Who is brooke davis dating on one tree hill

Who is brooke davis dating on one tree hill

at the party, brooke gave rachel her high school diploma, which principal turner gave to her to pass on, leading her to tell brooke of all the schools she was suspended from that she's glad she graduated from this one. initially an antagonist to brooke davis, she posed a threat with her captainship of the cheerleading team and her relentless flirtations with lucas. filming on “oth” finished, burton had already booked a recurring role on usa’s hit show “white collar” playing mysterious insurance investigator sara ellis. ("almost everything i wish i'd said the last time i saw you. he is also involved in the big brother program, being jamie's friend, chuck's, mentor. it is thus seen that he still has feelings for brooke, as she does for him. however, they broke up when she left tree hill after accepting an offer to go on tour from chris keller." the best friend of lucas scott and future love interest of his half brother nathan, haley found herself in the middle of more than a few love triangles during the show. was determined to keep rachel in her employ, but taking a more tactical and business-like approach victoria davis demanded that she was fired from the company. owen said that he could never stop talking about brooke and often thought about chasing after her to new york, but never gained the courage. mouth discovered it was rachel in the photos and returned them to her and then told him about her surgeries. he continues to still see tara while she is dating chris, which is eventually uncovered by brooke.") ("all these things that i've done") rachel and the cheerleaders celebrate the ravens' victory. she then met with her lawyer and discovered that all of their money had been given away, and all dan left for her before leaving tree hill was divorce papers. her modeling work started to suffer due to her addiction but brooke kept her around because of their friendship. “mouth” mcfadden was the most lovable geek to ever grace tree hill high’s storied halls. after the show, dan forced rachel to accept that she was running away from the mistakes they made, and they should both try and get redemption. unable to work rachel started to work as a stripper until she met dan scott and turned her life around — eventually becoming the producer of his television series.: rach girlie (by brooke) girl formerly known as orca former grandma rachel (by jamie). when he started to feel guilt about getting his new heart at someone else's expense, dan suggested to rachel that he should come clean and reveal he isn't living on borrowed time, as he had the viewing audience believe. then it was revealed that she was chris' girlfriend, but he didn't stop seeing her. however brooke tells him it's over now as she doesn't want to go to prom with someone who doesn't want to be with her. ("i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me"). dan was the biological dad of nathan and lucas and had no problem pushing both of his sons to the limit in order to realize his own failed dream of a professional basketball career. he listens to haim on the reg, loves watching scandal -– hopefully while drinking a glass of red wine -– and doesn’t mind breaking it down in a "star wars" costume anytime the "harlem shake" comes on, as this video proves. ("i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me") ("everyday is a sunday evening"). after dan was confronted by jimmy edwards's mother, dan's reservations increased and he told rachel that he didn't want to do the show, before asking her how much money it will take to make her happy because he wanted to stop and just live his life, and that they could grow old together. brooke asked owen if she was okay, but he replied that rachel wasn't going to die, but she wasn't okay. while at the airport waiting for her flight, mouth and rachel held their own prom dancing together to celebrate her last night in tree hill.” the actor was caught on camera stating the reason for his absence in seasons 7 and 8 was due to producers wanting to save money, something the show vehemently denied. graduating high school, rachel moved to new york and began working as a model for brooke's company clothes over bros. however, rachel swapped with bevin so she picked earlier than haley, leaving brooke stuck with chris and lucas with rachel. rachel eventually awakened and brooke was there to support her, all the while still telling her she was stupid not letting brooke help her.

