What are the consequences of dating a minor in california

Consequences of dating a minor in california

you are being abused in any of these ways or you feel afraid or controlled by your partner or someone you are close with, it may help you to talk to a domestic violence counselor, even if you do not want (or are not sure if you want) to ask for legal protection. the laws also state that children must generally be 14 years of age or older in order to be eligible for emancipation (where a minor is no longer legally under the care of his or her parents). im 14 years going on 15 and im having very serios problems my mom is always threatening me telling me that if i will be kicked out and live on the street she is very wrong the way she raises me she makes me do standard chores im fine with but she always says im lazy i dont know why she treats me like this she doesnt even appreciate that i am her son im basicly a maid and ever since my grandmother moved to mexico im forced to do every thing once again im fine with that but she is always finding something bad to say about me i have already made arangements to were im going to live and i already have a career plan i need some advice please and thank you. about domestic violence laws starting with california family code section 6203. some other things to consider are family counseling, or getting your parents’ permission to live with someone else. if you live in a tribal community in california and are experiencing domestic violence, click to get more information. state,he says he'll take care of me until i can do everything by myself. meaning that it is not technically considered illegal but because you are a minor (we assuming you are, though we don't know your age to be sure) it is not in your hands to decide to leave without your guardians permission., minor may consent if 15 years or older, living apart from parents, and managing own finances (§6922).

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violence is abuse or threats of abuse when the person being abused and the abuser are or have been in an intimate relationship (married or domestic partners, are dating or used to date, live or lived together, or have a child together). you can find criminal domestic violence laws in the california penal code, like penal code section 273., i need some help concerning my rights and the consequences of running away from california to quebec, canada. emancipation is a legal process and can take quite a bit of time, so that is something to keep in mind with how close to 18 you are. you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-runaway (786-2929) or through our online chat services that are available from 4:30 pm-11:30 pm (cst), 7 days a week. we also have online chat services that are available from 4:30 pm-11:30 pm (cst), which is 2:30 pm-9:30 pm in ca. it sounds like you are in a tricky situation right now and we hope to be able to provide you with resources to help you out further. in general, youth who runs away are not arrested or put on probation although the law may vary from state. what happens after that varies a little from court to court, but the general steps in the court case are:The person wanting protection files court forms asking for the domestic violence restraining order.

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What are the consequences of dating a minor in california

it comes to having the capacity to undertake certain legal actions, california law allows a minor to sue to enforce his or her rights -- although a guardian must conduct the actual lawsuit for the minor. you are:Married or registered domestic partners,Divorced or separated,Dating or used to date,Living together or used to live together(more than roommates),Parents together of a child, or. , i'm a 16 year old girl in california, going to be 17 soon, i am having bad problems here at home with my mom , i've been making my own money since i was 14 years old, i'm getting sick of being here and dealing with problems, i would like to be emancipated , i would want to move out with my boyfriend, but i don't want him to get in trouble, that's why i wish to leave home in a legal way, how would i go about this? are sorry that you feel like your parents are not able to listen or help you in the ways that you need. someone reasonably afraid that they or someone else are about to be seriously hurt (like threats or promises to harm someone); or. you may not be forced to return home, running away is not illegal, your parents or guardians may decide to file a runaway or missing persons report on you. to the national runaway safeline forum, where you can post your questions, thoughts, and concerns about what it's like to be a teenager or a parent. my family is very strict, but they are strict in the wrong ways, they never listen to what i have to say and they can't help me even if they try. it’s great that you are trying to plan ahead and make sure that you are safe if you do leave home.

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§6700), except he cannot give a delegation of power, or make contracts relating to real property or personal property not in immediate possession or control of the minor (fam. are not legal experts here, but a good resource that should be able to answer more of your questions and talk you through the emancipation process is legal services for children, they have two phone numbers: 415-863-3762 and 1-888-292-4252. for the most accurate information, you may contact your local nonemergency police hotline and ask about the consequences of running away and what age a minor can leave home legally. if you are the person asking for a restraining order, look for help in your area before you try to do it on your own. sounds like you are thinking about running away from home and have a safe place to stay but you are concerned about the laws regarding running away. you are not sure what kind of restraining order you should get, talk to a lawyer. if you would like to explore this further, you can call us here; we are mandated reporters so if you would like to file a report, we can help you with that also. the law cannot assign legal responsibility to an individual who lacks the mental capacity or maturity to understand the consequences of his or her actions, at what point does someone legally become an adult?.what are my rights here in california to leave my home.

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.my parents are extremely mentally abusive and physically sometimes to i have tried to take my own life before. read and use agreement and judgment of parentage (form dv-180) to do this. it sounds as if you have figured out the best option for you and finding a way to stay safe and away from people who are hurting you. following chart provides a quick summary of california's legal age laws. i have already told my parents that im thinking about running away and they have told me that if i do they will immediately call the police. we are also non directive so we won’t tell you what to do but we can definitely help you explore your options and resources. in most instances, the police will not actively search for runaway youth but will detain youth if contact is made and later contact a parent or legal guardian to make arrangements for youth to return home. would you be able to tell us a little more about why you are thinking about leaving? they are not really “permanent” because they usually last up to 3 years.

