiss passionately because they really love each other. is the love line between yoona and lee bum so or yoon shi hoon?. just like another commentators hope is this drama have a sequel? so in my opinion it's time just the right time to return a drama with a feel good story. the romance chemistry was remarkable despite the big age gap.'t wait to see yoona in another drama and i do not think she is too young since it seems to be a trend to have younger guys with older women. i can't wait to see this drama, love yoona, u are so beautiful and funny. agree, to disagree will always be the issue on entertainment.. but the thing da jeong is saying "shall we start? love yoona , she is professional actress here and she match with lee beom soo. although he is supremely confident in his job, his home life is in complete disarray. i fell in love with prime minister and nam da jeong character. a love story between prime minister and a scandal reporter, who wouldn't want to see it? love this drama coz it is light, funny and fast-paced. but it's kinda bothering me the difference between yoona and the prime minister's age / look . wish the main stress would be yoon shi yoon + yoona. i hope there's gonna be an ep 18 or sesson 2 to compensate, because it was to blunt how things ended.'re sorry, this video is currently unavailable in your country. like the scene when nam da jung read the book 1001 nights for the pm ."prime minister & i" takes over the kbs2 mon & tue 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "marry him if you dare" and will be followed by "beyond the clouds" on february 10, 201..Yoona is an amazing and one of the best actresses-idols, she also is a professional, personally i think yoona even is better than many "just actresses". even though i was a very good student in general even if i read romance books and mostly for all the tests on language i got thru because i read romance books in english, swedish and german languages later i have read some books in spanish and of course turkish a lot so i do not think it is a bad way to learn languages and todays thing is light romance dramas instead of reading light books i suppose even my old aunts from my fathers side used to read light romance books until they were in their 90's so i think the dramas and novels and books in general keep people in very good mind health body and soul. find it childish when ppl answer ''guys you can't act or act better if u can''. you are looking for drama with good development, amazing chemistry between leads, cuteness overload with kids and just a tad bit of hurt/suspense! is a talented, smart, beautiful, stunning and good actress, i need to see her new drama.: south korean tv-dramas2013 south korean tv-dramastv-dramas2013 tv-dramasunclassified tv-dramas2013 unclassified tv-dramask unclassified tv-dramaskbs tv-dramas2013 kbs tv-dramas. i was going to pass this one cause i am not familiar with the main actor but i started to watch just because yoona. the series page for the synopsis, cast members, and user reviews., all good drama series with funny and fresh storyline, doesnt get good rank in korea sigh. and waiting for a week for this drama to be online feels like forever. i would like to also criticize the drama writer to try to make more real picture of korea and not only about seoul or jeju island. kwon yool & nam da jung after struggled for the whole entire episodes but they didn't get their happy ending. beom soo and yoona the gap is 20 years but i enjoying this drama the story is fun hahaha every week i always look forward this drama and man from the stars. i think what really matters is how people in there country and overseas supported and enjoyed every episodes.

