What does nsa stand for on dating sites

What Does "NSA" Mean on Dating Sites? (The #1 Definition)

What does nsa stand for on dating sites

A list of common slang words, acronyms and abbreviations as used in websites, ICQ chat rooms, blogs, SMS, and internet forums. when there’s a huge disparity in values, the nsa ought to be defined as: no stalking allowed! i think in any relationship – whether nsa or full of emotion – at one point someone probably pays for the other, whether it’s for dinner or to help them out. line is soft and i think it is suited to justice stewart’s line about pornography: “i shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material i understand to be embraced within that shorthand description, and perhaps i could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. think it’s also important to make the distinction that not every arrangement is nsa – it’s just those that are may be subject to more questions because the confusion between these types of arrangements and p4p is more prevalent.. i’m sure some people who choose this type of relationship can be shallow, but to put everyone in the same category under nsa would be unfair. the nsa is a large "secret" organization in america designed to accustom us to the concept of the thought police, so that when they do actually take over the world and implement absolutely totalitarian policies every citizen will already have been lulled into mindlessness and the illusion that everything is going to be allright.. is a one night stand the same thing as having a friend with benefits?“regarding the travel contest, does study abroad fit the bill?!Here are my views on “what is nsa” and “escorts vs sb’s“. i just learned that a sb with a bf and/or multiple sd’s does not an escort make. agreed that she may not be the typical college sb, but i like that profile – in that she is upfront about what she does. i understand that guilt…i struggled when i came here too. you have shared your body with someone (and it is not just the body), not as a one night stand or a fling, but as an on going relationship, which lasted at least a few months, it is hard to stop caring just right there on the spot. i am not in this for the physical thing – if it happens, it does. are more girls and guys who believe and will act out that nsa does not involve anything but sex and money. just as the mercedes dealer doesn’t care what a kia costs. typical fwbs doesn’t get this accomplished, and truthfully i rarely give sex away for free because i know how much it’s worth.

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it’s watery and has no urine smell, unlike urine, that does in fact smell like urine, lol. think of it as a “friends with benefits” type of relationship, if there was no money involved would it still be looked upon as unsavory? am going to add something is here regarding sugar & allowance:Not all sd/sb flavored websites have an “allowance” component. when values are very close, nsa is all but impossible. isla80, i understand what you mean…… however i feel nsa is self-explanatory. strings attached, but it doesn't refer to a type of relationship, but to the willingness/desire to have sex without the necessity of a relationship.” would have been equivalent but i guess it does not sound as brilliant somehow. doesn’t need a welcome to the blog…she’s definitely one of the aforementioned “icons”. could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of nsa (nsa acronym/abbreviation/slang word). It quite simply means “No Strings AttachedSingle successful individual with no time to spend in the bars looks for nsa relationship. my past travels in various sugarlands, i joined three different such sites. nsa has become connected to the casual sex terminology as someone wishing to engage in sexual activities while being free of all responsibilities associated with a romantic relationship. prostitution is illegal in clark county, nv; so the fact that it is in las vegas does not circumvent the requirement for references. (maybe i should change my appearance and rent cheap car when dating.. she’s not looking for a bf but she and her girlfriends go the hollywood clubs a couple nights a week and never have to stand in line , often get offered a line or two in the back room and party late. topic………way too many sa gentlemen claim ignorance on nsa…. always believed that nsa means that you have your "sugar world" and your "real world"…they don't cross. it’s a lot less transactional than much of what passes for “normal” dating today.

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from a chemical rush point of view, it doesn’t matter if the stimulus was sex or money, the same endorphins flow. it’s a habit of mine which drives everyone around mr insane and i figured i would share it with the blog community as well..yea, i totally agree and i’m extremely familiar with hard work but that doesn’t mean i can tolerate this emotionally. (maybe i should change my appearance and rent cheap car when dating. than nsa perhaps it should be ssa – some strings attached but within the parameters of the arrangement. at first i though you were drinking the same stuff flyr does which is why i could not understand your posts. when there’s a huge disparity in values, the nsa ought to be defined as: no stalking allowed! nsa is the safety net that allows us to truly enjoy sugar for what it's meant to be. princi does have nice abs,He also has a bad case of the crabs. my other sd is only 1 year older than me…he just wants a “gf” who’s there for him but doesn’t require his time. nsa is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained. a man has a wife, or a gf and may be sometimes has sex on a side – does it make him an escort – according to your “functional equivalent ” theory. neither is a person dating several people casually at the same time. are others saying that what you want doesn’t exist? pay a quick visit daily a few sites and sites to read posts,But this website gives feature based articles. people who are attracted to the nsa type of relationship could be just beginning in the sugar world and want to test things out. my comment on that was “no one has successfully bridged the gap between mass market sites and high priced match making services like stanger’s. no strings attached sounds like a simple concept, but what does it really mean?

