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Kim possible and ron stoppable start dating

place primarily within the fictional united states town of middleton, kim possible focuses on the life and adventures of teenager kim possible, an accomplished high school student and cheerleader who fights crime on a regular basis, assisted by her best friend and sidekick, ron stoppable, and rufus, his pet naked mole rat.^ a b c d e f g h i j "kim possible review". (the kim possible song)" or simply "the kim possible song")[54] is performed by american recording artist christina milian. james and ann possible (gary cole and jean smart, respectively), and her younger brothers, twin geniuses jim and tim (shaun fleming, seasons 1–3; spencer fox, season 4), to whom she refers as "tweebs" (a portmanteau of "twin" and "dweebs"); the twins speak their own made up language known as "twinnish". he appears as a troublemaker who torments ron at family functions. crossover episode of lilo & stitch: the series and kim possible aired as part of the former show's second season. many of shego's other clothes are shown including the purple jacket from "emotion sickness", her future outfit from "a sitch in time", and a battlesuit of a similar design to kim's. drakken and shego, but they occasionally encounter other enemies as well. he tries to get the suit in the episodes "ill-suited" and "larry's birthday". however, like most prophesies, there is more than one interpretation; wally would be the last royal but he would become an elected leader and not be killed. is a blonde who dresses in a flashier, more provocative fashion of tube-top, miniskirt, and high-heeled knee-high go-go boots.: disney animated characterskim possiblelists of characters in american television animationlists of children's television characterslists of disney television series charactershidden categories: pages with reference errorspages with duplicate reference namesarticles that may contain original research from january 2008all articles that may contain original researcharticles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from may 2013all articles that need to differentiate between fact and fictionanimation articles that need to differentiate between fact and fictionarticles lacking reliable references from august 2013all articles lacking reliable referencesarticles needing additional references from august 2013all articles needing additional referenceswikipedia articles needing style editing from october 2015all articles needing style editingall pages needing factual verificationwikipedia articles needing factual verification from august 2013all articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from december 2014.[48] however, when the series was surprisingly renewed for a fourth season, schooley and mccorkle were forced to confronted the challenge of writing for kim and ron as a couple for the first time but eventually grew to appreciate their "new dynamic", which provided the show with "new life" while allowing the writers to explore previously uncharted comedic territory. he then uses them to expose himself to mystical monkey power and styles himself as monkey fist (a spoonerism of "monty fiske").[49] the recurring character monique, who was created because schooley and mccorkle felt that kim would be more realistic if she were to have a female best friend in addition to ron,[27] is expanded from that of simply an observer of kim and ron's lives to a more involved member of team possible, broadening the ensemble. he has a prosthetic right hand that fires finger-tipped missiles. eventually, inspired by ron's mellow attitude, and especially discovering that felix is more than capable of handling life from a wheelchair, kim soon relaxes.[84] steve loter documented the production of the final episode of season four, and thus the completion of the kim possible franchise, in a blog titled "so the finale" hosted on blogger.[42] with characters drawn with large heads and eyes,[6] the show's colorful, "hip and retro" style is reminiscent of "campy" spy films released during the 1960s and 1970s. smitten with her, ron sees nearly every movie showing just to have opportunities to chat with her, which evidently piques her interest as she sees the last movie with him, sharing his popcorn - evidently signaling the start of a relationship. gaffer @stewiecricket sharing his vast knowledge and experience from behind the stumps with @roryburns17 & @opope32."[42] schooley and mccorkle had previously worked with nicole sullivan on buzz lightyear of star command and thus created the role of shego with her in mind.[10] by the fourth and final season, the writers had taken into consideration male fans' requests to see ron succeed more often than he had in earlier seasons,[10] developing him into a more confident character as he gradually "come[s] into his own" and becomes more of a partner than a sidekick.[10] during the show's inaugural season, the actors generally recorded separate from each other, but friedle, dimaggio and sullivan experienced opportunities to record together during the second season. he knocks out shego and bats ron out of the way and into kim, knocking her unconscious. is a student from yamanouchi and a highly skilled ninja. from his martial arts skills, greatly enhanced by the increased agility granted by his simian hands and feet, monkey fist commands an army of trained monkey ninjas. the first when kim reassures ron that everything will be alright and the second when they are flying off to the stars together. gemini wears one too, and his name is another reference to nick fury, whose brother became the villain scorpio. however, in the fourth-season episode, homecoming upset, it is revealed he dumped bonnie and during a phone conversation he tells ron he has no intention of resuming a relationship with bonnie, causing ron to remark that "college has actually made him way smarter. he is one of the three known foes of team go, a 1970s cartoon-styled villain whose name is a combination of the words "math" and "master". note  some even believe that kim's tearful "i don't know" in response to her mother's inquiry as to ron's whereabouts was the first sign that her feelings for him were more than platonic. the depth of which ron cared about her was truly touching and his brief freak-out at realizing his baby sister was going to have to face an evil destroyer was an extreme tearjerker.[59] a guitarist since the age of six, berry himself provided all the guitar and bass musical cues in kim possible.[42] however, her original mission outfit consisting of a crop top and cargo pants is permanently replaced by a t-shirt and pants. ron ends up with a baby sister from japan named hana during season four. she gets free and plans to take kim home as a trophy, which angers ron into summoning the mystical monkey power in order to battle warhok. for the video game series, see kim possible (video game series). is a teen pop-music singing sensation, and as such, she has a line of merchandise like her own magazine and dolls. later, he appears to ron when kim and shego are knocked out and helps him get the courage to summon the full strength and power of his dormant tremendous mystical monkey power, informing him of his role as the ultimate monkey master and assuring him it is his destiny which he is finally ready for. he is obsessed with increasing his power through various mystical artifacts and prophecies, and becoming a monkey king. since then bonnie is never as vocal about taking the captain's position from kim, but still angles for prominence in routines, once even ready to take top of pyramid when kim blows the lay-up ("return to wannaweep"). please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against wikipedia's inclusion policy.[23] combined, her first and last names are a pun of the word "impossible". he has never used them beyond displaying a greater degree of mastery of yamanouchi ninja training than ron, as well as once controlling the lotus blade.-time collaborators and veteran disney writers, bob schooley and mark mccorkle had already been writing for disney channel for several years, contributing to the network's male-led animated series aladdin, hercules and buzz lightyear of star command, each one spin-offs of their respective feature-length animated films. the complete directory to prime time network and cable tv shows, 1946-present.[10] kim's ability to travel virtually anywhere around the world within a short period of time is left largely unexplained;[19] buzzfeed referred to wade as an "example that sitting in front of your computer all day is actually the most powerful position to be in. possible was the second animated disney channel original series, and the first series produced by walt disney television animation. his former lab assistant, chester yapsby, had stolen his "roflex" invention, a device to increase the size of insects, and used it for evil. he frequently chaperones at field trips and school events, is an avid rugby player, and always refers to students by their last names. afterwards, he is shown hazing ron and laughing whenever he makes a mistake. drakken is getting an award for saving the world and clearly pleased, but unsure how he should react. he appears briefly on screen and can be seen pulling his bride, miss starter (voiced by grey delisle), to safety. the attraction is an electronic scavenger hunt that has guests using special "kimmunicators" (in actuality, modified cell phones) to help kim possible and ron stoppable solve a "crime" or disrupt an evil-doer's "plans for global domination. french hairstylist who cuts and styles ron's hair in "the new ron".[8][19] although ron, who has a tendency to jeopardize their missions,[21] is far less competent within the realm of crime-fighting than kim, he has proven his merit as a reliable teammate on multiple occasions, gradually maturing and gaining confidence over the course of the series. in "number one," she works hard enough to gain enough popularity to swing a vote and become the new captain.[10] admitting that kim would have been their dream girl in high school, the creators joked, "she would have been way out of our class though. and jon may be kim and ron's ancestors seen during a shared dream sequence.[8][9] not yet of age to drive herself to most of her missions, kim often relies on favors from various people and friends she has assisted in the past for transportation. (the male), espadrille (female with short, black hair), and hoodie (in the hood), that are collectively known as the fashionistas, a group of a fashion-obsessed criminals." when the villain yono the destroyer turns kim to stone he is unable to petrify yori.

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but due to popular demand, the series was renewed for another season.[27][42] drakken and shego's relationship "weirdly" mirrors kim and ron's to some extent, with the female character remaining smarter and more competent than her fumbling male teammate. yori is a better fighter than kim; in "oh no! draws team go (including shego, who she did not know had quit the team) into a trap to avenge herself and turn the heroes into her "evil minions". needious, also known as "the wraith master", is a single appearance villain in the episode "vir-tu-ron". by: (in order) lance bass, joey fatone (both of 'n sync), jason marsden, and justin shenkarow.[27][29] romano had already been well known to disney channel audiences for her portrayal of ren stevens on the series even stevens, and began voicing kim while completing her stint on the show. on the series, the kim possible world showcase adventure was an interactive attraction that took place in several of epcot's world showcase pavilions in walt disney world. perkins' first appearance is in the half-length episode "sick day" as a temp worker, hired by duff killigan after doctor drakken and shego are incapacitated by the flu." when monkey fist is defeated, kim is freed from the spell that turned her into stone. he is ramesh's partner, and was the first target for the bebe robots. like most pop singers, she is fodder for the tabloids and has even dated oh boyz! is generally portrayed as pink, small and light, and very agile, which proves useful time and again. this episode reveals that kim saved his boat from sinking, but that ron exacerbated the trouble by busting the radio and using the navigational chart as a napkin.[42] additionally, disney channel's animated series american dragon: jake long inspired the animators and artists to approach kim possible's final season with an "edgier" design.^ "it's kim possible; disney channel's teen hero is on a roll". "oh no, yono" fiske is defeated in his attempt to kidnap ron's adopted sister hana, and he turns to stone in fulfillment of a mystical contract to "walk the path of the yono". by walt disney television animation, kim possible's episodes are typically 22 minutes in length and occupy half-hour time slots. the song is a teen pop and r&b number about kim possible's devotion to helping those in need. she can do anything", to which schooley responded, "ron stoppable, he can’t", and nearly the entire premise of kim possible naturally unfolded thereafter. unlike kim, ron is shown to be a clumsy and goofy teenager, but he has saved the world on his own.[83] in 2005, production on kim possible ended following the premiere of its television film kim possible movie: so the drama after airing three seasons and 65 episodes. the two go to prom together and have their first kiss as an official romantic couple.[14] in the end, he learns his lesson and quickly recovers from his minor heartbreak as he develops a crush on a genius girl named olivia sitting in bueno nacho. elsa was struck by the aesthetics of kim's mission clothes to create the "kimstyle" nationwide clothing sensation, including spin-off clothing lines "kimforhim" and one for pets. gale is a news anchor who was getting less and less time on television because of her age. this can be seen in gill's defeat in "sink or swim" and in "bonding", where kim and bonnie get stuck together. however, of all the villains, ron likes senior the most, (or at least hates him the least), because he is one of the few who remembers his name on a regular basis. rabbi katz is ron's rabbi who performed his bar mitzvah. in "the twin factor," he does remember which makes ron happy, and ron forces him to remember it at the end of "so the drama". while evil, he has a distinctive musical theme: "toccata and fugue in d minor" by johann sebastian bach. while it doubles as a tearjerker, ron decided that if kim was into eric, it wasn't his place to get in the way. with her fashion and cultural expertise, monique bridges the worlds between kim's high school and crime-fighting lives,[8] also serving as a guidance counselor.[10] the creators had always intended for kim and ron to eventually become romantically involved but avoided this storyline in fear of "paint[ing] ourselves in a corner", citing sam and diane's ill-fated relationship in the sitcom cheers as an example. the mother of the rockwaller sisters makes her only appearance in the first-season episode, "downhill", and is shown to be a source of consternation and embarrassment for her youngest daughter. at a retro-tv convention, he eventually comes face-to-face with fellow retired and delusional tv actor, rudolph farnsworth, who appeared on his show as the villain known as "white stripe", which brought them back to reality reunited as friends. she is highly skilled in martial arts and is so stealthy, drakken accuses her of being sneakier and quieter than ninjas. it is implied he reformed, having finally obtained the recognition and respect he long sought, but the series ends before it can be confirmed. therefore, his name could also be read as a portmanteau of me (for his narcissism) and ego (for his inflated egotism). load (voiced by tahj mowry):[9] a 10-year-old computer genius who informs kim and ron about upcoming missions from his bedroom,[8] remotely assisting, guiding and equipping them with useful tools, weapons and gadgets, including kim's kimmunicator, via which he communicates and provides his teammates with vital information.[5] captain of her high school's cheerleading squad, kim possible also explores the highs and lows of kim's life as a high school student attempting to navigate dating, academics, homework, exams and eventually learning to drive,[13] all the while striving to maintain a healthy work-life balance;[14] fighting crime typically comes to kim more naturally than the more standard components of adolescence. and kim's goodbyes from "sitch in time", face it, every kid at some point had to go through with your bff moving far away. his name can be translated into english as both "teacher" and "master", making the title redundant. eventually ron warms up to her, fully accepting his role as her big brother.[96] customers were given a choice of 8 different interactive toys to choose from, including a magnetic drawing tablet designed to resemble the kimminucator and action figures of kim, ron, rufus, monkey fist and shego.. drakken was actually not so harmless this episode and goes to save shego in a giant flying robot. heiress and socialite who becomes a villain after being cut off from her family fortune. barkins: and no, you can't interview the person you're dating! during ron's fight, sensei comments "his monkey power is strong, booyah!'s mother is not only a neurosurgeon, usually referred to as a brain surgeon in the series, but also a caring mother to kim, and seems to be more understanding toward her daughter. they become the middleton pep puppies after ron joins the football team and can no longer be the mascot. killigan makes his home on a private island, dubbed "killigan's island" by ron (undoubtedly a reference to the gilligan's island television series). he considers ron (and rufus) ss the only others, besides himself, exposed to mystical monkey power.[26] although primarily an action-comedy series,[45] music in television: channels of listening author james deaville observed that kim possible adheres to the long-standing tradition of combining adventure with comedy in animated television. in fact, if the two of them were put in a room together and even ron would most likely say he is more mature than either of them. a fighter she is very reliable, given that in japanese her name means "reliable", but has demonstrated a preference to act as a subordinate rather than a leader, and has also shown the typical japanese value of teamwork over individuality. however he is unaware she has a deeper interest in him until "emotion sickness" after she has started going out with josh mankey. from her introduction, yori has appeared as a potential love interest for ron, piquing his romantic interest at first sight and gradually develops more-than-friendly feelings for him. (august 2013) (learn how and when to remove this template message). he ended up dropping out and becoming a villain in order to assuage his wounded ego. maintaining strong ratings since 2002, kim possible's premiere was the most-watched of any disney channel original series. kim never knew about this until they were pitted against each other by drakken. "mission: kim possible for disney company looks to tv arm.