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. i think yoona from gg is doing a great job in her acting career and she has real talent. well, if they want to keep the episode 17 like that, than make 1 more episode that satisfied the viewer. your information, the critics experts of drama have mentioned that yoona is one of the best actresses-idols and even is one of the few actresses-idols with more potential in acting. the writers are genius, there are many twists in the story and i am amazed by what they put into. this story line makes me love watching good korean drama. minister and i is good drama rom-com i ever seen, lbs and yoona is have daebak chemistry.- post only in english, as this is an english language community. in spite of the age differences i liked the chemistry between the leads but it seems like the writers did not have enough faith in the story or the direction the drama was going into at the start to actually see things through until the very end. agree, to disagree will always be the issue on entertainment. yoona is matched to be a daughter for lee beom-soo, due the gap of ages. no, but for people asking ''oh god, why do people bother with age gap'', this is my logical answer. i feel really disappointed hoping from more of the storey.@ernie im not saying this is a bad drama or anything. ny is not bring any good rating or good impact for this drama..I was amaze in this movie and i need part 2.. good job from the cast and the producer of this drama series . such amazing dramas during last few months, as master's sun, secret love, good doctor ,i can hear your voice or two weeks i can see why this one has so low ratings.. this drama only run by them self, "just by them self, do not imitate other drama plot". korea has very deep thoughts on what is expected of its people both in public and private life., i'm so happy with all casting and the funny and great story of drama. i would like to see their performances, i can't wait to see the dynamics of this cast together! it has really made me happy and it is the first k-drama i'm into because i usually don't watch all episodes but this drama is very interesting and hilarious not to forget i literally love yoona even more, she was my bias in snsd and now she is just my queen. anyway, everyone involved in this production is doing a great job. (note:for a korean family, the integrity of the family is much more important, rather than blind love. prime minister and i part ii plsss i really love this drama . i usually look for dramas that are happy & not depressingly melo., i'd just like to say how much i love this drama. this drama has a sequel with the same hero & heroine.'m so hooked with this drama series, prime minister and i. lee beom soo is definitely the perfect kwon yul, and yoona acting has been improving even more since her last drama.'m worried about the writers and director, i think their other works (dramas and movies) were not very well recognized by the public, except winter sonata and they also do not have much experience in romantic comedy. full episodes free online of the tv series The Prime Minister Is Dating Episode 1 with subtitles. i think i would love this more than the heirs he he . probably the dramas do not give as a very correct picture of the korean culture so it might also give a very narrow view of the country. can't even recall what had happen from the first episode 1. i think i'll continue watching this drama as a substitute for heirs on the last years . story but really don't like yoona act,not pure,,,make this drama boring ,,sory to say but i like the child kwon man se,and kwon woo yul act,,,Mary feb 11 2014 5:55 pm. the lead actress and actor only arrghhhh handshake without explained me where is the 3 kids and i seriously prefer the ending will be ny and dj with 3 kids in a good time. i was watching some drama, but 3/4 of them was a sad story. yoona will not need to cry so much is this drama,Hoàng oct 24 2013 11:32 pm. hope to see a lot of more enjoyable moments in watching yr dramas. she had at least 117 artists and idols as her fanboy.

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(usa) mamabear (philippines) anna zainal (singapore) rodrigo gusmao (brazil) charice1103 (philippines) mai ziada (egypt) crayon (usa) neellaughs (india) yunee (indonesia) hintsa sisay (ethiopia) hachim0n (france) mendyi91 (romania) yuliarsalan (indonesia) maya narita (indonesia) gusmao (brazil) mayanime (usa) aiihateluvrs (philippines) advidales (peru) wesley0130 (taiwan) chrisl198 (usa) lovexloathe (usa) brianpark19 (usa) kim tanita (indonesia) sitimafuza (malaysia) cindy d (usa) trina13 (usa). yeah, some would say it would need more romantic closure (kisses etc) but in one way, i like how it ended. to all haters out there why watch this drama if you don't like it..i don't know if i like where this is going! not really mind abt the rating anymore, cz worth watching drama not always get good ratings.'m soooo lovingg this drama, glad that after the heirs, i found this." just remembered it being said by song ilkook, that he wants to name his twin daughters woori and nara. never know who is lee bs but now i know. Subtitled in Arabic, German, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, VietnameseThe prime minister and i.'s quite frustrating yet funny seeing all this shallow minded people commenting about the leading actors age gap. those of us who haven't seen this yet, but read to see if any good please please please if you are going to reveal any information about the story, especially the ending, then have the common courtesy to announce "spoiler alert".. the drama is only starting airing here in the phillippines. because you happen to be bored with your life, it’s unfair to ridicule someone’s performance over a mere issue of drama entertainment." song ilkook must have gotten the idea here: he wants to name his twin daughters woori and nara. he is a serious man, and just like his age, i don't think too much 'passionate love' is suitable. because i also have such kind of strict boyfriend but who is really love me secretly. some people read the comments before they see the drama to find out if they want to waste their time watching it. as well as keeping all the sad