Who is brooke dating on one tree hill

scott • nathan scott • peyton sawyer • haley james scott • brooke davis. which is why, when he left after six seasons, fans were devastated. however, when haley's pregnancy took a turn for the worst  after the girls headed for the state championship, rachel, like peyton, brooke and bevin were there to support her when they rushed her to the hospital. when haley arrived, having agreed to be a cheerleader, brooke fired rachel but bevin and the others rebelled wanting her to be part of the team. when the other cheerleaders followed her, rachel refused leaving the stage having learned she could never take the squad from brooke. during the routine at midnight madness, brooke and rachel battled for the spotlight and ended up exchanging verbal blows. it is revealed that nathan and brooke filmed a sex tape. johansson also had a few guest roles on "csi" and the cw’s "beauty and the beast," but from his twitter feed, it seems he’s just as nostalgic for those magical “oth” days as the rest of us. day of the planned broadcast from tree hill high school soon arrived and rachel pressured dan to move forward with the show, telling him that it would be a success. after giving up his wealth and ceasing production of scott free redemption, dan left tree hill and asked rachel for a divorce — something she was powerless to stop. returned to tree hill looking for a fresh start and took the opportunity to reconnect with her old friends and she receives support from brooke and peyton in her recovery. she became determined to win and forced the cheerleaders to practice non stop until the tournament and the cheerleaders started wanting brooke, who stayed in new york when she was forced to choose between the tournament and the fashion show, to take control of the squad. that night, a tearful brooke called rachel and informed her that she wouldn't be needed at the next photo shoot, or any photo shoots after that. after the game, haley noticed that rachel aced the quiz she had her sit and rachel then revealed to brooke that she could pass calculus in her sleep and it was brooke who has failing calculus. ("i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me"). continued to deal with the repercussions of her return to tree hill and, knowing that mouth and brooke were both at odds with her, she put all her efforts into scott free redemption, and making it a success over sweeps. is one of the only 'bad' girls in the cheerleading squad. she was, however, disappointed to learn brooke was offering her a job at the store because she didn't want to expose rachel to that lifestyle. ("good news for people who love bad news") ("can't stop this thing we started") nathan tells rachel about haley's pregnancy. in 2009 he pleaded guilty to selling social security cards and was sent to prison for a few months. ("now you lift your eyes to the sun") rachel tells dan that his love will never be enough. this succeeded and rachel was there when dan awoke and they then started to plan the building of their empire. he later quit his managing job at tric and joined the air force. the following day at school the two seemed closer than ever but it seemed rachel really was using mouth to get to brooke. scott was the woman who had it all in tree hill: money, a beautiful family and a successful job. while speaking to the audience, dan made it clear that his view on rachel had changed and he then revealed to her that he was giving away all his money — because neither of them deserved it. brooke, however, then learned that the school had become aware of the test theft and the principal affirmed that the student responsible would be expelled.." – she plays badass detective erin lindsay and if you didn’t love her on “oth” you will on this show. rachel later visited cooper and he demanded to know the truth and, despite him protesting that they cannot be together, they slept together again. adams was a member of clean teens who came to tree hill high during his senior year. she, however, had to reinvent herself several times in many different schools due to the fact that she never stayed in one school for long before either moving or being expelled. however, rachel soon realized she had been backed into a corner when her lawyer reminded her that there wasn't any money left. despite lucas still wanting to prove his love for brooke, he ended up sleeping with her.

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after he fired a shot in the hallway, rachel found herself in the tutor center with haley, abby, marcus, mouth, skills and jimmy edwards who kept his identity as the shooter a secret. chase then starts to works as a bartender at the popular hot spot tric and is promoted later to bar manager. tree hill : you are a runner and i am my father's son. later in the show, the two discussed the night they met — lying to the crowd about a romantic, old-fashioned and chaste courtship continuing to play the part of a perfect couple. the two years that followed after rachel fled tree hill she managed to beat her addiction for some time she remained sober. following day she was formally expelled from tree hill high, just as she had been from her previous schools. she attempted to repair her life with brooke and peyton but eventually fled tree hill when victoria told her she wouldn't amount to anything. mouth told rachel he was going home, and she left honey grove alone. however, rachel's reformation was questioned when she made it clear that the success of the show was more important to her than helping people. brooke's rivalry with rachel developed even further when she attempted to pick a girl at tree hill high school for lucas to date, and he inadvertently believed she had selected rachel. at the end of the night, rachel tried to kiss mouth but he turned her down saying that when the lights come on they'll just go back to who they are and they won't be together. she was awarded her high school diploma by brooke, and showed much surprise that she actually managed to earn it. we end season 4 by seeing that chase and brooke are very much in love and we are led on to believe they will continue their relationship over the next 4 years. rachel's disregard for her own success aided brooke as rachel took the fall for a stolen calculus test that she and brooke stole which resulted in her being expelled from tree hill high school. ("locked hearts and hand grenades") ("champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends") ("the worst day since yesterday") rachel reveals to brooke that rogue vogue and the classic are on the same weekend. despite missing the first half of the game, the cheerleaders with haley returned to the game to see the ravens win the championship. If you had the distinct pleasure of entering your pre-teenage years in the 2. after they had been in utah for julians movie premier, alex asked chase out and they kissed. victoria surprises brooke by revealing that they will have to fire the model, and brooke will have to do it, despite their close friendship. brooke always had the right thing to say at always the right moment to sum up the happenings in her friends’ lives and her response to walking in on peyton and nathan in a weird tickle fight. after the best men, lucas and cooper, and maid of honor, brooke, made their speeches a drunken rachel decided to toast the newlyweds in a speech directed to cooper. ("i can't see you, but i know you're there") chase is still working as bar manager at tric. after his close friend jimmy went on a school shooting spree, mouth became even closer with the gang and by the end of the show was seen fat and happy, married to millie huxtable and expected their first child. was heartbroken and had a one night stand with tara. as the tests were being collected, knowing brooke would get caught; she switched their tests and subsequently received the blame for the stolen test. was unveiled as dan's new bride on his chat show scott free redemption and the two played the part of a perfect couple on screen telling letting the world see how in love they were. after lying low for a week she allowed brooke to tell people she was there, including mouth who was overjoyed to be reuniting with his old friend. then at julian's movie premier, after some flirting alex asks out chase and he says yes and they kiss. unlike dan who was overjoyed to return home and to have the chance to repair his relationship with nathan, rachel showed much disdain upon her return to tree hill much preferring her new life in l. he decided to give up his wealth and ask rachel for a divorce — effectively ending both their marriage and her employment as his producer." the show might have just been dropped by the network but the youngest scott brother is still living a pretty awesome life. nonetheless, brooke decided to try and do both, but she still felt worried about mouth and rachel's friendship. principal turner closing in on the calculus test thief, and with brooke the prime suspect, he issued another surprise test, panicking both rachel and brooke.

