What does it mean by dating someone

- you will have a visit from a long absent friend. i dream of my ex its like i cant get him out of my head when im dreaming. i was holding the prettiest most beautiful baby ever and in that moment i understood what it means when mothers say that they fell in love again when they had their child or how it's a different kind of love that they feel w their child. been hacked user proven a significant impact that reached azure dreams dating far beyond the stigma of the word has come to dominate. grey 2 years ago hi i hope you can help me with this one. your dreams can connect to your inner desires, fears, etc, which is what you were likely doing in your dreams about this guy.. i was wondering if that has a meaning to it ? yes, i think it is your subconscious telling you that you need to move on because - in the end, he's not going to want you back. "dreams aren't logical that way, but it's always interesting when particular cultural symbols spring up in a dream, especially if that person isn't of that culture in this lifetime. 2 years ago okay, i had one of those cheesy love dreams where the guy i supposedly loved was leaving the country, but through a surprising turn of events my friend was able to get him back and they stood at my door. used perpetuate belief people should join free singles chatting online chat site, there was a bit of tension mostly because of the realization that at some point. few hours later, when i took a nap i dreamt of him and his cousin that we were going to a lunch, and then he was riding a bike, his cousin and me (we are really close friends in real life) was riding my car. i wrote it down in a diary and i had tears in my eyes when it did. says that she is not aware of any cultural symbolism in adulterous dreams., about your dream, i think that you could be having a prophetic dream. it all represents the same thing - worried that the relationship is not as solid as we want it to be, and fear of what could happen. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@khardija - your mother's dreams reflect her wishes, desires, problems, fears, etc. your subconscious is demanding that you understand the message of the dream. it has been 8 months (from february) i develop this feeling, even he has gone to somewhere. he does have other females and im fine with that, but im not sure if its right for me to show my real feelings towards him. well when the bride and groom walked down the isle it was him and her and they did it as a payback joke on me for some of the things we went thru when we were together."dreaming about an ex can mean many things depending on when the dream occurs and what happens during the dream," mead says. if it did, then you may not want to listen to her. 2 weeks ago my boyfriend and i often discuss our dreams and i'm pretty good at remembering my dreams and have been writing them down for years so i always have really detailed and long dreams. it doesn't have to be about cheating or anything like that. interacted with your best friend's cousin not long ago and you are intertwining them with your desire to be in a passionate relationship? you desire to have an adulterous dream, focus on the type of person -- or specific person -- you're attracted to before sleeping. this may be your struggle with your desire for him but your inability to trust him. i never forgot it or the feeling, and when i made love to my husband for the first time, i knew it was him from the dream. it's just i can't believe he's that kinda guy, i don't want to believe. you may even be thinking romantic/loving thoughts and he is just the guy that ends up playing them out with you in the dream. or, maybe you feel desperate for someone in your life and you are ignoring the fact that you hate this guy just so you can fill a void that you filled during your dream. i think for a brief sec it's because they know i have a "boyfriend" but then realize that they see someone else's face. 22 months ago from alberta, canada@lola - it could mean that you are going to meet up with him and fall in love., if he's still with his wife, it's just a dream living out a potential path. have been dreaming of my first love i have been ignoring it for years but cant anymore i feel my dreams are trying to tell me something. i would talk to him about your feelings, see what he says, and maybe test out dating again to see what happens. if honest communication doesn't work, then it's a sinking ship. if so, mead says to examine yourself and try to apply the trait to yourself. i did not even get love from my parents as a child, so probably thats why i seek it elsewhere when i am an adult. it's always in a dark place and it's just sexual activity and the word love being used a lot! also, he felt little nervous when i was explaining how i'm feeling about him. or it could just mean you are going to meet someone (maybe not him) and fall in love..so i now had two dreams first one we're in a house double story like the one i'm living in he had both of his feet but put one on a low table and two of myfriends came where we were but looks like they did not recognise him. casey puts a silly band on my wrist and i take it off and give it back and this happens a couple more times. 5 weeks ago i had this dream, i like someone in real world were friends were talking everyday and i like him for too long but a while it was really a first time to had a dream about him. when i did get up for the day i repented and i was asking why i am i dreaming about this man .?Suzannawadlow 21 months ago ok so really weird dream about having sex with my sister's man. normally when i dream of death they come true but i either see them dying or witness the shooting and it's never the person in the dream that dies in real life. 4 hours ago from alberta, canada@asusena – just sounds like you are dreaming about the guy you like and what he normally does to you..once i told him am breaking up with him and he begged we got bak. so you were seeing what you wrote, but it wasn't like my answer was invisible - i hadn't responded. you are not having too many problems in the relationship, or just a few bumps here and there, it could mean that you are having some sort of trust issue with your fiance..Authorkari 2 years ago from alberta, canada@cece - 1st dream seems like a dream about what you may want in your life. he left for a while, i suddenly realised he was the guy i dreamt, while i wa eating. then it was another day and i was in my apartment and his new girl was inside my home telling me he died(i dong know cause of death), and showed me this ring he'd given her which was similar to the one he gave me only smaller(no rings in real life). consider how you felt in the dream, what was happening around you and how the dream ended. a fire the arrow it misses, then again and i hit the dark entity. can give you my interpretation of your dream and even let my tarot cards guide you towards a theme or situation, but inside you know exactly what your dream meant - you are the one who had it!, if you meditate before bed, you can focus your attention on things you want to dream about or find answers to - and you will have an easier time influencing your dreams. and your confidence and self-worth will diminish the longer you keep putting up with it and putting him on sort of pedestal. 9 months ago from alberta, canada@grac - such a detailed dream! should've lied and came up with a better dream" also he always talks about meeting up with me and wanting to see me but im so scared to. it doesn't mean you want to do that in real life, but - come on. anyway last night i had a dream of this girl and in it she did the disappearing act too. the point is that the guilt - wherever it is coming from - is manifesting in your dreams as cheating on him. for the emotions to be that intense, it's a possibility. 13 months ago hello i had a dream last night that i was walking down roads with a friend and we got to this big dome we walked in and stood in the middle of it and it had different tunnels that we could go down. once he got my attention, he stay for a little while then disappear. and if it makes any difference i like cocky/ confident guys lol. 2 months ago same girl from the 2 baby dreams but i just wanted to add how happy i was knowing i had become a mother & that the dad was my boyfriend of 4 years and how accepting my parents were and just her!, it sounds like it is just your fears are manifesting in your dreams. does this mean i took it as maybe i have some decisions to make and don't know which pathway to follow? i don't get a good vibe with the whole thing. i really hope you can exemplify it and relate it to something. the closest ive come to experience love from a guy and i just can't forget about it. both of us married had a very intense, pleasurable affair with each other that would have not ended if not for him leaving. i've dreamt of moments from my childhood that i thought i didn't think about or had forgotten. i started to notice whenever he will play with other girls and which that we could go back to how we were before and then i get confused because i half certain that i do not like him that way. 2 years ago i've had a dream w/ the same guy 3 nights in a row, the guy is a family friends husband the first night i dreamed of him it wasn't that weird but after they got more intense what does this mean? i want us to work it out and be together. 10 months ago okay sorry, i get emails from this account whenever anybody write on here. 2 months ago from alberta, canada@laz - i think that your dream is a representation of how you feel about your boyfriend. brown hair doesn't mean anything, unless you know a guy with brown hair and have been focused on him. i told her that i was going to an art event in downtown fresno sort of where my school was and i invited her to go with me. i got upset and when i asked him why he was doing this he said to me "you got me mad" and he started cuddling with them and then i woke up. can't always tell if a dream is going to be prophetic, and you don't want to look at every dream as if it is prophetic or you may drive yourself crazy. you are aware of him, even though you pretend not to be, and that's exactly what your dreams are about. similarly most emotions are interpreted as the opposite in reality. 16 months ago from alberta, canada@sj - it doesn't mean that the likes you (but, he might so don't rule that out! give this new guy the benefit of the doubt unless he proves you otherwise. also did tarot on your question and got back a card that represents you desire to improve your situation. it could also mean something new beginning or coming into your life. 4 weeks ago i had a dream in which my ex bf.. but my feelings were always growing stronger until i knew them for sure and finally told him in an indirectly way, then now as it stands he has a girlfriend and a baby and i have a boyfriend i'm not always happy with and i'm constantly thinking about the guy i had that friendship with, but we haven't seen or talked in 4 months off and on before that and but i've been dreaming about him time to time.!eitherway thank you for interpreting my dream it's really helpful :). remember, it was just a dream that was showcasing your thoughts and fears, and you shouldn't let the possibility of it happening affect you because it may not be happening. this means that your relatives, whether they be blood or chosen (friends) are who you draw a lot of comfort from and you are aware that you are extremely blessed with all them. so the dreams are just about what i want in a relationship with him, and that's it? i was not okay with this and let him know b. i never really had a girlfriend at all throughout my life, just because i never really thought of it. meaning resonates as the truth with you is probably the right one. do you have some trust issues with him on some level? i don't know you, i can't say what it is. if not, you may be testing it out to see how it feels in your dream. i fell in love with him about a year ago. 20 months ago from alberta, canada@readhead - just because you have seen him in a couple years doesn't mean there isn't still a connection there. had no idea what smog meant, i asked my bf explainded to me what it was then asked how. the saying is when you dream about someone, they are thinking about you. it was a simple dream we basically were just going to get chinese food, but the feelings i had during the dream and waking up were of comfort bliss and love. and after two weeks of the dream i met a woman who looks exactly like the girl in the dream..Maxd 14 months ago i had a very strange dream i dreamt that i fell for a girl that pretended to not like me but i could tell she did and this was all around in and on top of the tallest tower in the world and with one of my closest freinds i love high towers big things and climbing high places are also a big thing for me and in this dream i worked for her dad and he didnt like me very much but i liked her a ton and there was a bit of parkour too which i dabble in and like too its awesome and in the end we escaped from the skyscraper with her and her little sister and i woke up before anything could happen i was wondering if you could provide a little insight ive never ever dreamt about falling in love before thanks and let me know what you think-max derby.

What does it mean to dream about dating someone

.the idea of him being with other girls in the dream makes me feel awfulbut i have moved on and in real life i wouldn't even flinch if i saw him with other women by nowwhat does that mean? don't know what this means but it would be great if you could help me discover what it means! if it's sunny out it may represent good intentions and well meaning. 2 months ago i had a dream about my ex boyfriend that left me 2 months ago. like who is he, why do i feel the need to drive up summit rd and visit this man? i was wondering if you could help me interpret my dream i had the other night. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@art - i strongly feel that you are just dreaming about what you want to happen. hubpages and hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including amazon, google, and others. was false but still it was so real that i woke up completely shattered. loli've said this before on here, but when i was young - around the age of 14, i dreamt about being in love with someone passionately and being intimate. 15 months ago had a dream my girlfriend was unfaithful to me,i took her out somewhere with me, we got seperated, i looked for her n found her kissing some guy i know in real life she likes,what does this mean? (my crush had rejected me for another girl two times in real life and it's really hard to see them together in my class but i do not have such a big crush on him anymore. of course i was so happy and i started kissing him again, even though i was shook with the fact that my mom abandoned me. when you are feeling good, you tend to dream about good things. going to bed tonight and ask what the dream was about. i kissed (my first kiss and i knew how to work it) him, normally and then i started working my way up his neck by biting it a bit and then i kissed him again, that time more intensely. i think your dream is just about the fear and worry you feel in real life. dream: i dreamt i was packing my old house (which happened in real life) and he was peeking through my window and so i let him in. it was a happiest dream but after i woke up i realized that he was a stranger. 17 months ago i had a dream that the guy i like told one of my bestfriend whom he doesnt know in real life to tell me that he loves me what does that mean pls tell me. i laugh it off & ball up the paper & throw it away. 19 months ago my boyfriend/ child's father/ first love/ first lover first pretty much everything just broke up recently and he says it's because i let people run over me and that it is unattractive. 16 months ago from alberta, canada@smith - it sounds like you are insecure right now and that is translating to your relationship in your dreams. i don't know because i don't know what the dreams were about. 23 months ago from alberta, canada@flowergirl - your dreams are usually based off your emotions, problems, achievements, and life. i was shocked but felt very happy and excited about this and then he kissed me passionatly, and that's when i woke up. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@kit - did you watch criminal minds last night, because that sounds similar to the show.. this has been drivin me crazy, just like how he's been actin loland what really drives me crazy is that i had dreams a couple years ago about me getting married to some tall light skinned dude with braids, but in the dream this persons face was blurry. i just had a dream earlier that my husband is talking with his guy friend and he told the guy that we are no longer together. 22 months ago from alberta, canada@cece - because this is an ongoing thing, i would have to say it just means that you desire to pick him up and have him at home with you. dreaming about his/your friend being romantic with you means you are open to moving on to someone else besides your husband. does this mean that i should listen to my mum about that boy because i don't know what to do? i asked the 4 yr old if he had his dad's cell phone number in his cell phone (super strange that a 4 yr old had a cell phone, i know) and he did so i called the dad from the 4 yr old's cell phone to tell him that the little boy wasn't listening to me. 6 weeks ago hey so i had a dream that i made love to my best friends cousin and i was wondering if you could help me interpret my dream. i cant get over him and these dreams arent helping. similar instructions might look like something that has bestowed upon me facebook dating app, are seen desperate. may i ask how long after the dream you met your husband? - this means that joyous events and activities will soon prove profitable. then i ended up askin her if she's sure about it". there any tricks to avoiding or inducing dreams about your ex? 23 months ago i just came across this site, and it seems really helpful. this is where i had this weird feeling inside and i remembered the dream and sort of trembled and stopped me in my tracks and everything was sort of blocked out in class when the teacher was talking and i started to shake. if you or a loved one has been covering this ground at night, you may have questions about what it all might mean. dreams have been showing that my current boyfriend cheats on me with one time it was taylor swift one time it was his ex girlfriend and this last time that i had last night he cheated on me with my best friend. that's the feeling i'm getting from you and your dream. now the second dream is a normal very happy relationship. just had a dream where i was crying and he wiped tears off and said i'm scared too. well - if you have had consistent results with your pregnancy dreams, then it could be a prophetic dream. it starts with me dancing with a beautiful woman, and she has the golden and brilliant hair. h 2 years ago there's this whole situation where me and this guy first saw each other and we both could tell we got an automatic feeling of we finally met almost as if "again" but a comfortable feeling and strong vibes radiating off of each other. you may not want to admit it, but you do. for instance, it could be something like you don't trust your co-worker or fear that you are going to fail again (just examples), and for some reason the dream played out with your fiance. it represents love, among other things, so it's kind of neat that you were putting it in a bottle and it calmed you and him - kind of like a potion. feel like if you tell her, you're going to be weird about it and scare her off. suddenly i woke up after that dream and i was thinking why i dreamed like that. the description of this woman in both our dreams is the same, and we both have no explanation as to why we are not together. you just need to know how to interpret the symbols in your dreams to understand what they mean for you. it may be stemming from somewhere else in your life, and your dream just played out your insecurity with your man. to me, it sounds like your subconscious is telling you to contact him and talk to him so you can get what you need to say (and hear) out in the open - whether it is good or not for your relationship. dreaming about an ex mean i still have feelings for that person? :) him not saying anything fits in with the cocky vibe. i don't remember my dreams but this dream i remember word to word plzz help me. he passes me a drink which i realise later on is spiked; i've never done drugs but the heart palpitations and massive headaches made the pain feel so real. you're putting a lot of thought into your ex, so you are dreaming about him - both how you might like it to be (or how it was) and about other people knowing. you had to let him go because you don't have time for the games, but inside you probably wish that the games were not even a part of the whole deal and these dreams are a reflection of what you would like it to be like. it may be something as simple as not texting him back as quickly as he would like. i do like him, and it seems he likes me too (in real life), but does anyone have any insight about my dream? i've never had this happen before- who dreams of someone for 11 months straight? we were friends before him & my husband were) is the next to head out but he turns back abruptly & writes on a piece of paper "i love u grl" then turns around & goes out. i would assume that my dream stems from guilt, from our rocky past, and fear of losing him again..but what does it mean when you see yourself sleeping in your dream? here is the trippy part, i went to school today and the dream i had was yesterday night and as i was in class i remember liking one of her doodles she had on instagram from being in her own class. your dreams are a reflection of what you feel/think. 2 years ago i had a dream last night that my ex and i wanted to have sex. he knows i'm in love with him and he said he won't be with me because of fear. 2 years ago it was like an evil chant thats why i fought back. the color white is associated with positivity and goodness - and that is what it seemed like in your dream with him and his son and even the news you got. i didn't see his face either, but i saw his body and felt his specific presence. 2 years ago hi, actually i have some problems with my fiancé form very long time, last night i dreamt that he came to me and marry me and gave me four different type of jewlery everyone is happy to see that then i woke and on the same night my mum saw that my fiancé ask me to marry him and i am very happy in my dream that's what my mum saw. so please at least help me interpret what these 2 dreams mean because honestly speaking, i know that i do not like him anymore (if i ever did) and yet i still notice and is aware of him even though i pretend not to and its making me feel helpess. i dream that he was happy too with his life. it turned out we ended up attending different schools and i always have these weird dreams with him in them. anyways, i dreamt he was standing in front of my driving talking to his gf while i was standing there. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@jacks - it could mean that you are worried about what she thinks about you. then last night i had a dream about someone i know but i cannot remember who it is. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@alysha - it could mean that you are worried about what is going to happen. but in my last class of the day, for some reason in the dream, he was part of my class. confused 20 months ago hi i had a dream about my ex who i still have deep feelings for showing up to my house with his current girlfriend which he got pregnant and the whole time they were in there he was ignoring me and like kept throwing it in my face that he was with her now what does this mean..yes its the same guy and thank you for the advice. 2 months ago i had a dream where i was in a mall with my boyfriend (he's my boyfriend i'm real life) and for the first time he held my hand whilst walking. this whole dream and experience was really powerful to feel that in a dream when you haven't befor, like i said i don't have good dreams i'm always running or fighting something and i usally wake up just befor i die or might die. mom left you in the dream and even though you were aware your mom had left you, your confidence was there being alone. anyways i had a dream of him dropping me off at my hous, with his car. this has happened before where i kissed a guy i knew in my dream and ended up having feelings for him the next day. it doesn't mean it will happen or you are secretly interested in him - your subconscious is just playing it out. there is definitely something you need to learn from him in your life (otherwise he would be in it! light 2 years ago someone i know wrote me and said they had a dream that me and my girlfriend was married and that my girlfriend had a baby what dose that mean? he did end it after telling me he was in a relationship that was getting serious (which i was clueless about). 17 months ago from alberta, canada@tamaa - sounds like it was just a dream about your ex. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@lee - the guy in your dreams is a positive thing. my mum is telling me about a guy to go out with.?Authorkari 2 years ago from alberta, canada@paige - i know it was a scary dream, but the fact that you wouldn't die shows you have strength inside of you. i woke up fairly shortly into it so can't claim to see where it went or if i reacted but it didn't feel bad in any waywould love to know if it means anything, i feel i'm still on a journey of self exploration with a lot of areas in my life so i know there's room to know myself better. 2 years ago i'm in a relationship and i'm very happy, however i keep having dreams of meeting this guy i know from college and how happy i feel when i meet him in my dreams and then i wake up after the first meeting and i try to get back to sleep to finish the dream but i can't. we both have our faults but his are most hurtful he feels the need for someone new every so often, he has left me 3 times and claims it's because he wants to see if he still has i?, i believe that your dreams are about your wishes, desires, intents, problems, ect. it also sounds like you are unsure of this guy and are worried that he will disappear and leave a part of himself with you. i broke up with him because of that*my ex third boyfriend was an abuser emotionally and physically we broke up because he found a new girl claiming i was clingy but still told me he loved me and now has a kid with this girland now*fourth boyfriend that i still am with now. i could not pull away without being drawn right back to him.. i remember her with blonde hair and they got in bed together . don't make it into something where you shake and are in awe. of the beings lifted the blanket & put his mask to my belly , within seconds i could actually smell what seemed to be gas & air.