things in mind is common for every lady..hopefully kbs will come out with great drama such as last year, secret. the content language for displaying show titles, descriptions and subtitles. always waiting monday and tuesday just for streaming this drama.! she is one of the best actress idol and the prettiest in asia. really love this drama until ep17 coz the ending was sucks. the content language for displaying show titles, descriptions and subtitles. and if you notice it, the meeting between kwon yul and da jung happened after probably more than one year after da jung left for the trip (hinted by park joon ki having a newborn baby), and their feelings for each other is just as strong as before. but most of us are not good in swedish language and the mother tongue of most people is finnish. i watch them to entertain myself but they have been my learning tool about korean language, culture, education, and their perspective of the outside world. so me and my friends were hoping for part 2 of this drama, and maybe the title will be, "the president and i" coz kwon yool runs for it and he's being interviewed by his soon to be first lady, nam da jung. your acting is good, i know you can make it. you are my destiny,cinderella man,love rain and also this drama. acting plus nice story line= a great drama but i don't really understand the end where she wanted to interview the prime minster for her new book.* bae jong-ok & oh ji-eun cast in kbs2 drama "nameless woman". not a top drama, but its soft plot and nice actors+actresses are quite great for relaxing.. the first is because the woman's main character is yoona who is talented, pretty (usually people see the main characters are good-looking or not), and also her acting has improved a lot! i have loved every episode love the story line and the actors..Arabic, german, greek, english, spanish, french, indonesian, italian, japanese, polish, romanian, thai, tagalog, turkish, vietnamese and 31 more languages. can't wait for the next episode, it feels like forever waiting he he ., yoona is the prettier in asia and one of the most beautiful in the world!.( marry him if you dare, bel ami / pretty man, and now the prime minister and i ) why. he's likeable line in this drama "seriously, this woman" to da jeong. comments that this drama is not good is somehow jumping to conclusions. the ending not so nice i want yoona and the prime minister also have a child with each other .

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who said it was a mistake, this drama is very funny and good. in fact, i'm loving it, he's a prime minister, widower with three kids it is so logic that he is 40-something . yoona improves alot and she's really funny in every episode. last episode went fast and was a major emotional turmoil but it gave a nice closure and i liked that. so as an middle aged lady i am learning some new cultures by watching tv series it is very nice for me. very different but interesting plot of drama but i'm very disappointed with the ending. luv this drama its amazin i cant hold back on watching it.:-) although a big age gap, both main cast, make it very worthy watching, they are so chemist and click. so maybe the budgets of the drama's is not the best possible and it seems that the actors are playing their roles in severe weather conditions. liked this drama until it got to episode 8 which was when i found it boring. this could be due to the fact that they were originally ruled by "royalty" and some want to continue this (wishfully) in their private lives. lee beom soo is also a great actor and i love all of his projects. ending to this was one of the most disappointing things that has ever happened in my life and that is not an exaggeration. rally love this drama, though the writer leave me hanging at the end. i'm guessing from the few comments below the ending isn't that good? so promising for season 2 even though they aren't likely going to make it .."you're my destiny" was one of the best dramas of all times! wish koreans stopped loving their kpop idols so much that we have to see them acting all the time. sorry for telling this but this is one way of reminding you that you are abusing your freedom of expression. some their fans and general public were jealous of the good chemistry between yoona and jang keun suk and especially their kissing scenes. the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. recently started to watch korean dramas and this the prime minister is dating is incredible i love it sooo much!. but why do you have to be so judgmental about everything in this drama and criticize the way the characters are dressed or what age they are?.yoon si-yoon have a new drama, even so not a lead. no romantic chemistry between the two, just two great friends. it, your dramafever experience will be like watching tv with blindfolds on.. it was a good drama though the acting of yoona was not really good. seriously the writer is very stupid because he bring ny character alive. the language will revert to english if your chosen language is unavailable. great chemistry between lee beom-soo and yoona despite the age difference. ny is the one who made this drama became melo in last 4 episode. drama is very draining laughter and make the heart beat faster. yoona and chae jung-an looks like sisters here it's like chae jung-an is a slightly older version of yoona. i was not enamored with lbs at first because he's not my type, however, by about the 6th episode, he grew on me. wanted to watch the drama to support yoona but unexpectedly the drama turned out to be great. i know the age difference is big but i think they are gonna have an awesome chemistry. used to lived in istanbul for many years so i am aware that the ties between turkey and korea are also very warm in general. i guess the drama like this is very rare in korea by taking core love story that has a considerable age difference. the only problem is unknowing stars in this soup opera . she is a singer who easily got into kdrama entertainments because of being an idol! you writers and thanks to the actors and actresses who did their very best for this show to be so meaningful and inspiring. the drama really was really bright and heart-moving at the same time.

