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he has his own business but he fakes that he's successful and has an assistant called margaret.[6] furthermore, the season was interrupted with the premiere of hannah montana: the movie, which was released on april 10, 2009. merriweather (edie mcclurg) is the puppeteer of pancake buffalo (actually performed by victor yerrid, voiced by susie geiser), the puppet star of a long running children's television program. ray stewart is the fictional main character in the disney channel television series hannah montana, portrayed by miley cyrus. appears as himself in the fourth season episode "hannah's gonna get this" and sings a duet with hannah called "gonna get this" after her failure to make her fans like her new song. they both say that they love each other in the end of the episode. throughout the episode, miley makes several witch-related comments about luann in keeping with the episode's halloween theme. during season 4, jackson's girlfriend siena, the president of the united states, rico, and the entire world finally learn the truth about hannah/miley. ryan makes a dramatic introduction to his classmates in "new kid in school". the president embarrasses his daughter by trying to act cool in front of hannah montana. she was also a bodyguard for the famous cellist yo-yo ma. this event is shown in the episode "i am hannah, hear me croak" when miley views it on her laptop. is single and lives in an apartment with her dog named diddy.[7] due to her double life, she is often in awkward positions and is forced to lie in order to keep her secret. williams) is hannah's publicist and only appears in hannah montana: the movie. complete list of every disney live-action remake we know about so far." he later invites hannah to come with him and some friends to "the dragon room" (a reference to "the viper room"), but hannah is unable to go because miley is too busy.^ a b c miley cyrus, trisha cyrus, billy ray cyrus, lesley patterson, michelle tan (april 8, 2009). got his start in acting as a baby, appearing in commercials for "wonder diapers". he briefly attended seaview middle school with stewart, truscott, and oken, and engaged in an on-again/off-again relationship with stewart in several points during hannah montana. romano, the star of the tv show everybody loves raymond, appears in "we're all on this date together. max's girlfriend is a stereotypical nerd and is in the chess club at school. president obama comes to the stewart's ranch, after miley makes a call to him to get her registered at her high school. when oswald decides not to expose miley/hannah's secret, he calls her and quits, calling lucinda out for making others miserable. hannah comes clean about the relationship live on the real deal with colin lassiter, his real name is albert niedermayer. he seems to enjoy playing with dolls and is excited about going to the "make-a-moose" store. in the pilot episode, robby tells miley that susan would have been proud of her performance at the los angeles concert. a secondary benefit, miley also sometimes uses hannah for specific purposes such as spying. opening sequence for the first two seasons features episode clips of each cast member when their name appears.[16] while she enjoys the attention of her fame as hannah, she equally enjoys the option of "stepping out" of her role. (this was because in "that's so suite life of hannah montana" she ate cake off zack's shirt).. oken is very over-protective and still holds oliver's hand in parking lots. in the hannah montana story, the famous blonde wig was picked out for miley by roxy. but with a little encouragement from aunt dolly, robby persisted and susan finally went out with him. considering that he was the first to interview hannah, and that he created a bond with her long before her secret came out, he was initially upset at miley for doing her ''big reveal'' on rival talk show host jay leno's show, and then an in-depth interview with news anchor robin roberts, leaving him last in line with her interview (groaning while calling himself colin ''last in line'' lasitter).[1] her father robby stewart is a successful country music singer under the stage name robbie ray, and raises miley and her brother jackson stewart as a single father in malibu, california after their mother susan died. ruby (margo martindale) is jackson and miley's maternal grandmother, robby's mother-in-law, and susan's mother, and lives in crowley corners, tennessee. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. miley herself begins dating jake again, but develops feelings for her band mate jesse. it is revealed that her soccer mom has a tazor, and that she was able to climb a rope when she was four, mocking miley because she is afraid. to make her father thankful for jake, she pretends to like her bad boy band mate jesse, but gets in over her head when she starts to have feelings for him so it's up to robby to help miley listen to her heart and chose the guy who could "be the one. sophie is an enthusiastic hannah montana fan and is excited when she gets to meet her. after the show ended, emily took some time to focus on her music career, releasing her first album fight or flight. first season of hannah montana commenced airing on march 24, 2006 and concluded on march 30, 2007 after broadcasting 26 episodes. lilly says that he likes bran muffins and is susceptible to back injuries. it symbolizes how hannah montana is growing up as well. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. she is fond of camping[8] and hanging out at the beach, but is not at all athletic. full-length version of the song, which is 2 minutes, 54 seconds in length, was included on the show's soundtrack, released in october 2006. series, produced by it's a laugh productions and michael poryes productions, premiered on disney channel on march 24, 2006 and concluded on january 16, 2011 after having aired four seasons and ninety-eight episodes.[3] after broadcasting 13 episodes that season, and 98 episodes across all four, the series finale aired on january 16, 2011. on jake and marissa's fake date he says miley's name rather than marissa. "jake" ryan portrayed by cody linley (season 1–4) is an emmy-nominated television and film actor best known for his role as a zombie slayer on the teen sitcom zombie high. montana, also known as hannah montana forever in its fourth and final season, is an american musical comedy television series created by michael poryes, rich correll, and barry o'brien. he also guest starred as himself in an episode of the suite life of zack & cody, as a guest of the tipton hotel. cooper is mentioned but unseen in the episodes "my boyfriend's jackson and there's gonna be trouble" and "bad moose rising" where he and jackson have plans to go to a los angeles dodgers game. montana's music career is very successful although there have been a few slips. ray cyrusmiley's real-life dad billy ray also played her dad, robby stewart, on the tv show. (kunal sharma) is traci's boyfriend in "it's my party and i'll lie if i want to. miley is seen to rely on her advice and encouragement. then, in the episode "he could be the one" miley wrote a song called "i'm just having fun". dolly is also partly responsible for miley's parents getting married. lilly and oliver assumed the aliases lola luftnagle and mike standley iii when appearing with hannah in order to protect miley's secret. she died three years prior to season one, but is often mentioned by the stewarts and appears in household pictures. he appeared in "my best friend's boyfriend" along with his daughters cazzie and romy david. when oliver's pet fish died, she flushed it down the toilet. hannah and lola meet isis in "yet another side of me" where she makes hannah question her career. she also appears in person in three episodes by way of old home videos and various dream sequences.

Who is dating hannah montana brother on the show

Who is dating hannah montana brother

(morgan york), sometimes called "saint" sarah by lilly, is miley's classmate who represents a typical nerd girl." his two-year absence was the result of going to school in arizona which is reference to bleu's role as chad danforth in high school musical, which is actually set in albuquerque, new mexico.", "it's a mannequin's world", "mascot love", "ooh ooh itchy woman", "new kid in school", "good golly, miss dolly", "money for nothing, guilt for free", "the idol side of me", "you are so sue-able to me", "achey jakey heart part one", "when you wish you were the star", "song sung bad", "no sugar, sugar" (unaired), "uptight (oliver's alright)", "ready, set, don't drive" and "wherever i go". and michael poryes productions, in association with disney channel original productions.^ mikayla is introduced in "i want you to want me. i can’t imagine any parent, knowing what miley’s current stage persona is, letting their child get too attached to the hannah montana character. she has appeared in two episodes: "good golly, miss dolly" and "i will always loathe you" in which she visits california. she later dresses up like hannah, and lilly dresses up like hannah in order to cover for miley while she goes to look for roxy. roker portrayed by frances callier (season 1–2) is miley's personal bodyguard who works for her when she's hannah, and sometimes when she's miley. he had a pet hamster (who is later seen under the ownership of lilly). miley wears this bracelet in all of her hannah concerts until it is thrown overboard the ss tipton by london tipton, who was disgusted when miley told her diamonds were fake. in "de-de-de-do, da-don't-don't-don't tell my secret," while visiting jackson, she mistakenly thinks jackson is cheating on her with hannah montana after seeing miley outside in her hannah disguise through the kitchen window. girl (noah cyrus) is a recurring character who make brief appearances in seasons 1, 2 and 4."[19] by february 2008, the hannah montana franchise had become so important that disney convened an "80-person, all-platform international meeting to discuss hannah montana's future". while in high school ruthie dated fellow tennessean elvis presley and claimed to have been the one to first give him the nickname "the king" after playing checkers with him. it focuses on miley stewart (portrayed by miley cyrus), who is a teenager living a double life as an average schoolgirl by day and as the famous recording artist hannah montana by night.'mamaw' ruthie ray stewart (vicki lawrence) is miley and jackson's paternal grandmother and robby's mother ("mamaw" is a nickname given to a grandmother). out what the cast of your favorite Disney Channel show Hannah Montana are up to now! now she's back on tv, starring in abc family's new show young and hungry. crow appears as herself in the fourth season and sings a duet with hannah called "need a little love". she owns several acoustic and electric guitars, including a black strat copy she nicknamed "whammy bar wally"[12] and a pink sparkle electric acoustic stardust series daisy rock guitar. three of the seven released soundtracks (hannah montana, hannah montana 2, and hannah montana: the movie) topped the u. she first appeared on television in the pilot episode "lilly, do you want to know a secret? jackson moves into his own apartment while attending college, while lilly moves in with the stewart family after her mother finds work in atlanta, georgia. fourth and final season of hannah montana was renamed hannah montana forever,[8] and premiered on july 11, 2010. she guest stars on the television show zombie high as zaronda, princess of the undead. he is denied his appointment by arriving two minutes late, and this helps miley realize how strict the dmv is. although he is separated from lilly's mother, he is known to spend time with lilly and keep her accountable for her school work. hannah at first desperately wants the part, but later tries to lose the job in order to impress oliver. april 2010, series co-creators rich correll and barry o'brien filed a lawsuit against the disney channel for million over profits from the program. but miley, showing what a kind friend she was, made a mini-indiana joannie movie, which made lilly and oliver forgive each other.ərbaycancaбългарскиdanskespañoleuskaraفارسیfrançais한국어հայերենitalianolatviešunederlands日本語norsk nynorskpolskiportuguêsromânăрусскийsimple englishslovenščinasrpskohrvatski / српскохрватскиsuomitagalogtürkçeукраїнськаtiếng việt. she is mostly known for her photography and advertisement career, getting hannah to promote zit cream and perfume in a couple of episodes in season 1. in the end, to save their relationship, miley shows siena her closet.[9] she has a fear of spiders[10] and visiting the dentist. she and jake ryan prank hannah on a reality tv show called "gotcha! thor became acquainted with jackson on the first day of school, to which thor quickly labeled him as his new best friend, much to jackson's annoyance. "in i honestly love you (no not you)", miley believes that oliver is in love with her when she overhears him (while asleep in the hospital because of a broken ankle) say "i love you".) in hannah montana: the movie, stewart writes "butterfly fly away" and "the climb". while recording the song, archuleta gives hannah a rose which reminds her of aaron." later, when chad's locker is stuck, oliver refuses to help him open it. third season of hannah montana premiered on november 2, 2008 and concluded on march 14, 2010 after broadcasting 30 episodes. very little is said about him except that he had large ears and that he and ruthie started dating after a school dance. patty becomes the center of a bet between jackson and miley in "bad moose rising". although unseen, nancy is often portrayed as having exaggerated masculine characteristics. amber addison (shanica knowles) and ashley dewitt (anna maria perez de tagle) are shown as stereotypical school divas, and are notably the rivals of stewart and truscott. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. in another episode in the 4th season miley reveals to jesse that she is hannah. hannah says that maddie is a friend of hers, presumably from when they met in the suite life episode "the that's so suite life of hannah montana. miley soon tells jake that she's hannah montana, because jake told his secret to miley. disney's hannah montana takes over as most wanted toy by nicole lyn pesce (november 19, 2007) daily news. rain (mark hapka) is a young country rocker who collaborates with hannah for the successful duet "us isn't us without you. (sandy brown) is the over-enthusiastic host of the "wake-up it's wendy show". she has however, reluctantly accepted lola at social events and maintains a friendly relationship with hannah because of this. the tour, called the best of both worlds tour, became a classic example of life imitating art as hannah montana's fictional popularity seen in the television show became a real-life fan base which bought out every concert."dandruff" danny (jack taylor) is a classmate of miley's who has excessive dandruff. traci talks with a nasal voice that is often noticed by others, which she claims is a "deviated septum" or else a "nasal condition". mikaylas first top 10 hit is "if cupid had a heart". hughes (nicole anderson) is an actress who stars in teen gladiators and the sword of fire with jake ryan. the character appeared in the suite life of zack & cody episode "that's so suite life of hannah montana" along with raven baxter, and the suite life on deck episode "wizards on deck with hannah montana" which also includes characters from wizards of waverly place (although the characters from wizards of waverly place and hannah montana never interact). this is what first attracts jake to miley, and with time, miley begins to realize that she has feelings for him too, even though she refused to admit it at first. however, in the episode "hannah montana to the principal's office" it is shown that the president of the united states knows her secret." austin and hannah's publicists have them fake date in public, but they both secretly hate each other. tipton (brenda song) is bitter at hannah that she will not record the theme song for yay me starring london tipton. (summer bishil) is miley and jake's classmate from spanish class. (this was a parody of the virgin mary grilled cheese sandwich. henson of the parents television council discussing the connection between the series and cyrus's continued career. miley first overhears her phone-conversation with her mother (continuously trying to set her up with dates in order to get discounts), and sets her up with robby ray.