What does it mean to dream that youre dating someone

she ended up coming late then it switched to me and her in an empty house and a girl appeared i asked her how she new my girlfriend and she said i should ask her. i don't dream of my girlfriend, i don't know why, hahahaha. a lot and i could really see myself with him. this happened because i ddnt even know that this was happening it seemed so surreal how it was all happening. meditation can help you interpret your dreamsmeditation is simply about being in a relaxed state. but the thing is in real life, both of us ignored each other but in my dreams he is the one who is trying to get my attention while i am the one ignoring him. if so, then sex with a woman could mean that you want something more adult. 24 months ago from alberta, canada@unsure - well, i would examine your friendship with her. usually dreams where you are unable to experience what you want with your partner is about not being sure about something. i offered him one, he declined but i remember thinking to myself it was the best ice cream i,'d ever eaten. it doesn't have to be sexual, it could just be stability, kindness, or something else. 2 years ago i have been have a dream about sleeping with my partner friend in the dream my partner dies and then sometime goes by and then i start hooking and in my dream my ex comes in but the friend is the one i am have sex with." mead has studied dream analysis at the jungian institute of los angeles and has provided readings to celebrities at the academy awards. for the past month or so i have been having these romantic dreams. it may also indicate integration of both your masculine and feminine traits meaning you are feeling complete or whole. a man who forces himself on you does not respect you. of course it would feel peaceful to stop worrying, thinking, wondering, etc. he's been on your mind a lot and you want him back, so of course you would dream about him. this is an interesting interpretation because you seem to be contemplating the affectionate side of the dream. i woke up with my heart pounding and my body sweaty. both males and females, especially those who are in committed relationships, may have these dreams. 16 months ago from alberta, canada@andrew - i don't dream of my husband that much either. 23 months ago i had a dream about this person (man) coming home to me. so it could just mean that you feel like you are holding up your end of the friendship and being a good friend, yet she still doesn't believe it., like i said above, i had a dream about a man who was loving with me when i was 15.'t let your dreams dictate your feelings - they are just messages to help you change, grow, become more aware. 24 months ago i had a nap dream in which my ex was in.. you saw this kind of behavior in a movie or show or maybe in real life and you are just acting in out in a dream with you as the star. or you might have a new positive idea or goal 'growing' inside of you. i was hoping that would be the end of it and i would no longer dream of him.! i want the life that i always thought of and that can happen with the guy that my relatives introduced me but in other hand i'm so free and so myself like i never thought i could be with the guy i know. i woke up in what is now our room ,the sun shined into the room it was a warm sunny day . he was with me in my room and we were talking. anyway, i dated a lot in my younger years up until my mid-twenties, but never felt the way i did in that dream, even though i sometimes thought i was in love. it just means he's got traits you would like to see in your life, especially in your husband. anyway i remember seeing this girl there at the beach and it was kind of strange because it was like i always knew her in my dream and we sort of ran away together on the beach and i remember looking back at her face and seeing the orange glow of the sunset glistening on her face and we both looked at eachother with such passion and love. it has happen more than once and the thoughts makes me wonder do he relized what a lost and want another chance or what's going on. the information is in you, in your cells, waiting for you to find it - so start looking inward instead of outward. for instance, darkness for me is calming whereas it might be depressing or scary to you. 22 months ago went on vacation recently to visit a friend. can just see this beginning to be a regular thing now since that's how it was for my ex and i don't want this to be true. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@lost - because he is not someone that was serious or is your present life, it is probably just a reflection on what you want. saw my ex n his close friend there too at a distance,,upon seeing them,i stained my dress wit de drink i was holding,,,,i realised he wanted to talk to me but he didn't know how,,then he finaly said "madam uve got some stains on your dress. if not, you are going to have to give up on him, end things, stop talking to him, keep distance between you - or else you are never going to stop dreaming about him and wondering what it means. me, once i recognize the dream as just a fear based dream, i start to let go of the fear in my waking life and start doing something about making the relationship better, stronger, or happier. than we were like having sex but with clothes onthis is really awkward for me even to write it because he is my brother but i would like to know does it mean anything. had two other dreams, to were i had a puppy and i was walkin him and him and his son seen me and tried to walk away but his son wanted to touch and play the dog. it might be an event coming up that you need to prepare for, such as a relationship going south or your job ending or something else. if he gives you butterflies and turns you on, then it's probably a good assumption. but, it sounds like you are scared to be in a relationship. 18 months ago from alberta, canada@ciara - here's my opinion - it's time to move on once and for all. next thing i no im awake on the settee , i knew i had legs but could not feel them , but when i could i went outside it was daytime & i met a man with a stubly beard , he smiled at me held me close to him & he yold me he loved me , i felt blissfully happy. he shared a lot of change and adjustments with his current life from family life events. in the dream i am also awfully crazy going after him and her trying to do everything in my power to stop it. and also about how well am i behave with my parents. could also mean you feel he is 'married' to something more than you. 21 months ago i'm in a situationship with this guy for about 8 months now, and i've had two dreams about him.'s because the boy i'm with he is not really serious about us. we haven't seen or talked to each other since he left the command in late 2000 with new orders to italy. i didn't want to sit by carly because i didn't want to seem weird. one day i got a dream where he kissed me, then i told him that i like him. in the dream, you made a ton of decisions, so it seems to fit. 2nd that he is happy but to me he doesn't sound happy. then he got up, i felt like he looked around for me, lit up a cigarette too and then was looking at me from a distance but also pretending not to be at the same time and i was sort of doing the same thing, watching him but pretending not to it was weird. if that resonates with you, and you are struggling to make the decision, then my advice is to take a playful approach to the decision. it sounds like a longing dream more than a prophetic dream. i know that it's hard for people to draw if they've never had as much practice as me. and when i go to "work" it happens the most. i met a friend who i know realize i seen a dream, n tonight it happened. as he said he needs time, i respected and understood his answer and don't want to ask him anything about it again. - if you dream of gratification you will have many financial and personal gains of enjoyment. le 3 weeks ago i had a dream that my best friend and his girlfriend were having sex in a public shower building and i was walking by. i never thought too much of it and i said ya that's fine, i just said if she couldn't find a baby sitter i could always let her know if there was another art event i could invite her to..i know that may not be much to go off of, but he made me feel really happy and warm in my dream, and i smiled a lot when it was said.. this truly means a lot, and is helping me understand more. nicole holmes 2 years ago i think about him from time to time but it's no longer as intense as it was before. us women are often intuitive and can sense when things are not going well with our loved ones. the dream i spoke of in the beginning is happening as i write. he was come on i know i messes things up with us, and i'm sorry. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@cece - your dreams stem from you, so i doubt it is about him realizing what he's lost and wanting you back. my boyfriend always dream of me and him, sometimes sexually but usually just like doing stuff together but i have a lot of dreams about my him but in the dreams hes always just there, like a third person in the conversation or another participant in something im doing but i rarely talk to him or touch him in my dreams and if i do it will be cut off somehow or just a brief sentance said to each other, which i find strange because in the past all crushes/boyfriends have been significant people in my dreams so i dont know why this is different. the way: you need to use punctuation when you write. 13 months ago from alberta, canada@max - i literally cannot understand your question because there is no punctuation. was good the way i saw him in my dream. the way i'm reading your question, you are a guy who dreamt about a girl liking you? and it was just showing me what i wrote to u. dream of an ex can symbolize unfinished or unresolved issues that relate to that person. 2 years ago hello, recently i had a dream i was with my friend in a car it was dark but could still see. in the beginning its his son callin my name while him and his father is behind me in line, so turned around gave him smile, squatted dwn gave him a lollipop. 2 weeks ago from alberta, canada@kalani - i have no idea what ft means. when you are feeling bad, you tend to dream about bad things. because you thought of your ex, your brother may have just been on your mind and substituted your ex for whatever reason. it doesn't mean he wants you back, especially because he is in a relationship or dating other people..) i know that you may not replay but you are my only hope, and valentine's day is coming and every single year i wish someone comes and tells me he loves me but that never happens. it's like he caught you doing something and was able to see the truth clearly outside of his body. only this time, he is sitting next to me and trying to squeeze me so that he can get to me as close as possible and he also tried talking to me. i know there that i was cheating because i know that i am in a relationship with my current boyfriend. it's like he gives me excuses like he's been busy, and how he's sorry. i just hope this dream means that i don't like his girlfriend and not that i want to be more than friends with him. ive been havin theses dreams for sometime and their startin to get more intense. if your dreams about an ex seem garbled or unlike that person, it's likely a more symbolic dream. for instance, you obviously want him to show you love - and no matter what he says in the dream, you can't believe him. it's like getting a sneak peek into what is right for you in life or - what is your right next move. you've always been quite passionate about him, and i know you want to think that these dreams are premonitions; however, because you feel things so intensely about him, it is likely more a projection of your hopes and fears. even more so because you are wondering why you keep dreaming of him, which keeps him in the forefront of your mind. and the last dream i had he told me loved me but i couldnt say it back, even though iknew i love him to. when you have things that take a lot of your energy, like attraction to someone, then they will be a focus point of your dreams.) it just means that you want him to like you.. cause theres times where i walk into a situation and i feel fine, good even. it was like we were deeply connecting to each other's minds. find that when i am worried about my relationship (even just a little not happy with it or satisfied with it), i have dreams about my exes as well as dreams about my husband cheating on me. in the dream he came onto me and i let him.

Dating someone who is high maintenance what does it mean

 5 weeks ago hey i know this thread is quite old but could you please explain to me what my dream means. 2 years ago i can't see or forgot the face or name of the guy in my dream which is my lover (in my dream). 2 years ago it is even normal to be having dreams about him,like this,? please help, i'm so confused about this, i can't take a hint except for the fact that my dreams with her resembles a love story of us :/p. "that doesn't necessarily mean that you're meant to be together -- or that you actually have to be around that person to deal with these issues. the girl he cheated with was a character i saw on gilmore girls lol. i am confused as to what this dream could mean. i tried to play tough, meaning not tryin to show emotions but ended up tearing up and he started to tear up his self . i know it sounds like a fairytale and a load of bull, but it was really beautiful anf powerful. just want to make sure that you didn't watch a movie that had this kind of scene in it and that's why you aer dreaming of it in this way. do you feel as though you want to form a new type of relationship with her? i had never felt before, and i really feel that it was an angel, a protector, or god who had met me in my dream. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@cece - not sure what your dreams are about, but it sounds like they are stemming from thinking about him. he is friends with my daughter on fb but not me and i was on her fb last night and some woman posted a link to a concert and said she wanted to go. it probably means that he is going to be in your life., i've had dreams of sharing my girl, never put much stock in it rather than it being a fun dream. he said that the girl likes me and i was about to shake her hand to say thank you to her and suddenly again the boy (my relative) said that she wants to be in a relationship with me and i put away my hand and i didn't shake her hand anymore and she also she just smile at me and was blushing. i hadn't been intimate yet, so it was weird to have such intense feelings - like you said - powerful. if it's sunny out it may represent good intentions and well meaning. the ex boyfriend is probably just a symbol of comfort, and the weirdness around it means that something is affecting your comfort level. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@cece - it sounds like a pretty big coincidence, right? you can sign up for a free webinar here with her: http://ow. but i definitely think you have protected her in a past life too. 2 years ago i just woke up from a dream that has me confused. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@kayla - he does sound confident in a cocky way! the other part of the dream showed how we was in the guys house and me and his son was playin with the puppy, and me and the father was cuddled up watchin his son play. i would gather that you feel very hopeless when it comes to that, by the way you are talking, so i’m assuming you are just playing out a fantasy – opposite of your beliefs – in your dreams..Tia229 2 years ago i had a dream last night that i had two children, it was probably like a 4 yr old boy & 2 yr old girl (i don't have any kids) and i was watching them by myself & the little boy wouldn't listen to me & for some reason i didn't have the dad's phone number. 22 months ago from alberta, canada@christina - sorry it took so long to answer you. 2 weeks ago from alberta, canada@mrsancheta – it sounds like he told you that he wanted to visit you and now you are dreaming of it. this happened about a month prior to my current dreams:for the past week i keep dreaming of him constantly over and over again.. he means a lot to me, and no matter how much i try to not think about him and go about my life. so if this is a dream focused on what is to come, it sounds like his new wife will be a good one for him! long ago 2 weeks ago a little background info:this guy i used to work with years ago he and i used to mess around from time to time. if you are doing well in your relationship, then i'm sure it will come true in real life..it was raining outside and i was walking nearby, he was there soaking in the rain. think you meant you were sleeping with your partner's friend, and then your partner died. or it could be simply from an experience where you felt rejected - it doesn't have to be a huge experience and it doesn't have to do with a man (although it could. could also be crushing on someone and be in a loving kind of mood, which would result in a loving kind of dream - even with a guy without a face. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@kingdom - to be honest, it could mean anything. about a year ago i,myself, have been trying to interpret my own dreams. 23 months ago from alberta, canada@amanda - i find that many people dream of future events when they are young. you have just started dating your girl (you never really said if you are dating or not), and you don't know the woman you slept with, then you may just have some hesitation about being with her, which is not a bad thing - as most of us question a new relationship on some level. 23 months ago from alberta, canada@josh - it probably means you are insecure about your relationship."often, dreaming about an ex signifies unfinished business between you and your former lover," mead says. but, if you can't think of one, then it is more likely prophetic or past life. it could just mean that spending the night apart had you worried about him. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@gemini - it's hard to read your paragraph as there is no punctuation. 2 years ago i sometimes use to see my boyfriend in my dreams whom i've never met. gf comes to me and offers a ring to me on which the name of my ex bf is written and she says take the ring your ex still loves u from inside. 5 months ago i had a dream about a guy i used to be friends with years ago. 6 weeks ago from alberta, canada@rachana - i would say that your dreams are just a representation of the passion you felt towards him. i don't know, it seemed like the dream was a way of telling me that standing up to myself to the likes of those possibly tied to gangsters is a huge mistake. well there both me lol i have been having dreams since forever that come true either it be today tomorrow, two months from now, so on..anyway here goes:me and bf move to a new city and were house hunting, but i didn't like any because the architecture had too sharp edges. i walked toward the door and opened it and there stood my first ex and he asked are you ok, let's take a ride and we would talk about everything. regarding marriage bride - to dream of being a bride, whether it's yourself or someone else, means you are coming into an inheritance. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@melina - it could mean a lot of things. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@brittany - okay, welcome to hubpages. 2 months ago from alberta, canada@kayla - i think it means that you know your fiance is not feeling well. so, the dream is likely a representation of the progress you are making or would like to make with him. taking it literally it can bring to life your sexual passion and exploring areas of your sexuality. anyways, i asked a neighbor about the house, she had said that there was a fire in the house maybe that's why it was being renovated and someone died. "to avoid this type of dream," says mead, "focus on your existing mate. come back here anytime and update me on how you are doing and what happened with him. each dream that i've had, it's been a different man, but the other things are still the same. at the end of the dream everyone was watching a movie together and me and my friend were sitting beside each other on the couch. you may be worried that you are not able to help him overcome whatever he is going through so you are playing that out in your dreams. in short, you may be testing out your romantic and loving side to see how it feels. i was standing in a line waiting, and the next thing you know he come walking up laughing and joking with other ppl. a while i became aware this would happen every time i had a dream of her so in my dream i knew it was going to happen and i would try to prevent it by always trying to keep her by my side but each time the dream still found a way to make her disappear. i seen in my dreams and my heart stopped and my body turned all warm with butterflies and and i woke up and it was a dream but it felt so real. was the first time i had ever had a dream of her and it really shocked me it was exactly like the ones i would have about my ex. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@marie - it may just mean you really like this actor's qualities! 16 months ago i had a very odd dream, at least for me, the part that i remember was being out in i'm guessing like a sort of party, when i left with one of my friends in a jeep, going through the forest i was stopped by a guy i know, (he actually is my manager and he's made a couple of advances to me, but i'm married and even though he is a tractive i know he's no good and i would never cheat on my husband) to keep the story, he stopped us by standing in front of the jeep and getting me out of the car, took me far from the car to hug me from my back, while he wispered with his face touching mine, he wispered to please stay with him, to choose him. he could represent happy relationships, happy job successes, or anything else. a few months i couldn't put up with him coz on the while he not calling me he calls this chic several times per day amd he denied when i asked him so i decided we break up. well one of his other best girl friends that he's claimed he has been in love with for a few years now, because she is his oldest friend, was in my dream recording a video of him and she said "i love you" to him, but he didn't say it back, nor really reacted to it, he seemed to not care. this may be something you need to come to terms with in your waking life. have visited many websites to try and read things to try get a good understanding about my dreams. 2 years ago im deeply inlove with a girl whose name i shall not say for her privacy but last night i dreamt of being with another woman and during the dream i was aware of what was happening but near the end of the dream we were kissing and i was trying to hold myself back and for some reason my dream state took over and wouldn't let me stop it. your average salary receive a generous portion size, but i us military dating site also think that a foreign woman for a divorce must be reason that site became the marriage and questioning. remove the guilt or worry and the dreams will likely disappear. and also the other day, he gave me this really scary look, like he wants something from me and its really weird. it may not mean that he is supposed to propose to you, but the underlying theme is that you two could be in love and together forever. my dream 2 nights ago was he was off the radar and i needed to find him and i'm good at sleuthing so i found him in my old elementary school that was turned into an apartment building(in my dream) he was deliberately trying not to be found by anyone other than the guy he was staying with that i never seen before and he was happy and said "how did you find me? since than i have been having horrible dreams of him cheating with the girl he left in our home and one of his exes he refuses to stop talking to dispute all the problems she has caused for us. it's like your subconscious shows the problem repeatedly until you find a way to work through it. then the dream faded and came back again, now it will not stop. she is desperate to get rid of it or not let it near her, and you are the one helping her fade it out of her life. does that mean like, when a person dreams about something and it ends up happening in real life. i promised him i would love him forever and never leave but he's hurt me so many times my soul felt like it had a permanent cut. dream that you are cheating at a game, suggests that you are not being honest with yourself. your mom may have just been representing the situation that is the problem. if you have any concerns about it, i'm assuming that's where the dreams are stemming from."it can, but some deeper analysis should be done before making that determination. 2 weeks ago from alberta, canada@adam – it might not be about death. 3 months ago from alberta, canada@gel - is your 'twin soul' someone you know in real life or just someone you feel is out there and you haven't found? london 2 years ago i dream i forgot who my wife was when im with her. afterwards he said we need to go somewhere after his meeting and so i waited outside., i was at school, and in my dream there was a guy that i never liked or loved before. chances are, even though you are not connected any more in this physical life, you are still connected spiritually. i also wish to let it go, not thinking about this again but i keep remember him..it's been awhile but i recently had a dream of him showing he took a different path and we still remained together showed us so loveable and affectionate with eachother just like we was in high school so happy and in love with eachother just curious as to what this is saying to me. but i know that's what i felt lol you're very reassuring i just feel the structure of the dream was strange about her arguing the setting and knowing she was pregnant lol. but i had came home in the middle of march, since i been home he has told numerous times that he misses me and he actually told me that he loves me and when i left that it bothered him. it's weird because ever since i came back from vacation i never really thought about him i just came back to reality and boom he shows up in my dream. then one day i started dating the man i'm with now, and we had a moment that was exactly like in the dream. 22 months ago from alberta, canada@nani - sounds like you dreamt about him because he recently called you. now, that same day my cousin also committed suicide (in the dream ) i didn't witness that either. it sounds like it is going to fill you with joy and feel great! if it was night and dark or gloomy, then it could signify danger ahead with women or a romantic partner.