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he has a tendency to make horrible jokes and puns—such as calling team go's teamwork "go-operation" and saying "looks like this bird is ready for his cage" every time he captures aviarius—and appears quite unable to tell when they fall flat. rockwaller is his on-again, off-again girlfriend for most of the second and third seasons.[18] schooley attributes much of the show's success to romano and friedle's chemistry, explaining, "they add something to this that makes it more than a typical gag-oriented cartoon. afterwards, ron comforts him and convinces him to join a club instead. shego has displayed less annoyance with the twins than the rest of her family, working alongside hego and mego to save them. he and the original rufus lead them against shego and her allies in the climax of the film. nakasumi, he is knocked down by kim possible and receives an atomic wedgie from ron stoppable. astronomer and one of james possible's and doctor "drew lipsky" drakken's old college friends.[48] approaching their romantic relationship much like they did their friendship, the writers refused to treat the storyline like a soap opera in which the couple constantly breaks up and reunites, keeping their romance realistic by quickly abandoning "the lovey-dovey phase". in the series finale, shego teams up with kim (kim says "see, you do care. the fact that he is paralyzed from the waist down does not stop him from enjoying life, especially since his mom, who is a cyber-robotics employee at the middleton space center, tricked out his wheelchair to handle his basic needs. this is in return for kim acting as a substitute high-wire acrobat after the original performer twisted her ankle.[26] according to the artifice, the show's unique brand of humor distinguishes itself from the slapstick style associated with most of disney channel's sitcoms, namely phil of the future and that's so raven,[13] although ron can be considered a slapstick character. monique also likes to talk in acronyms, such as "nbf" (new best friend) and "gf" (girlfriend). it included behind-the-scenes and production information from the perspective of the crew as well as production sketches from one of several alternative endings that had been scripted. while the music in kim possible is mostly guitar-driven, berry's scoring experience prior to the show had been exclusively orchestral, composing scores using only a keyboard. ann "kim" possible (voiced by christy carlson romano):[8] a smart, popular and athletic high school student who moonlights as a crime-fighter, dividing much of her time between saving the world and attending cheerleading practice. showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your watchlist and rate your favorite movies and tv shows on your phone or tablet! mahoney gives kim her first ride ever for a mission, as seen in "a sitch in time as payment for saving her cat. he appears in the half-length episode, "rufus in show," where team possible encounters him some time after he stole a large diamond from a museum exhibit."[59] while themes of electronic music are heard during the scene's fight sequences, guitar riffs of "call me, beep me" are reprised throughout episodes.[29][48] in december 2005, disney channel ordered 22 new episodes of kim possible in response to the series' success and popular demand from fans,[20][49] who had been heavily petitioning online for the show's renewal,[21] constantly begging the creators and disney for another season via e-mail. prepare herself for the role of rufus, nancy cartwright, best known for her long-running voice work as bart simpson on the simpsons,[40] researched naked mole rats extensively to the point of which she became "a font of useless trivia" and knowledge. the days leading up to kim possible's premiere, television critics speculated whether or not the show will attract a prominent male audience large enough to be successful despite its female lead,[89] attributing failure to achieve this with the cancellation of the female-led animated series madeline. – she gives kim a ride in "naked genius" for saving her town from a leaking dam. after a brief rampage terrorizing all the cheerleaders, he is again defeated by ron with the help of kim, bonnie, and mr.[10] evolving dramatically over the course of three months, kim, who had originally been designed to resemble a "standard" athletic-looking blonde heroine, underwent several changes. however, after kim throws her own vote in support of bonnie's bid, and explains that the hard work as captain was only just beginning, bonnie has second thoughts. – gustavo gives kim and ron a ride in his plane in "tick-tick-tick" for saving his village from a flood, which it is hinted ron caused."[7] one episode in particular, "blush", was inspired by romano's modesty and tendency to blush at the slightest compliment.^ a b kim possible, episode 2, sink or swim (7 june 2002) cite error: invalid tag; name "ep2" defined multiple times with different content (see the help page). gemini has made a cameo appearance in "grande size me". please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. "omg: 10 celebrities who turned down roles in your favorite tv shows and movies". kim is knocked out by a falling laser, but fortunately, she recovers and is able to rescue ron along with dr. on from the above, later in that episode ("odds man in") ron learns that he's more of a risk for dying than kim is and builds himself a "panic room" he refuses to leave, forcing her to recruit wade to help stop drakken note  who had recently become more successful & efficient due to starting a cupcake business, and treating his organization like a corporation, complete with hierarchy & bonuses and the like with both getting captured. he expresses a desire to be a boy-band singer[27] and has been tutored in villainy by shego."[18] despite this, they seem to love him and hana very much. ron is unable to ditch him until kim agrees to be his date at his cousin reuben's wedding, thus sparing him from having to sit at "the kid's table". being an artist, musician, and overall popular student with a laid-back easy personality, kim had a crush on him. though she struggles with embarrassment, her rivalry with bonnie, and her shyness around her crushes, she usually displays extreme maturity, going so far as to act as ron's conscience at times. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. he then battles an angry ron (empowered by the mystical monkey powers) and is apparently killed when ron throws him into his ship which then explodes. morbidly obese man and one of the criminal underworld's number one information brokers. being initially harmless, he is not truly evil so much as he is taking up a hobby after being inspired by some careless suggestions and comments by ron.[10] as executive producers, schooley and mccorkle were mostly involved in the writing process, focusing mainly on plot and dialogue, while storyboarding was chiefly handled by loter. the end of the series, bonnie is revealed to be the only senior in kim and ron's class who is unable to graduate, due to missing an important pop quiz a week before graduation, thus leaving her one credit short.[6] kim and ron are aided remotely by wade, a 10 year-old computer genius who seldom leaves his bedroom and communicates with the duo via device he invented himself known as a kimmunicator. the series bonnie constantly challenges kim's position both in routines and as captain. after the team became non-profit, burn aided james possible in doing his taxes. over the profile pic and click the following button to unfollow any account.[79] the series continued to garner critical acclaim throughout its run,[20][24][48] earning significant praise for its dialogue, animation and characters. it is never explained how he met kim and ron, or how he eventually became their partner.'s family, composed of: father (who works as an actuary), mother, and later, adopted little sister hana.[48] to avoid alienating younger audiences, schooley and mccorkle only slightly acknowledged the relationship, maintaining that kim "still saves the world. is a good friend and supports ron in the two episodes he plays a major role in, "motor ed" and "steal wheels". kim, dressed as miriam, can also be seen during the faux-flashback. after learning how their manager did not care about getting them back, they fired him and hired rufus in his place. voiced by: john dimaggio, who also voiced drakken and motor ed.[7][33] kirsten storms voiced kim's high school rival bonnie while portraying belle on the soap opera days of our lives. joss is so overboard with hero-worshiping her cousin kim, dressing like her, knowledgeable about every facet of her life and missions, and even having home-made versions of her gadgets, to the point kim feels uncomfortable around her. has a purple suit, purple skin, purple hair, and a glow power which gives him the ability to shrink at will. end of the season one episode "bueno nacho" features ron being the greatest friend in the world:Kim: i know this is beyond shallow, but i saved the world and i'm still no closer to owning that club banana jacket!

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however, in season four, amy is back to her own body as seen in "grande size me", when visiting an mhs football game (seen in the bleachers) during "homecoming upset", and in the end credits of "graduation". while he is a threat to kim and the world, he seems more determined to show up his rival, dr.[95] in 2004, the series was nominated for two daytime emmy awards in the categories outstanding children's animated program and outstanding performer in an animated program.[36][37] her first voice acting role,[23] romano immediately identified with her character because both were "dealing with teenage issues" at the same time, comparing kim's challenge of battling both her personal life and villains to herself balancing schoolwork with her budding acting career;[18][23] the actress was forced to forfeit her own senior prom due to kim possible commitments. however, this relationship is exiled during the series' fourth season since ron has starting dating kim. "grande size me", duff is among the villains who appear at the henchco auction, and express actual concern for ron upon noticing the sidekick's dramatic weight gain. "ron" stoppable (voiced by will friedle): kim's clumsy yet resourceful sidekick; her childhood best friend (and boyfriend as of season four) who,[14] unlike kim, is unpopular,[24] socially awkward and constantly struggling to realize his full potential. they realize he is not perfect and should not command them. however, being a top secret organization, even asking for help has to be handled in a discreet way, whether it is sucking kim into a trap door through a series of transport tubes. jon was the biggest and only fan of the concept of the taco when it was first unveiled at the fair, which parallels ron's love for bueno nacho fast food. at middleton high school, she is popular and charismatic, as well as an excellent student. 2003, disney began using the popularity of both disney channel's kim possible and lizzie mcguire in an attempt to revive the company's struggling merchandising division, which had been suffering from a declining interest in movie and television tie-ins. he later appears in "rufus in show" when he lends kim and ron his prize-winning pedigree poodle when they need to infiltrate an exclusive dog show, and in "two to tutor" as one of the targets of a string of heists committed by shego and señor senior junior. nominated for eight emmy awards, kim possible won one, for outstanding achievement in sound mixing - live action and animation, in 2005. possible, his brother slim, and professor ramesh find evidence of vandalism while playing golf at the local country club." the "kimmunicator" is able to trigger specific events within the pavilion grounds that provide clues to completing the adventure. she usually speaks in a style which kim describes as "monique-speak". however, by the end of kim's visit to the lazy c ranch, joss has shifted her entire focus onto ron, having recognized the true worth of being brave is how he will forge ahead into dangerous situations despite all his fears and neuroses.[23] unlike popular animated sitcoms such as the simpsons and family guy, both of kim's parents are intelligent, accomplished and attractive;[70] kim's own intelligence is often attributed to the fact that she is born to a rocket scientist father and neurosurgeon mother. "29 reasons "kim possible" was the best disney channel show of the '00s". (may 2013) (learn how and when to remove this template message). kim requests more of an explanation, and ron tells kim that he couldn't live with himself if he lost her.[71] having grown up together and learned from each other's mistakes, kim and ron ultimately make up for each other's shortcomings. while breaking out, they use their dancing skills to evade laser cannons firing at them, finally putting aside their arguments and learning to work together as a group again to help kim and ron capture the villains (the only time on the show they were ever captured together).[41] her performance earned her a daytime emmy award nomination for outstanding performer in an animated program. nick was known to have had a relationship and breakup with fellow pop singer britina. wielding the red power, they have all the color coordination that goes with it; although their 'red-shifted' skin-tones are fairly close to that of normal redheaded human ruddiness as compared to mego and shego's more extreme and distinctive colorations."[72] freymiller also believes ron might have been conceived because "the creators sensed that television would only be able to accept a strong female character if she had a male counterpart," eliminating fears kim might be perceived as too bitchy, complementing her actions as opposed to dominating. ron also resorts to using the attitudinator device to make shawn less annoying.[44] that's so raven's raven-symoné voices kim's female best friend monique,[45] cast based on her reputation as a comedic actress and ability to deliver a punchline. in "graduation," he indicates that he was like ron at one point, saving the world while being at the top of things, but it did not work out for him. monty fiske is a british nobleman, world-famous explorer, and archaeologist, who became obsessed with monkeys - or rather, with becoming the monkey king.^ a b c d e f g "girl-next-door turned superhero foils global archenemies in "disney's kim possible," premiering in august on family channel".^ "mcdonald's(r) happy meal(r) is unstoppable with disney's kim possible". one summer drakken had set an evil scheme in motion at a neighboring property named the crooked d ranch which the possible clan was able to thwart. song "call me, beep me", written by cory lerios and george gabriel, and performed by recording artist christina milian. success of kim possible spawned its own video game series; a total of six video games were released, supported by various gaming consoles and platforms:Disney's kim possible: revenge of monkey fist (gba) – released, november 15, 2002.^ a b c d e f g h i j k "kim possible : season 1". little moment at the start of "mathter and fervent", when mr. "a sitch in time" we see how kim and ron met in kindergarten, with ron actually defending kim against some bullies (who turned out to be de-aged, time-traveling versions of drakken, monkey fist and duff killigan, it's complicated). drakken's sidekick and is by far kim's most dangerous enemy. episode "clean slate", which contains the first serious use of the "l word" (no, not that one) after kim regains her memories of her and ron's relationship.[30] citing ron as his favorite character, mccorkle admitted that he reminds him of his high school self. distinct from other disney channel shows in its use of self-referential humor, schooley and mccorkle developed fast-paced sitcom-style dialogue to cater to adult viewers. has a degree in child development, revealed in "stop team go" when she is a substitute teacher for kim and ron's class, having been temporarily turned good.[14] although drakken and shego are kim and ron's most frequent opponents, the characters occasionally battle a diverse cast of other villains, namely monkey fist (tom kane), who ron particularly dislikes due to his fear of monkeys;[19] scottish golfer duff killigan; father-son billionaires señor senior, sr.[17] a ratings success,[79] kim possible's premiere became the most-watched of any disney channel original series. she makes reappearances in "rappin' drakken" and "trading faces" when she is also framed by new villainess camille leon. his primary weapon is a "caculaser" and he uses math puns in almost every sentence, much to kim's annoyance.[52] meanwhile, nicole rogers of the wisconsin state journal believes that kim resembles what sydney bristow of alias would be like had she been depicted as an animated high school student."[5] ron is not as popular as kim is and is often bullied and ridiculed by his peers. when we tested it, the kids were like: 'oh, ron's stupid funny' and that became sort of a buzz phrase." wade explains to kim and ron that jones is the prime suspect in many high-profile robberies, but no one has ever been able to find any kind of evidence on him. he also develops a crush on shego while she is miss go ("stop team go"), a relationship that actually makes things extremely awkward for ron and kim. ron nurses a slight attraction to her at first sight, but quickly gets over it after seeing how dangerous she is."[15] particularly desirable to younger viewers,[6] technology allows kim to travel around the world effortlessly and to some extent mirrors children's ability to speak to anyone anywhere in the world via the internet. however, they eventually manage to find a small amount of synergy, and in the end, are able to stop killigan from turning the entire world into his own private golf course. his purpose is to keep kim preoccupied socially so that drakken's plan to take over the world will not be interrupted. little is known about her family or personal life, but she complains of having bad luck with boyfriends and she has a brother who gets her hooked on wrestling, as well as a father who plays golf, as she said in "a sitch in time". bonnie also kisses him when brick breaks up with her, but then breaks down until kim promises to help her find a new boyfriend. oh boyz band consists of robby, nicky nick, ryan, and dexter, who form a popular boy band whose fame suddenly vanished, leaving them with ron as their only fan. and kim have been best friends since preschool and, as revealed in the opening of larry's birthday, live next door to each other. because of allergies, ron's father would not allow him to have a pet with hair, so around sixth grade, he bought rufus from a smarty mart.

