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recommend for you to read the following articles to help you better understand our answer - before reading the rest of our answer for you:Here are the main commandments (arkam ul islam) and the taboos (called 'haram' in arabic) for muslims:· no worshipping of any god, except the god of adam, abraham, moses, david, solomon, jesus and muhammad, peace be upon them all.’s now nearly the end of this year 2013, even though i still have strong feelings for him – i can never take back a man (who am i kidding, he has ‘boy’ mentality) who didn’t even have enough respect and decency to have at least replied and let me know that he wants to move on. muslims are born traitor even how much your so good to them, they will definitely go for the same kind as them. i don’t feel any prejudice towards the muslim religion. a sexual relationship is a sin for the muslim regardless of the faith of the other person, if outside of wedlock. when your illusions stop swaddling, and start choking you, and you finally have the strength to end it, you’ll be left half the woman you are now. ross: what does this do to your psyche,To your spirit, to your whole way of life living with a man this. on how many racists have i slept…sobia on love in the time of islam…mykabulkitchen on love in the time of islam…friday link roundup… on how many racists have i slept…am on love in the time of islam…. was christened as a baby, my grandma still has the puffy white gown that i wore, and we go to church on christmas morning, but like many girls in their 20s, i wouldn’t say that religion plays a significant part in my day to day life. being born into a muslim family is not sufficient to be considered a believer. the past 9 months or so i have been dating a dear man from libya who is here for school on a scholarship. we were talking about this same subject (actually muslims always talk about these same subjects). we have a good friendship only been dating for two months. you will know the man for you when he arrives. there is indeed some partial truth in what nietzsche said but of course there are a few facts in the known universe which are most probably “universal,” and should be acknowledged—but facts about relationships and love are not that universal. i’m a 22 year old non-muslim woman in a 4 year long relationship with a 27 year old muslim man. he appeared very intelligent and seemed to know what he wanted from his life in england as he came here to be near his son and had a takeaway business, also the other day i drove him for his final interview to get his english passport which he should be getting in a few days time, so was not after me for that. the downside is, some people refuse to look past the muslim part. after more than a year of no good communication, i was surprised to received his call and how he manage to get my number and he was crying and telling me he missed me so much. i know it is much easier said than done to cut someone you loves so deeply and dearly but if he isn’t willing to come out with it then you have to move on. why do muslim men portray themselves to be so liberal then change dramatically upon marrying their wives. don’t want to be with a man who won’t stand up for you. if you were the most richest, famous, prettiest woman in the world, his family and himself still would find you (wife material)… please take my advice, just leave. it is a difficult struggle to know that your time with him will not be long, but it is sweet to treasure this time and learn what you will from your relationship.

What to know when dating a muslim man

many moments that should have been filled with joy were tense with frustration and anger. the man; she is always subject to a male guardian, whether he. you for your letter and indeed, we appreciate your question about what muslim men should and should not do with members of the opposite sex. i’m a single muslim convert, but i was once the non-muslim girl dating the muslim guy from another culture (although he was american), not for 9 months but for years. (as a side note, if he doesn’t feel comfortable being intimate in public, that is actually a little more understandable, because in the muslim community, public displays of affection are unfortunately frowned upon. don’t think you could ever get over him until you start seeing/dating someone else, even if it’s just for short term – just start seeing or dating other guys. understand your position now, although i decided now to remain ‘just friends’ with mine, i know deep in my heart i will not be able to cope to see him with another if that time comes. am sure the libyan man cares for you, but it is not enough. i have decided to pursue other things that are more important to me now so me getting serious about my muslim friend or anyone else is not on schedule for now. appreciate the advice that has been offered but i am also wondering if the muslim man in question, is a bit more “evolved” than is being assumed, on the basis of a few one-sided “facts. rahman raheem in the name of god, the most merciful, the most gracious peace be unto all who follow true guidance. think the advice above, and the comment above, are all very true, though i really did not appreciate the harsh manner in which miss sunshine chose to express herself. of a man when it comes to blood-money, inheritance, and her. in my relationship, i was the one who kept things from my family and friends, while knowing that his did know about me. Regrettably, Katrina, who unknowingly became a Muslim by marriage, did. there are so many guys who would be willing to treat you like a princess. i also care very much for a muslim man we met at a business meeting for entrepreneurs of all faiths…. for the secret thing, i know first hand how hurtful that can be. give your life, love, and yourself to a man who loves you. all you need to know is that this relationship can’t give you what you want, and it will take from you more than it gives. you only know when your boyfriend's muslim and you're not. is this really the usual muslim act toward a christian woman like me to be always lied all the time? but he doesn’t know what will happen with his country and situation, so i understand that too. i wish you all find inner peace and an amazing fresh start for the new year, hope that the next man you fall in love with will love you deeply the same way you do.