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we are sorry to hear about the way your mother has been treating you; nobody deserves to be abused. look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best of luck,Hello im a 17 year old girl living in california. for contacting us, it seems like you are going through a tough time right now. is more difficult to find free or low-cost legal help if you are responding to a request for a domestic violence restraining order. if you move out of california, contact your new local police so they will know about your orders. you move to california with a restraining order from another state, or if you have a restraining order issued by a tribal court (in california or elsewhere in the u. we are sorry to hear that you are going through this; nobody deserves to feel scared or unsafe. of child protective services abuse reporting telephone numbers for every california county. if you are worried about this, talk to an immigration lawyer to find out if you will be affected.

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so, if you leave home and your parents do file a report, the police may or may not search for you but if they do locate you, they may either take you to the police department or return you home. the person to be restrained, the consequences of having a court order against him or her can be very severe. are the consequences for running away from home at age 17. we hope that you have some ways to cope with the feelings that are coming from your situation. in california, except for a few restrictions relating to real and personal property, a minor may also make valid legal contracts. you are under 18, you may have the option of filing a report with child protective services and they may do an investigation. it is also our general understanding that a person who allows for a runaway to stay with them could possibly be charged with harboring a runaway or contributing to the delinquency of a minor; the consequences of that vary by state so we wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly what would happen.'m 17 years old and i want to run away from california. unfortunately, we are not legally trained here though so we wouldn’t be able to tell you for certain what would happen if you left home.

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the california courts judicial branch website also has a lot of good information about emancipation, as well as other options for people considering emancipation; here is a link to their website, http://www. a minor may also consent to medical treatment if he or she is: at least 15 years of age, living apart from parents, and managing his or her own personal finances. i live in ontario california and i wont to runaway., it is our general understanding that if a youth leaves home without parental consent or permission, their parents or legal guardians may have the option to file a runaway report with the local police.: state laws are constantly changing -- contact a california family law attorney or conduct your own legal research to verify the state law(s) you are researching. at the national runaway safeline, we are not legally trained here so we can’t say for sure what would happen if you were to leave home but we can give you some general ideas. you said that you didn’t have a way to call us but since we are a 1-800 number, you can call us for free from any payphone. incur large expenses or do anything significant to affect your or the other person's property if you are married or domestic partners;. since young children are still developing an understanding of social and ethical norms, the law usually does not hold young children accountable for their actions -- that is, young children lack something called “legal capacity.

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unfortunately we are not legal experts so we would not be able to tell you the exact consequences of running away from california. we are glad to hear you decided to not harm yourself and realized you wanted to continue to fight and save yourself. you are a parent and your child is being abused, you can also file a restraining order on behalf of your child to protect your child (and you and other family members). you sound really responsible and like you are trying to figure out how to take care of yourself legally., we aren’t legally trained here but we can give you a general idea of the laws regarding running away. it is also when the abused person and the abusive person are closely related by blood or by marriage..), your restraining order will be valid anywhere in california and the police will enforce it. if you need to contact us in the future, remember that we are available 24 hours 7 days. it sounds as though you are going through a lot at home and no one should have to be hurt in that way.

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running away is usually considered a status offense, which is something that you can’t do when you are under 18; other status offenses may include truancy (skipping school) or breaking curfew. but keep in mind that you are not required to register your out-of-state or tribal court restraining order. consider using a public or friend’s computer if you are concerned about someone viewing your browsing history. the section parentage for information on parentage (paternity) when the parents of a child are not married and are not domestic partners. the fact that you have been able to make your own money and are looking into your options now shows that you are very mature. however, parents are allowed to file runaway reports which are entered into a national law enforcement database. if you want your restraining order to be entered into california’s statewide domestic violence computer system, you can register your order with the court. chances are good that a lot of other people have been wondering the same thing. spousal or partner support (if you are married or domestic partners);.

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providing details of California Legal Ages LawsSupreme courtcourts of appealsuperior courtsjury serviceabout california courts find my courtfaqs. you may also find findlaw’s how long do parents' legal obligations to their children continue?.Here at the national runaway switchboard we are not lawyers and therefore cannot give legal advice. we are here to help you come up with possible options, resources, and try to help you come up with a plan that you are comfortable with whenever you are ready. you do not qualify for a domestic violence restraining order, there are other kinds of orders you can ask for:Civil harassment restraining order (can be used for neighbors, roommates, coworkers, or more distant family members like cousins, uncle or aunt, etc. it sounds like you are trying to leave home as a result of your mom being mentally and physically abusive towards you. parentage (paternity) of your children with the restrained person (if you are not married to, or in a domestic partnership with, him or her) unless you and the restrained person agree to parentage of your child or children and agree to the court entering a judgment about parentage. we can help you come up with a list of questions before we make a call where you can be on the line if you would like, to try and get the answers that you are looking for..You can also call us anytime at 1-800-runaway (786-2929); we are 24/7 confidential and anonymous and can talk to you about what is going on at home and what other options you have, you can also live chat with us everyday 4:30pm-11:30pm central standard time.

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