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Who is dating hannah montana brother on the show

's brother loves to go to mozzarella mousie's and make a moose. poryes, who is credited as co-creator, also co-created the hit disney channel original series that's so raven. (patrick ryan anderson) is one of lilly's guy friends from high school. another piece of my heart," that both jake and miley still have feelings for each other, but neither one is willing to admit it. miley dreams about meeting her in "i am hannah, hear me croak" because she is afraid she will lose her singing voice." in which she meets hannah and robby while they visit the tipton on tour. johnny is not seen again until close to the end of the second season in "we're all on this date together. december 2006, disney announced plans to release hannah montana products, including clothing, jewelry, apparel, and dolls, at selected stores. it is later revealed that he lives in his mom's basement.[21] robby says that earl is one of the all-time great pranksters. the two become reacquainted during miley's return to tennessee in hannah montana: the movie. she is an environmentalist, a supporter of animal rights, and especially concerned about the poor and needy.[19] (in real life, the wig was not chosen until the second episode. admits that he misses susan, and when she died he didn't think he could raise the kids by himself, but he found the strength by feeling her presence with him. as hannah, she must keep her fans unaware that she is really a normal kid, and as miley, she must keep her friends unaware that she is really hannah montana. the song playing is a remixed version of "the best of both worlds", that was originally recorded for (and heard in) hannah montana: the movie. its series premiere, hannah montana who is first introduced as miley stewart, lives a double life as an average schoolgirl by day and a famous recording artist hannah montana by night. when he snaps a picture of lilly dressed as hannah, and thus keeps a low profile in the movie. paul vogt debuted the role in "miley get your gum", and his identical twin brother, peter allen vogt, has performed the role ever since in the episodes "torn between two hannahs", "the idol side of me", "bad moose rising", and "killing me softly with his height". kunkle (erin matthews) is a teacher of miley, lilly, oliver, jackson and rico. she later visits jackson at his new job as a video game tester and comments on his and miley's relationship.[1] later in the first season, miley herself revealed her secret to their close friend oliver oken with the intention of ending his romantic interest in hannah montana. this results in siena finding out that miley is really hannah." in the end, hannah tells jesse that there is just something between her and jake that is special and picks jake after some help from a video of her mother and apparent intervention by her to help. her father is her main songwriter, miley has written a few of her own songs." she interviews hannah and austin rain on the red carpet at the 15th annual teen scene awards.[2] according to disney channel president gary marsh, cyrus was chosen because of her energetic and lively performance and was seen as a person who "loves every minute of life,"[3] with the "everyday relatability of hilary duff and the stage presence of shania twain." it is also revealed in super(stitious) girl, as part of wizards on deck with hannah montana, that she started wearing a single pink glove during concerts and it is also shown in music videos like it's all right here and let's get crazy that she does. max appears in "me and rico down by the school yard" and "sleepwalk this way. hannah also typically swaps limos as she leaves concert venues to keep the paparazzi from following her home. cyrus, emily osment,Mitchel musso, moises arias and cody linley. montana went off the air in 2011, and since then, the cast members of the beloved disney channel show have each been doing their own thing. oken (mitchel musso) is miley's wimpy, wisecracking, bumbling, and sometimes childish friend. osmond appears at a charity auction for beach conservation in "we're all on this date together.[29] from september to october 2006, miley cyrus performed several songs from hannah montana during the the party's just begun tour as an opening act for the cheetah girls. it is also assumed that she bullies people because she was bullied because of her name. her film debut is roger bucks: intergalactic bounty hunter in which she stars as "alien babe" alongside jake ryan. miley continues to paris, only to come back, joining lilly in stanford. he is often blunt, asks very un-maneuverable questions, overly dramatic, but also is friendly throughout his six episode appearances in seasons 1-4." a round of golf with romano is being offered at a charity auction which is eventually sold to oliver for . he is a fierce competitor and claims to never lose. also: list of hannah montana characters and list of hannah montana main characters. while jake often enjoys the benefits of being famous, he also admits to miley "sometimes i wish i could just turn it off". she gets a standing ovation and the episode ends with miley smiling. montana: the movie is the musical film adaptation of the american teen sitcom hannah montana. these are "i am hannah, hear me croak", "the way we almost weren't", and "he could be the one". d in "the idol side of me", miley conspires with lilly to embarrass amber on live television with lilly's "green gas" science project, thinking she deserves