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even though i say it’s best we remain friends for our happiness sake, i know i may not want to be in contact with him for quite some time to save me from the pain of future possibility of seeing him be with someone else who i deeply wished was me. love, inshallah,I find myself in a hard situation with a muslim man i love.’s a really big deal though, and it will be hard for a family to come to terms with him dating someone outside of their faith and culture, especially if there are language barriers. that’s not fair of him to be upset at me, for all i know he could be seeing someone else or even get married to someone any time soon.” i really admire the trans-cultural individuals (and how rare they are, be it east or west), but i am also aware that although we humans are born as universal souls, yet long-term conditioning can divide us into “us and them” sometimes for centuries–just look at the enduring conflicts between hindus and muslims, hutus and tutsis, shiites and sunnis, israelis and palestinins, and so on. whether he seems religious or not, or culturally attached or not (many of these men are way more of the latter than the former). often talk about marriage and since he is 27 and educated he is more than ready, traditionally an arabic man pays for the wedding, however that’s not how i was raised and also i want a big and exclusive wedding, due to the fact that i’m still studying, this dream wedding will not be a reality within the next three years. i am a non-muslim gal also in love with a wonderful egyptian muslim guy, and even i must agree with the comments above. a muslim is affected by islamic law, whatever the country of. i understand that when he does find his wife we may not be friends anymore…but what is unique is that he has helped me believe that there is a man for me out there and i can trust again. have provided a large number of internet website pages to help folks better understand just what it is that muslims do believe about god, bible, quran, jesus and muhammad, peace be upon them both. as i am a follwer of the teachings of christ and find the muslim people very dear to my heart. that i got the chance to speak to him in proper but i know it would only break my heart to bits to see him with another. is certain: any muslim raised in a muslim society is going. however growing up with his cousin forces her to be honest with me, and she often tells me that his parents can’t stand our relationship, and would never accept us getting married as long as i am not a muslim. they are a lovely bunch of women who are either non-muslim married to muslim or converts. i will have been dating my guy for a year this thursday and he still has not told his nuclear family about the two of us. i mean, i have to be honest and say that a younger guy may get away with this easier for a while because he is still much involved with the family and wanting to please them and maybe has never expressed that he is interested in dating someone from another culture to his friends/family and he wants to find a way to ease them into this idea. am in a similar situation i am british and christian and married to a pakistani man for over 6 years. perhaps also reach out to couples who have gone through these discussions before, like a non-muslim/muslim couple, and ask what they did to overcome these differences. if i don’t know the answer, i will post it and ask the readers. the time, i hated to hear this advice because i was that guy—the muslim in a relationship with a non-muslim girl that few of my friends knew about. this continued for nearly four years and finally a few months before her set wedding all her friends in the libyan community let it be known that she was marrying an american. but for sure, i love a guy who is a muslim.