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while the two resumed their bitchy relationship they seemed to start a genuine friendship, something brooke needed after cutting all ties to peyton. as part the rules of their non-exclusivity, lucas said he wasn't making brooke feel jealous. the breakup leaves chase heartbroken, and he has a one-night stand with tara, who was dating chris, his new friend. while befriending mouth, rachel also began her plan to take captainship of the cheer squad by submitting brooke's designs to rogue vogue, a fashion show for up and coming designers. the fighting between the cheerleaders became problematic brooke organized a fantasy boy draft, which also served to stop rachel and lucas from being together. after touring with artists like michelle branch and gavin degraw, lenz went back to acting, booking a guest role on "dexter" –- she had the misfortune of being dexter’s neighbor during the eighth season of the show. during a game of 'i never' rachel revealed to the group the predicament she caught brooke the day previously, forcing brooke to try and get even. however, brooke came clean about her involvement and rachel was graduated in absentia.) peyton was one part of the holy trinity that consisted of herself, brooke and eventually haley. he then revealed to rachel, and his audience, that it was his final show leaving his wife stunned. however, victoria eventually forced brooke to fire her and which effectively put a black mark against her name in the industry.'s infatuation with nathan grew and she searched for a way to get closer to him and used the car accident as a way in as nathan needed to talk to someone who was also trying to make sense of what happened. during the party, rachel revealed to mouth that she released the time capsule and that he should stop blaming himself for jimmy's death, because she is to blame. addressing cooper's toast about love, she questioned what nathan and haley could know about love since they were only 17 then reveal that she slept with him. worked as a model for clothes over bros after graduation and, despite battling a drug addiction, stayed in their employ due to her relationship with brooke. after dan stated that if people saw his life, they would feel a lot better about their own rachel seemingly softened asking him if he wanted to leave, saying they could both get out of the dark lives they had fallen in to. the end of season 9 saw skills successfully employed as a sports coordinator in los angeles after coaching the tree hill ravens for a time. brooke revealed that she spent the whole night studying for the test and they wouldn't need to steal it but when she failed the test she turned to rachel who had made a copy of the cabinet key. on aug 29, 2013hey :)so we've finally been able to finish our who is brooke davis? brooke and rachel's friendship, however, faced a tumulus future when rachel made a move on nick, brooke's boyfriend and then lied to brooke saying that nick tried to kiss her saying he was a "bad guy". joy lenz played responsible and pragmatic haley on "one tree hill. still bitter about her flirtation with lucas and unaware they slept together, brooke was initially dismissive of rachel and her sexy routine. she was banished from clean teens, but brooke chose to stay because of the latest member chase. ("all of a sudden i miss everyone") unable to forgive brooke's past, he tells her that it's over, but he knows how important prom is to her so they will still go together and then break up. i’m leaving tomorrow for the summer, maybe forever, and my best friend is having psuedo-innocent foreplay with kind-of married guys. after brooke extending a helping hand, rachel felt determined to beat her addiction and to prove to brooke that she could beat the addiction. chuck and chase's relationship is stronger than ever, but it takes a toll when chuck is more fascinated by chris than him. she is the only one who was not introduced in the first two seasons. virginia gatina (formerly scott) was a former student of tree hill high school who joined at the start of her senior year. her complicated relationship with dan scott and his brother keith made for an interesting love triangle and her friendship with deb scott in later seasons gave us hope that women really can get along, even after sharing the same man. mouth was the only person to see the real rachel, a vulnerable and insecure girl, and it was this girl who he fell in love with despite rachel breaking his heart many times. when he told rachel that he thought he saw a boy bleeding in the audience during a live broadcast, she assured him that he was seeing things and rachel kept the true story regarding how he got his heart a secret. after the show, which rachel deemed to be a success, rachel found dan and asked how he knew that she was lying and dan told her because nathan is still his son, and he raised him.

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Brooke davis dating one tree hill