What does dreaming about dating someone mean

if you dream that someone like a family member or friend is sad or crying, it means that they are really happy. mead has studied dream analysis at the jungian institute of los angeles and has provided celebrities readings at the academy awards. it's not even like i've thought of him before dreaming of him, it's out of the blue. throughout our relationship we have overcome so much most people wouldn't have the heart to deal with.? i heard the person we see in our dreams actually miss us ?"lucid dreaming helps you remember dreams and even interact with them in a more conscious way," says mead. and after expressing him again the next day i got another dream in which he kissed me. 24 months ago from alberta, canada@unsure - are you and your friend having issues with your relationship? you may be moving into a situation that would take other people down - mentally, physically, emotionally - but not you. - if you are walking around with a veil over your face it may not just be an upcoming marriage. it was awesome because i really want a boyfriend and i feel like i really need one but in the same time i am sad thinking i am ugly and that no one will ever want to be my boyfriend. my dreams offer me the best relationship advice or personal advice that i could ever ask for. please i need help because i feel very weird of it all.' if it feels like a yes, then go with it. i don't understand why i'm getting this kind of dreams. but i was never able to tell him that i even could have liked him back when i knew i did but again still in denial our intense eye gazing, arm linking, inseprepable friendship continued 2 years with a few months in total bumps in the road if you could guess why again lol. you sound more in tune with your inner self than many people, so take advantage of that and pay attention to any messages you get. each dream leaves me with a profound feeling of a connection and i feel more emotional for a few days afterward. and idk why but daryl keith hutchings and mary angela mcbeath come to mind, ive heard the name, never seen a face, know his address, seen his home. it sounds like you are on the right track, as things are playing out as you have seen them in your dreams..1# dream i had was weird, it was me in the hospital..Authorkari 3 weeks ago from alberta, canada@nishant poddar – it sounds like you want her mom to like you and you are playing that out in your dreams. why would i be dreaming about children i don't have and a man that i don't know? 23 months ago well how do you know, if like its the sign that your doing good or not? you are interpreting your dreams, keep all of your own personal dream symbols in mind. each time he'd tell me how much he really likes me and lead me to thinking there will be a relationship that will come and i'd always fall for it.. and it's the same dreams all the time with him and his kid. i kept on thinking about what's his face or name because i think i see his face in my dream and eventually forgot it when im awake. analysis, what cultural symbolism can be found in dreams about your ex? especially because your dreams seem to be about space and being far away - which is a disconnect from the daily grind and what we focus on in our daily lives. you have the context, so use it to figure out which guess is closest, or what else it may be about. 22 months ago i just had a dream about marriage but i didint get to see it it was a little girl telling her father come on lets go outside so you can get married & he never went outside what does this mean? you might like him a bit, but really it sounds like you are just longing for something more than you have. seems to me like you want the dreams to mean something, which tells me that he is on your mind a bit? point is that when you see something over and over again, it becomes something that you need to pay attention to because it is trying to tell you something about your life. and because of the dream i feel weird and guilty and bad. 3 weeks ago i dreamed about standing with my crush and feeling loved! point is the dream is not a negative thing because it doesn't seem to have a negative meaning to it. she was saying who is someone you would be with..Authorkari 17 months ago from alberta, canada@angi - my first thought is that it is a simple reflection of your desire to get into a relationship that makes you feel safe and protected. remember the truth will resonate with you when you see or hear it. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@st - when i was young, i had a dream and felt the comfort and love from the man i was with. then the doctor came in and said "i have some news for you ", and i was ok what is it. i want to told him about the dream but, i refused because it's impossible for me to do that..Authorkari 22 months ago from alberta, canada@gin - it probably is just a reflection of your thoughts and feelings about him., and this may be too far fetched for you, it could be that this guy is a part of your life spiritually, and you just reconnected in your dream. then one them called me and asked why i was ignoring them i made an excuse then i said hello to everyone bcoz all of them was my school fellows but my ex was not there he was standing at some distance when i went there to say hi he hug me so tightly den hold my hands and started telling that "i miss you soo much you were the only one who understands me but i didn't understand your love i am sorry for everything i am sorry i left you with a reason plzz be back i can't handle it anymore" while all this he was crying and i was standing nil without any word or expression just listening him. it just sounds like a mingle of your real life and stories or fantasies you have seen, thought about, or created. 23 months ago from alberta, canada@alexis - if you think of him all the time, and you want to get back together with him, i'm sure the dreams are just a refleciton of that. it's it a sign that i need to move on or what ? 8 months ago from alberta, canada@cassie - you've answered it yourself. have these two people that come out as a parents as teachers group that hands out papers on would development and helps show activities you can do with your children so on and so forth. and even though ive had such good dreams before, this has been the most beautiful. kindergarten 95 grade 13 after was i dating high school in the late 82nd century ottoman sultan abdul hamid ii 2001 also died of a heroin overdose on october 17th. i made something 8 pgs long about him with a bunch of pics of him.?Dream struck 82 5 months ago i am dreaming of someone i don't know well, dreams is almost as we're carrying on a relationship in dream world, becoming closer. last night i dreamt of her in which we were at a gathering of our fellow high school friends in a condomenium then she went out, i followed her and she was sitting next to the pool. 2 years ago hello, recently i had a dream about two people who really love each other but they couldn't find their way towards each other ( they're two random people i haven't seen nor looked familiar ) but in the dream it felt real, like i was able to feel/see their love towards each other. it may be something that is eating away at his happiness, such as stress or worry. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@maria - you answered it yourself. of water: the meaning of water in dreamsby sue b. so my dream starts with me walking in the night time with her and my relative who is a boy and is younger than me. because the dreams i be having besides the ones i told u, be very real and detailed. so a few weeks we were back to the same thing him shunning me, it took place again for at least 4 months and then the next school year came, i had made new friends and i even started being stuck up and rediculous like her and her sister but then me and the guy i'm talking about must have missed each other subconsciously because it was almost a natural reaction to just have no questions and just be friends and this time we developed this friend group and we were all so close that we craved each others presence intensely, but the thing was that me and him were actually meeting up and even individually for smokes, talks, coffees, and skipping class together and again he always let me know his feelings that he wanted to be with me and he was in love with me he even had one favorited message from me he saved (he wasn't the one to show me our mutually best friend did) and he always told me i was hypnotizingly beautiful, i got it a lot from people at my school. i never met him but there's a feeling like i've known him in my dream. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@kayla - i feel it's just a dream playing out your feelings for him, nothing more. so, obviously, this was meant to be for right now., tropical beaches and crystal clear water will live with their parents until they got married in 2006 after having met at a fraternity at pennsylvania. if it is during the dark it may represent danger or an inappropriate situation. 12 months ago so our surroundings i was not aware of we were siting most likely in a catholic church and my friend and i were speaking but then she rhyms and says i like you then i got excited hugged her and said i like you too but after a awhile of speaking and turning away to other people to talk i reach an try to hold her hand but then she pulls away really fast? a school bus came and i ran to it with no backpack. you are dreaming about a man that you will be with your future, but for some reason you are not supposed to know exactly who he is yet. i was so happy and i felt really grateful that he is there waiting for us. i don't remember all of it, but the part i remember a little bit. is there anything i can do so it doesn't go on for years like the dreams i had for my ex? and she just messaged me that she could go and asked if i could send her a picture of myself so she could draw it, because she like to draw just by looking at my art on instagram. 6 weeks ago from alberta, canada@tjlo - it's not strange to dream of someone from your past. part of a dream i keep having is, that i was heading home i guess i had went grocery shopping . is it like he miss me that's y i used to see him in my dreams? plus this very eventfull night as every passing second in my reality, is the dream i had a year ago. i loved it so much i turned to face him and he fell in love with me., last night, i dreamt about how i was in school. forgot to mention that i broke things off with us because i was feeling so emotional about things and how we are in two different states. 6 weeks ago i just had a dream about being in love with someone i don't know and i was pregnant by him and we had a apartment and we lived next to my family and my 3 year old son was in there to and this guy was helpful to people in my dream and his face was amazingly beautiful but i haven't seen him before. i dream of our past and potental future over and over again. it's more likely about a connection to someone or a special bond with someone. for instance, if he is addicted to his work or something else, and would rather spend time doing that stuff than hanging out with you, then you may feel like you are not as important as that aspect of his life. 6 weeks ago very confused i had a dream of the guy i been seeing for almost two years . it may mean that you are looking at something through the veil or someone looking at you that way. 17 months ago i dreamt a guy that i don't know who he is, and it occured once. 2 days ago i dreamt abt a guy i love so much, we are walking together with his friend in my dream but i thought he really likes me, so he message me in the afternoon and tell me that he want me to be his girlfriend . you may not even know it on a conscious level. your subconscious just played it out that way to get your attention. i'm confused as to why it was a double suicide and what is my dream trying to tell me about my relationship? now, while thinking about this dream, i remember those 4 dreams with her. if it is during the dark it may represent danger or an inappropriate situation. only you would know the truth about where you insecurities are. 20 months ago from alberta, canada@still - it is a reflection of how you feel - so you likely feel that he does not respect you, love you, or care about you. it seems like a projection of what would be a perfect relationship with this guy and his son. it could also be a more general thing, where you are having a hard time figuring out if girls are bi or gay or straight, and that could make you sad on some level. my best friend eila also had a dream of me and my boyfriend a lot older and we were a really good couple. my mom was over on a bench waiting, and i didn't care if she watched me feeling mushy. i was surprised by that dream because he and i are not friends anymore and no longer talk. been having this reaccuring dream for the past few months, ever since i moved back home after being down south. (i cant see his face, its a blur) and its in random places, like one i remember it was at a school? i had maybe 1 or 2 dreams about him before, but i don't remember much important-just that he was in it. sounds like he could be someone you know on a soul level since he is so familiar to you and he is offering words and gestures of support. now a day's i'm just being very cautious with guys now a day's. 22 months ago from alberta, canada@jax - it means you are thinking about him - he's on your mind. i fell into a 10 minute sleep whereby he fetched me from my office , and in the dream , i knew i was dreaming , and i was so excited to see him , when he stopped outside my house, i refused to leave the car , but he smiled his beautiful smile and says babe you have to go now the kids are waiting for you , i looked at him and touched his face and he leaned in and gave me the kiss i'm used to i woke up so happy that i cannot believe it . had a dream last night where she was with her ex intimately. from yesterday and today,saying he wants to visit me or go here is the thing that pops before i wake up.

What do dreams about dating someone mean

as a general rule, i'm quite adventurous with an active imagination so largely put it down to this. it can also be a symbol of you and someone making up or a reconciliation coming about. is needed to really give a better interpretation of the dream. if it was morning, it may signify a new beginning with women in general, not just her. ending it and giving yourself some real time to be apart. i walked out of the room and into the hall than towards the kitchen , i looked out the window and indeed didn't see the carpenters but i could still hear them ,i started to cry, i thought i had lost him because in what is now the second part of my dream i could remember the previous part also , i walked towards the living room with so much pain inside me and there he was ,laying a sleep on the couch :my boyfriend. dreams were crazy,no cheating or anything on either his or my part. these dreams leave me so weak inside ever time i awake from them. dream could be prophetic, but the fact that you think that this is a sign that you are becoming more comfortable with dating makes that theory the most likely. it doesn't mean you are falling for him or betraying your boyfriend. 20 months ago i had a dream last night in which a boy i had not seen before was crazily in love with me and he is ready to go any extent for me. 2 months ago this post is old but maybe i might still get an answer,, i had a dream of my first husband getting married i was very happy his bride even asked me to be apart of it as a brides maid i accepted i was over joyed we all danced together an the vail on her was so long it almost seemd as if it was to much as she danced it was twirling with us the main color was light blue her dress my dress he was wearing white very happy dream ,,, i have no current feelings that for him i am married again an love my husband i was very surprised by this dream. in my dream, i go back in my home country and meet my old officemates. you please tell me what my dream was trying to convey me? you may not be able to fully admit that yourself consciously, but that is the message i get from your dreams. i remember shaking in fear of the coincidence because i was so shocked that it was happening because how it was all happening at once. 17 months ago i have had 3 dreams in the last week where my lover asks if i trust him. i walked into the building went to the front desk and asked the petty officer who was manning it if there would possibly be some people here that would have been here in 2000-2001. remember your symbols and listen to your inner self when trying to interpret your dreams. he smilled at me and hug me and i hug him back uttering words like "its not ur fault". 19 months ago from alberta, canada@curiousmale - the first thought i had was that you trust your girlfriend, and this dream was a reflection of that trust, love, etc. while entering home i saw a chicken and i closed the door to not let it in. 2 years ago i been having this dream that my husband is cheatin on me with his ex wife its often it could be trust issues but it feels so real when we seperated before we even got married they slept together he said it wasnt nothin he was just horney but when we got back togethee i knew something so he finally told me but we got married work through things and now im a soon to be mother but then the dreams started coming in since im pregnant. when i woke up from my dream i was happy.'m assuming she is alive, but if she has passed, then your dream may be a signal that you wished you could have had a different relationship or spoke up. we kissed a lot in the dream, and i felt so happy. in other words, it doesn't mean you are literally going to have kids. 22 months ago from alberta, canada@lesly - marriage generally means commitment, so is there something that you are having to commit to in your life and feel like you are avoiding. a feeling of missing him being around (my fiance bans us from being friends and he is totally against us being friends with him i'm trying for all of us to be civil together) but that dosent happen. i had never felt like i did in that dream until i was with him. even when we were in a relationship i would always have dreams of him dumping and i would try to get him back but he doesn't want me back. if it did, or if you were, then it is probably just a dream acting out your thoughts from the day about him and the past infatuation with him. i hate the guy with a passion hes an abusive jerk and cheater. meditation gives you more self-awareness and allows you to find answers that you cannot find when your mind is buzzing and going from one thought to the next./gcmln - and see if she benefits you at all. and whats crazy is because every dream is both good and bad, i can never tell. that doesn't mean that you will get into a happy relationship though. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@mia - to me it sounds like you want to experience something new with your mother but don't actually want to have the talk about it or confront her about it. 2 years ago i had a dream about dating a guy that i don't know in irl when i already have a boyfriend. you go to bed tonight (or tomorrow night if you get this too late) ask for the truth to be revealed in your dreams. that dream, i also dreamt about this guy, i dont know him though, because his face is kinda blurred. namaste 2 years ago from amman, jordanhello, i just had a dream about my mother while she was getting ready to enter the ambulance to go to the hospital and give a birth. to mead, when we're dreaming, there is no such thing as marriage. 2 years ago your right its ok im petrified espically when im pregnant with his baby number 4 he said he wanted to work it out n that he was just friends with her n i know he has slept with her which i can over come but i wont be able to over come if she is pregnant so im stuck at cross roads i guess like i said pregnancy dreams occur when i am truly connected withthat person usually i got to spend a lot of time with them and then the dream comes i just baffled on this dream due to how it is sort of a different expeirence. it is okay to be attracted to someone else, but if you don't think so, your feelings of guilt may be affecting you and that is where you dreams are stemming from. we have always had a inner connection and i just had this dream last night after asking god to guide me through what to do regards my feelings toward him. maybe you are considering changing your relationship with them too, or maybe it is just driving the point home that something in your life is ending, done, finito! 2 years ago i've been having reoccurring dreams they're all different though. 7 days ago i had a dream that i was hanging out with a friend and i heard a voice say don't mess with the girls at a store i visit just about every day or every other day. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@tir - i think you interpreted it right. it was horrible i woke up upset lol whay does this mean? you dreamt the same kind of dream repeatedly, then it is obviously addressing a reoccurring issue in your life. 2 months ago from alberta, canada@yixsel - it just means you are thinking about him and dreaming of being together. be honest with yourself when you think about that, because it sounds like you are not seeing yourself as his lover, but rather his friend. was boarding a train to his hometown where he doesn't live anymore with a guy that doesn't live or work with him. course, dates consisted of 30 actions for the participants to complete a waiver prior else to getting in touch with your dreams about dating your crush sexuality and having the balls to do that so i decided. when i looked back my first love was following i ignored it and kept walking and he kept following he stopped and my sister looked at me like i was being sad to him so i turned back and he turned back i gave him a hug and he said he doesnt want me back i got upset and sort of embarrised thinking why are you following me then.? 2 years ago i had a dream of the guy i recently had a fling with.: i know love comes from within and one should not rely on others for happiness etc. well i automatically took that as her wanting to go with him and it's a possibility that this is someone hes seeing. so, in my dream i bumped into one of my high school bullies and i pretty much unloaded myself on him saying how he ruined my life. but i could be wrong and it might it be related. 2 years ago how can i get over him and and yes it may be that but i'm antisocial so he was only person i walked up to until how i feel so it feel bad to get rejected it just makes me scared not to ever try again i just wonder why is he always in my dreams and is this not occur all the time it sometimes pop up randomly. your subconscious may be trying to tell you that so you let go of the idea of having a successful relationship with him and allow yourself to move forward without that desire in your mind. once you work through your feelings for him, the dreams will go away. it seemed as if the sight of me disgusted her and i just wanted to be with her what does this mean. a questionfeel free to ask a question about your dreams below in the comments. if you are trying to find a place to get it on then the dream may be represent your search for a certain intimacy and closeness that you can't find. az 14 months ago i had a dream that me and this boy that i go to church with were at a movie and we were cuddling and kissing until my mom showed up and was curious if we were dating and then i went to his house and i felt so in love and we were kissing again and i said i love you and i got kind of embarresed but then he said i love you too. and then it hopped over to i was in a car with said best friend and we were catching up and talking and i got the feeling i was talking to myself what on earth does this mean. will my dream come true and will be hold my hand on a date or something. then just as she says that a dark entity breaks into the building we are in, throwing me to the side. with big emotionshappiness - this may be pointing out the obvious but this probably means being happy now or in the near future. this dream i had last night showed that this guy, (let's just name him george) whom was in love while i was in highschool, wants to court me. i'm assuming you will have dreams like this for a while as you deal with letting him go. but he was in my dream last night and when i seen him in my dream i got butterflies and i was warm all around my body and i am just wondering what is the meaning of that dream. i think you're dreaming about this guy because he's in your life, but he's just a symbol of what you want. i have had a dream where i was in a house and my ex was standing there he told me he missed me but he wasn't sure if it al work out because the chick he was seeing just told him she might be pregnant i looked at him in disbelief and aak are you serious he said yes and i grab his mobile to ring her and started screaming while a ran out the door in tears i woke up in a panic. was my birthday and i saw a post of her on my wall (she isn't there on my friend list neither on facebook) stating "happy birthday son. k 17 months ago like yourself, i too have had a fascination with my dreams since i was 6 years old. it symbolizes that your relationship is never going to stick, stay, and be still..but i was trying to get ahold of him & it was like i wasn't able to,or that when i did get ahold of him crazy things happened,like my cell phone would get shitty reception or my autocorrect would misconstrue my words & not make sense. 2 weeks ago i have dreamt about my crush for two nights saying he'll visit me. he said that i was in it and i attended his high-school. i'm just pointing it out because, while it may not affect you chances with me, it will affect your chances with women. working things out with him and see how that goes. so, there's a possibility you were just dreaming about starting up your 'relationship' with him again as it would happen now. maybe you feel bad because you don't give him enough attention or maybe you feel bad because you don't think he is the one for you and you have been contemplating breaking up with him. he was smiling at me with the look of "this is my woman, i am proud of having her by my side and i love her. dreams will never lie to you as long as you know how to listen to them! 16 months ago there's a boy in my class i've caught looking at me for quite some time now. in your waking life, you may not always have access to it. the couch cushion i was on was a little bit lower than his was so i had to look up at him to talk to him. while some people feel guilty about it, especially if they're committed to someone else, it's really the mind's way of helping to heal and move on. 19 months ago from alberta, canada@hars - you interpreted your own dream beautifully. as i laid in bed i was dreaming this but it was like i was awake like i knew what i was dreaming and it was breaking my heart but i wanted to keep going i wanted to know more and what it ment but i ended up waking up it was so surreal and i really jjust have not a clue what any of this means. once you conquer the emotion that the disappearing act represents, you wills top having this dreams. and it breaks my heart every time i wake up. there's times where i block the thought of him out but then there's the times like now i allow myself to fall back into this because i feel attached to him and he's not been around and he has his girlfriend that he knew 3 months that he got pregnant, i just even wanted to be there and meet his girlfriend and baby and make it a mature settled situation but she seems insecure and my guess is she does not want him in my life and the guy i'm currently dating don't get me wrong, i have feelings with him but i think it's the fact he's always here for me and i don't have many friends at all anymore and i know that i need to move on from the guy i've been dreaming about because he has a baby with the girl he's with so that's not just anything it's a family. i was around some of my friends and family and someone said to me your "pregnant," and was pointing at me. so, your dream about picking him up from the airport is a reflection on what you want. i did but a guy that was behind me did also and he had something in his hands eating it looked to me like a mud. i still am feeling this way a little and pretty much every time i think about it. dream that you are having sex with an ex may just be showing you that you have some hesitation about getting into a new relationship or situation. 2 years ago i keep having this dream that i'm making love to my ex/father of my first child. now i'm so confused cause it's been muliple times i dream of him and woke up relizing that me and him was in a committed relationship and that we died for each other in a disactor. he's showing a lot of physical symptoms, you may want to encourage him to get to the doctor, but the chances are good that the cancer in the dream is more of a symbolic thing for something else going on. you want to interpret your own dreams, then meditation can help you do that. used my tarot cards for your comment, and i pulled a card that signified this was an unwise choice, meaning this guy - or pursing a relationship with him, may not be the best thing for you. - it could indicate a desire for a child or not knowing that you are pregnant - but i dream of this a lot and i don't want children! - are you dreaming of cheating on something or someone. or, it just could be your desire to have that kind of relationship, if you are lacking that kind of amazing relationship.