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we both know that when the day comes he will marry. i do feel he is torn between the 2 for sure, i just don’t know all the reasons why so i ended it to take the pressure off of him and to prevent more pain for myself. this is a universal truth, or at least universal enough to respect it as a rule, acknowledging that there are occasional exceptions. mark twain said it well:“if you know a man’s nationality you can come within a split hair of guessing the complexion of his religion: english–protestant; american–ditto; spaniard, frenchman, irishman, italian, south american, austrian–roman catholic; russian–greek catholic; turk–mohammedan; and so on. i spent nearly a year speaking to, meeting with and getting to know my spouse before we finally had a proposal and our marriage. take your time to learn more about the ways and lifestyle of muslims before committing yourself to something as serious as this. i can say dear that muslim guy like him are fuckers. i know this is harsh but i can tell, already, that you have these thoughts of no future with him. i don’t know, maybe they missed that pshe lesson in yeah 4 about not judging people before you get to know them. i know many beautiful examples, where the couple has had to fight almost impossible odds to stay together. if you want to know more about them, just live with them in see for yourself how traitor they are.· no dating (meeting with a woman socially is not acceptable - meetings with chaperones for the purpose of interviews for marriage are the only exception) (see: hadeeth, rulings). begin with, all muslims have to know their religion or else they cannot really be considered as true muslims. i told him it did not matter weather he loved her or not he was married and i could not live with a married man and be kept a secret from his family, oh and he goes back to egypt one month in the year, but says he never sleeps with her. in fact, it’s clear to me that you know all that you need to know, you just want someone to affirm it for you. i know with all my heart that he would never hurt me intentionally. i know the religious and cultural tenants can be very serious and i want to see this situation clearly. i may be going out on a limb here, but part of me feels the harsh way of communicating that advice comes from her own personal prejudices about non muslim girls dating muslim guys and the nature of their relationship, but that’s just my two cents. do believe it is possible for a non-muslim and a muslim to be together. don’t expect his parents will approved you to be his wife because the same thing it happen to me but all of them betrayed me at last just the time i left home, they set his marriage with other woman whether he like it or not. siobhan, i’m so, so sorry this man lied to you. a non-muslim provided she is of the "people of the book" (i. was in relationship with indian muslim guy since 2009 until we finally split-up last dec 2011 when i was pregnant with our son. if he has not taught you arabic or how to adopt to the muslim world, or only gave you a little information on it, hes not into u.

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i have to do the same even though i know he cares for me deeply, but i don’t deserve to carry that burden for him. muslims try to put their god (allah) first in all matters. have fallen in love with an senegalese (now american citizen), he is an amazing man. i am falling in love with this man, and we have talked about marriage. i would suggest that carol giligan’s work on human development is quite relevant here. i frequently think of the bigger picture and if we will be able to sustain this long term however, i also try to keep myself in check and just enjoy the moment with whom i believe to be an honorable man worthy of my respect and admiration. feel like beating out a tune of a music i heard a long time ago “set me free why don’t you babe, get out my life why don’t you babe, cause you don’t really love me, you just keep me hanging on” anyone else know that song? also want to add that i have had many friends in this position and when presented the ultimatum the reality of the situation was clear. him how you feel by the fact that so few of his friends know about your relationship and how anxious you fell over the direction/uncertainty of your relationship. i understand why, i really do, but personally as a woman of 41 years old that still wants to have children, am i kidding myself to think that he might eventually come around or that it could even work at all? a muslim when you are a non-muslim can be a very lonely road. answer many questions - but sometimes we must stop everything to really search deep for answers in simple english - for non-muslims, as well as muslims. it’s a small reassurance to know that i’m not the only one going through similar experience, small but yet comforting in these times of heart break that i’m going through right now (mind you, been through a lot of heart break with this guy). think this is the man for you, he doesn’t even know love,Because jesus is love. she said “you never know what’s in store for you. when you match up the religion and culture of each man, and group the similar characteristics, you will notice a pattern in the red flags. the way you posed your question/statement about that made me feel that the event is more important in your heart than the man. relationships can easily turn physical, and it takes a lot of will power to stop oneself from taking it to the next level; thus dating and such are discouraged. met my egyptian muslim guy on a dating site, i was a bit weary at first, but after having many bad experiences with english guys i thought i would give him the benefit of the doubt, we chatted for hours and i liked the way he spoke, he was very respectful and did not once speak about sex with me, after a week of chatting we met up, we got on so well, we met up a few more times after that, it was like we had known each other for years, he told me all about his faith that he had been married to an english women in egypt before but had divorced her in egypt and had one child by her, this did not bother me as all people do have history, although he was only 33, i am 46. this man you are with…he is probably lying to himself first, and to you second. i am not a muslim woman though i have much respect for the faith.· no physical contact with the opposite sex (even shaking hands between members of the opposite sexis distasteful to good muslims) (see: quran, hadeeth, rulings).%d bloggers like this:Dear Love, InshAllah, I find myself in a hard situation with a Muslim man I love. but i’ve realised that we have battled through our fair share of relationship drama, and some of the particularly tricky moments have been related to the fact that he’s muslim.