their relationship isn't based on love on rachel's behalf but more to portray the image of the perfect couple for the tv series but rachel also isn't shy to admit she appreciates the privileges marrying dan scott provides her. at this moment mia texts chase to get back together with him. chuck's dad also came back, and chase discovered chuck's dad was abusing him. ("i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me") ("i love you but i've chosen darkness") a drunken rachel reveals that she slept with cooper." having lost both cooper and nathan, rachel turned her attention to brooke's love life and set her up with nick chavez who agreed to date her under the impression she was 23 years old. chase and peyton kiss two times, once to make lucas jealous, and once to make brooke jealous. rachel seemingly stopped abusing drink and drugs, gave up her life of prostitution and promiscuity and ended her manipulative ways. nathan had a lot to deal with growing up in tree hill, from his train wreck of a mother to his manipulative father dan and his often rocky relationship with lucas, the guy never had it easy.  while the students remained unaware that it was her who released the videos which caused tension for fellow students — most notably brooke, nathan, haley and jimmy edwards who slandered his classmates on his message. she eventually got married -– while still in high school -– had two children and by the series finale was happily balancing her budding music career with family life in tree hill. conceding defeat to brooke over lucas after the two formed a relationship, rachel then set her sights on mouth and introduced herself to him giving brooke another reason to feel irritated at rachel, who she believed was now trying to steal her friend. her reformation proved ineffective as rachel returned to her devious ways soon enough and her marriage to dan eventually ended when it became apparent that she didn't love him and was with him for his money. he returned to tree hill some time later and was currently the owner at tric, after karen roe upon haley's request sold it to chase right before the series finale. ("over the hills and far away") rachel and cooper's lives hang in the balance in the submerged wedding limo. he decided to choose to date neither of them, but ends up having "slutty wedding sex" with mia in brooke and julian's wedding limo. the rebellious cheerleader who listened to indie rock and didn’t mind challenging the status quo had no problem doling out hard truths to anyone who needed to hear them. to school after the state championship, rachel prepared to steal the calculus test despite brooke's initial reluctance especially given that they were betraying haley. you can also catch norris with ben affleck in "gone girl" this fall. brooke was allowed to graduate and, as a result of her confession, at the end of the graduation ceremony principal turner allowed rachel to graduate in absentia, which meant that after being expelled from four different schools, rachel finally received her ged. thanks to his job playing sportscaster for the tree hill ravens basketball games, mouth became an unlikely member in the popular crowd. ("i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me"). rachel's maxim photo shoot eventually made the front page, causing chaos in tree hill high restoring rachel's confidence to the way it was. however, brooke arrived at the classic and opposed rachel, telling the girls to "have fun".'s latest relationship was with dan scott to whom she is married to despite her complex histories with both his son's and his former brother-in-law. their week came to an end when, while at a bar in texas, but he soon realized there would always be someone else with her. rachel prepared to leave tree hill to join her parents on vacation, saying tearful goodbyes to mouth and brooke but she chose to avoid saying goodbye to the others, but felt animosity towards rachel. however, lucas remained persistent that he loved brooke despite what happened between them previously. arrived in tree hill, rachel chose to attend the upcoming masquerade party dressed as pamela anderson. picture text forced rachel to decide she didn't want to leave tree hill just yet so she booked a later flight and headed back to crash the prom. after she got plastic surgery she embraced the life that came with her new appearance and started acting promiscuously and flirtatiously.'s hard to believe that "one tree hill" first premiered over a decade ago. while dealing with the guilt rachel and brooke banded together to organize a party in the school - with everyone invited so everyone could heal together, in their own way. her plan backfired, however, as rachel approached lucas and asked him to dance unless he was seeing someone.

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was born to wealthy, yet slightly absentee parents who, she has noted, were never particularly strict on her and let her make her own decisions. rachel, however, decided that they should keep rolling because he is a murderer. brooke and owen took a trip to new york in order for him to see that running clothes over bros wasn't as easy as he imagined, they stopped by a new york loft owned by brooke and found someone had been living in it. rachel then steals the wedding limo and cooper is forced to get inside to stop her from doing something stupid.” he also wrote a graphic novel titled "everlast" and is a serious dog lover -- he supports the “real men don’t beat bitches” campaign. he then visits brooke while she is setting up for prom, and tells her that his ex-girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend. at the start of her senior year rachel and her family moved to tree hill. after murdering his brother, driving his wife insane and trying to break up his son’s marriage, dan redeemed himself by atoning for his sins in prison and saving nathan from kidnappers, sacrificing his own life in the process. later on, brooke and chase attend a party at nathan's mom's house. chase returns again as owen's helpful friend who takes over bartending for him at tric so owen can get help for his alcoholism., however, faced more pressing matters when the pictures from the cabinet revealing rachel before she had surgery were displayed around the town on posters teasing that the identity of the girl would soon be revealed. rachel stopped him from finishing the last of his bottle, saying that she needed him to turn her life around just like he needed her. his words of wisdom and smooth talking personality helped him land the ladies (including nathan’s mom, eww) and made him one of the most interesting characters to watch. evans • quinn james • julian baker • mouth mcfadden • millicent huxtable • chase adams • chris keller • alex dupré • antwon taylor • rachel gatina • jamie scott.'s determination to beat her addiction was questioned, however, when victoria confronted her and told her that she hadn't changed and she would never beat her addiction and she was simply hurting brooke and peyton by pretending she could. appearing in seasons 3-8 and being mentioned in 9, rachel was only a series regular for one season. the end of the show mark schwahn said this about rachel;. in another bid to hurt brooke she manipulated her fellow students into switching rooms - a scheme which resulted in lucas and peyton sharing a room. while watching the movie, mouth tried to kiss rachel having misinterpreted her invitation to watch a movie in the blackout as something more. also maintained her promiscuous ways after moving to new york and developed a reputation with many clothes over bros employee's, such as millicent who rachel once had guard a women's bathroom door while she occupied the room with two men. he then had a troubled relationship with performer, alex dupré conflicting with this time with mia but once he joined the air force and a year after he got out they reconciled. she asked brooke if she could stay with her, asking her old friend to not to give up on her. the show gave us so much: teen marriages, unrealistic expectations, a hard look at the cruel world that is high school sports and a gavin degraw theme song that perfectly described every angst-ridden teenager's journey to adulthood.[ one tree hill 1 - 9 ] • "it's the first time, the last time we ever met. but then he joined the air force and was gone for a year. during her time in brooke's care, she was offered a job at clothes over bros by brooke and, feeling ready to return, she asked brooke if she could start to rebuild her life by returning to model for the company again. one night, at the club, she discovered nathan and lucas's father dan scott, who at the time was a broken man awaiting death and that night dan paid rachel to spend the night with him. she joked that haley should give her the test in exchange for payment but haley didn't find the joke funny, telling rachel that she is trusted by the school to keep them confidential. ("you're gonna need someone on your side") chase returns as peyton's date for lucas' and lindsey's bachelor party. mouth ended up in a prison in honey grove, texas having been arrested for sleeping in a park and the gang took a road trip to help him eventually all returning to tree hill without rachel and most of them still felt animosity towards them, except for brooke who still considered her to be a good friend. tree hill: 10 reasons we want to live in tree hill. hurt, mouth immediately left the party and abandoned his friendship with rachel. ("every breath is a bomb") chase was arrested for beating chuck's dad after chuck denied his dad's beatings took place, and later faced being dishonourably discharged, but was only given a general discharge after chuck testified at his hearing.