it. miley played regular girl miley stewart by day, and popstar hannah montana by night. it is also revealed that he has an ambition of becoming a pop star. this leads her to make the wish that she was hannah all the time, thinking that life would be much easier. montana is set in the same universe as that's so raven,[37] the suite life of zack & cody, cory in the house, wizards of waverly place, the suite life on deck, jessie and austin and ally. vitolo (joey fatone) is a retired major league baseball player and was the first player to hit five home runs in his first five at bats. she reconciles with robby, but they are no longer seen dating. amber and ashley are ironically both big hannah montana fans, despite their disdain for miley. miley and lilly masquerade as complimentary hotel beauticians, visiting johnson at his room and tricking him into getting a makeover. in "she's a supersneak," miley writes the song "i miss you" about her mother after learning her father is dating another woman. this is discussed on the dvd keeping it real in the bonus feature "miley's makeover – hannah gets a new look. the queen is later seen, possibly in an apocryphal throwaway joke, visiting the stewarts' home and playing a dancing video game (similar to dance dance revolution) with mamaw. (rachel york) is a famous pop star who has dominated the charts for 20 years. now she's back on tv, starring in abc family's new show young and hungry. she convinces lilly to come with her to paris (where the movie is shooting), however at the airport, lilly decides not to go, but to return to college (this is due to oliver convincing lilly that miley will get another movie role next year). he asks hannah to record a duet with him ("i wanna know you") and she accepts, while at the same time going back on her promise to attend prom with her schoolmate aaron. obama (reggie brown), the president of the united states of america, appears in "hannah montana to the principal's office". moseby spends most of the time trying to make hannah's stay on the ss tipton comfortable by keeping her away from crazed fans. so for that reason, disney may find themselves forced to retire the character all together. the show's concept was further developed, among those considered for the lead role of 'chloe stewart' were former american juniors finalist jordan mccoy, future gossip girl actress taylor momsen and pop and r&b singer jojo (who rejected the role). he claims that his box office appeal is just as big as shia labeouf's.", in which they make hannah believe that the two are getting married.

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after much deliberation, miley reveals to jay leno's television audience that she is hannah montana. roxy takes her job very seriously, and is known for her ridiculous attempts to keep miley safe from danger. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. she attends a hannah concert dressed as lola luftnagle's mother. in the fourth season she appeared in 8 out of 13 episodes. both are named after revered maternal figures (isis and the madonna) and both are known for regularly changing their image.[9] however, when robby first asked susan out she turned him down because she was already dating someone else. jesse ends up figuring out that miley is hannah before she could even tell him, claiming that "you both have the same beautiful eyes and amazing smile. miley has a huge crush on him but is afraid to speak to him. ray stewart (billy ray cyrus) is robby's identical twin brother and earl's brother from tennessee and luanne's father. palumbo (hayley chase) is lilly's rival since the second grade. the show's title logo design appears at the beginning and end of the sequence (the latter portion on the "concert stage" features cyrus as her character hannah montana).", miley realizes that she is not over jake, as she feels jealous about him spending time with mikayla. sarah's trademark is saying something very unpleasant, and then saying a cheery "bye! byron is a parody of simon cowell and andy is a parody of randy jackson." he complains of leaves from their tree falling into his outdoor hot tub and makes fun of jackson's new used car."[2] however, worried that her family would otherwise have to be separated as they had been when her father first landed the lead in the television series doc, cyrus relented and helped audition her father for the part. goode," "don't go breaking my tooth," "papa's got a brand new friend,", "sweet home hannah montana," and "hannah montana to the principal's office". miley stewart also mentions that she intentionally patterned hannah's look after her godmother aunt dolly parton, though it was never officially stated if parton was the true inspiration behind the character's wardrobe, hannah's look does draw heavy influence from the real-life queen of country as she is the real-life godmother of cyrus.^ oliver says his mom is a cop in "me and rico down by the school yard. bloom is often mentioned in the series as lilly's long-time celebrity crush.^ ""wizards on deck with hannah montana" is cable's most-watched scripted telecast this year in total viewers". list of hannah montana characters includes characters appearing in the disney channel series hannah montana as well as the related film hannah montana: the movie. hannah apparently performed at one of london's birthday parties, but she was never paid, and is still owed. in "he could be the one", miley chooses jake over jesse (her guitarist) because they have so much history and she believes he could be the one. sophie is unconvinced that lilly is hannah because she has no talent. ironically miley's secret is exposed in one of the final episodes of the series, i'll always remember you.