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and when you know the man’s religious complexion, you know what sort of religious books he reads when he wants some more light, and what sort of books he avoids, lest by accident he get more light than he wants. is so liberal in so many ways but i’m very uncomfortable being a secret when we have professed such deep love for each other…and he’s not just saying it, it’s true for him.. wondering if i may send you a message for advice…it does give me some hope to see that you got back your happiness, and i’m not alone with many girls having similar stories. because human beings are at different levels of development and their choices reflect that. but he says he doesn’t know if his family will accept me they are currently pressuring him into finding a wife. you only know if you date white guys and you're not white. i know what you must all be thinking, but i really fell in love with him, i know the alarm bells are ringing, but surely he could have waited until we moved in to tell me, if he was going to get money out of the house. is he not to find a woman he loves and marry her? do have a question as a non-muslim woman in many of these letters the man approaches us for a relationship if he is a muslim man then he already knows what it says in the qurran about sexual sin? the two sourcesof islam are called, the quran (recitation of allah's speech to mankind) and the sunnah (teachings of the prophet muhammad, peace be upon him, which help explain the meaning of the quran) and the rulings of the scholars based on these two sources (called 'fatwah'). long as you know where you stand you can not lie to yourself…your instincts will always tell you. falling in love with a muslim man has changed my life in ways that i would never have imagined. he says he will tell them about me… i don’t know what to do. actually have a blog about dating my muslim guy (some of the hardships and stupid things people do). i know i may sound like a stupid lady, but i am so desperate for a bit of happiness in my life, i am still greifing over the death of my sister. am a non- muslim woman and i currently have a muslim boyfriend who is from pakistan. friends know that i am far too stubborn to be forced into anything i don’t want to do, no matter how many krispy kremes you bring to the table. some people choose to later when the whole marriage thing happens, but it’s a choice) ‘does he mind people knowing that you’re a couple?'t assume cus he's from iraqi that he is muslim..because if your religion does not allow you to date then how do you get to know your partner, thus makes it easier for them to date non-muslim women. i dated a libyan man for seven years and then i gave up on it. it is possible that this man does have very strong feelings for you, but even if he feels like he is in love with you, he is not willing to treat you lovingly by your standards. there is a divorce, she should know that his country, being islamic,Will not recognize her claim to the children unless she is muslim. when i asked him (i’m not even sure why i even asked, so silly of me) that if it’s ok then i start seeing/dating other guys since we’re not going serious/committed any more, he blew up and got so upset and tell me not to speak to him again?