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it is unknown exactly how long bonnie remains captain before handing the position back to kim, who had estimated it would be "two weeks tops".[19][33] the lead role of kim was originally offered to anneliese van der pol,[34] who declined in favor of appearing as chelsea daniels on the disney channel teen sitcom that's so raven. the first two seasons, and most of the third season, wade is never seen outside his room, until the episode "team impossible". the new attraction, now called disney's phineas and ferb's agent p world showcase adventure opened in june 2012. because shego has already become an evil minion of her own volition, she is instead temporarily turned good, and teams up with kim to defeat the villainess. has two older sisters who frequently pick on her, saying that lonnie got the beauty and connie got the brains, and bonnie got the rest. sensei congratulates ron, rufus and yori for the recovery of the lotus blade.[37][38] romano's performance as kim was nominated for an emmy award.[13] opting for a "simplicity that was the hallmark of" the 1960s, some of the architecture in kim possible is reminiscent of lairs owned by james bond villains, while bodner was inspired by the graphic design of posters disney used during the same decade, as well a chuck jones and maurice noble. the series, they display a talent for inventing and often use kim's stuff to create their own inventions. both kim and monique develop crushes on him, even going so far as to fight over him, but later reconcile upon finding out he considers bonnie as his "number one girlfriend". he begins dating kim's classmate, bonnie rockwaller, early in the final season and is still dating her by the end of the series. of the show's plots and ideas are drawn from the lives of both creators' daughters; the decision to have ron eventually join his school's football team was inspired by schooley's daughter being involved in her high school band, which resulted in them attending several school football matches. she develops a machine that turns people into super strong babies and begin to steal pacifiers, holding them for ransom."[70] conversely, girlfighting: betrayal and rejection among girls author lyn mikel brown was less receptive towards kim herself, criticizing the show for promoting the beautiful and thin heroine as "your basic average girl" and apparent reliance on ron's intelligence, as well as the fact that her "biggest threat" is bonnie as opposed to evil.[10] according to schooley and mccorkle, both lead characters' names indicate that kim possible "is going to be an arched show that is a little bit over the top, but also that the girl is going to be the action lead and the guy is going to be funny.[10] although schooley and mccorkle participated in designing kim, the majority of that particular task was the combined efforts of loter, inaugural season director chris bailey, art director alan bodner and character designer stephen silver,[10] each of whom had worked together on previous animated projects. however, he has generally stuck by ron in virtually every situation, and though he does not have the same fear, has the same overall dislike for monkeys. (as the fearless ferret) pushed the balloon-mounted stink bomb away from the fearless ferret convention when kim was incapacitated:Ron: i'm a hero, it's what i do.'s son and (sometimes reluctant) accomplice, junior is a very attractive and stylish, but spoiled man-child, more interested in parties and looking fabulous than in his father's criminal plans. she loves her son, and is over-protective because she does not understand any of his interests. she has a crush on ron early in season one, kissing him on the cheek after he saves the cheerleaders from gil "gill" moss at camp wannaweep in "sink or swim". please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective."[52] the herald-news' dave mason wrote that kim possible "combines drama with humor at a fast, fun pace. the season four series finale episode, "graduation", felix is shown as class valedictorian, and that he is dating zita flores. despite the properties of her ability, shego has a tendency to drop or dial it back during key moments of close quarter combat with kim which would otherwise injure the girl. though they seem like villainous fashion designers, all three are actually superb at combat, with hoodie perhaps being the strongest fighter of the three. he sincerely believes that despite her actions, shego is still a good person, only to be proven wrong when she betrays and blasts him. kim was charged with protecting him from the knights of rodeghan in "royal pain" because of his ancestor's tyrannical behavior toward them."[15] unlike traditional superheroes, kim is entirely devoid of both superpowers and a secret identity; the creators avoided making the character "impervious" like most comic book superheroes tend to be because they wanted both her and ron to remain relatable to younger viewers. entitled "rufus", season 2, episode 9 features lilo contacting kim and ron to help her rescue stitch, who has been captured by drakken and shego. otherwise royally charismatic and popular, he ends up running for class president against kim and brick flagg (who voted for him) with the help of ron, who stops being kim's manager to aid wally. voiced by: john dimaggio, who also voiced drakken and motor ed. on a few occasions, monique assists kim on her missions, even though she lacks fighting skills.[98] in june 2004, mcdonald's customers received kim possible memorabilia ranging from action figures to spy gear and accessories with their purchase of a happy meal. the kim possible universe and environment was very much a collaborative process between schooley and mccorkle, disney channel, the character designers and cast, who were also encouraged to contribute their own ideas. they are so warm and supportive of their daughter, completely confident that she'll do fine: "anything's possible for a possible! when ron attended camp wannaweep, he swapped gill his afternoon swim, for arts and crafts. favorite restaurant is bueno nacho and he is the creator of the "naco", which is a combination of nachos and a taco. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. her most notable appearance is in the episode "mother's day", when wade treats her to a celebration in his room, complete with takeout french cuisine and even a holographic beach. he tends to punish his underlings for a single failure by having them sit on a chair and dropped down a hole.[27] kim is also given her own car while her brothers, having skipped several grades due to their intelligence, join her in high school despite being only 12 years-old,[48] much to kim's chagrin. the latter two reunited for the roles having previously lent their voices to square enix's final fantasy x-2, in which strong voiced rikku and yeo voiced paine.[5] ron's personal fears, insecurities and clumsiness sometimes have a tendency to jeopardize the success of their own missions. by: christy carlson romano and dakota fanning (preschool kim; kim possible: a sitch in time). his personality is somewhat of a parody of superman's, being the most overtly "super-heroic" but also childishly bossy and take-charge. he conducts his evil plans from his mother's basement and threatens his foes with a wading pool full of snapping turtles.^ a b "possible worlds' real-time animation studio brings disney's kim possible to life for live cartoon media tour". of disney channel's most popular and successful original shows,[24] kim possible remains the project for which schooley and mccorkle's are best known. after training to become a master of tai shing pek kwar which teaches two distinct and otherwise unrelated kung fu styles, that of pek kwar, or "ax hand", and tai shing, "monkey"; literally: "monkey fist"),[24] he then proceeds to spend his family fortune on radical genetic procedures and experimental surgeries to replace his hands and feet with those of a monkey. defying low expectations, the show premiered to critical acclaim and continued to be praised throughout its run for its humor, writing and animation. her catchphrase is "freaky" in and after sentences, placing extra emphasis on the eaky rather than fr. to kim, wade completed his high school and college education in eight months. role of shego was created for nicole sullivan, with whom schooley and mccorkle had previously worked.[58] "call me, beep me" was the first song lerios and gabriel wrote together, and the songwriting duo has since gone on to collaborate on both scoring and writing songs for several other major television networks and programs. impossible's uniforms have a passing resemblance to the x-men's yellow and blue uniforms, especially the ones worn by cyclops and cable. however, throughout the series, there are glimpses of plenty of other cheerleaders, a few of whom have taken part in first squad practices and routines, indicating the existence of secondary, tertiary or more squads. amelia constantly brushes off ron's attempts at flirting, but welcomes him into her popular circle during the episodes "all the news" and "the new ron", and accepts money from him in "ron millionaire". ron once comments that he is the only one of their regular foes who regularly remembers his name, which he appreciates. after her defeat, ron uses the attitudinator to turn her good.[39] recognized for his ability to play "over-the-top characters",[25] will friedle, best remembered for his performance as eric matthews on the sitcom boy meets world, was cast as ron. her mystical and martial arts skills grow until she finally defeats yono the destroyer in "oh no, yono".