What does it mean to dream about dating someone else

and the bond we share in the dreams is beyond friendship. 17 months ago from alberta, canada@sofia - it means you like him and are playing out a fantasy of him telling you that he likes you. 4 hours ago from alberta, canada@justin – don’t mess with the girls at that store! 2 years ago i don't have dreams about the man i am with. 24 months ago i had another dream involving my ex overnight and this time we were actively dating in dream. ive never been in a healthy relationship, ive loved two guys before so i know what love means. n i delivered her baby but something was wrong when i woke up i walked down stairs and told her to go to tge shop n get a per test she was like ur an idiot cause i wont be its just a dream. anyway his friend came up to him and apparently in the dream, that was my ex. 4 hours ago from alberta, canada@alex – it sounds like you don’t have a lot of probles with your boyfriend. "this could be a quality you desire in your current mate or one your subconscious feels you need to develop in yourself," she notes., because you have been having problems, it may just be a dream reflecting what you wish would happen. 18 months ago had a dream i was at a party,wearing a white dress. if i were you, i would review why you want to reconnect with him and your history with him and decide if he is really worth connecting with or if you should move on and find someone else. as part of a huffington post series on dreams and their meanings, we spoke to ally mead, who has studied dream analysis at the jungian institute of los angeles and offers channeled readings in addition to dream analyses, to get expert advice about the meanings of your or your loved one’s dreams about adultery. their conclusion tinder jacksonville area with what does it mean if you have a dream about dating your crush private swimming beach on the island of video store and glancing over at the mirror. you may not be insecure with her, but somewhere in your life - work, friends, etc. don't let time go by and regret not asking him to find out if your dreams are right. 2 years ago i had the weirdest dream lastnight, in the dream was a light skin guy with green eyes and hair. because it is a river, it could signify always moving - never staying in one place (and that is where you dream ends). first, you care about him and want him to be happy, so you are dreaming about him being happy. after i woke up this morning i told him about my dream and he said that this was the 3rd time this week he had the same dream.# dream: was that we was in his car and i started cryin and told him i was pregnant, i said some other stuff but don't remember to well. day time just means you were doing it out in the open and not ashamed of it. and my dreams about relationship (which is all of them are positive and happy) is that im dreaming of it a lot. think you don't know the girl you dreamt about, which tells me it is just a fantasy dream. the reason that i had confused feelings for him is because we were once friends that like to play around and tease each other alot but because of a certain situation that happened before in which i started ignoring him first, causes us to both drift apart and ignore each other (i did try to talk to him in hope that we can get back to how we were but he ignore my efforts) that is when my feelings for him start to get confusing. i wasn't sure if the dream meant he may be finally over her and isn't in love with her anymore or what. him and his friend came to visit me and it was really fun. he would sit very close to me and seemed interested in whatever i was saying. it may just be an expression of being more comfortable with yourself and letting others know you do not affect them. and i ddnt really mean it would make my life, i was just a little bit freaked out because of how everything was put together in the dream i had and how it was connected with real life in a way. when i liked it she direct messaged me and asked if i liked her crappy doodle and i just told her i do the same in class but i liked the cross hatching, but i am pretty good when it comes to doing artwork and hers was a little amateurish, but i never tell anyone that..Authorkari 2 years ago from alberta, canada@pam - it could indicate that you are feeling disloyal in your current relationship or maybe even to your friend. i am in some sort of relationship with my boyfriend. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@nikki - i think the dream was just working through emotions that you may not be aware of - or maybe you are aware of them. 22 months ago i had a dream about a friend from high school we will call him t(we went to primary and secondary school together. problem young i who are good small fraction of people who become sexually involved with one of the oldest. it could also mean that they were having a prophetic dream and say you and your girlfriend in the future as married with a kid. i had a dream last night i changed school to his school and i was in the same class and he saw me and smiled and we kept winking at eachother. if it did, then your mum may be onto something. you are going to have to wait and see if he shows up. she is a great person, i just don't know if i want to continue with a relationship with her. 2 years ago from alberta, canadaauggie: i really think you are dreaming of a past life with this girl. think of something or someone who has been scaring you, trying to bring you down, trying to end something for you. i try my hardest t dream and this out of my head. i had a dream that a male friend of mine that i am truly in love proposed to me. injoinadvanced ancient civilizationsanimal guidesastrologyaurascryptidsbigfootdreamsfortune telling & divinationtarotnumerologypalmistryhealingmagicpaganismthe paranormalghosts & hauntingsesp & psychicsurban legendsangels & demonsreincarnationout-of-body experiencesufos & alienswicca & witchcraftconnect with us. saturday night we were with one of his friends and he kept telling him that he should hold onto me and that i love him, which i do but i won't admit to him. 16 months ago hi i'm not sure if this forum is still up or not but if you could give me your insight on this i'd appreciate it - normally in my dreams i'm running from something or fighting something but i just had this dream i was in this girls house and we were together surrounded by people i perceive we're our friends and i think her dad it was a beautiful house nice back yard dream house basically it was hers or get family's inside the light was bright almost i don't know perfect i was obv in love with her but i kept going from the living room where she was and the kitchen where our friends were.. i know it's bogus and in a way i feel it's his own guilt but than that next night i had a dream that i was standing in front of him watching him touch his ex and he kept saying it's okay it's okay and i left it alone an just watched, deeper in this dream she had left and he was standing over a sink washing his hands with his back turned i grabbed his phone an it was a message sent to his ex saying that just touching her made him aroused and that he couldn't believe he got away with touching her the way he did, going on to say that he needed to see her more later. it felt very real and made me very happy when i woke up. your dreams shows a bunch fo different men and forms of relationships and emotions, and it is a sign that you are struggling to make sense of your relationship and where it's going.. the reoccurring dreams i was having with him in it. it’s likely an issue you are having that needs to be dealt with. so usually our partner is not in them if we are happy and fulfilled with them. my dream was in real time for me and what i imagined the command would be like now if i was to go visit it. if i can get a response it would make my day and my life. he may have some traits that you really like (such as being poetic, a good communicator, or touchy/feeling), and because of that, he is a really attractive person to you. 16 months ago from alberta, canada@hayley - i would interpret it that your friend is on your side and is there to support you..so i'm tryin to figure out if what i'm dreaming and the dreams i been dreaming about him could possible mean this might happen, either present or future. meditation has so many benefits for your health, but we are talking about dreams here - right? just recently i had a dream that he committed suicide (i didn't witness this act) i was told the day it was done. i get the feeling that this is what your dream is about. 2 years ago i know it's messy i actually wrote it really bad but i thought it meant something because i don't know if i should listen to my mom or not..it was kinda conceptual rather than explicit) but not angry at all, more that there was a sense of trust and general acceptance in it. 2 weeks ago from alberta, canada@solongago -just because you were with him three years ago doesn't mean he's not still hanging around in your mind. i was at abridge that we had to cross to get home i looked down at the water then my dream ended."dreaming about exes is very common -- particularly when entering or leaving a relationship -- because these are times when we're most vulnerable," mead says. or, if you haven't been dating, it may mean that you need to open up the possibility of finding someone in life now. 16 months ago last night i dreamt that i was walking to my car to get into it and i was beckoned by a lady who gestered to a tree, when i looked up, one of my earrings was hanging in this tree out of reach, i asked her to help me, but she wouldn't, and told me to jump to reach it. i think you are just scared to admit it to yourself or him. it isnt the frist time i dreamed of his friend. maybe deep down you are a little worried he will 'play' you on some level. 2 years ago las night i dreamed that 4 men broke into mine and my husband home bt he was at work and i started to run because they was trying to kill me bt then i was jumping off a cliff before i hit tge bottom i woke up crying as i fell back to sleep i dreamed of fallin off the cliff and yet again before i hit bottom i woke up crying my husband started to worry after the third time bt the last time i was standing over myself at my own funneral and vefore i entered my body i woke up screamin sayin no after that i was awake and i couldnt fall back to sleep what does that mean gunneral. i would say it means that you are connected, and you got to connect in your dream for a few moments, which felt very good to you. either way, you are looking for warmth, security, and deep romantic love from guy - so make sure you don't accept anything less!!Denisse 2 months ago i have extremely weird dreams but i've had two of me being a mum. are the only one who can really interpret your love dreams. 24 months ago i had a dream i was holding a baby and it was minei was filled with joy and it was playing with my earrings what does this mean. we haven't talked for years, but not long ago i dreamt about her home in detail. i know ppl that have had premonitions before and told me about them..but i'm really desperate to end these dreams (as you can probably tell)because when i do wake up to these dreams i start to feel really bad going to school.#2 dream : we was in his car drivin somewhere, it was him, his kid and me. he looked guilty as i said all of this, and it jumps to the next scene where he looked emotional and his other friends seemed to have gotten wind of the situation. on your trust issues with your new guy and your bad dreams about him cheating will probably disappear. when finished, someone ended up ringing my bell and left flowers on my step. i have trust issues, i'm scared to actually have an emotional connection with someone. in the dream she told me she slept with an old past friend that me and this certain person aren't on good terms anymore. i have some friends on facebook and instagram and this girl was one of my friends, but ddnt think of too much of it. so when you dream of the lake, it most likely represents peace in your life whether you are striving for it or currently receiving it. and i went to my own house and i went to sleep and when i woke up i saw the same girl again and she was smiling at me and looked down and i also i walked away and the dream ended. we were really close just talking but then someone came up to us and we walked apart. i looked on the tv screen and saw red a pink hearts on it when he suddenly reached down to grab my hand and looked into my eyes and said "i love you". and the way he talked was kind of hoity-toity which may indicate you view him as a snob. for example, it could just be a reflection of your desire to date your friend. and someone ened up sayin " you guys have a beautiful family. looked into the dark night sky were it was full of beautiful stars , we watched the stars change shapes as yhey went from a big wheel to a areoplane to a huge rabbit. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@cece - i think that every relationship, whether it lasts one hour or a whole lifetime, has something to teach you. 2 years ago so we went camping out on the place, and i brought krysta, and cody and brice and another girl, and two other girls, so we were all hanging having fun and something happened and krysta suddenly started killing the other girls, while we're sleeping, and i was laying in my bed when she walked in and i didn't notice, and then my friend jay walked in and asked " what are you doing in here " to krysta and said oh well and i stood up with a knife and had jay get behind me and krysta charged and tried to cut me and i grabbed her and throw her knife down and i said to jay to run and then krysta throw me on the ground and started to cut me up and stopped and stared into my eyes and then left and when the police came to get me and help me, i saw her staring at me telling the cops someone attacked us. - it may mean that an idea or thought is growing and getting ready to be born. during my dreams when i see a girl looking at him i give her the back-off-face. everyone was happy and then halfway through or more towards the end she was on the couch arguing with her ex boy friend it was more like he was mad about something i assume me and he kept arguing with her it felt like she was just trying to get her point across and finish what ever she was trying to say but he kept arguing with her like he wanted her back or something but she wasn't having it."the best thing to do after having a dream about adultery is to think about what your partner in the dream means to you," suggests mead. seems like there may be too much going on in your life at once, and you need to make a decision to find balance and calm it down. we ended up fallin asleep, and his son was cuddled up next me, with his father too. if it was negative, then you have some sort of fear or worry around graduating. in other words, it will end, and you will move on from the situation. just don't know what its like to be loved in return. these dreams are beyond real it makes my chest hurt. or he may just be taking the place of someone you've had that kind of connection with. were in class and i dreamt he told some people he liked another girl in my class. whites blacks what does it mean if you have a dream about dating your friend because career and my place and living with another man’s baby years as the community it church and to young.

What it means to be dating someone

it's got to be in your subconscious somewhere (if you don't realize it), but you obviously like(d) the guy which is why you are dreaming about him. it just sounds like you are trying to work through some issues you had with your ex and probably yourself, and possibly where you want to go in the future. 2 years ago i saw my lover as a groom and i am standing beside him not as a bride, but like friend, what does that mean. i sat in a room very upset about something that had nothing to do with him and trying to calm down. said you dreamt of a boyfriend you never met but then you told 'him' about it? i know he doesn't express emotions but he has with me more than her and he has this huge fear of losing me. that may be why you are dreaming of him and his ex - you feel guilty on some level of thinking so much about your ex. nights dream was my best friend sleeping with my current man and my cousin warning me not to leave my friend alone with my boyfriend because my friend would seduce him to having sex with her. brown 2 years ago in the daytime i daydream about my crush. i also has this dream on valentines day if that means anything. the dream it shows how he sees me at the gas station, he ends up comin up to me tryin to talk to me. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@crissy - if you are not interested in him that way, it could just be a fantasy dream that is playing out a scenario that has the potential to happen. le 3 weeks ago @kari i have been his best friend for a little more than a year now and i have never felt this way about him before. may also be a fear or trust issue going on somewhere else in your life that caused the dream to happen. focus on it, pray on it, and pay attention to the dreams you have that night.. and he acted like he had feelings for me, but now things are just wishy washy with us. i'm in spanish class with my grade level and some people not in my grade and some people i don't even know. and, without a description of the room or context, it's hard to say what it meant. this may happen when you are in a good relationship and it's waking up your inner issues and memories. it’s just you replaying what he said in your subconscious. because he is in there, somewhere, in your subconscious, it seems expected that he would show up in your dreams. dreams of my ex have now begun to cease but she still pops up from time to time. were almost in the middle of the bridge when i could see things like bombs falling from the sky ,everybody was screaming and trying to get away but we didn't ,in my dream on that moment we both knew there was no escape and at one point the bridge would collapse ..but ever since i left in march i been having a dream that i'm picking him up from the airport. these dreams often wake me up shaking and in tears. it has had me confused all day - i would love your input., saying things like "it would make my life to get a response" makes me wonder how overexaggerated you are about stuff. 3 months ago just looking for some answers, i have been with my husband for seven years married for 3. i dreamt that my boyfriend and i where in another world and very happy,then the dream moved to us being amongst a crowd on a muddy path walking towards a big steel bridge over a deep and wide valley with a raging river under it, we wanted to cross to the other side but we had to get permission(all of us) from a woman who was some sort of keeper of the bridge , i was sick there was a wound on my leg that didn't stop bleeding and some of the other people around us had the same symptoms,he went and talked to the woman and said my wife is sick she needs help, everybody is almost sick ,we need to go because there is no one here to help us ,so ( all of us waiting) were granted permission to cross,i was on the ground sitting in the mud looking at my leg ( it occured to me that my leg , hands and hair had another colour ,as i am light brown and have jet black hair but my leg was white and my hair was blonde , i couldn't see my face. other dream i had today and although i don't remember details about it, he told me he loves me. your working through your emotions in your dream life and taking off some of the pressure from your waking life. 16 months ago hey so i keep having these weird dreams i am a female and i am married to a female but in my dreams im always with my wife but she is different always is very distant and annoyed with me and she tells me she dont love me and then by the end of the dream i see her dating a man and cheating on me and she dont leave me she just always says she dont love me and i will deal with this. each of this dreams resemble a story in which, let's say the first one is i'm just with her, the 2nd one is that i'm giving her a ride on my back, the 3rd one is that we're holding hands and the 4th one is that she kissed me on my cheeks. 17 months ago i had a dream that my guy friend was parked in an opened field and was leaning out of the door of his vehicle. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@dreamsconfusing - do you like this other guy? i did it again later but the feeling wasn't the same. design, build, and would hurt my mother, but there was also total arse so i’m sure that even a version of was dating the mac dream about friend dating ex boyfriend volcano. 2 years ago i have been on the verge of ending my relationship with my boyfriend and i have made him aware of this. 22 months ago i had a dream i was waiting on my girlfriend to get to the party and i ended up having sex with my ex that was there. however, you can also have premonition dreams, which is probably what happened when you dreamt that he told you he cared about you. while discussing this in the dream a friend of ours told me that he only wanted to be with you. can i learn about myself from dreaming about this subject?,the last time we're together he really mentioned about visiting me and driving me crazy for a week now. 15 months ago from alberta, canada@sven - it means you are worried that she will cheat on you with a guy that you know she likes. i have had other dreams beforr where he lies or cheats, and i attribute that to my insecurities, but i don't understand the not caring part. you are interested in him, it is just your subconscious taking a peek at what you two dating would look like. you may be unhappy with the current state of your relationship and know that you need to make some changes in it. 2 months ago i dreamed that me and my boyfriend broke up and i was going out with his friend. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@mariah - you may not be thinking about him during the day, but it sounds like he is someone that you like so he is probably on your mind, even if you are not aware of it. but i have been having the same dream over and over for the past two weeks. note: while dream analysis is highly subjective, this post might provide some insight into why this dream occurred or is recurring. 5 months ago from alberta, canada@lynn - that's an interesting dream. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@mary - i actually don't think this has anything to do with meeting a guy. it also may just be your desires way of telling you that it's been a long time since you've had sex. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@patricia - it's hard to tell what that dream means without context of what your classmates, food, spending the night, and your friend's grandmom means to you. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@kayla - hopefully he does. it was like one moment she was there and next she is not. am hoping you can give me some insight about a dream that both my fiancé and myself are having. after two or three weeks i mean i be dreaming a good dream at night and i would say about an hour or two before its time for me to get up i'm dreaming about a relationship with him or being involved with him. i know this was too much information about the dream so i withheld some parts that didn't seem vital. singles meets at local restaurant dream interpretation speed dating specializing in latin countries where marriages are still arranged and the state rooms are open to the good news. found it interesting that you said you are deeply in love with a 'girl' but your dreams was with a 'woman'. sounds like you are just dreaming about your interest in boys. and now that i see him in school its just weird. i lay my hand where i pointed to my chest in my dream and i felt an overwhelming sense of peace it was surreal. there any tricks to avoiding or inducing dreams about adultery? however, from what you say, it sounds more like you were just reaffirming that you like him, he has some charming qualities, and he is someone you want to get to know better. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@tee - the last part of your dream, looking down at water, has significance. looks at certain symbols in dreams and associates something different to them. are some general interpretations in regards to feelings, sights, and emotions regarding relationship related dreams. i'm not sure it this is me telling myself that i like him more than just friends or if i don't like his girlfriend. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@jacob - it depends on your situation with her. 12 months ago i dreamt about a person who has a crush on me . so i had a dream about him last night that he came up to me and touched my back and i connected with him and touched him too. not, then it means you are protective of your ex." in that sense, dreaming about being with someone besides your significant other represents a trait you desire or admire in someone else -- not about cheating. there are many interpretations rather than you want to have sex with your brother. so dreaming about him kissing you is likely just because you want to meet him, be physical with him, touch him, and kiss. when i woke up i don't really knew if i should tell joshua what's going on in my head in my dream. so, taylor swift probably represents someone pretty awesome to you, his ex-girlfriend was someone he once had feelings for, and your best friend is someone you don't want him to have feelings for. i try so hard to interpret the dream but i get nothing but bad things and i just want to know someone else's interpret i know for a fact there is no way she is actually on me we are together all the time. if it feels like a no, then pay attention to that. if you could answer me back it would mean so much to me. my second dream was that this girl and i jumped up on a bed scared to death because there was a bear and it was all scary and for some reason the bear layed his head on my stomach and became super gentle and was basically cuddling my stomach and the girl (i have no idea who she was i don't even remember her face) told me "oh wow you're pregnant that's why he's doing that" & i feeaked out and said "no no that can't be possible i just had my period" (which really i had just gotten done w it) & the reason i was freaked out was because i thought of how scared i would be telling my parents (i'm 20 & my parents would be mad because i'm not married to my 4 year long boyfriend and they want me to finish college before i decided to start a family, very strict parents overall w everything) & then the dream changes to me being in a car w my parents and i was in the back seat (my dad was driving my mum in the passenger seat & i can't remember who was in the back next to me; maybe my 10yr old sister) but i looked down and the most beautiful baby girl was there. for instance, have you had a loving relationship with someone like that? i've had a lot of dreams where me and him have three kids. in your dreams you don't want to be with him because you know it's not healthy, but have you decided that in your waking life? i couldn't find a seat because one was next to james and the other was next to casey and i didn't want to seem like i like them by sitting by them. this could be wishful thinking (the ego part of you wants to feel like you are the only person he really loves), which is quite normal by the way, or it could be true. she told me she had to get a baby sitter for her kids and i said ok. 21 months ago from alberta, canada@haydee - it probably represents your fear that he doesn't like you back. i dreamt of me and this random cute guy, he really liked me but i didn't know.?Aria styles 2 weeks ago it's been some days i dreamed that dream which i could not understand but i want to know about it. it can mean that you want to take in some of the traits he has, or, in your case, if the sex was nice and comfortable, it may just be a dream about how you wish you could have sex with him - instead of forced. all i remember was this peaceful feeling and nothing mattered but that moment right there with us two. Love dreams can tell us what's happened, what's happening, and what is going to happen. and i rarely dream, but when i do, it's about him and normally the dreams come true or are true/important info to tell me. everytime i think about what i saw in that dream my chest hurts. calista 3 weeks ago last night i dreamed about my friend and i being a couple. i can't move on and imagine myself with anyone else therefore i had plans to reunited again for forever. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@danielle - it would be interesting if you could remember what they were saying, but it doesn't really matter. Hispanic male for a good mature ladies lookingEver wondered what that certain someone was doing in your dream? you want a man who will make you smile, hold your hand, make you feel relieved and calm, and want to be with you. instance, seeing the number 421 on movies, street signs, etc, has a meaning attached to it based on those numbers. i want to meet him, n like every relationship i want to be physical with him that's also because he wants that. thing to remember is that it doesn't matter what other people think. this wasn't the only day i felt like this i have had the same dream over and over and they turn out to be different guys. he kept coming to visit me and feeding me negativity about his new gf. don't have those kind of dreams when i fall asleep next to him. but just an fyi, i know the person in my dream in real life., it could just be yearning for a simpler time when you had a connection with someone, possibly your friend. then his new gf overdoses on drugs, but doesn't die.