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autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. despite this, she continued to playfully flirt with lucas to irritate brooke, for instance when the cheerleaders decorated the team's lockers on the day of the first game, it was rachel who decorated lucas' locker and not brooke. rachel's first relationship itself was based on a lie, when she started dating cooper lee who believed she was a 26-year old model. when brooke asked if she could ever fall for someone their age she looked at a picture of nathan — replying "maybe". also,as bevin and the other cheerleaders started befriending her, brooke started to worry that rachel was stealing her life due to her dating lucas and the cheerleading squad developing a "girl crush" on her. also during the weekend, brooke's rivalry with rachel came back to the forefront when she caught brooke, as rachel quoted it, "brooking" herself.. rachel was first forced to come face to face with nathan, where rachel met jamie for the first time and reminisced about when he was "just a rumor in third period". she then told brooke that she switched the tests because brooke was destined for greatness, while rachel didn't think she would ever achieve anything. as she left, she invited everyone to join her in boycotting the prom and mouth decided to join her wanting to spend one last night with his friend. when he came back, they started dating and they moved in together, but shortly after that alex left to go on a tour.'s budding romance with alex dupre comes to an end when chris keller gives her a chance to go on tour. when brooke, once more, stated that it was her team rachel told her that the classic and rogue vogue were the same weekend meaning she wouldn't be able to captain the team. ("i just died in your arms tonight") rachel tries to repay brooke resulting in a confrontation. when dan talked to a homeless man on the street, rachel was quick to take a picture of it on her camera phone and release it to the media, prompting articles about dan scott being the real deal to appear on the internet. the show with renee, scott free redemption's ratings soared and rachel started to plan ahead for sweeps, but dan became preoccupied with his concerns regarding his heart operation. is a running gag where characters will ask chase who he is. to say he had a troubled relationship with brother dan would be an understatement -- the latter murdered him during a school shootout and framed a student for the deed –- but in the final season of the show, keith returned from the grave to forgive his younger brother before dan also passed away. :) So we've finally been able to finish our Who is Brooke Davis? rachel and peyton's night resulted in rachel getting peyton drunk so the morning of the tournament with brooke in new york and peyton suffering rachel prepared to take center stage during the routine. after a stint in the nba, being kidnapped abroad and struggling with marital problems, nathan was seen living happily ever after as a sports agent in tree hill with haley and their two kids. ("pictures of you") chase was a new student who joined the clean teens and became to brooke she and rachel joined. she often showed little regard for the academic side of school, caring more for upholding her social standing as one of the popular and elite. he told her that if the day came that she woke up and had to kiss him, and then he would kiss her." brooke, however, approached haley and asked her to give rachel a second chance and haley agreed to tutor rachel. she, however, kept this a secret from brooke and let he believe she aced the test herself.  lucas, however, found both of them on the side of the river and all three of them were rushed to tree hill hospital. she faced her own problems, namely the death of her mom and surviving the tree hill high school shootout, before finally finding love with lucas scott. chase moved to tree hill, he was once in a serious relationship, but then discovered that she was cheating on him with his best friend. chase is known to make his own creations and serve them at tric, people say they taste awful but his friends pretend they love them not to hurt his feelings. but he got his life together and is set to star in the comedy series “black jesus” later this year. when rachel told brooke to accept her own role in what happened, after leaving money with a junkie, brooke slapped rachel and told her to stay away from her — making rachel aware that their friendship was truly over. graduating tree hill high chase left tree hill and was forced to be a carpet salesman to save up to train to be a pilot. in the finale, brooke and chase take it to the next level and have sex in the backseat of his car, chase's first time.