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[8] known for his catchphrase "booyah",[25] ron suffers from a severe fear of monkeys and serves as the show's main source of comic relief. however the fact that in "attack of the killer bebes" there is only one "possible" in the middleton phone book, suggests that either his surname is not possible, or that his family does not live in middleton. lurman, aka "frugal lucre", was an employee of the philadelphia smarty mart who, in the episode "low budget", threatens (via a video transmission of him with a bad accent and fake beard) to destroy the internet with a destructive virus unless everyone in the world agrees to pay him a dollar each, thus potentially earning him over six billion dollars. it didn't skimp on plot or dialogue in favor of wile e. the properties of her power are never fully defined but have been seen to stun, burn, melt, cut through the strongest metals (including alien constructions), and can deliver concussive force.[18] one of disney channel's earliest forays into developing an entirely original animated series "from scratch",[29] kim possible was born out of the creators' realization that there were few animated series starring strong female characters at the time and created kim as "a character that . their interaction with each other, moving and speaking in sync, finishing each other's sentences, and leaning against one another while laughing hint they might be fraternal twins. there are also times when he is seen as cunning and clever, such as when he pretends to turn his father in to the police. ron's complaints about his cousin have mostly been ignored because shawn is younger.[54] although "call me, beep me" begins "i'm your basic, average girl" in reference to kim, these lyrics are paradoxical because there is little basic or average about its protagonist. with kim, bonnie, and tara, the other main cheerleaders at middleton high include: crystal (short wavy brown hair), jessica (long straight blonde hair), liz (short wavy red hair with purple headband), hope (long black hair, no mole) and marcella (long black hair, mole). she later calls in kim and ron to assess a phenomenon gj scientists dub "the ron factor" (the gist being that ron's chaotic nature is the real reason for kim's success saving the world and dr. she has a mystical destiny, for which ron is supposed to train her.[26] he almost never enters battle, but on the rare occasions he does, he typically fights ron, likely because he is a weaker fighter than kim. ned also has active interests in robot rumble ("grudge match"), comic books, and role-playing games ("larry's birthday").[86] in addition to maintaining consistently high ratings throughout its four-season run, kim possible was the longest-running disney channel original series until it was finally surpassed by phineas and ferb in 2013.[21] however, after hearing nicole sullivan's performance as shego they started to develop her unique relationship with drakken, as nicole portrayed shego as sarcastic and more intelligent than drakken." however, he is fine with next door neighbor ron who has known kim, and been close friends with her, for an extremely long time.[8] the majority of kim's missions involve her traveling to various destinations around the world to rescue citizens from harm and battle a variety of enemies and villains,[5] the most frequent of whom are dr. male chauvinist with a biker gang motif and an eye for beautiful chicks—including shego, who wants nothing to do with him—he spends his time playing air guitar and stealing anything which is car related, especially that which will fill his need for speed.[94] mtv ranked kim possible 13th in its article "15 disney channel series we wish we could watch again". is a minor character seen in seasons one and two. this forced kim to have a new outfit designed for her in the same episode. an avid computer geek, he loves video games and attends the robot rumble. "toon zone interviews bob schooley & mark mccorkle on kim possible season 4". rufus communicates with ron through a series of squeaks and hisses which ron seems to understand. ron once asks if the school has any other teachers since he appears to be the only teacher there (although there are others in the background). "creators talk about kim possible 4th season patrick for president! "'kim possible' is back on disney & there are more than a few reasons to be thrilled". to the common stereotype of school cheerleaders being mean, rude and snobby, bonnie is truly the only mean-spirited member of the squad throughout the series.[15] mccorkle elaborated on the show's emphasis on technology: "using the internet theme in the series became an easy launching pad partially because it is such a major part of the fabric of teen life and the interactive possibilities are endless .[2] while traveling in an elevator on their way back to their office from their lunch break,[18] mccorkle said to schooley, "kim possible. mathter first appeared in the season four episode "mathter and fervent". at the end of the episode (after kim and ron got their old bodies back), the d-hall bullies approached ron and gave back all the school lunch money they had taken from him since kindergarten. the little girl was made of heartwarming moments whenever she was with ron. didn’t know so many people were watching kim possible like that. the same episode evil ron's plan to turn kim evil as well suggests that even as a supervillain, ron wanted kim by his side rather than against him. he is later released from jail, having served his time; francis actually bonds with drakken over the idea of taking control of all the smarty-mart drones. she is a fierce fighter, extremely strong, and very eager-to-please; though she can be very literal-minded when following orders. – he gives kim a ride in "crush" after saving his village from an avalanche that ron accidentally caused. mim's closest friend, jonathan "jon" stoppable was a detective, who was every bit as clumsy and scatterbrained as his descendant.[20] describing the show as "infectious", rob owen of the pittsburgh post-gazette wrote, "blessed with a modern sense of humor and hip -- but not too hip -- vocabulary, kim possible should appeal to the tweens (ages 9-13) it clearly targets", while dubbing rufus the series' breakout star. "disney world: agent p at disney world's epcot - orlando sentinel". launched in january 2009 and presented by verizon wireless, the adventure is included in park admission.[59] according to telebisyon, "the show is fairly action-oriented, but also has a strong, light-hearted comedic atmosphere". they come close to succeeding, with unintentional help from jim and tim possible, but kim is saved by ron at the last minute."[30] kim possible was greeted by a level of enthusiasm not experienced since the syndicated disney afternoon lineup,[91] becoming disney channel's most successful after the 1990s. ron is completely oblivious to her romantic feelings toward him, to the point that kim has to spell it out for him - yori "really liked-liked" him. in season three it is revealed that josh and kim went their separate ways, with him seen with tara for a period of time. he is a blue-skinned mad-scientist and super-villain obsessed with world domination. in season four her name is revealed to be ann possible by her brother-in-law slim possible in "graduation part 1". warmonga stays to the side of the fight until the end, jumping in to attack ron at the same time as warhok. director has very little hands-on involvement in gj's cases, but on the rare occasions when she has had to get her hands dirty (such as when she had to team up with kim to fight her own twin brother, gemini), she has proven she can hold her own in a fight. this proves to be a mistake, as ron grabs both lorwardians, throwing them high into the sky into their crashing space cruiser, which explodes apparently killing them. fully aware of their daughter's occupation, kim's parents remain completely supportive of her crime-fighting endeavors so long as she continues to obey curfew, but tend to be more-so concerned about the character's performance in school, as well as her love life. drakken cannot remember ron's name, he still knows who he is when aviarius tries to portray ron as himself. is the one who initially arranged for ron to be part of the transfer program to japan, which would bring him to the yamanouchi, in order to protect the lotus blade from monkey fist.[42][81] the second, kim possible movie: so the drama, was released in 2005 and was originally going to be the series finale.[6][8][18] a straight-a student,[19] the character is also a strong-willed, naturally competitive perfectionist. riding a sport motorcycle and exuding j-pop coolness, he quickly gains popularity with the girls which leads to a confrontation with brick flagg. parker flies kim to wisconsin in his crop duster after she saves his business by going organic, allowing her to para-drop onto the world's largest (swiss) cheese wheel.[70] according to sarah freymiller of bustle, the protagonists friendship evokes that of batman and the joker, "kim holds the functional and social power, while ron exerts more of a calming, occasionally slapstick influence on the show . he is always extremely surprised to see kim show up, even though he is unsure exactly why.

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even though they are sworn enemies, shego seems to occasionally care about kim. the founder, chairman and executive promoter of gwa (the global wrestling association), jackie oakes made a fortune bringing his brand of sports entertainment into living rooms all over the world. rufus also possesses mystical monkey powers as he was in ron's pocket when he got his. ron serves as kim's sidekick whenever they go on missions. felix often jokes about his situation, much to kim's discomfort. he first encounters kim and ron when he learns that gj is investigating a phenomenon called "the ron factor" (essentially, the chaos ron seems to trigger wherever he goes, which gj theorized was the true reason for kim's success at saving the world). like kim, they also have a set of supervillains they regularly fight, such as arch-foes, aviarius, the mathter, and electronique." cue ron pulling a big damn heroes moment to save his girlfriend and wade (which kim even admitted was quite romantic). by musicians cory lerios and george gabriel, the show's theme song "call me, beep me" (also known as "call me, beep me! during the wrestling wriot: the smack-down in middleton event, the two arch foes seemingly put aside their differences on live pay-per-view to work together to help kim and ron defeat their magically transformed manager, the jackal. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. its first season, kim possible was nominated for its first and only primetime emmy award in 2003, for outstanding animated program. a diverse cast of strong female characters while confronting gender norms and barriers,[5][22][72] kim possible explores feminist themes,[19] specifically third-wave feminism. – helicopter pilot who gives kim and ron a ride to the bebe's hive island off the gulf coast of florida in queen bebe. when ron dons the fearless ferret costume he comes out of hiding to battle him.[8] smart, athletic and attractive, shego is essentially a "dark reflection" of kim,[14] as well as the only character the heroine truly has reason to fear – although the two archrivals share a mutal respect for each other. although he is technically a villain who has been imprisoned several times due to his destructive actions and disregard for the law, he seems to have little interest in anything grander than road trips and "tricking out" his various rides. while playing basketball with felix, still uptight kim insistently tells ron that he "can't win" (ron was "two buckets down" against felix), but ron misses the point she is making that he should not win against someone with a handicap, replys all he needs is more focus. is considered kim's best girl friend, giving her level-headed advice about school and life, and serves as a good counterbalance to ron's out-of-touch eccentricities. in "all the news" it is also mentioned she briefly dated – and dumped – brick flagg, and in "triple s" she briefly appeared as a photo. he has under his command a number of bird-themed weapons, such as flocks of hummingbird-shaped homing missiles and a gigantic robotic flamingo. camille is friends with fellow celebs, britina, mc honey, starlette, and the holsen twins (parody of olsen twins). their enthusiastic fans are quite polarized and riots have been known to break out between them. the two seem to share a frenemy type relationship, with barkin skeptically viewing ron's investment in shared activities like football, the pixie scouts, and the middleton days festival. during a cell phone conversation with james possible just prior to the lorwardian invasion, his end abruptly goes dead and his fate is never addressed. he is often seen reading and referencing the book of evil guidebook.[83] disney channel worldwide president rich ross regarded kim possible as a "stand-out" among both the network's live-action and animated lineup. as of season four, the use of rides has dwindled because kim now has her own vehicle, but she still calls on them on occasions when it is out of service.العربيةazərbaycancaбългарскиčeštinadanskdeutschespañoleuskarafrançaisgalego한국어bahasa indonesiainterlinguaitalianoעבריתlatviešumagyarbahasa melayunederlands日本語norsk bokmålnorsk nynorskpolskiportuguêsromânăрусскийscotsshqipsimple englishsuomisvenskatagalogไทยtürkçetiếng việt中文.[58] described as a motown-influenced r&b and teen pop track,[55][59] "call me, beep me" is heard during the show's opening title sequence, encouraging viewers and listeners to contact kim for assistance should they ever find themselves in difficult situations,[55] featuring the lyrics "danger or trouble, i'm there on the double.[18] ashley tisdale of disney channel's high school musical film series and sitcom the suite life of zack and cody was offered the role of season 4 villain camille leon." and shego does not deny it), ron, and drakken to save the world. bonnie had blown off all her classes the last week of school due to her belief that nothing important ever happens during that time, and she has to go to summer school in order to graduate. this goes unaddressed so as to maintain barkin's neutral role as mentor or obstacle for ron. he works at "smarty mart," was the football coach, spent two years of his senior year in high school, and is the son of franklin barkin, who bore a strong resemblance to benjamin franklin. since then bates has not returned; and whether or not he is still employed by monkey fist remains to be confirmed.[29] the writing staff consisted of both disney channel employees and freelance writers. it's only for a few seconds since hana jumps between them to hug ron (they don't mind at all). he appears in "showdown at the crooked d" and "graduation". however, kim and ron discover that duff's island has likewise been marred by a large symbol, which is later revealed to be a lorwordian emblem foreshadowing their invasion. his love interests during their off- periods include kim ("all the news"), amelia, and monique display a return interest (so the drama). ron is initially unhappy with this, but accepts it and even gives them a can of mouth foam to use. defeated at first by kim, he is tangled up in flowers but frees himself. when drakken teams up with the alien warmonga, shego saves kim's life by stopping warmonga from harming her, and eventually contacts kim's brothers through the kimmunicator for help. he can be seen holding a test tube as part of a middleton days float in "emotion sickness", and ron, dressed as jon, can be seen during a faux-flashback by ron during "ron millionaire". addition to other "mainstays" of modern-day youth, technology serves an important role in the series, specifically the internet and kim's gadgets, the most significant of which is a cell phone-like device known as a kimmunicator, designed to help kim communicate with wade and allow her access to virtually any information she desires. bonnie is humiliated when her mom calls her "pumpkin" and "bon-bon", but ron is highly amused by this, and teasingly calls bonnie "bon-bon" whenever he gets the chance. he only once directly fights ron, who won while three of fiske's "hands" and his mouth were filled with jade idols, leaving himself open to a dropkick. she turns out to be innocent when it is revealed she is a brilliant, noted robotics authority with a doctorate and her research was stolen by co-worker dr fen. school, and some of its members had a role in a story arc during the series. his weapons are his golf clubs and exploding golf balls. the ending showed kim and ron waking from the shared dream in the tri-city museum, kim's clothing was not the same as at the beginning of the episode; this means the episode opened with the dream already in progress and, though a float with jon's likeness was seen outside of the episode, the existence of all the other "ancestral" characters in the episode, including mim, is debatable.[96] the first, kim possible: a sitch in time, is science fiction-themed and premiered on disney channel on november 28, 2003, following kim as she travels both back in time and into the future to save the world. although their dating scene was considered as "in the game", she is surprised to find out ron also plays everlot. stoppable discovers actuarial science (which calculates risk factors), and wants kim to stop crimefighting (or pretty much anything that could be remotely dangerous) as their odds suggest they should have "been toast" years ago. in "larry's birthday" he has a sister named hildegard who is married to one of his henchmen who is named myron. he owns a pet naked mole-rat named rufus who is best friends with ron and kim and often helps them on their missions. she is a parody of paris hilton, with her appearance (such as her distinctive, long blond hair) and lifestyle (paparazzi, tiny pet, wealth, both been to prison). (january 2008) (learn how and when to remove this template message). d: kim possible's computer kid told me how you were at the mercy of a villain. she later dates hirotaka and then señor senior junior who is her boyfriend for the remainder of the series. she later returns in "graduation" with warhok for revenge at being fooled and is temporarily defeated by drakken who traps her with flowering vines. he is defeated when rufus manages to remove the amulet, allowing pain king and steel toe to throw him from the ring.