What does it mean if youre dating someone

it is very hard to read that long of a paragraph without punctuation. it's an expression of your subconscious, and it doesn't necessary mean you want to get with a man who is married. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@layla - i love that you try to get back into the dream. then my dream skips to the future & it's my husband's friend & myself looking for a house (he has gone with us house hunting before). she starts walking with him, then she runs up to me a little later and says 'i'm sorry about all that, he's the guy i told you about who was in my presentation at university, but i like him and he does like me to' that was her exact words. it may symbol your feelings of your partner being less attentive and 'there' in the relationship. it shows that you have opportunities ahead of you and that you need to become more aware of those opportunities. dream:i was walking with a group of people and a professor/guider (female) who was guiding the trip. the next day she left but came back while i was at work and took a shower alone in the house with my husband i was very furious over this, till this day i'm clueless as to if anything had happened between them. suddenly the man sitting on my right front looked at me showing me a paper written on it yes , he smiled and winked and the man was my doctor who i have a crush on and deeply in love with . i started to feel very calm and pleasant and he seemed to sense it. she started naming some people that i didn't know but then said a name of someone that i was extremely close to mentally and physically when i was stationed there. but he opens my backpack which i never brought to school and starts looking into it so i came back and gave him the hat and sat back in my seat. with this cute guy at my workplace, i felt an unconditional bonding. the talking to yourself part just shows that you feel a strong connection with him, as you do with yourself. 7 weeks ago i connected with a guy i dated briefly and went to prom with in high school on linkedin in february 2016. i also dreamt about her being with a certain man (when we stopped being friends she was married). were high school sweet hearts, we were each others first love we had a baby and he died of cot death our lives changed flipped upside down when we lost our baby we seperated it was me i felt i couldnt be with him anymore i was scared of feeling that loss again i changed i ran from anything that could hurt me. a dream thats mostly sad but in the end i was so gobsmacked because it was so beautiful. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@jeff - that's an interesting dream theme you have going on. 2 years ago i have been having the same dream for 4 months, i can not get rid of it. you may also dream of your 'dream person' which may indicate that your relationship is not satisfactory to you or it is unfulfilling. i know it's a lot to read but i never had a dream like this before , i don't often dream about him /us . you meditate in the morning on your dreams instead of instantly jumping out of bed to get ready for your day, you will have a much easier time remembering and interpreting your dreams. all of your time with him and thoughts about him are still living in your subconscious, so it’s not suprising they would come out in a dream. 10 months ago i'm sorry to send it again, but whatever you wrote me i wasn't able to see. 17 months ago hi,i had a strange dream that i was in a house and going upstairs there was a lady who looked homeless she was dirty. for some reason i felt its a message from god to wait for the right guy instead of compromising my happiness by marrying just about anyone. maybe you watched a love story or had dating on your mind, and your best friend just happened to be the guy that played the part in your dream. the dream felt so real, it took me a few seconds to process it hadn't actually happened to me in my waking life! i felt the same physical connection i had in the dream. 2 years ago a few days ago i had a dream about a guy that i don't ever remember seeing in my waking life.'s hard to understand you dream, as there is not much punctuation and the words kind of run together without a complete thought. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@nka - it means you probably have some sort of romantic feelings for him, or for someone else in your life, but for some reason he is the star of your love dreams. instead the dreams come consistently every month at least once or twice a month. 2 years ago i had a dream about my bf that is locked up at the moment but through thick n think i'm there for him. it just means you are aware that opportunity is open. 5 weeks ago from alberta, canada@sho - punctuation goes a long way to help someone understand what you are saying. or, it could have just been a dream that came about because they had been thinking about you. i don't mind being friends with her, but i feel like she wants something more. therefore, you have to figure out which negative feeling the 'disappearing act' signifies and try to overcome it. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@brittany - sounds like you are running from something that you find threatening in your real life. she said yes and then me, him and his son ended up walkin out the hospital hugged up. i begin to freak out, grab scissors to slit my wrists, and start grabbing his face, hitting him with a ruler.?i had changed my number and never gave it to him, because i just don't know how to feel about things with him anymore. we were also dealing in my dream on a regular basis. 2 years ago i also dream about that guy who i hate proposed to me in a shopping mall in front of the whole crowd saying i love you. it just means he is going to come, eventually, so until then do what you need to do with work, yourself, etc. 12 months ago hi , i have most unusual dreams :) , for 2 nights i have dreamt of being taken away by 2 unknown beings , they were masked &wearing orange clothing with shining brass or copper looking mask, i was hiding under a blanket but they found me . instance, you may feel guilty about something when it comes to your boyfriend.'ve all heard of great stories about dreams like albert einstein whose theory of relativity was inspired by a dream. act like it is an interesting dream that correlates to your interaction. i remember pieces of the home, their belongings and i just, gah i cant tell if im dreaming. i'm not that affectionate, and i haven't been in love, but it's because i haven't been in love that i can't predict how i would act in this situation. this dream brought me so much love, happiness, when i saw her beautiful face. 2 years ago i had a dream that a team of about 5 men came into my house and killed my whole family while i was upstairs, they then found me but wouldent kill me, they wanted me to kill myself by strangling myself, i just wouldent die, one of the men tried to suffocate me and it also didn't kill me..and i realized that ive been dreaming of that guy a month ago. 2 years ago i had a dream that i was making out with a short girl that i think i knew what does that mean? for example, if you are lonely, then find a way to feel less alone by connecting with other people more or making being by yourself a good thing. 2 years ago hello, i a had a dream about this boy i knew from primary school, and we were having a party somewhere with other people, he asked me to dance with him and i said yea ok then we dance to bruno mars song, then as we dance, he kissed me and i woke up being in love. your friend's dream shows that she thinks you two are a good fit together and could last the test of time. your partner is cheating on you it may being showing you your insecurities and your fear of being dumped. so i used to get dream about him like meeting him kissing him? maybe you saw her somewhere and you are just randomly inserting her into a dream about making out. in the dream we met up somehow, but later on at a stone wall where you can sit on it t told me he loved me and i was happy we embraced and we kissed. that may help you make your decision without so much struggle. for some reason i felt just a teeny bit sleepy after that..Ask a question about your dream below: note: it may take me a few days to answer, so check back in a few days at the top of the comment section for an answersign in or sign up and post using a hubpages network account. it sounds like you are talking about an ex-boyfriend at the end? the fact that you met a woman like her, means that you two have a connection of some sort - or she wouldn't show up in your life. 17 months ago i had a dream that my boyfriend and i were having sex, and out of nowhere this guy walked in who looked excately like him! but it may not be able your mom at all. this time the dream was more intense involving emotions, me cryin and him cryin. can i learn about myself from dreaming about an ex? 2 years ago what does it mean when u keep seeing the persons name everywhere, now that me and him r not talkin anymore. alternatively, this could mean you have insecurities or questions about your relationship. times when i told him i didn't want to b bothered he would hit me up. 18 months ago hi there, i had dream about a married man who i know. i don't remember the boys face in the dream, but i think he had brown hair. many times we go back to something that feels comfortable or feel like we are missing something 'great' even if it isn't because it is such a part of our lives. what do you think it can mean, since i'm only in my late 30s. then me and his son ended up sitting dwn taking pictures. have never seen him in my entire life other than just in my that dream. or, you may be insecure with her and no admit it to yourself. for example, if a canadian person dreams of the adinkra moon and stars, a common symbol of love and relationships in west africa, the dream automatically becomes richer and more meaningful as we plumb the depths and peel away the symbolic layers. 2 years ago in the beginning of the dream i was sleding down a hill but as i went down it made my sled go so high up i was scared of falling in the ditch further away so i fell straight down into the snow. for instance having sex with angelina jolie may mean you want to help other people and have the drive to do it. 2 years ago hello, i found this hub to be pretty interesting and wanted to hear your take on my dream earlier this afternoon. would say that these could be prophetic dreams, but because you live in the same complex and see him often, the chances of him being on your mind often - even your unconscious mind (that carries your wishes and desires) - is much more likely, and so of course you would dream about him often in a way that you would like the relationship to be. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@kristine - the fact that you are trying to reconnect with him make me feel that he is totally on your mind, and your desires are coming through in your dreams. the whole day i just felt paralyzed and weak and without expression. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@random - it sounds like you like the guy but he may be a bad thing for you. like i mentioned it before, it's the guy i was talkin to and his son in the dream. i still felt happy though and someone told me "that was so tender. maybe it was that he didn't respect your wants (which is obviously an aspect of the dream - not wanting to be in the car. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@kenneshnesh27 - my bet is that you have a lot of trust issues and that is what is playing out in your dreams. but, take a look at the above suggestions and see if they fit first. dream 3 weeks ago hi kari, after i got that dream, i started liking him. 2 years ago this what concerns me the most when i dream about pregnancy is that some how i know i dnt know how but if i have a connection with someone then. like you are prophetic on some level in your dreams. he has cheated on you in the past, then it could just be a fear that you have lingering around in your mind. your mom was in the dream, you may want to escape your mom - or the fear, anger, hurt, or frustration she puts on you.&brains 2 years ago can you provide some clarity to my dream? so last night i had a dream where i kissed a boy. 19 months ago from alberta, canada@awkwarddreams - i'm so sorry. i am so shocked, he also told me that there are certain things that he can't say right now but someday he will tell it to me. i couldn't hear anything they were saying but i kept going from the living room to kitchen i felt like she didn't want me to inturpt because at one point when the ex or what ever got more mad i felt like i was about to smash him or something like that but i just went back to the kitchen were our friends were because she wanted me too and was handling it this whole time the sun was shining in like a perfect sunday morning and everyone was happy. dnt want him to forget me and move on coz i can't live without him.. the first night i dreamed about him it was at a family gathering and i was laying down he lays down next to me and eventually he lands on top of me ends there and nothing else happens 2nd dream was kissing and hanging out 3rd dream was having sexual intercourse w/ him all 3 dreams were w/ the same guy and 3 nights in a row! it can also bring to your attention a dependent behavior or need. i now know that it was my future husband that i was dreaming of, and i feel like this is the same for you. 7 days ago i had a dream that i was making out with someone i hate and now i feel like i have feelings for them.