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rachel became aware of the fact that her pseudo-relationship with lucas was just a bid to make brooke jealous but she agreed nonetheless and planned a date with him for that night. rachel, however, never told dan the story regarding how he got his new heart. we tried to show as many aspects of her character as possible, and so we really hope you think we achieved this well. having devised a plan to help brooke pass, rachel approached haley and asked her to tutor her in calculus. and dan then learned of the accusations that a woman named renee claimed that nathan got her pregnant but when dan tried to call his son, rachel reminded him that his family would never forgive him for everything he did to them. rachel eventually woke to a frosty reception from her fellow students, especially haley who openly blamed her for the disaster. her decision turned deadly however when a beaten and out casted jimmy brought a handgun to school." now that our favorite '90s tv show is making a comeback, we’ll be seeing him don stuart minkus glasses once more when "girl meets world" officially airs. while in tree hill, rachel decided to visit mouth but the strains of rachel's recent actions on their friendship soon became apparent as he told her to talk to brooke about what happened she was in tree hill, and mouth openly sided with brooke because rachel betrayed brooke. the following day on the day of the state championship rachel started to be tutored by haley but the two maintained their bitchy and antagonistic relationship. as the weekend drew to a close mouth and rachel finally repaired their friendship when they actually talked about it and rachel decided to tell everyone she was responsible. tree hill reunion tv canada one tree hill finale chad michael murray chad michael murray one tree hill. earlier seasons brooke davis was a flirty and friendly cheerleader who liked hot boys and having fun, usually together, and her outlook on relationships was of course very funny, and typically brooke davis. two years later, a sober rachel seemingly reformed her manipulative and promiscuous life, marrying dan scott. Adams was a member of Clean Teens who came to Tree Hill High during his senior year. after the show, rachel revealed to dan that she hired the man to expose him, because whenever they shine a light on his mistakes and he fights back it inspires people. owen and brooke then fought to save her, eventually succeeding and saving her life. when they discovered nick to be their new english teacher, rachel told brooke it was her mess to get out of. this point onwards, rachel and dan both attempted to redeemed themselves putting their sordid pasts behind them. however, when brooke learned that her mother had confronted rachel, she fired her. brooke eventually agreed after rachel said she didn't want to be alone again and she brought her back to tree hill., however, proved her loyalty to brooke as a friend when she discovered that brooke was failing calculus and she didn't tell her. during the routine a hung-over peyton tripped another cheerleader and, with the routine in pieces, brooke decided to have fun and dance. she also rarely appreciated the rules of school, openly admitting to drug taking and cheating on tests during her senior year (she also hinted to brooke that she had slept with teachers at her previous schools). that night, rachel attended haley's return to the stage at tric and she finally found the courage to talk to brooke. humiliated, rachel was forced to leave the party and she was caught by brooke. however, her feelings for cooper interfered and she found herself leaving his house, ashamed. the girl had no problem stripping down and taking what she wanted -– mainly all the boys at tree hill high -– and she provided the show with some much needed sass whenever possible. in every breath is a bomb, chase at his hearing. can never repay the kids of tree hill high, but we can take a look back at the show and see what our favorite ravens are up to now. brooke, having achieved a high grade on a calculus test (by cheating), agrees to tutor chase, who initially has no idea of how brooke really achieved this grade. she then revealed that she had stolen haley's key to the cabinet so she and brooke could steal the test. while dealing with her guilt, rachel and brooke grew closer and rachel asked brooke to move into her house with her.