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we agreed that we didn’t know quite what the obstacles would be or how they would pan out, but that we would approach them together making sure we maintain a mutual understanding and respect for one another. in the end i think you will be hurt because eventually he will probably go back and marry a libiyan woman.· no making fun of god's names, characteristics, or anything to do with the religion of jews, christians or muslims (see bible, as above) (also: quran, many times). Club Channel, What woman who was raised as a God-fearing Christian would purposefully marry a Middle Eastern Muslim? but, as you said, the blame should be on the muslim (man or woman) because they do know it is wrong. i personally would have no problem with any children from him being raised muslim but we would have to be married me as a non-muslim woman. sadly, racism and prejudice is still very much a thing among some people, and too many are still taking warped ideas about islam and images of a minority of muslims doing awful things on the news, and applying them to the majority. i got a lot of ‘but jaz, he’s a muslim’, ‘are you sure about this? i have to admit some parts of the muslim belief is so beautiful and peaceful, the prayers and affirmations are so wonderful it helps me to understand my good friend who is muslim.. also, i know a lady who married a saudi guy and is a new revert to islam. we love each other but i know i am a secret. that does not make non-muslim loose many are virtuous, it just means that regardless of religious views people will do what they want. unequal habitus produces unequal human subjects; for example, human subjects formed in elite habitus expect to have and express political opinions relevant to the power discourses circulating in society; mass schooling is the most consequential force in producing docile bodies and in producing unequal outcomes in accord with unequal “habitus. this is a guy who is not yet a grown man. and above all, they create a new humanistic universal knowledge-base, based on universal truth, goodness and beauty–and most importantly: respect for human rights everywhere on the planet and not just for gene-alikes, meme-alikes. muslims were ali baba and the 40 thieves and the magic carpet ride. too had a close intimate relationship with a libyan man who i met online and he made me believe that he truly loves me deeply as i do of him. seems the man doesnt really love u, he was just attracted to you for a while. jesus respond to a muslim who feels just as strongly about. really need to know as we’ve done this online thing for far too long and although i have strong feelings for you, i still have not met you in person to know if we should be together or not and that’s fine for now, as long as i know that you want to be serious with me then it’s all worth it. i didn’t think being in a serious relationship with a muslim man would be so different than a non muslim man. she argues that human beings go through some identifiable stages in development: at stage 1 (selfish or egocentric), men are selfish in agentic ways, women are selfish in communal ways (using social ostracism to punish others). i know there are many happy unions between non muslim and muslim couples. do still love him (and i don’t know how to stop it for now) and holds on to a hope that it may just be misunderstanding and he’ll get back with me soon (but who am i really kidding here but myself).

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and his parents after agreeing our wedding, why they set him a wedding with other woman? does allow us to get to know one another, but to maintain our chastity. i’m wondering after reading the initial post if the man you are in love with is in the same age range as you are? i want to ask a question about islam and muslims. the fact that you are actually in love with this man already well…i think you’re more than a just a friend to him.: july 11, 2013 | author: love, inshallah | filed under: sex & the ummah | tags: advice column, american muslims, dating, dating non-muslim, love, love inshallah, ms. know your quite busy yourself right now but this is important for me to know. know you asked for a muslim’s take on this issue, and i mention religion very little because what you need to understand is that this has nothing to do with religion. at least to have the decency and respect to let me know he wants to end things with me. so, similar to what you said – no one should blame the non-muslim (man or woman), as one cannot expect a person who is not a follower of the religion to know it or abide by it. for some reason though, when i’m mid-way through my well-rehearsed story about how we met and how in luuurve we are, the bit that people get caught up on is the fact that he’s muslim. i know that will not happen …i am good just with the friendship. believe me,The legislation governing marriage and the family is extensive,And by western standards is not at all favorable to the woman, especially. would be so happy in your advise but the problem is you don’t know what your talking about these people. feel for the rest of the woman on here who are in a much worst predicament and your story gave me support.. i don’t know how long it would take me to “recover” from the pain. what humans can do in the name of identity (religious, national, sectarian etc) should be well known to any open minded student of history. i write because i don’t have resources within the muslim community and would love that perspective. muslims are not tolerating their wrong doing, why there are no muslim religious leader are taking care of this issue? muhammed, to learn more about her 14-year marriage to a muslim, her. however, i don’t know if the behavior i see online is tied to religion or culture/tribe, but i find the muslims (i don’t like generalizing but for the sake of this response) commenting on these questions online to be extremely critical of one another. he should not be hugging you or any other woman that is not his wife. name is asha, and i am a non muslim christian woman that recently started dating a muslim man. sunshine, muslim love, muslim relationships, muslim women, shy desi boy |65 comments.