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yori, sensei has a strong and unwavering confidence in ron and his mystical abilities and sees him as a true warrior, although this is a mindset ron does not always share.[60] kim's inherent confidence is a possible family trait; her father james, who views women as equals,[14] proudly reiterates the phrase "nothing is impossible for a possible" on numerous occasions. during that time, she and kim actually end up becoming friends. he wears a caped costume with bird-foot-like boots and speaks in an over-the-top, villainous cackle. weakened by exposure to kim's patent knockout gas, he is knocked unconscious by an inadvertent punch from ron.[10][11] he often relays information to her, searches for information for her, and performs programming feats. second could count as a moment of awesome for ron as he was the one who initiated, showing just how confident he became after getting control of his mmp.[46] without alienating younger viewers, to whom the show refuses to "talk down",[47] the writing in kim possible is "a little older than" that of traditional disney animated series. – a camera man who gives kim a ride to the seniors' island in the episode "oh boyz". he was an action sports icon in his youth, and has shown that he is quite skilled, and very spry for his advanced age. normally shego expresses her glow enshrouding her hands and fingers, but she can also range it as a beam (distance unknown), as well as concentrate and toss it like a ball of chi or ball lightning. a sitch in time: future wade, now a muscular giant and leader of the anti-shego resistance, is voiced by michael clarke duncan. their names are based on personal pronouns with the "go" added at the end. both episodes involve motor ed, who claims he could have handled kim the first time had felix not interfered, and felix' wheelchair's capabilities prove essential to success. she demonstrates that she is not as smart as she tries to appear: after connie corrects bonnie about cincinnati not being a country, lonnie wrongly identifies france as a city. hulking ninja who combines the size and weight of a sumo wrestler with the speed and agility of a ninja.[30] kim possible joined an elite handful of television series to have been brought back from cancellation by its cult following in addition to becoming the first disney channel original series to avoid the networks' 65th episode rule. they make kim's cheer-squad rival bonnie rockwaller their "queen bebe" even though bonnie does not know it at the time. in the episode "mother's day" she goes on a mission with kim and saves her from being swallowed by a glob of green goo by using her kimmunicator to send high-frequency pulses to attack it. she has subsequently stays behind the scenes for the most part, although kim has other dealings with global justice, usually in the form of rides to her destinations and backup on missions. after making a pact, yono goes to yamanouchi where he easily takes care of kim, rufus, and master sensei, turning them all to stone. tara has on occasion spent time with kim ("oh boyz"), but when not at bonnie's right shoulder, she is most often seen with left-shoulder sycophant and fellow cheerleader, hope (long black hair, no mole). he takes his obsession a bit too far and seeks to dominate the game world, ruling it as his online avatar – the wraith master. she is exposed by kim and ron when kim tries to save lynn from a failed bungee jump stunt only to discover she did not do the stunt at all and was using a stuffed stunt-double dummy. (october 2015) (learn how and when to remove this template message)."[18] tracy mcloone of popmatters reviewed, "kim possible includes adult-friendly humor, in the event that parents feel the need to watch tv (sic) with their kids.[10] sullivan's first recording session opposite dimaggio established a chemistry between the two voice actors and their respective characters, out of which shego's signature sarcasm was introduced and eventually expanded upon. magnifico and his circus company give kim a ride to a top secret research facility on their train. season four, when they are officially dating, ron struggles with his insecurity regarding kim.[48] entertainment weekly ranked kim possible fourth on its list of the 25 greatest disney channel original series, calling it an "animated gem". and one of the things that we’ve always found is that boys of any age . they reside in go tower, a building designed around the letters "g" and "o", which may be an allusion to dc comics's teen titans's titan tower. despite their obvious intellect, kim has trouble seeing them as anything more than annoying goof-offs, believing them incapable of some of the things they have achieved, such as building a hand-held silicon phase disruptor, believed by drakken and other scientists to be impossible, or skipping grades to enter middleton high as freshmen at the age of thirteen. kim: when i was still in your body, i went back to d-hall. "kim possible's creators speak: an interview with mark mccorkle and bob schooley". is a ten-year-old genius who runs kim possible's website, supplies her with various gadgets, gives her missions through her "kimmunicator," and arranges her transportation. rather happy-go-lucky, they seemingly take every twist and turn in stride.[12] he spends his time in his bedroom in his parents' home in front of the computer with the lights off. however, even an organization with some of the world's finest scientists, weapons, and agents requires some help from time to time. works at the middleton bueno nacho store #582 as the assistant manager, although he was once demoted and ron promoted in his place ("bueno nacho"). her passion and expertise in fashion also make her important when the time comes to make kim's new mission uniform. this caused kim no end of grief, since she spends more time fighting with will than with killigan himself.[81][82] typically, series that originate on disney channel seldom exceed three seasons and 65 episodes before they are canceled. it is unclear if the wego twins were born twins, or if they were originally only one person and became two people in the impact event which gave them their superpowers. possible aired weekdays on disney xd in the united states. a running gag is that yori talks very much about honor, to ron's chagrin, such as when he faces a long walk and asks for a ride, yori says it was "his honor to walk". kim and shego both get moodulator chips on them that causes them to act according to the control unit's settings, causing some really awkward scenes with ron and drakken, respectively. unfortunately, because of his small size, none of the other athletes in the locker room (especially his two star performers, steel toe and pain king) take his request seriously. once helped britina when her show in chicago caught fire, so she, like many others kim has helped, gives her rides to other missions, and is one of the few characters who cover this role. considering there is no stated purpose for making the mind control chips, and the "moodulator" devices for online auction to the highest-bidding "government agency", his motives appear to be mainly profit-driven. he can pilot helicopters, speedboats, and jet skis with ease, and although frequently seen with a walking stick, can perform complex acrobatics and maneuvers while running and skydiving. and shego's interactions during the episode "stop team go" fit this trope, as well as fueling fan speculation. is not mentioned or seen again until two seasons later (an internal-chronological gap of nearly two years) in the series finale, "graduation", where she is seen apparently dating felix renton.^ "freeform to air lizzie mcguire, that's so raven, and more, and we have the full schedule". he shares several things in common with his owner: his love of bueno nacho food (and subsequently, the naco), his ability to eat with practically no concern about the food he is eating, sharing ron's disgust for others, and an overall laid-back, casual attitude. this was an assignment that will particularly resents, since he sees world saving as a "professional's" job and does not appreciate an "amateur" like kim horning in on what he feels is his jurisdiction., also known as synthodrone #901, "one made to order syntho-hottie ", is a synthetic villain created by doctor drakken during the events of "kim possible: so the drama".[43] prior to kim possible, storms had starred in disney channel's zenon film series. she makes only a single in person appearance in the show,[15] but is notable within the franchise in that she is the only possible family member, other than kim's mother, whose name is not an allusion to the word "impossible"; it is never stated whether cousin larry was a possible or not. even though drakken claims to be all evil, at times he has shown his good side and even helped kim save the world. "so the finale" maintained an open comment system allowing fans to express their views on the franchise and its closure. to the example from "odds man in" listed above, the line from "graduation" where ron tells kim that the whole alien sitch makes him realize he can't live without her. and miss kyoko have appeared once in each of three seasons.

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[1][2][3][4][non-primary source needed] in interviews, bob schooley and mark mccorkle, the co-creators of kim possible, summed up ron's role as comic relief for the entire series until the finale because, "he can't do anything. since the wedding is specified as "the stoppable-starter wedding", he is presumably from the father's side.[6] although protecting the world comes to her quite naturally, kim actually finds growing up an average teenager much more challenging, struggling with everyday personal issues ranging from homework and schoolwork to bullying, embarrassment, family, dating, relationships,[5] and self-doubt, remaining shy and insecure in the presence of boys she finds attractive despite her own good looks, competence and heroics. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. his name is an allusion to the band motörhead with their heavy metal, rocker biker gang motif. of all of kim's enemies, he and shego are considered her arch-foes. snowy himself emerges after the possibles destroy the toxic snowmen army, but is destroyed when kim and ron cause the sun to come out, melting snowy.^ a b c d e f g "kim possible review: the best disney cartoon of the last decade? in the movie, so the drama, ron realizes he has romantic feelings toward kim and later confesses them to her. when kim is a senior, the two go to middleton high school because they skipped grades. (voiced by nancy cartwright): ron's pet naked mole rat who accompanies kim and ron on their missions, traveling in his owner's pocket. is also interested in an online mmorpg computer game called "everlot", an allusion to everquest and the like, playing as a "she-warrior" (vir-tu-ron). his last name is never given in the show so there is no way to know if he is from kim's father's side, or her mother's.'s kim possible: legend of the monkeys eye (pc) – released, may 16, 2006. episodes revolve around characters other than kim and ron, particularly villains, who have been provided with nearly as much back story as the heroes. he does not like it when kim is with boys, often saying: "as long as she is not with boys, i am ok. the events of that episode are ultimately driven by her scheme to manipulate team possible into finding monkey fist, who has been avoiding her unwanted attentions. after ron questions why he is called "falsetto," kim explains that he's called this because of his unusually high voice that was caused by a "freak helium accident. in a "freaky friday" flip plotline that had kim and ron switching bodies, kim (as ron) found herself facing the school bullies of middleton high's d-hall,note  one of whom was actually voiced by will friedle, meaning he was basically bullying himself who had harassed ron since kindergarten. drakken, a mad scientist constantly plotting world domination, and his superpowered sidekick shego, who possesses the ability to generate powerful energy blasts and emit them from her hands, making her the heroine's most dangerous opponent.[30] the creators were also influenced by their own childhood heroes james bond and captain kirk from star trek, and wanted kim to resemble a character their daughters could idolise similarly. by "steal wheels" she is dating an unnamed boy, and in "so the drama" she attends the prom with jason morgan, the basketball team star forward. in season four, kim and ron end up developing romantic feelings for each other and begin dating during their senior year.[14] speaking in easygoing teenage slang,[20][21] kim's most famous catchphrases include "no big",[21] "so not the drama" and "what's the sitch? (ron still has not gotten over the time shawn poured gravy down his pants.[49] the series ends with kim and ron graduating, leaving their future open to imagination. the leader of the group, with the blue glow power, and super strength, hego, the oldest of the siblings, has an alter ego as a bueno nacho manager with black hair and clark kent-style glasses.[10][29] although they had enjoyed working on those projects, schooley and mccorkle were becoming interested in contributing to "something original". cleeg is a famous fashion critic with her own television fashion report program or segment which monique watches religiously ("kimitation nation"'). they typically play no other prominent role besides transporting kim to her latest mission site.[18] in terms of recurring and guest roles, designing women's jean smart voices kim's mother ann.[46] ultimately, kim possible premiered to both widespread acclaim and strong viewership. she gives kim a ride in her yacht as thanks for retrieving her demo tape when it was stolen in "hidden talent"'. total, all-encompassing love kim's parents have for her; no matter how strict or overprotective they might be at times ("black hole deep, ronald"), it always comes from the heart.[27] ron's home life is also explored as he welcomes a younger sibling.[18] while avoiding adult references, schooley and mccorkle opted for a fast-paced sitcom-style dialogue and rhythm that attracted adult viewers instead, ultimately resulting in teleplays that were typically five pages longer than traditional disney channel scripts. artwork for "crush", the series' pilot, featuring (counter-clockwise from upper left) shego (in green) ron, kim, rufus, and dr. his nickname for kim possible is "red" because of her red hair. he is a cousin of ron though on which side of the family is not specified. ron debates whether to leave the room due to the odds of his survival, when his dad tells him that, the one thing he learned from his job is "some things are worth the risk. she is constantly concerned with the high school's "food chain," and her standing on it which she apparently perceives is challenged by kim's position as the school cheerleading captain as well as her general popularity. in return, he gives her a ride in china in "the full monkey", which makes him special in that he is one of the few people to give kim a ride where the audience sees exactly what she did to earn the favor. possible is an american animated action comedy-adventure[1][2][3][4] television series created by bob schooley and mark mccorkle that originally aired on disney channel from june 7, 2002 to september 7, 2007. this discovery prompts her to contact drakken, which is how she finds out he and ron are missing, leading to her and kim finding them. she has also completed missions with wade, monique, her brothers, and even her mother. at first, it appears nakasumi can understand yet is unable to speak english, but eventually it is revealed he can indeed speak english, but prefers to whispering in kyoko's ear.[10] despite being a "strong female role model", schooley maintained that heroism "doesn't help [kim] a bit when she comes face-to-face with her latest school crush. kim at one point says, "you're weird, but i like you.[8] additionally, drakken is a former college roommate of kim's father james. he also just has a terrific comedic sense",[27] while director and animator steve loter described both friedle and dimaggio as "experts in ad-libbing. he is the victim of theft by drakken and shego in "crush". the show revolves around eponymous high school student kim possible, a teenager tasked with fighting crime on a regular basis while coping with everyday issues commonly associated with adolescence.[citation needed] because of mego's self-absorbed nature and easily triggered annoyance, his attitude seems to be the closest to shego's. kim recovers the plans for a robot tick which drakken has stolen from him in "tick-tick-tick". gil appears to want to befriend ron, who does not trust that he has changed his ways. but at the start of the fourth season, bonnie advises kim to dump ron, claiming it is practically a rule for cheerleaders to date jocks, especially since they have just started their senior year of high school.[29] few expected kim possible to be as popular as it ultimately became,[26] proving popular among both male and female audiences. a mechanical engineering genius with a natural understanding of engines of all kinds including rocket motors, he is "widely regarded as the most brilliant mechanical engineer in the country" but left a prestigious job because "the top secret government lab he worked at had a dress code" which did not approve of his mullet and he refused to cut it. lipsky and he is dearly loved by his embarrassing and oblivious mother, mama lipsky, though he cannot bring himself to admit the "evil villain out to conquer the world" thing to her.[48] throughout the first three seasons, the idea of ron having feelings for kim is alluded to, but he never pursues them for various reasons. stoppable her way of breaking news to her son is to do it and tell him later. and señor senior, jr, who treat villainy as a hobby out of boredom,[19] and professor dementor (patton oswalt).[5][8][14] the character's first and last names create a pun of the word "unstoppable".