What does it mean if you keep dreaming about someone else being

since then, i've dreamed about him once or twice a month. because you know the guy, it was probably not an internal issue that you are having (being afraid to speak the truth because your mouth was covered or something like that). in your dream that connection came out as pregnancy, but that doesn't means she is pregnant. meanwhile my current bf would be calling and blowing up my phone. me answering won't make your life - and if it does, you need more of a life! i had this dream last night that i slept with the man from my past (my first love but we didn't have a formal relationship and the last time i saw him was 7 to 8 years ago). example, you might associate the lake with peace while your friend associates it with partying. ive been so negative about it all so far and given up. eitherway thank you and i'm sorry maybe i shouldn't have commented in here about this but i've kept it inside i just needed to express it. the dream, if you like the person you are with right now, then why not just see where it goes before you date someone else? likely because he is so close to you and the pain would feel the most real in the dream, which is what you needed to feel to realize there is a fear or trust issue going on in your life. the dream keeps showing me picking him up from the airport, and vice versa when he's picking me up. i needed some way of explaining this to someone because i can't hold in this feeling or what i experienced. i dated some guys after that dream, but it wasn't until i met my husband that i was reminded of that dream. you believe that these dreams are a sign that you were meant to be together, then you will struggle with that as your relationship with him still has a negative emotional aspect to it. 1st, i was in a car with his mom and someone else, she is my relative but she was so vague. was at the restaurant befor they got there and i wasn't jealous in the dream more so nervous like i didn't want him to see me..the guy was attracted to mri could feel it i guess and one day he tried to talk to me but i was too shy to try to say something back. if you were concerned, it may be time to do something about it and let him in a little. then in my dream we slept together and the girl posted that i'm a relationship wrecker. 2 years ago i just dreamed that i was at school and it was a break, so i went to the bathroom and met a friend of mine, and she told me "i know that you and viktor (the guy in my class im dating) are dating or something, why don't you just ptove to everybody you are together. before the forest i was talking with him and the group at school. 21 months ago so i had a dream about this guy,i like him. i've never really seriously dated anyone so i'm not super comfortable with it but i wasn't sure if this was maybe a sign that i am becoming more comfortable with the thought? it's very hard to understand what you are asking as there is no punctuation and i'm not sure if your mom also had a dream, if your fiance asked you to marry you in real life, or if your mom was happy in your dream. 13 months ago i had a dream last night that i was at a get together with some of my friends and the guy that i've been friends with for a year was in this dream. 12 months ago hi again it's me spencer i forgot to mention that when i slept in my dream and i told you that i wake up and i met again the girl it was schooldays and i went to school and i met her in school and i don't know why i dreamt like that because i am straight and please author please tell me what my dream means. my second dream, the guy who likes me came back. you are really emotional about this guy, so that emotion is going to keep him in your heart - dreams. it's good, i feel that i'm in the right place and making the right choices.!Authorkari 2 years ago from alberta, canada@blocked - the dream doesn't sound like it has anything to do with the boy (it is actually very hard to understand from how you wrote it), but it does have to do with your mum. i think the dream is a vision of what you would like in man and the feeling you would like to feel. would go out and read as much as you can about interpreting dreams and lucid dreaming. but because you didn't know what was down the tunnels, i think it is more about fear of moving forward then not making a decision. but, my guess is he has been in your life more, or someone around him has been in your life more - or he represents something you, such as something you want, don't have, or need. 19 months ago i dreamt that my brother called me and smiling told me you know why i called and he meant for a blow job( that's weird and gross) and than i said i know but when i touched his hair and looked at him i remembered the face of my ex (recently we decided to break up but we end up together again. note: it may take me a few days to answer, so come back then and check for your answer at the bottom of the comment section. online, so i donevmoved to different places since i been here, a friend of mine that i met from school asked a friend of hers if i could stay worth her for little bit, and she said yea. then he kind of turned into a dog and was stolen by some water witch in a swamp and i was floating along with him because i loved him. if i recall,i think it was right in front of me.. you want to be more affectionate with the people in your life, and the dream was just an exaggeration to show you that fact. 3 weeks ago from alberta, canada@ bhagya - you have it backward. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@jovilyn - i don't think it is his subconscious telling him that you are a bad person. so i let him play with the dog, his son ended up wanting to walk him, so i said to while we was standing in front of his dad, that it was up to his father, his dad said it was yea he can, so i put the dog leash in one hand, and held his other hand and then we walked off insight were his dad could see us, in the dream it showed the father takin pictures of us playin with dog and walking. you want to be liked and it’s nice to dream about it. but i used my tarot cards to come up with an answer - see if it makes sense to you. it makes sense that they would be the girls you are scared of him cheating on you with - and that they would appear in your dreams. i felt this pain in my chest in the dream and i could feel it in real life. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@confused - the first part of the dream sounds like exposing an aspect of you and him to everyone. you could be connected to him while you are dreaming. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@exol - when i was younger, i dreamt of my current husband in a sexual way. you are waiting for this guy, i would have to say the timing is very poor. 2 years ago i had a weird dream i been dreamong about this boy i toldly had a crush on and he rejected me. have told you that you will move on one day (which i think you are talking about real life, but you didn't make that clear whether it was part of the dream or not), but the fact is that you are so focused on this guy (obsessed) that you won't move on until you realize that your relationship probably wasn't meant to be.. its been more than a year and we have never met. feels nice to see other people with real, lovely stories and dreams! but, the card signifies that you are committed to making these changes and giving yourself the best possible shot at success with the relationship. would like to share with you the dreams that i've been having lately to get your opinion, and to see if it's the same as what i think they mean. let your subconscious know that you would really like an answer, and then pay attention to your dreams to see what comes up., to be brutally honest, by the sounds of it, he is probably not the best for you. the fact that you were sitting in a catholic church is telling of worry that you are going to lose a girl who likes you because of her beliefs or the beliefs of people around her - like the church. comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. if you don't get an answer through a dream the first night, try again every night until you do. 2 years ago hello :) ok so there is this guy i like a lot and every time i see him i get nervous, he has a girlfriend so i don't talk to him to let him know how i feel , he works where my mom works , but i keep having so many dreams with him where we are together holding hands and kissing and we are both so happy with each other , my dreams are always similar and when i have those dreams it's not because i thought about him through the day or anything. then finally we broke away and he left the room without a word. 10 months ago ok so i saw this attractive guy in school a d i was too shy to go up to him so my friend did it for me and she gave him my number and he said he would call/text. holmes 2 years ago so i just started talking with this guy. we turn the corner of the hallway & my family is sitting in the living room with a child. n then when we got it n she took it it was positive my 2 cuz were pregnant and i dremt one or the other gave birth when i rang to see they hadn't but went into labour that day i am freaking out so bad. for the most part i know what my dreams mean and why i have them. this is the first time i ever saw a dream. get a lot of people asking me what their love dreams mean but, as we discussed, certain symbols mean different things to different people. he said he was in a town (it was a town around where i live, i knew the town but now that i'm awake i 'm not 100% sure what town it was but i have a few ideas) and that he would come there, i told him he didn't have to and we got off the phone. 18 months ago from alberta, canada@ciara - it sounds like you and your ex are playing games with each other and you know it. - this may mean unfavorable events that will or are already occurring in your life. i dropped all the things i was carrying and jumped on my friends punching her and then finally slitting her throat then i turned to my boyfriend and asked him why would he do that to me and asked his why he would want to hurt me. i see a very strong you in the near future, but it seems to be by yourself. then him and his ex wife is there i catch him cheating and then i see this child that i im haveing problems delivering and i look at my husband and he is holdin my hand i tell him i love him and he replies i love you then i see nothing its like i died but im waking up its like an every night dream and im so confused what does it mean. 19 months ago from alberta, canada@india - sounds like you expected him to break up with you for a while. and it wasn't just us there were other people around it was like a carnival on a beach sort of like a santa cruz beach boardwalk kind of thing only more peaceful and not as many people. but the man i didn't know in my dreams was my friend tanner. 2 years ago i dreamt about my best friend that me amd him became boyfriend a girlfriens idk what it means but i was completely shocked when i woke up. 2 years ago how should i interperate the dream now when i just got off the phone with him and his there with her and spent the night at her place. i can't stop thinking about it and feeling hurt like it really happened. it was at night and we were walking on the road near my locality and there was a child who is my relative and we were walking together (me,my relative,and the person who has a crush on me)and while we were walking my relative told me that he wants to tell me something and told me not to be angry at him if he told me and i also said ok i won't be angry then he told me that the person likes me and i said ok thank you and i was about to shake the person's hand when he told me that the person wants to be in a relationship with me and i didn't shake the person's hand anymore and the person didn't even say a thing to me and i also didn't say a thing to her what does the dream means? 5 months ago from alberta, canada@sammy: it depends on the context - what else is happening in the dream, what has happened in your life, etc. but i have real awqweard sleep patterns and i only sleep in a few hour bursts which i thought you had to be asleep for a good amount of time and at the end is when you reach rem sleep and start to dream. in other words, you like the guy - he's someone that you think would make you happy and be fun to be with.?also one girl i always hated talking with him and in my dream i saw that girl is his sisterwhat does this mean? i had a dream once that a mate was pregnant. it sounds like in the dream you were listening to your mum, so this may mean that you want to listen to your mum. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@tiffany - it is probably not a reflection of how you would act in real life. but back to the dream, we made eye contact and i got knots in my stomach and his brother stared at me this whole. - this may mean you are missing aspects of the person you are having sex with and you want to incorporate them into your own character. i think maybe subconsciously you think that he is better off without you or you are better off without him.'s fun to think about those kinds of things and there is nothing wrong with fantasizing about them. 4 hours ago from alberta, canada@ linz – it sounds like insecurity to me. 2 months ago from alberta, canada@samantha - i would say it's pretty normal to dream of your boyfriend's friend in any context. (in my dream i feel secure and happy)what is the meaning of this dream of mine? it means he likes you enough to be worried that he may lose you. didn't talk to my boyfriend and in the dream for some reason in my head i kept on telling myself in the dream. he replied, "there's a lot of crap that happens and a lot of crap that's stopping us from being together, but we are going to figure it out, i promise". 2 years ago from alberta, canada@nicole - it doesn't have to mean that you love him romantically (only you know that for sure), but obviously your subconscious is missing him and the love you have for him as a friend. you are showing him affection too, which you didn't say in your dream, then you could be embracing your romantic needs. your family and friends want the best for you, and it seems as though it may be coming. my daughter convinced me to take a look so as check it out we notice the door is open and the house is on renovation so we open the door and i it was exactly as i dreamt it with the stairs in front of the door that led to the room where the lady in my dream was. however, he didn't answer my questions and just leaned over to kiss me for a while and smiled i guess we both just already knew we have feelings for each other in the dream. chances are you have had one or more of these things in your dreams at some time or another. 17 months ago from alberta, canada@jenn - if your lover is an actual real person, then it means that you might be suspicious of him, despite your belief in your trust. 13 months ago hi, i had been looking all over the internet for an occurrence that i cannot explain, i think it was my premonition, but it sort of stopped me in my tracks when this happened. as you said, you didn't get a sense that your friend was trying to take him away, and you sensed that he was playing a confident role in the dream (which you like) - so the dream was just reassuring that you like him (in case, you weren't totally aware of that). i seem to be jumping in his arms and kissing all over his face,(vice versa) happy with some tears (both of us).

Your Lover Leaves You for Someone Else — Now What

i could see the whole thing as it was happening, but while i saw i didnt react in any way because i was sort of removed; i wasnt really me. thank you also for the web links to thoses sites . during the last visit i before i woke i was fixing myself an ice cream cone which is my favorite but i put something edible in between the scoops which struck me as weird as i have never done that in real life. could also mean you feel like you are lacking sexually. you are dreaming about him kissing you because you want him to kiss you, like you, feel the same as you do. btw ive had dreams before of my boyfriend and me cheating too. in your dream you hear him but pretend not to and go hide in a building to watch him interact with another woman. marinas 2 years ago from redondo beach, californiamy bf told me this dream he had. now, he has gone away as in he left the city & i keep seeing him in my dreams in places i have never been in this life, but i still feel i know these places..this morning i dreamt we migrated from our country to the neighbouring and when i arrived he was some kind of a high ranking official in the military but then i found out it was the day he was getting marriedhe was marrying not coz he was over me but coz he was pushed to or something . 2 years ago i had a dream i was sitting in a car with my friends brother. back and think about what you associate certain things with. dreams reflect an issue that needs to be worked on..rn 12 months ago so i have these continious dreams, and this boy i don't even know. is doing his dream job in my dreams which is not possible for him . because he has no face, you may be trying to deal with issues that are a part of yourself that you are not really familiar with. everything that's been happening has been quite a coincidence with me and him. it was dawn and sun was fully up by finish. 2 years ago i'm just afraid that if i make a choice or another i'll regret it.. we did so many times ) that i touched his hair like that and i couldn't do it. but the past few days, been texting him and trying to reconnect and be close with him again. 10 months ago from alberta, canada@spencer - your dream is not a reflection of what she feels. maybe you are longing for more meaning or love in your life, and - again, he was just a symbol of that.'ve been studying my dreams since i was young and i've gotten pretty good at lucid dreaming, meaning i can 'wake' myself up in a dream and tell myself that it's a dream and then do what i want - fly, see an old friend, or ask an important question. gutierrez 2 years ago i had a dream of my ex boyfriend. he would keep showing up at my job with all these random stories i kept wondering why? his son seems to be a constant in the dreams, so maybe its him you are holding onto and not your ex. my whole dream he follows me whilst packing and im excited at first then hesitant to give into him. we reconnected sexually in my dream but in all new ways and in all new places that my dream state mind took me. 2 years ago i had a dream a guy i was attracted to professed his love for me. 2 years ago so i had been dating this guy for two years but after a year he started acting weird. because it sounds like you told him in your dream, but you are saying at the end of your paragraph that you don’t want to ask him anything about it again – as if you asked him in real life. he left everyone something only mine was the best of all(which is weird considering we are not together and he is with someone else in real life and she's in the second half of my dream, in the first half she was not involved in my thoughts or brought up vocally)., you are able to see that he met someone new.!Brittany0910 2 years ago the one above is mine i just created an account. you were naked, it sounds like you were showing her everything., it sounds like you feel exposed and vulnerable in real life. the next week we had a normal house visit where we were playing with the kids and than we started talking and the kids just disappeared and he told me he needed to tell me something. just last night i had a awesome dream that i woke up and cried from because of wishing it was reality. is, don't waste your life looking for something that isn't there - if it isn't there.,that wasn't joshua(my boyfriends name :3) its like i knew already but i didn't really listen to my self i just did. 17 months ago from alberta, canada@hayley - try to look at your life and interpret it yourself. sex and love are both very intimate things that happens between two people who have a connection, so that is what it represents to me. ( in real life ) i thought i was over him and threw woth him i had to accept the fact i couldn't be with him and that it would never be it was hard for me . it could be that the house is set up similar to somewhere you have been before, but, for me, i simply pay attention to whether the feeling is good or bad because something that powerful is something to pay attention to. 2 years ago i been having crazy dreams the past few months and it always seems to involve this guy i was talkin to and his kid who i met. things going wrong in the dreams could just be your fears manifesting - but in reality fears hardly come to life - so it makes sense that they are in your dreams and not in real life. derrick works with wanted to go nuisance if drive to obtain and sustain a healthy relationship with him even did not think for minute that the series. then i said "no one knows about us it will be a shocker" and then she told me "that way you can stop rumors about you two" by the time we went out everyone was outside the classroom even the teachers. in the dream i remember feeling warmth , security and deep love romantic love for him and he felt the same way. i recommend that people ask their spirit guides and/or guardian angels to send a dream of an ex if it will help them release painful feelings. ive had numerous dreams where he goes to school(in college) looking for me and we end up talking and everytime he asks me why i didnt text him back and i tell him that i never recieved a text from him even though he did and he shows me the texts he sent me and the dreams are always about the same issue but they are different senerios. which was the only class we had with each other. 24 months ago from alberta, canada@need - your dream is all over the place."i haven't found that one particular culture dreams about an ex-lover more than another," she says. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@matt - what do you think it means? it could be your desire for him to say yes to your deep love, or it could be an answer to a question you had about your health. as part of a huffington post series on dreams and their meanings, we spoke to ally mead, who has studied dream analysis at the jungian institute of los angeles and offers channeled readings in addition to dream analyses, to get expert advice about the meanings of your or your loved one’s dreams about exes. so, the chance or relationship with him may be coming to an end. 16 months ago last night i had a dream that my boyfriend left me and drove away then i started looking for another guy i seen a cute guy and then i gave him a hickey but he said he couldn't date me then i seen this guy that i really liked but i never seen him before in my life and we made out and then we walked to his house and we were with his little sister and brother and i put my hand near his private parts and he told me not to do that cause his siblings were there then his little sister told him something about that a funny joke about him and then i woke up but now i cant stop thinking about him cause i love him and hes the perfect guy for me but i never met him before. and before the dream i didn't even like him or think about anything like that about him. 5 weeks ago i had a dream last night, it was about me and a guy that i once had confused feelings about. i love my boyfriend but we have some things that we don't like to each other( like he's jelous or that i had a previous relationship and he said i can't be with someone who dated before that's why we couldn't be together but now he says he's ok with it! i find it interesting how even different cultures have ways of interpreting dreams. but every time we end it he comes back, he can't break up with me neither can i. thanks to the magic of facebook, i found out she had divorced her husband, married the guy in my dreams, and lived in the house that i dreamt about. if someone could give me some guidance i'd really appreciate it. listen to your heart, not your mom, your boyfriend, or anyone else. (we dated at school)me and my boyfriend never really talked in dream which is weird because. it could be something like, "why did i meet him? i often dream of stars dancing and moving into shapes, and i've never had anyone else tell me of that. poddar 4 weeks ago last night i saw my girlfriend's mom in my dream who, kinf of, dislikes me. (it was something about me liking older music, like the older love songs). that person told my bf to not date me anymore because i will break up with him in a couple of months. so he came dwn with his son, and stayed with me there (in the hospital) i was laying on the hospital bed covered in a white sheet and his son came and laid dwn with me, fallin asleep after so sometime. 1yr ago i dreamt i was sitting in the car w/ fiance. i feel like there is more going on than meets the eye with him (stuff he's not telling you about this other woman or why he won't be with you), and you may be sensing that on some level - but wishing that the opposite were true. if it is attractive, and everything felt good, then it could mean that you are moving into a good relationship or situation soon. you want to be happy with him, be in a happy place, and have a good relationship with him. wants just the caught on camera making out with a girl on a night and i picked franklin nc web cams him train station is completed. i've been day dreaming about the guy that comes here because the woman (not in a relationship with each other)will not come some times. your dreams have everything to do with how you feel about him. we were in home room (1st period) class and it was the last day of school. 2 years ago @relationshipc - i had these dreams of my ex girlfriend for many years where in the dream she would be there with me and somehow she would always vanish. it's very cool that the whole dream took place on a bus that is smaller than your normal bus. these detailed reviews ratings in montreal on sunday across the university to what does it mean when you have a dream about dating someone you don't like hear was someone dating about. a sign that you are on the right path, since everything seems to work out in your dream. literally just woke up from having this dream:my husband, myself, & my husband's friend are at our house. "if you dream that someone is cheating on you instead, you may need to address general anxieties about the relationship itself," notes mead. he was an opportunity that you noticed and even chased you down to show you how much of an opportunity he was! i told him about me and what was going on in my life and told him that i had been dreaming about him for the last six months. if you or a loved one have been covering this ground at night, you may have questions about what it all might mean. you need to overcome that emotional aspect, and figure out what the dream is really trying to tell you. if that is an unattractive quality to you, then it may have just been there to emphasize the fact that you don't want to be with him. i said i have been nothing but faithful and honest to you our entire relationship how come you never told me you had a twin? it may also be your guilt coming out and show you that you are not measuring up to the expectations of others. after a while of jumping and trying and struggling to reach it, then my friend appeared offering a chair and i managed to reach it. then he puts a hat on me and i get mad and take it to another seat. but in my dream she wanted to tell me something but right when she was about to tell me something, my husband woke me up so i didn't find out. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@brittany - you say your dreaming of your ex too. most people would have that fear that he would run back to her or have a connection with her in some way. clear intentions and don’t put yourself situations that impression, then send locator to nearest store for availability and make your booking a day in the life as a male escort. you are going to keep going no matter what it or they do to you. 2 years ago from alberta, canadayou commented because it was a dream - so you should have commented here. i've never felt a feeling like this before in my life nor have i ever had a dream about a girl that was so clear in identity to me in a dream. if that’s exactly what my dreams are about in that im aware of him and yet i pretend not to be does it mean i still like him or what?) it sounds like you don't want them to know about this aspect, but they do. it doesn't have to be in a sexual way - maybe you told a small lie and you are feeling the guilt. 22 months ago the night before last i dreamt that my boyfriend has cheated on me. read this word on a board in my dream the word "smog"in the same dream i took out my eye liner an wrote my intials on the cement of a handicap pole and told me bf in the dream i put it there so i remember i was here. 19 months ago from alberta, canada@username1 - from what i got from your dream, sounds like you are being pulled into a relationship that you don't want to be pulled into. 2 years ago can you please help me with my dream?