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i erased a piece of my culture and tried to learn how to adopt his own, so that i could be the “woman of his dreams. he knows it’s important to you, if he doesn’t solve the problem in a few months…i would reassess the situation.· no listening to musical instruments (hadeeth,rulings - quran is the best sound for the muslims). therefore, most muslims have attended classes and schools and participated in very in depth studies about what we do and don't believe and what we are to do about our beliefs. a few of his schoolmates knows about me, but not he’s real friends. i wished him the best and told him he was a good man and that he would always be special to me and that i just wanted him to do what was best for him and he wished me the same. a muslim woman i have to say that your boyfriends behavior goes totally against what we are taught in islam. then what i really need advice on is, all of a sudden he told me that last year he married an egyptian muslim women, i was gutted and, his mother had organised the marriage, she is his first cousin and has lived with them for years, he says he only married her out of respect for his mum, but also so a bad muslim would not marry her and that she is more like a sister to him, to me this is just to strange, i suppose he could have waited to tell me when we had moved in together, or maybe he really did just want to be upfront and honest with me, but he said i would have to be kept a secret from his family as they would not approve of him living with a western women. we were dating for 2 years secretly out of his family & friends knowledge until he decided us to be together middle of 2011 after coming from his country. he isn’t responsible for his own actions and he doesn’t know what he wants. so for the last time i will cry many tears, embrace the mourning of my lost and accept the fact that he wasn’t the one for me after all those years. now i am crying even more, reading along these comments…it’s like knowing someone is going to die anytime soon and about to leave your life…knowing this, why hurt yourself? am a secret to almost everyone he knows, and when he took me out to lunch at his favorite café he asked me not to hug him when i arrived, just shake hands. a non-muslim woman who has been married to an egyptian, muslim man for 15 years, (together for 18) i can tell you this, all of the advise posted here by desi-boy and miss sunshine rings so very true. have also found myself in a relationship with a muslim male who has been in the states for 10 years from saudi arabia.. i know this might sound really stupid, you may laugh at me but i am really curious. after all, why would many jews, zionists or otherwise, hindus, athiests, christians, and otherwise turn to islam if they don't like it? situation is so common that over the nearly 2 decades of my life as an adult muslim, it’s almost become cliché. however, it would be better for you to know the truth about islam and muslims and not be embarrassed or misunderstood, than to go blindly into something that you might regret later. relationships are soooo very complicated, and i have learned through mine that his parents are probably not nearly as concerned whether you are muslim or not. if he is hiding you and not committing to you, he is not being a real man and does not deserve you. even if we do get married how could i live happily with a man, if the two persons whom he loves the most can’t accept it? put all of ur faith and love in jehovah (allah) and know his will is the greatest of all. you also know iinside yourself that although you love him….

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but, i don't know how he is supposed too act around women..he might be having another woman, calm down, give yourself sometime and you will find a loving kind man. all god fearing servants of the most high knows that love conquers all through the faith of jehovah. you only know if you're a black girl on twitter. i am also caring deeply for a muslim man and from the beginning he was very upfront about what he wanted and did not want. any time during your dating process did the spiritual roots of your life–i. knowing a man or woman intimately is reserved for the married couple, and not for the unmarried or extra-married (married to someone else). people who answer you this way and suggested walk away themselves are unhappy in their marriage i can tell you and think they are best of all , they do not know what love is. i’ve waited for about 2 months to find out what he has decided but he says he still doesn’t know. reason are as follow:1- he maybe afraid that since you are not a muslimah yet , he maybe harmed by people talk and damage his reputation. this is a very important topic and not one that is taken lightly by any muslim. dating before marriage is permissible or not, it’s happening..But i knew from the beginning that having children with him would be beautiful but difficult i got a idea of the this because he is very devoted to islam, and does seem to be discipline, but i know if we were married he would be very controlling, especially about his children and his anger side which i saw once was something to think about but i held my ground and refused to back down i think it really made him think how we could not be married even though he respected my stance. any man, religion and/or nationality aside, who cannot handle the real you, certainly doesn’t deserve the lesser you. but there are still certain things that you’d only know if you’re not muslim, and you’re in a relationship with someone who is. i love him with all my heart and i know he loves me and we’re very happy. culture is very traditional and although your man is liberal in many things as you said; most likely his family is not. angry part of me wished his balls exploded from one of the bombs during the revolution and if he ever stumble upon reading this site, i wish him permanent erection disability (i’m trying my best not to include swearing words). you might also be interested in:Things you only know if your boyfriend is black and you're not. even though i already felt like a foolish idiot – i know that this is not how i deserve to be treated but i didn’t want to make assumption so i exhaust all options to make sure i have not left a stone unturned. i have known a few examples where men in similar situations stood up to what is right and just, and lived by their word, although such examples are not many. if you don’t value yourself, no one else will” so true and i feel more tears well up inside of me, to know that i have de-valued myself for a non-deserving man 😦. he says he so lost and confused and he doesn’t know what the right thing to do is. websites have many articles that might help you as well.