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: porn, i think it’s most harmful when those who are young see it without context and don’t realize that it is all sensationalized., if you meet men irl and on other sugar sites, perhaps you ought to remember that you must be very forthright about your allowance expectations. you are sailing on different seas as you claim does that then imply you are looking for a bf on the site? for the newbies, please take a look at the “sugar daddy dating tips” section on the right for a list of commonly discussed topics and the “sd and sb blog list” section to see the perspective of other sugars. nsa emotions have nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with the fantasy itself. of the major sites for handling affiliate accounting is called commission junction. it’s black and white and the rules are set ahead of time, not all nsa is about hook-ups and sex. i wouldn’t classify sd/sb relationship as nsa because the sb is going to want more than just sex. but no – it doesn’t feel like you’re urinating, it is nothing like urine at all.“i just learned that a sb with a bf and/or multiple sd’s does not an escort make. do you think a sb with a boyfriend (or another sd) does not respect her (other) sd? the nsa is limited to information surveillance (national and international only) and does not engage in human intelligence activities.. nsa is simply an agreed upon condition that you will both check your emotions at the door, and not let them get involved with your arrangement. the nsa is the least discussed agency in popular culture. no wonder there are high school boys going to prison for gang raping girls at parties… and they don’t even understand what they did wrong. – i may have missed the prior discussions with you, but did i understand correctly that you want a mutually exclusive arrangement without mentoring your sb? he said that he wants to do rainier with me… does that mean that he will pay for the trip next year if we go together? comment about a man dating 30 years younger achived the impossible and made captainsd cry.

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you’re different, so this doesn’t apply to you.“if some smart people band together to put an intelligent idea for a quasi traditional /sugar dating site, then the old adage, “if you build it, they will come” may take fast roots. the nsa's existence was at one point denied, just like area 51's. however, i am of the opinion that having been around fellas who have fooled around with prostitutes while on vegas business trips does not give you a full perspective as someone who played the ter game and got pretty good at learning that whole sub-culture. arrangement: the #1 sugar daddy dating site featured in the ny times, 20/20, cnn, dr. i don’t care what anyone says, a man dating someone 30 years his junior is weird and it’s gross and it’s perverted.“i found both methods to be too time consuming with unsatisfactory roi! i found both methods to be too time consuming with unsatisfactory roi! i agree that nsa does not mean it is p4p, there is an underlying fallacy within this post – the comparison of nsa to fwb, and saying that just because there is money involved doesn’t make it any different. add to the female side of the ledger, class, grace, higher education and ambition plus high sex drive & some kink (not necessarily inclusive with youth & beauty) and to the male side of the ledger add handsomeness and some mature debonair type of charm & sophistication and you will see how quickly those “nsa” pre-conditions will be tossed outta window! (maybe i should change my appearance and rent cheap car when dating.: we have 250 other definitions for nsa in our acronym attic. many people believe the national security agency operates much like the cia, however, the nsa is a division of the us defense department and specializes on the protection of all us government communication & information systems. ought to be a part of a contest for one of the best sites on the internet. i agree with nsa thing…this site should be called “nostringattached” so make it clearly for those who are looking for relationship in wrong place. i understand it’s supposed to orgasmic, but it was more like grosstastic. now you know - nsa means "no strings attached" - don't thank us.’d like to go back on topic – nsa, p4p, fwb, 1ntstands, and other short term casual relationships.

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if you seek a provider through eros, city vibe, ter and multiple other similar sites, then the answer would be that screening and references will most likely be required. if he tries to demean you because he “doesn’t have to pay for a woman” then he just doesn’t understand sugar and you need not waste anymore time. so that night, he got a campsite right on the arkansas river, and we sat by the fire and drank some chardonnay… and then we retired to the tent and played and cuddled and watched the river barges float past under the stars… sweet god!"25/f/vancouver nsa looking for a good time" - craigslist.“your comment about a man dating 30 years younger achived the impossible and made captainsd cry. one was very low-key in terms of sugar (one had the option to specify whether one was looking for sugar or traditional dating) and also sparsely populated for my county. i am saying is that when there’s a will, there will be a way and if some smart people band together to put an intelligent idea for a quasi traditional /sugar dating site, then the old adage, “if you build it, they will come” may take fast roots. nsa can be dates, outings, or tgfe, it’s basically like a unwritten contract or agreement among 2 adults. (in other words, movies and video games rarely touch upon the nsa.~ yep, it does work both ways, it is easy to find sex, but to find a real arrangement? some members seem to think that nsa is not dissimilar to another sugar term p4p (pay for play), which by the way is not really allowed on this site. that doesn’t prevent some of them to offer p4p to anybody ready to pay them. understanding is that there have now been two national elections in iraq with high numbers of voter turn outs so it would seem the iraqi people are taking advantage of their democratic rights. don’t some of your stripper extras girls have bfs or gfs too or does the string of men they see in a night not count? i think the mass marketing pr brought quite a few people on both sides of the sugar bowl who didn’t understand what a true sugar relationship is… combine this with the site doing a poor job of policing escorts, johns, pervs and sketchy people on the site, and you have a perfect storm for poor quality emerging. he does have nice abs,But his small penis is not.“nsa: there is no requirement or expectation to give my sb an orgasm”.  by now, most of you are probably well versed in sugar-speak, but you’d be surprised how many times a week a member will write in to customer service inquiring about nsa.