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'm watching this drama, and now i'm addicted to this drama! the ending is good, and what i like the most is when she let prime minister to choose not to receive his proposal to marry her. add me to the number of people who says this series is very good..i have to agree to pia that because of this drama i came to like yoona. ny is the one who made this drama became melo in last 4 episode. leaders actors: miss yoona and mr lee bum soo are great actors.. but i thought the writer have a prupose, and i want watch this drama. i totally forgot that she was dating lee seung gi in real life .'m hope sm can give yoona this chance to act likes a rich girl. i don't understand why people dislike this drama especially when they always point out the age is not my job to act,i am not an actor but i have the right to judge dramas i watch,the actors,directors and music or photo in a movie or drama. producer, director, writer please put chae jang-an as a lead actress for new movie and drama. i can't put my eyes off but the ending part is really questionable. she would like him to think and remake his decision to choose. on, less awkward is walking out of the sea without realizing your top is gone,than watching yoona trying to cry in her dramas lol. hands nito favorite ko any korean series na i to love you us. for the first time i want to watch a drama without non of my biases on it :) and i think yoona is pretty in treaser. have no idea why the ratings are low but this is one great drama. are not all haters for your favorite idol or actor,we are fans of dramas and we judge them. drama so interesting and i think yoona's acting not that bad. we wish all best for you and the prime minister and i. to me, these are better than american soaps, or the spanish novelas. am curious to watch this drama even though i am not a fan of yoona's acting, she is good to her other activities but acting is not one of her forte. and her character is just so cute, she'll be able to work it out. prime minister and i is now one of my favs. thumbs up for yoona whose acts improved a lot, here her role a totally different one with her calm and resentful in love rain,here she is so care free ,free spirit and yet thoughtful. would like to say that i just finished watching episode 3 and i was not disappointed.* ji chang-wook cast in sbs drama "watch out for this woman". therefore, they should continue to give them a happy ending on prime minister & i. si-yoon's career isn't destroyed by this film with yoona like geun suk's carrer,after the really bad love rain.. they are not stupid people who let themselves be blinded by hatred like the antis. think lee beom soo and yoona have a great chemistry and it helped the drama alot..and people if you keep criticize and judgmental about this drama. was an overall good feely drama but i just needed a big bang kiss at the end. park joonki got the happy ending even inho's brother is alive again after long coma and ny as the bad mother got the happy ending , but the real lead couple which is dj and ky got a flat ending ? yeah of course, if people are in love it might not matter, but this is drama, not representative of real life at all..I can't wait any more,i want new episode right now. maybe people just didn't understand korean language or maybe it was a bad translation (subtitle). this one has an average script with average acting (not actors, i like them all except main girl who needs more work). the acting is great - the two lead characters have great chemistry and the children are wonderful., kindly in episodes 5, for me it feels 80% mello and 20% comedy of the drama which is make my emotion come so easily. the story line is light and it very nice to watch.