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her hair is wavier and a lighter brown than bonnie's. "for young viewers; kim possible: saving the day in her spare time". when ron was made evil by the attitudinator, his skin eventually turned blue. lasting four seasons and 87 episodes, the show is considered to be one of disney channel's greatest and most successful, and remained the network's longest-running series until surpassed by phineas and ferb in 2013.^ "'phineas and ferb' need your help in their emmy campaign! he later helps monkey fist to obtain the lotus blade and is defeated by ron in the climax of the episode. according to brown, "being the kind of girl who's accepted or befriended by boys underscores a girl's power and sets her against other girls. they also help her fix and upgrade the beat-up car their dad gave her, and program it to increase its speed, endurance, and power.[48] production on new episodes of kim possible had virtually ceased by the end of season 3 when kim and ron finally become a couple, which mccorkle felt had ended the series perfectly in the film kim possible: so the drama, thus initially eliminating any need to determine how they were to proceed with them as a new couple. somehow, while still in drakken's body, he manages to get free long enough to contact kim for help. its main duo finally established, kim possible became the easiest show schooley and mccorkle had ever developed.[42] originally, the episodes were not aired in chronological order, a decision loter detested.[6] in comparison to buffy, kim also approaches her complicated lifestyle more joyfully. this and other events caused kim and ron to each realize how hard the other has it."[27][42] the villains also work together against kim in different combinations. he goes on nearly all missions and, because his small size, often proves useful. as her portmanteau name indicates, britina is an allusion to real-life pop singers britney spears and christina aguilera, with her relationship with nicky nick being reminiscent of that of spears and justin timberlake. the character's design has evolved through the seasons, with the most notable change being to her eyes, which pass from small pupils to wider and fuller brown eyes. he became a villain after he was denied funding for his "unethical mathematical experiments" and uses a copter hat to escape his foes. he is a tad disorganized as seen in "emotion sickness" when he fail to notice the presence of the kimmunicator in his lab – ron having accidentally dropped it – until it took off. one of nakasumi's characters, z-boy, makes several cameos as toys and posters. and mccorkle approached the challenge of portraying dating in a way that would appeal to both younger and older children by having the villains, particularly shego,[42] react to news of kim and ron's relationship with disbelief since "ron is painfully aware that he is the luckiest man in the world . middleton high school alongside ron, her best female friend monique and rival schoolmate bonnie rockwaller, kim lives with her family: father james, a rocket scientist, and ann, a brain surgeon,[11] as well as her younger brothers, identical twins jim and tim, both of whom possess genius-level intellect. fortunately, kim recovers what was stolen, and in return, nakasumi gives her a ride in "a very possible christmas" and "so the drama", the latter once again is a major part of the plot." he defeats her in a sparring match (although she did not use her powers), and later defeats ron in a fight that followed. kim's line, said in the most heartbroken, yet sincerest way that makes you wanna dab your eyes with tissues. he displays rufus' fondness for cookies, and asks rufus what the meaning of life is, to which the mole rat replies, "cheese! disney channel writers schooley and mccorkle were recruited by the network to develop an animated series that could attract both younger and older audiences, and conceived kim possible as a show about a talented action heroine and her less competent sidekick. known collectively as team possible, the majority of kim and ron's missions require them to thwart the evil plans of mad scientist–supervillain duo dr. with a strong emphasis on modern-day technology and the internet, the series also explores themes such as feminism, girl power and relationships, and receives heavy comparisons to other female-driven action shows such as buffy the vampire slayer, alias and the powerpuff girls. he also seems to possess a wide range of spiritual abilities, such as astral projection and the ability to levitate. he possesses a large and easily wounded ego, and is rather defensive of his seemingly useless power. in the episode "animal attraction" she turns out to be a red otter and her soul mate is the pink sloth (which was what ron's animal was). she first introduces kim to the global justice network in a case which leads to kim's first encounter with duff killigan.[12] writing for the new york times, julie salamon also enjoyed rufus, penning, "i probably would have liked kim impossible even if one of its lead characters hadn't been a naked mole rat.[12] lacking a secret identity, kim is world famous and her profession, although accepted by her peers, is seldom acknowledged by her schoolmates or teachers.[70] alongside several other female-led animated series that premiered throughout the decade, which had been experiencing a steady influx in media starring "teenage action chicks with special powers",[73] kim possible is considered to be an example of both girl power and power feminism.[16] he also showed his skills in "mathter and fervent" when he used his actuarial skills to defeat the math villain terrorizing ron. director is bound and determined to bring down gemini and his organization, wee (the worldwide evil empire). really villains, but rather a trio of image consultants who advise villains on the look of their lairs and the style of their costumes. because of that song, it actually inspired me to do my own musical animated artist because a lot of people thought i was kim possible. during graduation, ron is finally able to fully tap his mystical monkey powers to a terrific extent when he single-handedly defeats warhok and warmonga when even kim and shego combined could not; however, he uses more violence than they did, as he apparently kills the villains rather than capturing them. on rare occasions he has even gone on missions with kim. doctor drakken kidnapped and switched minds with him in order to make use of his security clearances to access a top secret military installation where the neutronalizer was stored in order to steal it. kim: i was starting to think id never get to do that again. two full on kim/ron kisses in the "graduation" two part episode. he was the only person who believed that mim was innocent, and he tried desperately, but unsuccessfully, to prove it.[49] episodes were also broadcast in syndication on several disney-affiliated television networks including toon disney, weekdays at 7:30 am and weekends at 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm, and abc's abc kids saturday mornings at 11:00 am,[49] ultimately becoming the "lynchpin" of that particular segment. find a topic you’re passionate about, and jump right in."[6] while accepting main character kim as a positive role model and acknowledging that the series sometimes teaches "good lessons", besty wallace of common sense media expressed concern about the show's emphasis on action and violence, explaining, "lessons may get muddled and nearly lost as the heroes shimmy up rope ladders dangling from helicopters and dodge spinning tops of doom. the affection kim shows towards ron may seem entirely a result of the moodulator, but it's certain that she does feel this way about him inside, and the chip just brought it out; this also notably helps setting up what happens between them in the movie.[81] dubbed an "extended episode",[82] the film also explores the character's origin, revealing how both she and ron became crime fighters and features an all-star cast. when hana beats his summoner, monkey fist, everyone is returned to normal and monkey fist himself is turned to stone and sucked into the earth as he followed the "path of the yono". tall and handsome japanese exchange student in "exchange" as ron goes to japan in his place. as a martial artist, he is quite powerful, regardless of his advanced years and small stature. as described by wade, jones is "rich, refined and possibly the world's greatest thief. every other encounter after this sees ron either dealing with the monkey ninjas or running away. however, there have also been times when kim showed both true affection and appreciation for them and their skills. the scene where he is pulled along the lake is featured in the kim possible title sequence. he speaks with a scottish accent, and wears traditional scottish attire such as a kilt and tam o' shanter.[30] although not as strong an action hero as kim, at the same time the creators were careful to highlight ron's courage and attributes by emphasizing the fact that he constantly finds himself in dangerous situations. she has a good relationship with her family members, though she is often annoyed by her brothers (whom she calls "tweebs", for "twin dweebs"), and embarrassed by her parents' antics.[30] explaining kim possible's universal appeal, the creators said, "whenever there's an action complement to a show, boys get excited, and when kim does her martial arts and when she's doing one of these incredible stunts, boys love to watch it .

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he also has a sharp sense of fashion having once seen a picture of a leather jacket which kim had posted at the store as her own inspiration for working, and "just had to have it". it is also revealed that he served in a war ("thirty klicks southeast of jai alai" (pronounced the same as the sport), where he achieved the rank of lieutenant. success of kim possible spawned two television films based on the series, becoming the first animated series to be adapted into a disney channel original movie. kim and ron use his annual open dog show, with rufus as an entrant, as cover to recover the diamond. when team impossible overloads his computer system with a power spike, this angers him so much that he personally arrives on scene, and vents on the three members of the team."a very possible christmas" is from start to finish a kim/ron love story." as a result, he became the subject of ron's hero paper which gets an "a+" from mr. however, like his father, he remembers ron's name fairly consistently, prompting ron to like him more than most of the other villains (or just hate him less). official kim possible soundtrack was released by walt disney records on july 1, 2003, featuring "call me, beep me" and "could it be",[65] in addition to other musical contributions from the cast of kim possible in addition to various disney recording artists, including aaron carter.) killigan faces off with kim on a number of occasions, first when she and will du of global justice join forces to stop him from turning the entire planet into his own personal golf course. is very intelligent and beautiful woman suspected of stealing a project from the middleton space center. when the world was in danger from the lorwardians, sensei apparently sensed what was coming as he tried to warn ron about it, but ron misunderstood his message. james timothy possible, over his decision to create robots for their dates rather than actually find real girls. he is thwarted with the help of roachie, one of the giant cockroaches he created (and ron befriended). inspired by the scarcity of female-led animated series at the time – as well as their own daughters – the episodes, some of which are based on the creators' own high school experiences, combine elements of action, adventure, drama, romance and comedy to appeal to both girls and boys, while parodying the james bond franchise, spy and superhero films, and teen sitcoms.[5] several season 4 episodes were edited and shortened for time because they would run up to five minutes too long, forcing loter to eliminate some sub plots and characters. can switch location on/off before each tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. however, the aspen wand of new forest, an artifact ron gave her player character inside everlot is seen wielded by a warrior woman (bearing no other resemblance to zita's avatar) in a computer fighting game played by ron in "roachie". is a list of characters appearing in the animated series kim possible. allegedly, whoever wore the amulet was granted superhuman strength and power.[13] in one episode he develops a crush on monique, after seeing her in person for the first time, leading him to create a love ray and trying to force her to be his girlfriend. much latter the villainess electronique enhances the attitudinator into a morality "reverse polarizer" that ron falls victim to, again unlocking his inner evil. kim: thats the most weirdly romantic thing youve ever said to me. even shego was impressed with evil ron and terrified by his threat to dump her in with sharks.[1] after running five years, four seasons and 84 episodes (87 including the films),[24] the hour-long series finale, "graduation", aired on september 7, 2007, ending kim possible. hug kim/ron share in the episode "mathter and fervent" after ron is released from his anti-matter containment bubble. barkin and drakken, but now has a crush on monkey fist, on whom she performed his trademark genetic mutation. "the 'kim possible' dream can cartoons be judged not by their sex, but by the content of their characters? a running gag throughout the series is that wade has secretly placed a tracking microchip on ron, although he tries to avoid answering when questioned about this.^ a b c d e "more characters like kim possible, please and thank you". he joins the football team in his senior year,[6] having previously served as team mascot, and is given the athletic nickname of "unstoppable stoppable". he constantly bothers drakken with his ideas, even sleep-talking about claiming to kidnap the five richest people in world without doing so (which junior and shego did). he was also the one who secretly arranged the adoption for ron's new baby sister hana, so she could be prepared for her eventual showdown with yono the destroyer. however, she calls him a "hottie" when he becomes a multimillionaire in "ron millionaire". although it is hinted in that same episode, during the medal award ceremony, that she and drakken became romantically involved, she is not at his table during the final closing credits. characters in kim's network whom she has helped during past missions. chino is voiced by charlie schlatter, espadrille by tara strong, and hoodie by gwendoline yeo. first meets him when he calls her to cambodia to retrieve a jade monkey idol from a tomb full of traps and unknowingly completes a set of four such mystical idols in his possession. he is well educated, speaking fourteen languages, and academically competent (as well as having access to all of gj's best equipment and resources). is a brunette who dresses conservatively in a loose turtleneck shirt, loose and comfortable pants, and sensible running shoes. this has disappointed many fans who have sought a pet naked mole-rat and have found that not only are they unable to be pets, in real life they look and act very little like rufus. considering the nature of that business, kim would prefer having nothing to do with him at all. that his inventions' negative effects have been criminally misused by others, usually drakken, is never addressed and is cyrus never shown to truly face any consequences for his projects.[10] at one point, the character's appearance was based on that of video game character lara croft from the tomb raider franchise until disney channel abandoned this concept in favor of one more akin to that of a 14 year-old girl as opposed to a bombshell. love humour and characters that are a little goofy, sort of silly and weird. ron dislikes him as his last name is "but one letter away from "monkey", and due to lazy research on ron's part, joshua's middle name might be wendell. despite eventually finding out he is really a newb trying to impress her in order to take their relationship to the next level, she remains willing to hang out with him after they are hijacked and trapped in the game's virtual world. she is also very optimistic and believes a lot in her friends. heck, just throw in all kim\ron scenes, and there's quite a few more than you might first think. director is not too proud to call in reinforcements if it means the job gets done, which is where kim possible comes in. a bio-geneticist and an avid collector of cuddle buddies (small stuffed toys similar to beanie babies), except for being hybrid crosses between two separate animals; her favorite being an otterfly, (a butterfly and an otter). and kim's talk about life choices from the season 4 episode "mentor of our discontent".[93] a poll conducted by disney channel revealed that kim possible viewers voted for season 3's "emotion sickness" as their favorite episode of the series. according to her brother hego, shego left their group because the more evil they fought, the more shego liked the evil and became a villainess. wallace the third of rodeghan was a snobbish, spoiled and arrogant prince of the kingdom of rodeghan. he gives kim, ron, and the tweebs a ride to bortle's lab in "the twin factor".[74] similar to the animated shows totally spies, atomic betty and the life and times of juniper lee, kim possible revolves around an attractive, intelligent and strong female character whose public identity is meant to indicate that she should be received as a positive role models for young girls.[27] wade ventures outside his bedroom more often,[27] occasionally assisting kim and ron in person. since kim is wearing a pair of super-speed shoes during the ride, time begans to move so slowly for her that we never find out what favor she carried out in exchange for this ride. during the period they were missing, the group's popularity enjoyed a revival due to a resurgence of their music on radio, retrospective television specials, and investigative reports about their disappearance. they were on the verge of breaking up when the señor seniors kidnapped them with the intention of putting junior in the group to help him fulfill his dream of becoming an international pop sensation, accidentally snagging ron along with them. by: (in order) gary dourdan, eric close, and adam rodriguez. a cowboy by choice and life style, he owns the lazy c ranch in montana, which is apparently more than it appears as he has a high tech control center tied into his own system of launched satellites, as well as having a contingent of "cybertronic" robotic horses.