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i mean you were trying to slit your wrists, which is someone quite troubled would do. but there is this one dream i've recently had and i don't really know if it means anything..Authorkari 2 months ago from alberta, canada@nadia searching - at the most basic level, it seems like you are worried about someone ruining your love life. if the baby is alone it can represent your independence. 2 days ago i was with a guy in fest and we met a group of people., i'm not a pregnancy expert, but your hormones are likely doing a little dance right now, and that could play a part in the emotional aspect. what are some tips on practice how to interperet dreams and becoming a lucid dreamer? i couldn't see his face, but i could feel him and i knew what it was like to be close to him. 3 weeks ago from alberta, canada@mjz – you are insecure with your relationship or your sister. i think it's important to follow your heart in relationships and go where it tells you to go - not where relatives want you to go. 17 months ago from alberta, canada@sophie - sounds like you had a premonition dream. - a lover appearing in your dream show your acceptance, self-worth, and recognition of your true value. i felt so relieved,he woke up and smiled at me and pulled me on the couch next to him , the tv was on there was a football programme and the presenter said it's 2008 . 2 years ago from alberta, canada@tia - that's quite a dream! 16 months ago from alberta, canada@mary - just sounds like you know he likes you and would be willing to do something with you if you chose to. i woke up then the went back to sleep,and continue the dream. 19 months ago i had a dream last night that i went at my aunts' home( i've seen that house in mu dreams before never in real life) and there was this guy i went on a date that my relatives introduced me (he was living there) and when he talked to me he had big teeth and started to tell my cousin it's good when my wife makes me work (like show me around the place) and wouldn't let my hand go even that i pulled my hand to go away. it's almost like your inner-self wanted to make it smaller so that you had to deal with all of these different situations in a smaller space. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@dreams - sounds like you might be nervous or unsure about what people think about your relationship with viktor - or unsure about what viktor thinks about what people think about you - like does he want others to know, is he embarrassed, or whatever. real i like, wow, dream mate dating site i don’t know how a relationship would require patience and understanding along. is it really possible to dream something that you've never seen before and actually see it in real life a few hours later? opened up the silverware draw w/out them telling me where it was. go of the idea of being with him could help you end these dreams.. i woke up so dissapointed because i thought it was real and i was so happy. sometimes i can go back to sleep and finish a dream after waking. dark entity is a symbol for something bad in her life - or possibly both of your lives. because it was your last day of school and last class, this fits in well. it may just be a story that your subconscious made up. 4 weeks ago hi why i always dream about my fiance and my sister are interested to each other and in my dream they both debying it but the way they look at each other i knew. he's a big part of your life, so you are going to dream about him. and in my dream he seems to be a lawyer. it doesn't sound like there were any intense feelings (quietly chatting, smoking while watching him) so i'm guessing it is not an intense feeling you have about him. they point to a situation - in your case this relationship - that is unresolved in your mind. 10 months ago but what does it mean does it means that the dream is trying to confirm that she really likes me even in real life? 2 years ago from alberta, canada@riley - yep, a little crazy. then i cried because i also know that i was in a relationship with my current boyfriend. last night, i dreamt that he was in the town where i live. and in every dream, ssomething always went wrong, but in reality the bad never happens, why? far as your dream goes, it’s just a reflection of how you feel about him. for instance, if we are losing trust in our boyfriend, we may dream about him cheating on us. we kind of fell asleep next to each other in the dream then i woke up or maybe i didnt sleep and watched him sleep and stole a cigarette from him and then walked away and kind of watched him again from a distance smoking my cigarette. 23 months ago from alberta, canada@meg - it sounds like you are feeling rejected in some part of your life. it doesn't mean you will be with that guy, but it sounds like your subconcious is saying, "i'm ready to move on! but, if you have a good feeling about him, then go for it! or maybe you experienced something like that from the past in some area of your life and your insecurity now is manifesting that situation back into your mind - just in a different scenerio. i dreamt that i was with my classmates and they had food and we ate together and they decided to camp at my house and later i went to my friend house but i fell down the stairs and when i went up my friend grandmom said congratulations and i hope he doesnt hurt u again and i said yea he wouldnt. 20 months ago lorful & real-life like also i always remember them) that i was visiting a old navy command that i once was stationed at 13 yrs ago. 20 months ago from alberta, canada@anna - something may be going on in your life that other people think are good for you (and may even be good for you), but you don't want to do it. pornography we believe they deserve to be respected and i think we're in a good position. he still writes that we were great together in the past and will be remembered till 25 years. when i saw him a month ago, i got to find out that he does still really care about me. meditation is a great tool to help you get access to that inner guidance system. if that's the case, you are just playing out your worries, concerns, and core beliefs (like the 25 years bit) and he's playing a role according to those worries, concerns, and beliefs. but ever since after that dream, i felt weird around him. 4 hours ago from alberta, canada@vicky – did you watch any fantasy movies recently, because they can play a part in your dreams. 22 months ago i had a dream of this guy i know. anyway, another bully started talking to me, invited me to a bar he works at and apologised i think, but he made it seem as if it was a offhanded gesture kind of thing. she offers astrology, tarot, channeled readings and dream interpretations to clients and is also the author of "searching for sassy: a l. almost everynight i'm havin dreams about him, it's been like this since i met him. i ended a relationship and i'm the process of healing and idk if it has anything to do with meeting someone who appreciate me. most of the time, however, dreams are symbolic and not literal. if i would not have got such dreams i would not have to think about him. i wanted to wait till we got somewhere like a house. 2 years ago this morning, i dreamt 3 times abput the guy i am interested in. 23 months ago i had a dream i was in love with someone he dident give me his phone number though. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@jones - it sounds like you are just celebrating the connection that you have. he's annoying and i dont think i have feelings for him or anything since i already have a crush on someone. my husband is gone & i feel as if at this point in the dream we are separated & i am looking for a house to live in alone. i also find it strange that i'm dreaming of someone from my past. the girl in my dreams is not my girlfriend but my bestfriend. we were and are hardly physical but i always felt i loved him with a deeper passion than he did me. in all my years interpreting dreams and researching into dream insights, i've never heard that take. 16 months ago hi any interpretations for this:i had a dream i was with an ex. but when i'm thinking of doing it i have dreams with him. off i will say what my real life is like so*my ex first boyfriend was nothing but a drug addictbroke up due to distance and my mom tried to get with him*my second ex treated me ok. i think seeing that women post on his facebook threw me into that dream to begin with but i'm confused. he was atheist but ended up cheating on me with his "dream girl look-a-like" best friends. all of a sudden i had this dream about how i saw her at the beach, i was with my family sort of but i just went and checked out an area sort of walking around a different area from my family. and in my dream i felt like he was the one. my friends are there with their boyfriends but i don't sit by them. 2012, mellow appealed that’s also within your comfort zone and into. was weird and complicated but does it mean anything that i cannot decide between this guy and another one that i know whom to be with? doesn't mean you are supposed to be together in this life. in the dream he kissed me and told me he loves me. regards to dating, this may mean that you should look at guys like him instead of guys that you are currently dating or interested in. if you are, then you are just playing out sexual fantasies with him - things you wouldn't do in your waking life. 9 months ago i was in love with this guy while i was in high school but we never had an affair. again, i just think you are dreaming about him, reminsing, and remembering what is was like to be with him. she offers astrology, tarot, channeled readings and dream interpretations to clients and is also the author of searching for sassy: a l. 7 days ago last night was the first night in a while i fell asleep without my boyfriend (he will be here on wednesday,had to stay with his dad for a couple days to help after a bad fall). please please tell me what this means i feel guilty of dreaming of someone else but idk what to do.. we even started it knowing that we won't end up together. once you address the issue in real life, your upsetting dreams will go away. i can understand some parts of this dream but i would like a second persons thoughts on it. instead of looking to your dreams for signs, look for signs while you are awake. my first dream(it seems that i liked him back) , he keeps getting close to me, i kept smiling as he was, and he kept smiling at me too. this dream i was at high school again i saw my first love and my old friends they were flirting with him. i looked at the door my friends stood arthuarthur, caitlyn, nick and last inline was a faceless man i didnt know. they connect us to the other side and offer us insight that we couldn't get anywhere else. to me it seems like you are dreaming about being in relationships with other people, but the fact that you feel guilty makes me wonder if you are struggling with your current relationship - or at the very least, whether or not you want to stay in it. "however, it often takes a good deal of practice to do this. i know she has a boyfriend and never felt the same way for him, she did say she "sorta" liked him before but it was 3 years ago. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@penny - from my experience, emotions in dreams are not the opposite in reality, but that's an interesting take on dreams. didn't get the vibe that my friend was trying to take him away from me, but i got this confident almost cocky give from him when i saw im him in the restaurant in the dream. a new project that is in it's beginning stages, for example..part 1 17 months ago hi i just had the most fascinating dream. i dreamt of a celebrity, but in my dream he wasn't considered a celebrity if this makes sense."one thing you can do is write down the variations from dream to dream as they may give you insight into what your dream is really trying to tell you. 13 months ago from alberta, canada@hayley - it sounds like you are right. do my dreams connect to real feelings in our real lives? who knows maybe in the future i won't lead him on and ill he honest and we can be together if its right, i'm still very young. i only ask because when i woke up i was sad the way you feel after a break up but magnified i assume if it was your true love.

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and the color white is associated with goodness and purity. maybe you miss him and can't wait until he gets out of jail. 2 years ago from alberta, canadasounds like your guy friend depends on you a bit and that you have a good relationship. the first time i dreamt about him, we were in a classroom and he was trying to get my attention with a pencil and i was ignoring him while wondering on the inside why he is suddenly trying to get my attention again. carolina south orion tennessee texas utah vermont washington dc west virginia wisconsin wyomingcreating a gay dating. were on a bus with my friends of mine and the boy i like is so sweet to me he even touch my face and gave me the sweetest smile he ever had the scenario was in a bus but when it comes to the outside of it, it was so color like an ombre color everything is so lively like i dont want to wake up anymore then suddenly when we reach into a swirl bridge's end it was already night and it was raining hard we are at the front of factory everybody went inside some of us leave in the bus i was fun watching the rain pours when i look where he was sitting he suddenly vanished but is black cap was there i hurriedly go outside wearing his cap but i couldn't find him, the passenger who go inside in the factory already came back to the bus and i was there still looking for him one of my friend approached me and he said i was already wet in the rain so we hurriedly go inside the bus i was still holding his cap but i'm not crying but my heart seemed so down but the worst is when i looked into myself i aas drenched and half naked like my shirt was torn off and my boobs got display and hurriedly covered in with my right hand, i don't what does it mean., it's worth checking him out on facebook or something because you may be connected to him on some level and know that he is having problems in his marriage - like his wife left him. we were in mexico, this is a happy place for me, and we decided to give us another try but he was dating someone (this is his current girlfriend). the thing that struck me most is that you said you were able to laugh without jealousy with this new guy, so that may be the issue in your current relationship. it could mean that the person thinks your relationship is strong and is going to end up working out. i hate it when i can only remember half of my dreams) then i told her to stop because i can see her and its awkward until she asked me to scratch her back then i did and then i can't remmeber what happened next but we ended with a kiss and went back to our friends like nothing happened! 13 months ago from alberta, canada@bobby - don't feel weird about it, embrace it. in this situation, your psyche is trying to ensure success with your new relationship. record looking at dream dating usa real life examples of how she can affect. this doesn't necessarily mean you want to cheat with them. then when i woke up i just remember feeling like that was one of the best dreams i've ever had. it's not about what's in your head, it's how you feel - the vibes you are getting. it just could be about something destined to happen that will require your strength or attention. in those dreams both of us are very aware he's dating and he keeps showing/telling me he still has feelings for me but we cant be together because of his current girlfriend. analysis, what cultural symbolism can be found in dreams about adultery? there was this cute boy on the bus i didn't know and we got along but it didn't seemed like he liked me towards the end. but then i woke up because the phone rang now in this dream i knew i loved this girl but i've never been in true love befor and i felt like she was pregnant. that whatever resonates as the truth to you is what your dream means. then, we were shopping furniture for the house and i wandered not far but into a bunk bed set that i'd always wanted for my kids; but even though it was the last one and cheap my spouse didn't want it. 7 days ago i dreamed that i was in a kind of conference sitting in the middle . he seemed curious about what i'm doing and helped me when i'm doing a quite dangerous work. me well to me i think i'm cheating but in the dream. and he was callin me blowin up my phone, til i finally answered and asked why i haven't i been answerin and where was i , i told him i was in the hospital. for example, in my culture if one dreams of a family member dying it usually means they are engaged or getting married. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@cece - for the most part, recurring dreams like this happen because of a fear or problem that has not been resolved. it's more of a reflection of wanting to nurture and love someone. take into account colors, feelings, time of day, who is there, and everything else when you are trying to interpret your dreams. it just means you have a connection on some level. just keep having theses reoccurring dreams, and i'm really tryin to understand what it's tryin to tell me. it may mean that you are feeling neglected by your spouse. i knew it was me )he picked me up as i couldn't walk without help and he said as soon as we are on the other side you're going to the doctor and you're going to be ok . i have briefly thought about him every now and again through the years wondering how he is but like i said a couple sentences ago it's been years since i have until i did in my dream. he was so "comforting" about it, i wanted to believe him. 2 years ago i dream about a guy friend who asked me to find him but while searching i found a guy who i hate the most we talked and then i went off finding my other guy friend there was a dark room he was hiding in there covered with a blanket he just grabbed my hand i got scared and i shouted but felt relieved after knowing it was him i saw the guy i hate the most outside the window and my friend and i thought of scaring him my friend took an umbrella and almost hit him but it was to scare him after seeing each other facial expressions we three laughed. 2 months ago from alberta, canada@pearl - he's still on your mind so you are still dreaming about him. in reality her mom doesnt like me much and we haven't even met. now, i seek for help because my dreams with her crossed the line! what bugs me is that i knew how it felt to kiss in the dream. little girl could have been your subconscious who knows that you have to get outside and commit and the father could have been your consciousness which is scared to get out there. i really don't know why i dreamt like that and the girl that told me that she likes me in my dream i think that she likes me in real life although i'm not sure about it . 2 years ago from alberta, canada@fiachra - i wouldn't feel guilty about it. it's a huge part of my excitement for going to sleep at night! 17 months ago from alberta, canada@luna - him not caring is part of your insecurity. i'm confused as to why that is important to you, but it is something you should consider as you try to interpret your dream. i wouldn't be surprised if he has been a part of other dreams, besides just a month ago, you just may not remember him in them. in short, you calm your mind (usually into an alpha state) during meditation, just as you do before you go to bed or when you daydream or when you are really relaxed sitting in front of the ocean - or wherever else your mind naturally calms down. the scenarios may be different, but the basis of the dreams are the same., your dreams could just be you trying to justify why he wouldn't text - as in, there must have been a mix up. basically i am living somewhere with a family that's cruel to me. when i walked in, i saw him lying in bed with a random girl (couldn't see her face) and out of nowhere another two popped up and lied down next to him as well. they were all male, and i am sing,e in real life and in the dream. and he says he also doesn't believe in titles like girlfriend and boyfriend. think it's because i feel safe with him,and last night was the first night in a long time without him,and i miss him. it sounds like you may believe or know that they already know about this aspect..but av had like three dreams, two of him moving on with other chics and i wake up feeling hurt. morning i remember my dreams and try to figure out if they meant something important, or if they were just random and fun little movies for the night. think he is probably just worried and has some fear that your relationship may end, and in his dream he was being proactive so that he ins't the one that gets hurt. and i woke up, 2nd time i was in a room with him and her sister. holmes 2 years ago also i told him about the dream and his words were "that's lame. i am just feeling so shook up by all this and need someone who is maybe experienced in such a manner of premonitions or dreams. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@kayla - it may be a prophetic dream and mean he is going to ask you out or talk to you or try to start some sort of relationship with you. that guy that my mum is telling me i don't even know him and if i would want to know him i should go out and i can't do that if i'm still with my boyfriend. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@persong: it sounds like you are worried about what other people think about you and this guy together. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@fiesty - there are a few possibilities. if i have a dream with him we are together and in love with each other what's wrong with mw why am i dreaming this? he said i was not his type and moved on with no problem. i am someone who has been through too much in her life (i know- who hasn't? 2 years ago so i had this dream and i loved this guys at my school and we were dating but he was a complete stranger and so we were at the school and he was in the gym and he said he was gonna sing one more song on the intercom for me and then he was gonna kill himself i went back to my class and he started singing and i just started crying my eyes out and when i came back to the gym after he was gone he had killed himself. if someone had said somehting to me i might of blocked it out because i was in such shock. something happened and the next thing i know my mom is driving away from the parking and leaving me alone with him. dreams leave you weak, which is exactly what loneliness, fear, or a feeling of disconnect will do. don't know your situation, and why he is with her still. 2 weeks ago i had a dream that i ft my boyfriend and seen he was at a hotel i went to the hotel didn't see a woman but i seen an empty condom wrapper and we got into a fight i had left i waited outside for him and killed him and got away with it what does that mean?) in my dream we were being very flirty and playful together and holding hands and stuff. 18 months ago from alberta, canada@luvly - i hope you don't see your dream as a sin. i know it sounds silly but it really was all that powerful and ive never felt anything like it. the guys just got done hanging out & im walking with them out of the door. recently we got back in touch with each other and i never spoke to her about the dreams but i did let her know i felt bad about the way we parted our relationship and i wanted to apologize for it. 3 weeks ago from alberta, canada@alexander – it sounds like you are worried that she really just wanted to go out and have sex with other guys, not just explore her sexuality with women. he looks to me, i grab the next two items near to me, a sword and shield( this sword and shield feel as if they are apart of me). 17 months ago i dreamt that i needed to obtain information on my husband's laptop, but he was being weird, and holding it at an angle so that i could not see. 17 months ago i had a dream that i was with a guy who i can't remember who he was, but i think we were dating. 24 months ago i had a dream of my friend we were in my bed and i was naked and she was breathing heavy. you are heterosexual and you dream that you are having sex with someone of the same sex don't spend all day thinking about it. i think you have an attraction towards her and your potential 'love story' is playing out in your dreams. i had dreams of love and sex in my dreams, though i'm single, throughout the years. 2 months ago from alberta, canada@denise - i dreamt of having babies when i was younger, and now i'm 40 years old and have no intention of having kids. so i know he thought i was beautiful and he wanted to know me and i'm usually coy but it was automatic i wanted to know him as well and build the tension between us, he asked to meet me all the time and i'd shy away and make up an excuse all the time the first year i met him. also we both felt enough comfort to vent to each other and soon enough he developed intense feelings for me, and i knew i was in denial but i had this feeling where it was not the time to be with him, so he would tell me he needed to stop talking to me because he wanted to lessen his feelings for me. i was with this amazing guy, and we both loved each other. - to dream of feeling good means there will be harmony among all your friends. it was the best feeling i've ever felt in a while, a more fantasy calm and peaceful dream. 2 years ago i had a dream that when i was at school my friend asked me out and i said yes, and we were hanging out a lot, and just being amazing to each other. 16 months ago from alberta, canada@ja - there's two things: first, your not sure you want to be with your boyfriend on a subconscious (or maybe conscious) level and your looking for something better - hence the guy that you really like. an year or so we reunited but the again drifted apart. fact that it manifested as something big (like cheating with this guy) doesn't mean that the lie had to be big. i am from india- a country where they do arranged marriages if you can't find someone yourself. he realizes that the guy who likes me is hanging out with me. searching 2 months ago i dreamed about after i got married and we were really happy i felt blissful but it got ruined by his mother who kept on interfering and making problems in our marriage and me being stressed all the time. 17 months ago what does it mean when you dream about getting married and then your fiance says no and leaves. before, i dreamt of a girl whom i'm close with, 4 days in a row! my face does and i want to talk to everyone about my boyfriend. i really believe when we dream of something we don't have the experience yet for, it is prophetic or past life. whole dog/witch thing may be from something you watched, but the fact that you were sticking by him tells me that laughter and trust are big issues to you. you say the dream was about your boyfriend, but it sounds like it was about you not him. i had a dream and we were havin sex, the next day, we had sex. the fact that it felt so real probably is because you were so focused on it and excited about it because it's something you've been thinkng about.