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dan, however, started to see the same boy who he thought he saw in the audience in his dreams and was forced to ask rachel how she really got the heart. :dparts:karlyvids: daughter; girlfriend; best friend; business woman; fashion designerxfoxyamanda11: cheerleader; friend; wife; mother; fightercolouring: flowerxheartswatermark: karlyvidssong: promise by thomas bergersenxxx. chase also moves in with owen and helps him kick his drug addiction. a class assignment, the seniors of tree hill high were challenged to face the way others see them, and the way in which they want to be scene. owen suggested that brooke should send rachel to rehab to beat her addiction, but rachel was reluctant to go, wanting only to not be alone. at the airport, rachel received a picture message of mouth and brooke at prom, which forced her to realize she'd miss tree hill more than her other schools. rachel, however, insisted that she didn't feel she could trust brooke after she fired her. lucas eventually jumped in himself but found the car empty and, after lucas found cooper, nathan and rachel were missing. chris found out about it, so they both stopped seeing her. executive producing an adventure reality series with his brother and former co-star stephen colletti -– yep, the guy from "laguna beach" -– lafferty booked a role on nbc’s mid-season drama "crisis. she was expelled from four different high schools before arriving attending tree hill high school; john adams high school, pembroke high school, la salle senior high school and finally grant high school. rachel tried to use the weekend to build bridges with mouth but failed as he told her that he was only at the cabin to support his friends, especially lucas who was still recovering from keith's death. she returned home to brooke, they discussed the boys in tree hill where rachel stated that they were all boring compared to cooper. we had posters of him on our walls, our binders decorated with pictures of him shirtless –- which was admittedly risqué for a middle schooler at the time -– and we all permed out hair at some point in the hopes of being more like his love interest, peyton sawyer. is one of the only 4 main characters to not appear in the ninth and final season. rachel noticed the vast amount of self help books in dan's hotel room she questioned him about them and he said that people are afraid of dying without leaving their mark on the world, where as he left his mark and couldn't seem to die. their date rachel and lucas visited suburban filth and rachel continued to taunt brooke. the day of nathan and haley's wedding cooper approached rachel and said that sleeping with her was a mistake and that they would never be together. scott • nathan scott • peyton sawyer • haley james scott • brooke davis. chase writes an informal message, leaving brooke humiliated, but later told her that he felt the same way, he was just afraid to admit it. brooke then revealed to owen that she fired rachel at victoria's request and the two proceeded to get rid of rachel's drug supply and the equipment she used. brooke then confronted rachel about trying to seduce nathan but rachel turned the tables and revealed that she knew brooke was pregnant. davis (s1-9) | you shoot me down but i get up. he took matters into his own hands and beat chuck's dad, landing him in the back of a police car at the end of a rush of blood to the head. brooke eventually discovered the truth and confronted rachel, saying that she was "just starting to think she was a real person". rachel then visited a comatose cooper and apologized when she ran into sheriff who hinted that she could be prosecuted as it was well known she was driving while drunk. however, rachel made her intentions for inviting mouth to brooke's clear when she tried to seduce him looking for a "natural high", but mouth turned her down because he was with millicent at the time and because he knew rachel was only doing it because she thought she wasn't good enough. he realized his girlfriend had been cheating on him with his best friend for a long while, leaving him with a wariness of relationships and a need for honesty. rachel quickly resumed her friendships with brooke and mouth, as well as her antagonistic relationship with haley, and she was accepted as part of the group as they prepared to say goodbye to high school. rachel prevented her friends from assessing a cabinet which she said was private, but before leaving brooke broke into the cabinet and found the pictures of rachel before the surgery, revealing who she used to be. unknown to chase, owen asked him to go on a double date with him, his girlfriend and her best friend, who turned out to be brooke and peyton. he formed a relationship with brooke davis throughout the year but they eventually broke up for reasons unknown after graduation - most likely due to her newfound fame as the clothes over bro's creator. cooper then left tree hill for good, leaving rachel devastated.

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despite nathan's warning that mia will probably have to leave tree hill soon to go on tour again, chase continues to have a relationship with her and they fall in love. chase later goes on to say"it was the best 60 seconds" of his life. they fell in love, but they broke up when it was revealed that nathan and brooke had made a sex tape. cooper left her, rachel tried to get back into his life leaving many messages and started punishing herself for letting him go. when he moved to tree hill he joined clean teens and met brooke. however, rachel manipulated the draft so it would go in her favor, and not brooke's. while visiting tree hill high school, rachel pitched the idea to dan that they should broadcast live from the corridor where dan shot keith, adding that her presence in the classroom that day will add an authenticity to it. instead rachel asked the guidance councilor what failing calculus this late in the year would mean and discovered that brooke wouldn't graduate if she failed. of one tree hill: how much are they worth now? the pair give each other their yearbooks to sign, and brooke writes a heartfelt paragraph about her true feelings for him. despite maintaining that she loved dan, rachel married him because of the image they needed to portray on the show and because of the privileges dan's money gave her. to tree hill with dan, rachel was forced to face the life she ran away from before her apparent reformation.'s attempts to seduce nathan, however, came to an abrupt end when haley revealed she was pregnant, not brooke. after being forced to accept his half brother lucas and falling in love with haley, we started to warm up to the moody, strong-jawed bball player with a heart of gold. after the party, rachel and the gang headed to the river court and wrote their names on the court floor and promised to return to tree hill in four years and rachel then embarked onto adulthood without direction. dan, however, faced up to his crime and admitted he was a murderer but he and rachel refused to hide from that. as midnight madness, the start of the basketball season, approached rachel infuriated brooke by taking the squad for a pre-show beverage forcing brooke to assert that it is "her" squad. now reformed dan started to write his own self-help books and, with the help of rachel, created a self-help television show called scott free redemption and rachel took the role of the producer of the series. she left her number in his phone, under "not alex". when he finds out that brooke cheated on the test he forgives her after a short break and they begin a relationship. trying to move past her break up with cooper, rachel helped brooke celebrate her 18th birthday and, as usual, left brooke to have a one night stand with someone she met in the bar. leaving tree hill, mouth and rachel spent a week together during which they rented a car and drove during which they developed a pseudo-relationship. she’s also involved in her activists pursuits through twitter -– she campaigns for everything from gay marriage to the empowerment of women –- and she regularly posts inspiring messages to her legions of followers on instagram. did not actually make a physical appearance in season 9, but she was mentioned by dan once when he was naming his long list of enemies. ("just watch the fireworks") ("with tired eyes, tired minds, tired souls, we slept") ("who will survive, and what will be left of them") mouth discovers rachel is dating cooper. after brooke slept with chris, rachel told lucas to move on to whatever made him happy, but decided she didn't want to be part of his plan to make brooke jealous anymore. the two then discovered that rachel lied to cooper about her age they planned to reveal the truth to him..Oth all time funny, silly and crazy moments * one tree hill fun clips from season 1 through 9. before graduation, brooke confessed to principal turner that she stole the calculus test, not rachel, thus removing the blame from her friend. brooke found her and soon saw the insecure person behind her confidence nemesis when she told her "i need him to like me". chase inspires mia to break free of her writer's block and visits her to tell her he loves her while she's on tour. in a bid to force rachel out, brooke asked haley to take her place on the cheerleading squad. he then petitioned for divorce, but gave up his wealth, leaving rachel with nothing.