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want to became a rich girl in her upcoming drama. rain was not so bad but seriously, someone has to give food to this girl. miss actress im yoona is one of my favorite asian actresses, i looked her dramas "you're my destiny" and "love rain", really she is very good actress, "you're my destiny" drama is one of the best dramas of all asian i've seen. sure is not the best one, but it's definitively worth watching it ! you don't have to act so hard when what it did requires is them being natural, right?.Page 1page 2page 3page 4page 5page 6page 7page 8page 9page 10page 11page 12page 13page 14page 15page 16page 17page 18page 19page 20page 21page 22page 23page 24page 25page 26page 27page 28page 29page 30page 312>. the unique of this drama is the combination of couple prime minister 40s and i 20s that's what makes it so good and different to others. nam da jung (yoona) is a journalist who resorts to writing trashy tabloids to support her ailing father, but when she chases prime minister kwon for a lucrative expos, she ends up scooping a whole lot more than she bargained for. also, having a 20 age gap makes it hard to adapt to one and the other's life style, they have slightly different values, raised in a different ''era''. one of these awesome modern browsers to fully take advantage of all that dramafever has to offer!'t take offence but the truth is the lead actor is not handsome at all and and he & yonna don't look good together! drama hasn't ended where i live, and i agree with noiraa. minister kwon yool (lee beom-soo) works well at his office, but he struggles to raise his three children alone. “the prime minister is dating,” also known as “prime minister and i,” is a 2013 south korean drama series directed by lee so yeon. you want to know what the drama is about before you watch it, look under where it says plot. we do not yet what to happen in the succeeding episodes. minister is 42 nam dan jung is 28 the gap is 14 years which is ok. comments are for people who seen the drama and comment about what they thought about it. never envisage that yoona could connect with an actor 20 years her senior. i am surpised that as a member of snsd/ girls generation, she could act so well.! she is amazing acting, she can be it very well and excellent. know that actress yoona and actor lee bum soo are great actors, i'm excited for this, but the writers and director worries me.[orion's drama news] death and taxes2016/03/05,Welcome back to weekly drama news with writer and community manager orion..I really liked to used there motto "eat and run" hahahaa,I really loved korean drama especially prime minister and i coz some of us. this drama so much , made me forget all the other drama that was really bad, ugly and devastated. prime minister and i is so very beautiful korean drama. i have a feeling that some of the dramas have been made in cold houses for example the cheongdamdong alice drama had parts of it taken in the house of this main male character jean thierry cha s house and it was so cold that you could see them breathing out white fog like they were outside in the cold winter weather. colleague’s that’s affiliated with the same industry don’t get this much sarcasm. actually the story and the actor/actress of this drama is not bad but the director plot is kinda stiff for me. first thought this drama would be corny but when i started watching it, i come to realize that it's kinda cool. the main girl is just too bland wth i can't watch it anymore sorry yoon shi hoon. i do believe ih's brother will recover so that should help heal his heart to an extent. first step is to be a member, please click here : sign up, then a subscribe button will show up. Minister and I Episode 1 Eng Sub HD Playlist https://www.""the low rantings were by 2 factors: 2:some their fans and general public were jealous of the good chemistry between yoona and jang keun suk and especially their kissing scenes. so internet is a very good way to make the world a smaller place. maybe i should go to korea and become a writer and show them how it is done! love this drama, the story teach me a lot of things. more then that i always like the part of chae jung-an acting, she is the key of the story, she is the soul of the story.. if i could describe this drama in one word, it'd be awesome. are you all saying this lee beom-soo isnt going to be in love with yoona he is going to be her father. actually i'm a fan of yoona, and i was planning to pass this drama because of the politics, age gap, and the marriage thingy, but after seeing the teasers and pictures, it looks quite interesting.

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