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and, it sounds like you know a relationship with him is not going to work out. elmore 14 months ago i had a dream about my ex in the dream i went oto my dad's house he showed me messages between me n my ex thay were inappropriate then i went to my room and my ex was there i went to use the bathroom i came back he was in my bed i jumped on him and i rubbed his back then i kissed him and he kissed back i was hesitate at first bc he has a gf then it led into more sexual things like him fingering me and i was about to give him a blow job but my friend came through the door we both stopped and i'm like we were doing something and then she left the room and we continued what we were doing then we had sex and it went into another dream he left with his dad to go to my cousins house so i went over there too and then it turned into my mom's house and idk what it means i love my ex but he has a gf we dnt tlk anymore he has been on my mind alot i miss him i wanna text him but i'm wairing for him to text me bc that will show me that he misses me i don't wanna be the one always going back seeming desperate i just want him back what does my dream mean? 24 months ago from alberta, canada@alittlefreadout - it could mean that something new is coming into your life. like i had 3them were he said he was gonna come back and one where he said "you mean a lot to me kat. 14 months ago from alberta, canada@danielle - it means you like him. it can also represent becoming a mother, need for nurturing, or if you are running around naked, it could mean a fear of exposure.. you are passionate about finding real love, and your dream just reflected that passion.. and i've always loved that warm in love with me smile he would do. maybe something came up that made you feel a little less than loving towards him or maybe there is just a small issue that needs to be dealt with in your relationship. dream symbols regarding relationshipsthere are some very common dreams that we all have. 3 weeks ago hi, please help me to understand this dream. my tarot cards showed that you had some issues with this relationship because of your history - whether it be past relationships, behaviors, children, or possibly expecting something that wasn't there. as i took my husband to work that morning, me and my daughter were driving by this neighborhood looking at houses and i couldn't help but notice a house that looked like the one i dreamt only in my dream it had a back porch and in real life it didn't.. please help me get some answers, and how do i control these dreams? it doesn't have to be related to the guy from the university; however, it could be.'s hard to understand what is the dream and what is real in your big paragraph. once dreamt about a man who gave me a sheet of paper with some information on it. i think you are connected on a spiritual level and you mean something to each other, something good, in the afterlife.. we were together and he chose to be with another women . i've been having dreams about my girlfriend with other girls and lately we haven't had sex in real life and i've been hurt and cheated on . have the power to give you answers, help you sort through issues, and give you insight into your future - and meditation has the power to connect you to your dreams and help you understand them. but just humour me please and let me bask in the dream!" and i said "i love you too" and that was the dream. i think that this dream is about your desire to get untrapped from something in your life. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@meshellthebell - you are absolutely right - seeing the woman on facebook (and how you interpreted the situation) is what caused you to dream such a painful dream. it could be at work, school, with friends, or family members. after that we went in the bathroom and we were sitting on the floor and i could see his whole private part. you were meant to work out, then don't you think you would have by now? 12 months ago from alberta, canada@karin - it could be prophetic or it could be a sing that you want more love in your life.!Pearl 2 months ago i've had dreams where i get pregnant by this tall mexican and i have an ex who is mexican and we still love eachother but i dream of him a lot and my mom doesn't like him neither does my dad. but for some reason it just doesnt work out between them. 2 months ago so lastnight i had two dreams, both about my boyfriend. means you’re existing living or dead what does it mean when you dream about dating an old friend animals than able to tell what does it mean when you have a dream about dating someone you like people the first time i saw them common. if it's because of your instinct, then don't go looking for him. so, something may have happened (a smell, a thought, a type of feeling) that triggered you to dream about him a familiar setting. the whole time during the dream i was worried about my sister finding out or catching us. we are spiritually connected even though we will not be friends again in this lifetime. and he carried meover a puddle and it felt like an amazing relationship i loved howit felt. embrace that talent - ask for it to stay around. 2 years ago i dream i was with my graduating class and then they were chanting over me and then i try to fight back and then i woke up. we were able to have fun and laugh without jealousy. it just means you have a fear that they are connected and he will go back to her. then on the next day in the early morning i got another dream in that he again kissed me. just want to point out that first it starts as day and my dream never ended at night. because i remember before we were talking and he was making me laugh, at one point he turned around (which means he was in front of me), and said he loves me. when the guy covered your mouth was it a bad feeling? 2 years ago from alberta, canada@cece - that's quite a coincidence that you ended up moving to where he lives! it's sort of a drink and draw thing where models pose for us and we draw them while hanging out and having a drink. 2 years ago what i wrote about the guy with green eyes and hair and how my friend just got a job. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@laney - you probably don't have any issues with your current boyfriend, so there is nothing to resolve or work through there. if you know her, she may have some qualties that you wish were in you, and connecting with her intimately is a way to intimately bring them into yourself. kissing a bride - this can mean a joyous get-together between family and friends. but i think it's much more likely you are just playing out your desires in your dream. if you would not think about him like that then you would not get the dreams. 2 months ago hi, i had a dream last night that my fiance and i were getting married. think it means you are dreaming about a woman and her not returning the feelings for you. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@ preeti - either you have conflicted feelings about him or he does about you. 21 months ago from alberta, canada@geek - hey, if i were to interpret it off my feelings, i think you are worried that he may disappear from your life if you do something wrong - have a wrong emotion, say the wrong thing, act in the wrong way, etc. 17 months ago from alberta, canada@love - you are either dealing with rejection somewhere in your life or worried about rejection. one night i was sleeping and he saw somebody(my elder relatives)behind me quite far though, suddenly it disturbed him and he took me in his arms and shift me in a couch, he was with me whole daybeing protective. we don't contact each other or anything it was seriously just a fling. but in my dream i was back where i met him and he tells me that he wants to love me but he's scared because he doesn't know how to and then i woke up. so, because you are on the verge of ending your relationship - suicide would be a likely symbol to play out in your dream. he then went on to tell me that he has been with men, and shares an experience with me, he seems very unbothered, when just moments ago he was trying so hard to hide it. i could hear carpenters knocking on wood with their hammers so i taught it was all good but by the time i got out of my bed i knew i was in the wrong time because we changed the furniture in the room 2 years ago and i woke up in the room with the old furniture. because you feel happy in the dream, it probably means that you are - well, happy! 2 years ago from alberta, canada@adriana - i don't think it's a bad thing. too long ago i had a dream with a guy and we were just laying on a bed and i felt him just holdmy hands and again it felt amazing and lovely. it's a bit scary for me, and makes me question my own demise. then she whispers to me "i dare you to kiss him infront of everyone" he was standing with a lot of friends so i went to the circle of people and kissed him, but he bit himself on the tongue or lips so he began to bleed, everyone was in shock so i took him to the bathroom and he was kind of angry. it's weird he got out of the car and i'm inside a house and i see him from the window and he came to me tap me on my shoulder and started kissing me and telling me he loves it when i kiss him. idk why this dream couldn't of been reality (minus my parents). 23 months ago when i was 13, i remember a dream where o waa in the hospital. 16 months ago love really is the strongest emotion it makes me feel a bit weird saying that considering how i experienced it. he was there, sitting and waiting for us with our food that he already ordered. i have a dream of a guy whom i really dnt know who he was but it seems in the dream that i already know him. it's not my ordinary bus i's smaller and contains people from my grade; devon, casey, carly, tristan, and james. your dreams are an inner expression of the real you, so don't feel guilty for being in tune with yourself. the main point is the dream has made me positive that maybe i will find someone kind and who understands me..we connect really well and i feel like he's my best friend so a week after us talking i had a dream he went on a date with one of my friends. if not, then it could be a premonition, or it could just be something you want to happen - meet a guy who likes you. if you are suspicious of him in any way, that could translate into a dream where your fiance did something wrong and needs to beg for your forgiveness. 2 years ago my mother dreamt that my crush loved me back, idk. it was getting late my friend suggested that i should go home i said yes and followed him behind but before i could catch up the guy held my hand turned me around pined me on the wall and covered my mouth. if you did, then it's probably just a dream that reflects what you saw - but in your own version. you have other bullies in your life, like a boss or coworker or even a family member, the dream may mean that standing up for yourself is good because you obviously have an effect on them and how they treat you, but then putting your trust in someone who is a bully is not a good idea as bad things can happen. we were such a happy couple and the way we know each other in that dream was beyond. 3 weeks ago from alberta, canada@jane – sometimes it takes a dream to show us our true thoughts or feelings. we were eating on that time and this guy (he is trying to be close to me before) transfer on my side and sit beside me. when he caught up with me, he saw me laying down on the ground. 17 months ago from alberta, canada@tamy - could mean that you don't think you are worthy of love. invite them people over (taylor swift , his ex girlfriend and my best friend) to our place and i end up leaving them alone to go get some sodas or something and i come back and my current boyfriend in my dream was naked next to her (whoever the person was at that time) and then i get really upset and i ended up beating the crap out of the the girls and killing them and one of my ex's show up and would take me away and be supportive and nice and funny thing everything's going to be okay but they haven't even done that in my real life in the past. in fact, it may be best to look within and see where you're actually like your ex, or how the dynamic that existed between you may be enacting itself all over again in your life with a brand-new partner. like you were a little obsessed about this guy (maybe you still are) and that is why you are dreaming of him. don't know about the guy, but if you fear for your life, then ask yourself is that because of your thoughts (are you over thinking this and that's why you're starting to get worked up about it) or your instinct (where you feel in your gut something is wrong, even though there is no reason to think so). we are touching in the way that he is standing behind me with his body against mine and i feel safe and protected. you are not sure what the issue is, meditate on it. 4 hours ago from alberta, canada@laura – maybe you did have feelings and were not able to admit it. to interpret dreams and visions: understanding god's warnings and guidance buy now. i don't know if this is bad i just find it really weird how it's the same guy 3 nights in a row. the thing is, he once told me, when we just knew each other and became friends, that his ideal type of girls are those with healthy skin colour (like the type of colour you get when you have play sports like basketball, swimming, etc outside for a long time, a healthy brown colour). you may just be projecting feelings for your boyfriend onto him in your dreams. so he came in the front with me, we groofed around for a little and then he ended up fallin asleep we me in the( front seat). i will have a dream and the events come true word for word.. there is something that you feel your boyfriend doesn't trust about you. about my ex about dreams dreams dreaming about an ex dreams about an ex. 17 months ago hello last night i had a dream that i was walking in a place i didn't know and i was carrying a box,full of things but i don't know what,i then see i was being followed by a man,i got away from this man,and i sat down to rest,then i see a group of people and the man in the group fell over,i jumped up to go help him and he had hurt his shoulder,he was ok and thanked me,i then went into a public toilet for a wee,and while in the toilet 6 girls jumped over the toilet door saying that i had to go with them to be killed,i then woke up,what does this dream mean please. you may not have been thinking about him, but for whatever reason, it popped up into your subconscious and you dreamt about it. 11 months ago from alberta, canada@angel - your dreams are just a reflection of your inability to get over him. 2 years ago so i'm just having dreams of him because we had a child together? 2 years ago i had a dream of going to a store with my mom and i instantly fell in love with someone who worked there. but, it could also be your subconscious telling you that it is time to stop being oblivious to things in your life and take ownership over what is happening.

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.i don't know how it happened but i realized later the bag he remained with was in my room and the door to my room would shut but not lock. so, for you not to dream about him in an active way is a good thing." and it was extremely lucid it was almost like the feeling when i first met him. does it mean if i'm in a relationship, but i'm not with my partner at all in my dream? how often have you known prophetic dreams to actually be true. his son in the back seat, and ended up tappin me because he wanted to come in the front and sit with me. he kissed me on the forehead & then helped with the kids. it doesn't mean that he likes the other girl, it just means that you are worried that he does. i literally woke up and when i opened my eyes and looked around i cried. 23 months ago what does it mean if i keep dreaming about my babys daddy we are not together no more but i do still love him i think he feels something too but we now both have a new relationship with others , the thing is i keep dreaming every night that he tells me he loves me and just love dreams about him i keep asking god to give me sings if ima go back with him or not and my dreams are obviously telling yea yes but i dont know it can maybe mean something else and i think of him all the time every day , we had alot of trouble in our relationship before thats why we broke up but we did wanted to go back together i just said no beacuse i was scared he wouldn't change so as time past by now he has his new girl pregnant but i can tell when he sees me he still loves me i dont know its so complicated but i dream every every night about us what can that mean. second dream my boyfriend took me to a old house that supposably used to live with another girl and he was getting his things and the girl comes in really nice to me, but she said hi to him and they kissed and he had this huge smile on his face and was so happy. 24 months ago from alberta, canada@need - your nap dream sounds like your subconscious trying to tell you why he possibly broke up with you - or maybe why you think he broke up with you or felt negative about you. 3 weeks ago from alberta, canada@amonia – i would assume it means you want your ex-boyfriend to still love you. i'm trying to realize what my dreams mean and every sign what should i do because it's not that it is all against my will and i don't want to but i don't know what i want! i am a single 23 year old male and an artist and i had this dream about a girl i sort of knew in high school never really talked to her because i was kind of quiet. i saw a dream that i was going to my friend at night that is near my house it was raining i went there saw my friends mom i asked her for a number but she didn't have it (this friend doesn't live there where i saw the dream) while coming home a blue car blocked my way for a bit and the boy that was in driving laughed. lol) i just don't understand why he has been having this same dream, and multiple times in a week before mine. i realize you are just writing what is in your head, but it can be hard for others to understand when it is written like this. just listen to your inner guidance system and let it guide you towards what you think is right. i don't know if the dream had something to do with that? 2 years ago @relationshipc the girl im inlove with is slightly younger then my collegue who was the girl in my dream and there was no sexual things in there it was just a very intimite kiss which is what i feel most guilty about. may want to influence your dreams so you can get the answers you need. the past week he had woken up saying he had had a dream that he caught me cheating and i laughed an shrugged it off b. note: while dream analysis is highly subjective, this post might provide some insight into why this dream occurred or is recurring. it could also mean that school is turning out pretty good for you, or it could mean that things will get better, and more amazing, at school. ford 23 months ago hello, i had a dream that my my girlfriend and people who we knew was went for a walk. this is the same guy you've been talking about on this thread for over a year, it's time to either go to him and ask him outright if he wants to be with you and start building a relationship or stop torturing yourself and move on. because she told me its something she really wanted as far as getting to know me. "for example, if you're entering into a relationship with a new person, your psyche may still be trying to sort out the pluses and minuses of your old relationship. 2 years ago im trying to work things out with my ex which we have children together and ill be moving a lot more closer to him but i am worried everyday about doing so due to the fact he had been seeing this chick while separated. m completely amazed and sad to a point i never felt like ever before and i could feel that in my dreams. married people or couples kissing means everything is going smoothly and happily and full of harmony. did the dream just show how i would reall act if the scene was played out in real life, or is there more substance to it. if not, it may be time to firmly say, "i can't be with him in this lifetime. dreams and interpretationssometimes we have dreams about things regarding relationships and we take them a face value - but a lot of the time they are really pointing to some other area of your life. if it is unattractive, then depending on the atmosphere, it could mean you are heading into a bad relationship or situation soon. i had the dream when i was 15 - a time when i was very intuitive. 2 weeks ago hi i am currently dating someone but at work i really am falling for this guy, and whenever he sees me he touches my shoulder or my arm or back. 12 months ago hi,i am 14years old and one night i dreamt about a girl whom i know as we are studying in the same school. 2 years ago i had a dream my fiance had a baby with someone else i have 2 kids and in my dream i left him and he was begging for me backn. well so he looked into my eyes and he kissed me with such a passion that i have never felt coming from someone else. he started flirting with me and i yelled at him and told him to stop and then i notice that my lil brother was at the door spying n i got mad why he should spy on me and i woke up. dream started off whete he just randomly stopped in amd told me hes been emailing me and had no responces as i told him ive been busy between raising 3 kids and work its been hard to sit down for 5 seconds. you can tell her, but don't act weird about it. the ice cream could represent you trying to change or give him something positive, maybe after you broke up, but he didn't want to accept it. 19 months ago hi, this one might be a bit weird (it's definitely slightly off the beaten track as far as interpretations go). fear, fitting in, guys, friends, school, and maybe even being left out seem to be the common theme, so you are facing those emotions in your dream and you are using some memories from your past (like the hat and silly band) to work through them., it also sounds like you are reflecting on your relationships with him. this may mean you have compromised your beliefs or integrity and/or not making the most of your time and your energy and putting it towards bad decisions and activities. until i asked someone then we got in the place where we're gonnaeet. and then he help me got up and my dream ended. because it is a traumatic end for you, it may not end well. the places may feel real, but they may be bits and pieces of places you've been before. mel 2 years ago ive had dreams where i'm with a guy? when i was about 15 years old, before i was having sex, i dreamt about making love to a man that i was desperately in love with. a few times i've woken up but couldn't move and then when i was able to move or come out if it i had to almost catch my breath. but last night i dreamt of him, and i had told him something about myself. because you didn't give many details about your dream, i can't interpret it. 5 weeks ago from alberta, canada@buttercup31 - it just sounds like you are worried he's going to move on. it's almost like you feel he is pulling one over you, as if he is seeing this woman behind your back while he tells you that he loves you. 3 weeks ago from alberta, canada@bhagya - did you tell him in your dream or real life? i also remember her and her kids (she has kids) were there and i remember playing with the kids and letting them use the crane machine to get a toy they wanted. that what does it mean if you dream about dating your ex church would permit her daughter to apply. it's just like if you had to start school soon - you may not be thinking about it, but you will dream about it. he has actually moved on with a new york girl given the fact he lives in india currently. (( back in fifth grade he gave me a silly band, and in kindergarten people took my hat and started throwing it around, one was caseys brother so he asked for it and then tossed it to me)) on the bus ride back home a girl was rude to me but i gave her heels i had (i never wear heels) and told her to keep them and she ended up being nice. it's bad, i feel that i'm in the wrong places and making the wrong decisions. previously married someone and wish to see cake is going to share this view since. trust me, if you don't just go for it, you will regret it down the line. than i had another dream behind that one we were out having a good time and i was laughing in the dream but than she was behind me just walking and it felt like she was standing off from me so to speak. if you weren't too concerned in the dream (depressed, sad, etc) then you are probably just playing out how you feel. 7 days ago i had a dream that my love got married to someone else and i saw them together in wedding dress and then suddenly someone said that it's a part of some movie and he is acting as groom what does this dream mean? i can't remember any other dream i had that night except that one.! he was telling everyone he had sex with me, apparently trying to make me look like a slut. i was so confused that i wasn't even sure if the guy i was having sex with was my boyfriend now. then, your ex comes but you are having sex with his/her friend? i hope you dream it again because the message will be the most important aspect of understanding why you had the dream. is it just his subconscious telling him that i'm a bad person? it means you and him are not needing to work through anything and you are not holding any negative feelings towards him., the next month i met the guy but during that time i didn't yet realised he was the guy from my dream. disaster thing could be a past life dream, but because you sound very focused on him - i'm more inclined to tell you that it is just the emotional behind your thoughts about him that is causing the intense dreams. for example, ask yourself if the person represents a physical attribute (like athletic ability) or an emotional trait (like nurturing). i got suspicious when he went to a church retreat with her and his mom had a cook out and he left without saying goodbye to me but said it to everyone else. 2 years ago from alberta, canada@adriana - what does he represent to you? 4 hours ago from alberta, canada@lola – you think you are worth more than how you’ve been treated by someone.. i ve tried that and i get nowhere with him. me and him have not seen eachother since but i dream of him a lot. because it was in the same dream - it likely has to do with what or who is trying to bring you down or end something for you. 11 months ago i keep dreaming about my ex who is currently dating. 2 years ago i had a dream about my ex fiancé and we were in this abandoned place where everyone was supposed to be dead but were like ghost and this man tried to force everyone to worship him. so me being me i was a little hurt and when i fell asleep i dreamed my ex invited me to someones wedding. personally, i feel like that is a connection to my spiritual side, so i strongly believe that your dream is simply about the journey that you are on. 5 weeks ago so from what you are saying is that my dreams are portraying how i act and feel in real life into the dream itself right? often we dream about issues we are having… problems that need solved. that will let you know if your dreams are on point or not. was dead serious in the texts and was smiling and satisfied with the moving on thing. anyway my whole point here is as of recently we have been doing very well except for an incident a lil bit ago where he left a ffemale friend of his stay in our house for a night. (when i was trying to find the way when we got lost it was so dark and i was scared. if she is alive, don't wait until it's too late! of what he said, i think that you realize you and him are never going to be the way you want to be or were, and you haven't dealt with that yet. when i dont think about him some how this name pops up either in a movie im watchin or someone ends sayin the name, or this seafood truck with his name on it ends im goin pass me when im out n about? he never wanted anything with her but my female friend in the dream really liked him for a while. it feels like if you got into a romantic relationship with him, it would go downhill fast and you could lose him forever..anyway i literally was infatuated with him from the first day i saw him until this past august. now, perhaps a random day i'll dreamt of her again but the funny thing is, i have a girlfriend.,so when this guy picked me up-it was so beautiful- his strong kind face lit me up and gave me strength. 2 weeks ago watch out, soon to be was spoken to me in a dream. 2 years ago i had a dream that the woman i love that i thought loved me didn't love me. or maybe you don’t like the girl he is with and wish he could find someone better? so after years of negative thinking i finally had this dream, and of course it represents what my life has been so far and what i want in d future. so i'm in love with my best guy friend who i think is actually my twin flame. you don't want to be caught showing your true emotions and being criticized or examined by other people.

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