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I am not a Muslim woman though I have much respect for the faith. i have several times asked them to be honest with me, but they always tell me that they don’t care if he would marry me or a muslim woman as long as he is happy. it’s wrought with many challenges and you have to be strong.'s a good question from a non-muslim 'lady-in-love' with a muslim man. you for having the courage to ask the tough questions at the risk of getting chastised and if you’re like me, knowing full well that the feedback wouldn’t really be what you had hoped to hear. reply to her question,, ,allah tabarak vata'la have cherished hazrat yusufestes with great knowledge i wish i too blessed as such so that from the grace of allah could spread islam over my non-muslim friends and some of the distracted acquaintance.’s just so selfish of them to start a relationship with us knowing that they can never truly commit because dating is not allowed with women of their own culture/religion, so essentially even though these men love us they’re still just using us for the time being. at stage 3 (universal care or worldcentric), the masculine principle extends rights and justice to all human beings, regardless of race, color, sex, or creed; and the feminine principle extends care and compassion to all humans. this people will never have a heart for a christian woman like us not even to their own child. what hurts me the most is now knowing that i can never be involved with him anymore (regardless if he tries to contact me again). (this is why a muslim woman may not marry a non-muslim). he was saying that just as we abstain from eating and drinking in the day time and then really enjoy these things at nightduring the month of ramadhan, in the same way, the muslims avoid certain things in this life so that they can enjoy better things in the next life. he is still living overseas, i don’t know if you can do anything other than appeal to his mother for support.“i have been dating a muslim man for 4 years and every year during this holiday, he has become distant.’m a lebanese american who also dated a muslim man for a year until recently. in america if you know which party-collar a voter wears, you know what his associations are, and how he came by his politics, and which breed of newspapers he reads to get light, and which breed he diligently avoids, and which breed of mass-meetings he attends in order to broaden his political knowledge, and which breed of mass-meetings he doesn’t attend, except to refute its doctrines with brickbats. desi boy replies:I once heard my muslim female friend give her non-muslim friends the following advice: if the muslim you are dating does not tell his/her parents—or at least his/her friends—within the first year of the relationship, then walk away. this year would be 8 years i have connected with him online (even through the feb 14 libyan revolution we managed to keep connected) and since it’s been so long already, i have decided to send a message to him about taking our relationship further to a serious level of commitment – long story but this is what i sent and maybe can explain my situation here;. qur’an does not say that a muslim man may not have a relationship with a muslim woman – it says that a man may not have a relationship with a woman – regardless of faith – unless they are wedded in the bonds of matrimony. okay, if he happens to stumble upon and read this, he would know this is him and i apologise for calling him a loser and that wishing his balls have blown to bits with a permanent erection dysfunction..A christian or jew), but a muslim woman may not. here’s the truth, a man on the path to commitment doesn’t hide his beloved from his friends and family. i know for a fact that he isn’t serious but i kept denying that maybe he’s not or maybe he’s just preoccupied with work and other stuff. i don’t know if my story is quite the same as everyone else’s but i just had to share.

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