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connie and lonnie's only appearance in the entire series is in the third-season episode, "bonding", when it is strongly implied that bonnie's sour disposition stems from her sisters always being so mean to her. at the age of four years, ron had an imaginary friend named rufus, who was, by ron's description, "huge".[42] three different animation studios animated the series: rough draft, starburst and hanho. since its creation in 338 ad, the school has guarded the blade, which can only fully be used in the hands of one who has been touched by mystical monkey power. he also is the most confrontational of the villains, showing a willingness to battle them directly as opposed to the death traps drakken and others employ. marine colonel – he gives kim a ride to cambodia in a military transport plane in "monkey fist strikes after she tips him off to an assault that is due to take place.[22] originally, shego was not included in the initial version of the pilot episode ("crush") of kim possible, but was added in later versions of it. the success of the series spawned two television films based on the show, kim possible: a sitch in time (2003) – the first animated disney channel original movie – and kim possible movie: so the drama (2005), as well as a video game series. she has an irritable and demanding personality that often affects her work, yet she fulfills the role of a protagonist by using her intelligence and sensibility to 'save the day'. but the cheerful presence of rufus (the mole rat) in this new animated series from disney signals that the show's executive producer and director, chris bailey, doesn't mind getting cute in obvious ways.[55] having already been working for disney channel at the time, appearing as a correspondent on the network's miniseries movie surfers after declining an offer to appear on their variety show the mickey mouse club,[56][57] milian learned about kim possible from disney when the studio called her in recruitment of an artist to record the new show's theme song. he is depicted as more competent than drakken, and his henchmen are more effective as well; however, he still succumbs to certain villainous clichés, a weakness pointed out by bonnie rockwaller in the episode "bonding. apparently he forgot to sign ron's bar mitzvah certificate forcing ron to question if he is really a man." kim has known ron stoppable, her sidekick for most missions, since preschool. yori is usually calm, even in dangerous situations, and kind to the point of showing more concern for others than for herself. compared to kim's recurring enemies, jones is a much more competent villain, not giving into the clichéd "traditional" methods (such as instead of leaving kim and ron to perish in a trap, he chooses to stay and make sure they die).: kim possible2000s american animated television series2000s american comedy television series2002 american television series debuts2007 american television series endingsabc kidsamerican action television seriesamerican children's adventure television seriesamerican children's animated television seriesamerican children's comedy television seriesdisney channel showsdisney xd showsenglish-language television programmingespionage television seriesfamily channel showstelevision series by disney television animationtelevision series created by bob schooley and mark mccorkletelevision series revived after cancellationtoon disneyhidden categories: good articlesuse mdy dates from june 2015articles with haudio microformats. "power feminism, mediated: girl power and the commercial politics of change". rufus 3000 appears in all three parts of a sitch in time ("present", "past" and "future") as an information provider to kim and occasional aid in the first two, but only assumes a main role in the final part. ending of this episode fits as well, with the entire possible family, along with ron, and even drakken and shego enjoying christmas together. yet occasionally he treats ron with respect when the two have a common interest or goal. a running gag in the series is that ron often loses his pants during missions. – in "mind games" he lets kim and ron ride two of his donkeys down into the grand canyon in return for kim performing an emergency delivery for his donkey, buttercup in the dark, in the rain, during a mudslide.[27] self-referential in its humor that avoids talking down to its viewers,[70][71] the series also parodies the teen sitcom genre,[53] teenage fads and trends in general, and sometimes even makes fun of its own plot holes and oversights,[13] while occasionally adopting common cartoon and sitcom tropes. the sake of rufus as a character, the show ignores the reality of literal naked mole-rats, which are nearly completely blind, rely upon large colony environments and specific temperatures, and cannot survive individually as pets. because of his general buffoonery, and the fact that he mainly fights ron, he is considered ron's nemesis more than he is considered kim's. yori does not express much concern about this development, stating that kim and ron have a destiny together. they originally appear in the episodes "go team go" during season two, and later return in season four in "stop team go" and "mathter and fervent", the latter features only hego." her metallic, wire-like hair crackles with static electricity, her outfit is festooned with wires and conduits to channel her electrical powers, and she can shoot lightning from her gloved hands. in his own words to the villain, "i did the math.[19] at first ron is resentful of her and how his parents sprung her on him as a surprise, referring to her as "the intruder", before he discovers she is a prophesied weapon called the han. due to his level of cunning, he is kim's nemesis more than he is considered ron's.[60] according to betsy wallace of common sense media, kim possible "capitalizes on the female villain-fighting craze that sparked with buffy the vampire slayer and alias", albeit simplifying the genre for a younger generation. drakken's sidekick, designed with green and black - colors the creators considered to be known as "bad colors". he is defeated by ron's father in battle in his infinity dome as ron's dad is an actuary and is able to match him calculation for calculation.[97] nominated for outstanding children's animated program, outstanding performer in an animated program (for romano), outstanding achievement in sound editing and outstanding achievement in sound mixing - live action and animation,[97] kim possible ultimately won award, for outstanding sound mixing — live action and animation. kim had rescued judd from a rhino stampede earlier, while he was filming a program entitled "teasing wild animals". "ill suited", when bonnie derides ron for running like a scared little girl when playing football, kim answered with a simple "that's my guy", smiling warmly as she said that.[10] thus, the network commissioned schooley and mccorkle to create an animated series geared towards the nine to 14 year-old demographic that was also capable of entertaining older audiences at the same time. – he gives kim a lift to mount middleton in "attack of the killer bebes" after aiding him during a car chase. lispky to be the family's "black sheep", and known for his repetitive use of the words "dude" and "seriously! typically adhere to a simple, similar format, featuring a power-hungry villain who kim and ron must somehow prevent from taking over the world. despite being the stereotypical "dumb jock", he is not a "school bully" and is actually a genuinely nice guy who normally does not make a point of throwing his weight around, except for one occasion in a second-season episode ("exchange") when he initiates a confrontation with japanese exchange student hirotaka. set in fictional middleton, usa, the show's setting and locations exhibit a retro-influenced aesthetic. drakken is "the great blue", a legendary leader whom she is seeking and to whom she will pledge her allegiance and arsenal of advanced weaponry. of kim possible's cast consists of disney channel and abc alumnae,[18][32] as well as actors recognized for their roles on other popular animated and comedy series." ever since he was beaten by kim's battle suit, he has been trying to get his hands on it to conquer the earth. proves too much in her first appearance for the combined forces of kim and shego, but leaves when tricked by jim or tim possible in a video message posing as the "real great blue", actually a pep puppy costume colored blue either by dye or video filtering, waiting for her at pluto. rufus' origin began long before ron had even purchased him. his personality was almost entirely flipped and he actually became a very real and dangerous threat to everyone who dared to cross his path. taller and curvaceous, the family resemblance both physical and attitude is clear. though he seems to have no evil intentions himself, his inventions have wreaked havoc in kim and ron's lives with their "ferociously unethical" applications – a fact which does not stop kim from using them on her brothers."[70] kim and ron are solely platonic friends for the show's first three seasons and remain best friends even after they start dating in season 4, defying the popular belief that "being romantically involved is worth more than being in a friendship.[30] although essentially a comedy series, schooley and mccorkle also combined elements of adventure, relationships and humor in order to appeal to both boys, who are primarily interested in action, and girls, who are more-so attracted to relationships and character development, aware of "ancient truisms" surrounding the belief that boys are generally less likely to watch a series starring a female lead,[10] while girls seldom exhibit such reservations when the casting situation is reversed. neither she nor kim like to admit it, they make a good team, using all of their knowledge and skills as cheerleaders to best stronger enemies.[16] kim's best female friend is monique (raven-symoné), who is occasionally forced into accompanying kim on select missions when ron is unavailable.[20] in addition to action, comedy and adventure, kim possible's storylines also explore elements of romance and drama. pierce of the deseret news praised kim possible as "an entertaining show that should indeed appeal to tweens, younger kids and even their parents" that "plays with the superhero format in a way that doesn't take itself too seriously but doesn't play down to the viewers. in the fourth season, wade ventures out of his room to give kim new inventions, and on at least one occasion, to return kim's battle suit to her after repairs and upgrades were made to it. however, unlike ron, he has been known to abandon this attitude at crucial times, often using quicker thinking than his owner. only the fact that he has never used any of his inventions or weapons himself has managed to keep him safely under everyone's radar and allowed him to stay in business. upon learning this, gemini kidnaps ron and tries to make him a member of wee.[25] having been attending high school in new york at the time, romano would mostly work remotely and usually be "phone patched in" whenever necessary; there is only one occasion during which the entire main cast recorded together.