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“while he does have nice abs,But his small penis is not.@ dashel: the term nsa is just a posturing term at the outset for the sake of negotiating, when it comes to sd/sb relationships. of course this does not exclude a potential sb from requesting or rather demanding an allowance as a part and parcel of the “sugar dating” and it certainly does not mean that the potential sd should be completely oblivious to such a proposition.@listener “how does one find out from the start exactly what’s being sought after by the other side? i think the nsa term would be difficult for me as when i do make a friendship i’d do anything for a good friend. drew, seekingarrangement is the leading sugar daddy dating and sugar baby personals. but that doesn’t mean that two people can not care about one another. really understand the angst of so many sb’s who remember the site before it went on its pr binge. the topic nsa, the picture posted with it does not nsa mean! or fiction: people who want an nsa relationship are shallow. is just an accelerant and a barrier to entry that shifts the numbers game on traditional sites to the men’s favor. my opinion, in a real, perfect sugar relationship, there is no such thing as nsa. one who had attracted a fair amount of attention on her entry (great display of cleavage and legs) and by talking a little loud reacted to the news and without missing a beat “i understand completely, it’s your decision, but can i give you a great blowjob in the parking lot – i need rent money”. other such abbreviations: national shipping authority, national standards association, national student association, national scrabble association, niagara soccer association, national scrabble association, etc. article on the meaning of “nsa” and am very happy that i read it as now will not view the nsa term as i did 5 minutes ago. it’s obvious your an advocate for this type of dating and it worked for you and you seem to have some sound advice. then nsa is nothing like p4p, which we feel strongly about mentioning once again, is illegal., reneging on any reciprocal part of the pre-discussed and agreed arrangement using the nsa clause is not cool and kosher.

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“”does not sound like he is bragging at all just stating a fact. sugarbaby having multiple sds(and probably std’s, but that’s besides the point) and/or multiple boyfriends does not make her an escort. i have found numerous girls easily that are into nsa just as i like it. but without the negative connotation of one-night stand, even if that is what it is. but does nsa really mean you are a cold hearted person who is only interested in sex or money? nsa is more “if one of us needs out, the other promises to not be hurt”… which, then again, depends on how it’s ended. either sex or money can light up the same parts of the brain, a mix of sex and money does the same. that doesn’t prevent some of them to offer p4p to anybody ready to pay them.. i don’t understand why people play into and entertain things they want nothing to do with. fisher works for the nsa fuck these stupid 'spy' movies, like spy kids, or cody banks. from a chemical rush point of view, it doesn’t matter if the stimulus was sex or money, the same endorphins flow. look at it as somebody who is married or in a steady relationship having an affair on the side, and who is happy with both of them and doesn’t want either to end. a cash allowance is being offered your description of nsa is the most accurate definition of the term. college they were driving a vw bugs and studying physics or medicine while the cool guys were driving a porsche speedster or corvettes, dating the hot girls and smoking righteous weed . everyone seeks sugar for a different reason, and the beauty of nsa is that there isn’t pressure added to the relationship.~ hahahah maybe… i just didn’t let it get to me this time lol 😀 but i totally understand! can i talk to her, is she funny, does she laugh at my jokes, is she smart, or at the least not an idiot. how does one find out from the start exactly what’s being sought after by the other side?

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@lil – i think one of mw true secrets is that she stands still, rather than chases……. as long as he doesn’t try to put me in stirrups. i’m only a month into sugar dating and would love it if someone could check out my profile and give me tips/feedback since there is always room for improvement. that doesn’t prevent some of them to offer p4p to anybody ready to pay them. questions are in fact nice thing if you are not understanding anything totally, except.. scientists didn’t even know women could “squirt” until recently, which does not give me much confidence in modern science(it is close to the urethra, but does not come from the same spot. go to see every day some blogs and information sites to read. these are important as your sd doesn’t want to reschedule if you can only meet on occasion. is basically an understanding on both people on the boundaries of the relationship and an agreement not to cross those boundaries…intentionally. topic………way too many sa gentlemen claim ignorance on nsa….- i mean i was attracted to him but standing someone up and not even apologising for it makes him ugly to me now. doesn’t appear to worry if 100 fish swim by, chasing some wiggly bait…. mostly agree with you, but you sound like nsa is a bad thing. i personally lean toward the former, although i am all but done with sugaring on sa and similar sites. in on the discussion – to me nsa is not about an absence of feelings, but rather with a shared understanding that there are shared boundaries on the expectation that the relationship will develop in some dimensions. there is no transaction occurring in an nsa relationship, just two people who have agreed to have a non-traditional relationship. nsa means lets have some fun without creating any obligations beyond the moment. demographics matter…-5k doesn’t go far in nyc, but screams volumes in oklahoma.

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