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if you had the distinct pleasure of entering your pre-teenage years in the 2000s, you're likely familiar with the cw soap that featured a group of popular kids trying to break free from the stress of high school and small town life. weeks after graduation, rachel returned to tree hill to host the annual party to celebrate the school computers changing and the seniors officially being erased from the school. at the same time, brooke davis and lucas scott were dating non-exclusively and brooke had manipulated lucas into dressing as tommy lee as a test in one of the many games the two were playing because brooke was ready to open her heart to lucas. kelly was famous for being a strict catholic in her younger years –- she went to her priest for guidance before filming explicit sex scenes in movies -- so it’s no surprise she’s happily married with two children now. brooke covered for rachel and, later, at nathan and haley's rehearsal dinner rachel confided in brooke and the two seemed to put their animosity aside.'s relationship with mouth grew complex when he discovered the real rachel. mouth and brooke then teamed up to take rachel down for leading him on. chase is also the one who tells brooke that owen has left town due to his fear over her fostering angie. when rachel told her that she could get more money from nathan if she helped dan "bury nathan" he would have to pay her more money to dig himself out. reinvented herself as one of the popular and the elite, something which came easily given her new attractive looks. she tried to repay brooke, but her former friend told her that she took more than money and she wanted nothing to do with her. during her time in tree hill she developed attractions for lucas, nathan and mouth but it would be her relationship with mouth that would become the most complex. chase shares with brooke that was younger he learned to dance by watching his parents dancing ballroom routines when he was supposed to be in bed, implying his parents had a loving marriage. clearly disturbed, rachel told mouth it was someone she once knew, who was now gone. brooke saw rachel's act as a sign of friendship but remained unaware that it was all part of her scheme. weekend of the classic soon arrived and with brooke, peyton and haley at rogue vogue, rachel took control of the cheerleading squad but soon bevin and the others grew tired of her leadership. rachel has conveyed her ruthless attitude to the tv industry often making controversial and unexpected decisions (such as outing dan as a murder and proposing that they broadcast live from the corridor where dan shot keith) in the name of good tv. became a carpet sales man and he and brooke split. with her confidence shattered, rachel fled tree hill taking the money that peyton had used to repay brooke for funding red bedroom records with her. she had brooke believe she wanted to pick chris keller, so brooke planned to steal chris and have haley pick lucas so rachel could not. after rachel pushed dan too far in pushing him to do the live broadcast, dan soon realized that his marriage to rachel was a sham and she didn't love him and dan tried to pay rachel out of their marriage after she laughed off his suggestion of them growing old together and rachel then made it clear to dan that she only married him for his wealth, and that his love would never be enough and so she refused to leave. however, when brooke found nick cheating on her with a model, rachel comforted her and they restored their friendship. evans • quinn james • julian baker • mouth mcfadden • millicent huxtable • chase adams • chris keller • alex dupré • antwon taylor • rachel gatina • jamie scott. later that night, dan suggested to rachel that they take a vacation and return to tree hill because he wanted to go home. but then they got back together and chase lost his virginity to her which lasted for about 45 seconds. rachel responded that his love would never be enough, and some of his money wouldn't be enough either because, as his wife, she will be entitled to all of his money after his death. being rejected by cooper forced all of rachel's insecurities to rise to the forefront once again which caused her to smash a mirror in a clothes store with her fist. after the game, rachel copied brooke's signature move of having sex in the back of lucas' car and, after finding them, brooke punched rachel in the face. following day at school brooke and peyton held cheerleading tryouts and, after a series of terrible auditions rachel arrived. during a show in which dan talked about the truth always coming out, a man in the crowd told everyone that dan is a murderer and the production team, panicked, asked rachel is they should cut. chase came back to tree hill, he started bartending at tric and met mia. the exact cause is unknown, but it seems safe to imply that brooke's move to new york and growing career was a primary reason. since she arrived late brooke decided that rachel couldn't join the squad.

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