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[8] kim shares a bitter rivalry with fellow cheerleader bonnie rockwaller (kirsten storms), a popular schoolmate who, unlike kim, is snobby, selfish and generally unkind towards others – her "polar opposite",[14] essentially respresenting the kind of person kim could have been. evil ron was outstanding with power tools, building large and dangerous destructive devices, multitasking, and planning ahead. it is strongly implied that bonnie's attitudes and sour disposition may stem from their treatment of her; they claim that connie "got all the brains", lonnie "got all the looks", while bonnie "got the rest"."[81] in his book the complete directory to prime time network and cable tv shows, 1946-present, television historian tim brooks appreciated the series for having "a marvelous sense of humor about itself. (august 2013) (learn how and when to remove this template message).[70] with a tendency to not take itself seriously,[18] kim possible both parodies and pays homage to the spy, action hero and superhero genres,[20] its comedy benefiting from the show's emphasis on "over-the-top plots" and circumstances;[5] shego's own family of superheroes, team go, is a deliberate parody of the marvel superhero team the fantastic four."[48] the fourth season introduces new villains such as camille leone, a shapeshifting celebrity heiress, warmonga, and a more serious villain who possesses "no funny clownish behavior, just evil. it is revealed in season four he was a graduate of mist, or the middleton institute of science and technology, and that he enjoyed writing fan-fiction for the in-series captain constellation tv franchise."[10] conceiving all main characters themselves,[4] rufus and wade were eventually created and added to the roster, but the series essentially remains about kim "who is incredibly competent in the action world but challenged in the real world" while "ron would be challenged everywhere. ron's friend than kim's, felix is an easygoing boy who enjoys video games and basketball. the other villains, he considers ron stoppable a worthy opponent rather than a clownish sidekick. attraction was closed on may 18, 2012 to make way for a similar attraction themed around the character of "agent p" from disney channel animated television show phineas and ferb. coyote explosions, and its tongue-in-cheek humor allowed it to be self-aware and hip at the same time. (voiced by nicole sullivan): kim's primary combatant and most dangerous opponent;[8] a supervillain with the superhuman ability to generate powerful green energy blasts from her hands. later, in "graduation," duff is initially suspected of vandalizing various country clubs and golf courses around the world. his usual tactics involve clichéd villainy, such as mastering evil laughter and using an elaborate grand trap to eliminate a foe.^ a b c kim possible, episode 13, monkey fist strikes (13 september 2002) cite error: invalid tag; name "ep13" defined multiple times with different content (see the help page). a sitch in time, a version of rufus from the future named rufus 3000 visits kim, asking her help in saving the future from shego. barkin is loaded with eccentric fears, such as: robots rising up to take over the world ("the mentor of our discontent"), an alien invasion ("graduation"), and that one day it would come down to just him versus mutant weiner-dogs ("bonding").[96] in 2005, kim possible was nominated for a record-breaking total of five daytime emmy awards, the highest number of emmy award nominations ever received by the series. disney channel was getting ready to air the movie, they had a viewer-voted countdown of the greatest episodes they'd already aired of the show, and "emotion sickness" ranked #1.[16] in her younger years, kim's grandmother "nana" possible fought crime much like kim herself. kim and ron must get to the weather and stop all the mutant snowmen before it is too late. kim is forced to take bonnie with her on a mission and the two girls flawlessly perform together to best dementor with their acrobatics."[10] a super suit designed for the character was introduced in earily season 4 but quickly abandoned once the writers realized that the costume would detract from the character's established "she can do anything" reputation. the characters' voice actors had already worked together in buzz lightyear of star command. she wears a green-and-black catsuit with one onyx-colored and one green glove. she first appear in "exchange" when she is sent to receive ron and guide him to the yamanouchi school, and serves as a support for him during that episode, developing a strong bond with him. as executive producers in addition to writers throughout the entire series, schooley and mccorkle oversaw the show for its entire duration to maintain consistency. ron is temporarily transferred into the school as part of an exchange program, fukushima voices his protest, resentful of an outsider being allowed to enter the school. ron was wearing a zorpox costume to infiltrate henchco's evil trade fair when he was turned evil by a device called the "attitudinator".[72] according to feminist fairytales, "ron has a very relaxed attitude towards life which often provides a balance to kim's assertive nature and perfectionism, while kim helps ron become much more independent and self-reliant. he is extremely afraid of monkeys, small bugs, and many other things, though his fear of monkeys fluctuates as the series progresses and ron matures. in fact, after only five minutes in hego's presence, ron says: "i'm starting to see why shego split. sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.[8] kim possible approaches the subject of the friend zone via kim and ron's relationship,[8][22] discussing male-female friendship in a manner reminiscent to that of the romantic comedy when harry met sally.(interview with series creator mark mccorkle and bob schooley)(interview)". thus, gemini chose to become evil and founded wee just to spite her. director), he wanted her to treat him like an older brother and she never did. however, considering that clientele consists of people who do have evil schemes and plans to take over the world, hench is not going to be a strong contender for humanitarian of the year anytime soon.^ a b c d e f g h "kim possible – what's the sitch wade? kim is aided by her clumsy best friend and sidekick ron stoppable, his pet naked mole rat rufus and 10 year-old computer genius wade."Kim Possible" Emotion Sickness (TV Episode 2004) Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more. as of the finale episode, "graduation" and its closing credits, he is still petrified. when he was first purchased, rufus' appearance resembled that of an actual naked mole rat, being wrinkled, and eyes barely open. even though he frequently encounters kim and ron, he can never remember ron's name. he possesses a wide range of abilities, a product of his many years of training and experience. it turns out she is as skilled a fighter as kim, even more so, having trained in "pang lang quan kung fu" in a shaolin monastery, been a top aviatrix, and was the first woman to finish the navy's basic underwater demolition course (buds, also known as seal training).[20] however, the success of so the drama increased the show's popularity overseas and ultimately encouraged disney channel executives to renew the series for a fourth and final season. she works at a multiplex movie theater in middleton, usually seen in the ticket booth and initially wearing the name tag "annie" until hers can be made ("grudge match).[32] the theme song "call me, beep me" became so popular among fans of both the show and milian herself that several of them proceeded to download it as their own cell phone ringtones. she also taunts kim about her youth, addressing her by childish nicknames such as "kimmie", "princess", "cupcake", and "pumpkin". he also demonstrated the ability to predict kim's actions, though that may have been due to being her best friend. it was not until the modern-day kim possible heard about her "black sheep" ancestor that it was revealed that mim was framed for the theft by the ancestors of shego and drakken, miss go and bartholomew lipsky. rapper loosely based on queen latifah, mc lyte, and other female rappers. however, despite keeping the comic book character's costume, after being attitudinated, evil ron was never was referred to as zorpox by either himself or others. evil ron is arguably the most dangerous villain of the series, even impressing shego with his diabolical know-how, visibly enhanced fighting skills, and going so far as to threaten to dump her in a shark tank - a prospect which scared her into subservience."[23] the sounds of mobile devices and modern-day technology are incorporated throughout the song.^ ""kim possible," christy carlson romano, @ big apple comic con 'spring edition! terms of ratings, kim possible continued to perform consistently well into its second and third seasons. drakken tries to embarrass kim out of existence and brings in the deadly pair to speed up the process while she is on a date with josh mankey. clearly a capable scientist, able to construct sentient robots, super-lasers, beam cannons, and other such "evil" technologies, drakken is totally clueless when it comes to making them work right and his plans are often undone by his own oversight.[70] the series also airs on disney-affiliated channels around the world in countries such as the united kingdom, australia, india, south africa, and several eastern european countries.

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. stoppable inspired his son to be an actuary but then showed him how risk could lead to rewards. is kim's cousin on her father's side and the daughter of "slim" possible. fortunately, louis is unable to remember that ron was the one who made the mess of things.'s camp mascot, bobo the chimpanzee debuted in the second episode (airtime) of season one,[1] and returned in the 13th episode. unlike other villains who aim for world domination, camille only commits her crime to fund her lavish lifestyle, or out of spite and revenge. they can be told apart by their costumes, which allude to their stage names – pain king wears a gold coronet atop a cowled mask, while steel toe has one (right) shoe supposedly made of titanium.[83] after a year-long hiatus,[50] season 4 initially premiered exclusively on disney channel website before finally returning to disney channel on february 10, 2007,[16] prior to which an image featuring a watch-sized rendition of the kimmunicator had been leaked onto the internet.[80] internationally, kim possible aired on the family channel in canada, while broadcasting on cctv 12 in china and dubai tv in dubai in their respective local languages, mandarin and arabic.[7] friedle's boy meets world co-star rider strong voices brick flag, bonnie's boyfriend. in addition to hanging with the popular seniors, going so far as to save seats at lunch for the even more popular amelia, bonnie dates the football team's star quarterback, brick flagg off and on, for the status bestowed by this relationship. it is unclear which of these is her given name and which her surname. her fighting skills improve after 20 years in an alternate timeline, since reset (kim possible, episode 34, "a sitch in time, part one: present").[20] in addition to one emmy award win and eight nominations, kim possible has also won parents' choice awards and annie awards for best program and best tv series for children, respectively. suggesting that kim should be the replacement model in "trading faces".[52] using a limited animation style,[53] the characters wear a wide variety of costumes and hairstyles. shawn's last name is never mentioned though it is presumed to be "stoppable". while kim investigates, duff questions ron about their relationship, exacerbating ron's growing insecurity over his imminent graduation from high school. made fun of for not being able to properly pull off her own look, an annoyed kim could not wait for the fad to end, which it soon did; eventually backfiring against kim when, in the season four episode "clothes minded" , she could no longer purchase her original mission clothes. it's made all the sweeter by the wistful look present-kim gives pre-k ron and her pre-k self through the playground fence. director to work alongside kim when she is recruited to rescue a former weapons researcher from duff killigan. – in "gorilla fist", ricardo gives kim a ride to south america in his plane for saving his chicken farm from a mudslide. kim is able to defeat them and save bonnie in the end. nice kim/ron moment from the first season (that also doubles as a moment of awesome for kim) happened in the episode "mind games". in the lilo & stitch crossover episode rufus, kim mentions james "knows the senator of hawaii".[35] after auditioning several actresses to voice the title character,[27] then-16 year-old christy carlson romano was finally cast as kim after first being introduced to schooley and mccorkle by disney channel executives. this version of brick flagg has become overweight and appears to have a lack of hygiene. she apparently is from the yamanouchi clan as it was sensei who brokered the adoption, and later yori claimed hana was "like a sister". the movie, ron's decision to go to bueno nacho instead of the dance. she constantly taunts kim about her lack of fashion sense or whatever else she can think of." bortel developed the moodulators and mind control chips, both of which affect kim and shego in "the twin factor" and "emotion sickness". kim has once commented that if there is any sort of evil deal taking place, big daddy will have his fingerprints all over it.[66] a combination of teen pop, pop rock, power pop and r&b music,[66][67][68] the soundtrack also features appearances by musical groups a-teens, jump5 (performing a cover of kool & the gang's "celebration"), lmnt and smash mouth, and will friedle and nancy cartwright's "naked mole rap",[67] a rapped tribute to ron's pet rufus,[69] ultimately concluding with a "work-you-up remix" of the theme song by tony phillip. they are encountered once, in "fashion victim," when kim and monique face off with them to retrieve secret club banana designs stolen by camille léon. amazingly, as a villain evil ron was always steps ahead of kim. when he was in college he was humiliated by his friends, one of whom was kim's father, dr. has a strange relationship with ron throughout the series, repeatedly calling him "loser" and generally putting him down at every opportunity. kim is able to defeat nanny maim by using her own babysitting skills to pacify her minions, then revert them to their original age with her machine. although britina appear once more in "trading faces", where kim helps to clear the pop-star arrested on theft charges when the actual thief is camille leon, her pop culture presence surfaced again in "queen bebe" when a shortage of britina dolls nearly causes a worldwide panic among pre-teen girls.'s classmate at middleton high school and her rival in almost every aspect, bonnie has a dismissive and superior attitude toward kim, ron, and people in general, whom she generally considers to be beneath her. he then based himself and his gang at a junkyard in new jersey. lipsky,[14] drakken is kim's archnemesis and most resilient adversary;[8] a mad scientist plotting world domination,[9] although most of his schemes fail at the hands of kim because he lacks both the patience and intelligence to perfect his ideas,[14] which often suffer as a result of his own mistakes and oversights.[42] much of the series is based on both schooley and mccorkle's own experiences growing up as teenagers in high school. during a sitch in time, he joins the other allied villains in traveling to the past in an effort to prevent their future defeats at kim's hands, though they fail on each occasion.[42] director steve loter declared season 4 the series "most international season" because kim and ron travel to more exotic countries. during the show, ron does demonstrate some talents which include being a phenomenal cook, playing musical glasses, controlling his mystical monkey powers to a degree, some skill in sneaking into villains lairs'. he tells ron at the end of the episode of "return to camp wanna weep" that what happened at camp wannaweep is "far from over" but he is never seen again in any episode. was a private in the us army charged with guarding a neutronalizer ray in "mind games". he is unique in the franchise in that, while he is a recurring tertiary character, he has only ever been seen during flashbacks describing ron's unpleasant experiences at camp wannaweep. "on the tube: animated 'kim possible' new brand of action hero". chief among vivian's inventions is oliver, a bearding robotic "boyfriend", which like the rest of her projects is equipped with advanced technology such as artificial intelligence (the robot learning as it goes) and self-preservation (sensing danger and defending itself).[42] due to their extensive animation experience, schooley and mccorkle were aware that "kim had to be an appealing character", while ron would be more-so "goofy-appealing". intrigued that kim knows mantis style kung fu, he engages in a brief sparring of styles with her, leaving kim winded but again hirotaka does not break a sweat. we still have the villains, and we have the comedy with the villains and their bizarre schemes and how they get foiled. she is first mentioned in the episode "downhill" and made her first appearance in "the golden years" where she initially seemed to be the typical fussy, old-fashioned and "fuddy-duddy" grandmother. a weird way, it seemed kind of sweet how the villains seemed concerned for ron in the episode "grande size me," and they saw how fat and unhealthy ron had become after eating nothing but food from bueno nacho for sometime—monkey fist even said to ron, "you've really got to start taking better care of yourself.[10] initially envisioned as a "standard sidekick", sullivan's sarcastic interpretation of shego ultimately inspired schooley and mccorkle to expand upon the humor revolving around the fact that shego is barely able to tolerate drakken."[51] writing for bustle, sarah freymiller opined, "ultimately, kim possible was just a solid show.[51] agreeing that the series adopted the then-new "crime-fighting female" formula, tracey mcloone of popmatters admitted that buffy the vampire slayer, alias and the powerpuff girls comparisons are inevitable, but at the same time observed that kim is more confident than her predecessors, incorporating cheerleading and acrobatics into her fights against enemies, while using traditionally "girly" accessories such as lip gloss and makeup to her advantage in battle. he once has a brief crush on kim possible because of the zodiac-like principles of animology. he realizes at the end of the episode that "white stripe" was not real and reconciled with timothy north.[10] working completely independently from government spy organizations,[31] kim's crime-fighting abilities are drawn from real-life activities such as cheerleading and gymnastics, "something that any kid…in the world could do", according to the creators.", the very fact shego decides to help, and at the end lets kim destroy the device that was giving her all the powers of the team go. although ron considers monkey fist his arch-foe, in "gorilla fist" fiske refutes him as at best an arch-bungler.

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