[17] play along toys released the hannah montana fashion dolls, singing dolls, miley stewart doll, and other merchandise in august 2007. he seems pretty set on his goal as he taunts the town by telling them they won't stop him. she is like family to the stewarts, and sometimes watches the kids as a nanny, or helping cure robby of sickness.^ as seen in "smells like teen sellout" and "you're so vain, you probably think this zit is about you". she made a song with iyaz called "gonna get this". stewart as portrayed by miley cyrus in hannah montana tv series. earl seems to have provided the family with endless stories and jokes, often at his own expense. she has a goal to find out hannah montana's secret and expose it to the world, and has oswald follow her to crowley corners, often giving him phone-calls to get his job done. she became a sophomore in early episodes in season 3 and later, a junior during the season before the beginning of season 4. stewart wrote "butterfly fly away" after an argument with travis (till) and her dad breaking off his relationship for her. he also has a secret love of baking, something he keeps secret because he believes it is a primarily female activity." mikayla's music is panned by critic barney bittman (gilbert gottfried) who calls her a "teen poop sensation," and says "if mikayla had a heart, she'd stop singing! she sent in a tape auditioning for the show's best friend role, but received a call asking her to audition for the lead. the character was originally going to be named alexis texas, but the name was changed to hannah montana. this marked the first time that a disney channel series has completely revamped its opening title sequence. in the episode 'what i don't like about you', miley is asked to choose a side between a fight lilly and oliver had. jackson was known for his goofy and lazy personality and constantly bickering with his sister. hannah proves that she is not acting by dumping a cup of ice water down reiner's shirt. osbourne (jason earls) though this was not a fictional portrayal, jackson impersonated osbourne at a hannah concert in order to lure hannah's critic barney bitman away from the concert.[16] in hannah montana: the movie, ruby's birthday is robby's excuse for taking the family back to tennessee for two weeks.: miley cyrushannah montana charactersfictional singersfictional actorsfictional television personalitiesfictional characters from los angeles countyfictional characters from tennesseechild characters in televisionfictional characters introduced in 2006teenage characters in filmhidden categories: wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pagespages using deprecated image syntaxwikipedia articles with musicbrainz identifiers. it is filmed at sunset bronson studios in hollywood, california. in 2007, the success of the series led to the best of both worlds tour, which visited north america."when walt disney was running the company, it would have been unthinkable that a former disney star would go this route. it works in a fortunate result of her and jake kissing, but jake tells miley he has to go shoot a movie in romania and she stands him up. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. cyrus was initially wary; according to her mother and co-manager, tish cyrus, "miley's concern at the time was, oh my gosh, people are going to think i only got this part because of my dad. she is rarely mentioned in the series, although robby says that she goes to singles bingo."[31] though mikayla hates hannah, she really likes miley (not knowing they are the same person) and considers miley her friend though she doesn't like lilly. to the daily dispatch, the tv series held a global audience of 200 million viewers in 2008. miley's best friend lilly truscott discovered her secret while attending a hannah montana concert. in "you give lunch a bad name" jackson says he had to miss coop's party because mamaw came to visit.[15] the names of hannah montana were changed a few times. 2012, joe paul wilson from the culture and media institute criticized her for "[becoming] the epitome of the anti-role model for young girls" after establishing a following through her "wholesome" persona as hannah montana.," "sweet home hannah montana", "hannah montana to the principals office" and "love that let's go. she is afraid that if the kids at school discover she is famous they won't treat her the same. although she never plays instruments while performing as hannah, miley can play the piano and the guitar. when miley decides to confess her secret to the people of crowley corners, oswald snaps a picture and is chased down and cornered. he asks her to sign it to johnny, claiming that johnny is his little brother. she goes out on a date with jackson, but he is distracted again by the fact that she is rico's cousin. the girls first appear in the pilot episode and have since appeared in a total of 12 episodes, although they only appeared once in season three.

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[26] cyrus herself had previously stated her displeasure in not being able to "erase that stuff [hannah montana] and start over", and acknowledged her attempts to "start as a new artist" with her fourth studio album and first record unaffiliated with disney, bangerz (2013).[20] it is learned that earl enjoys watching football and playing poker, and he is a huge fan of shakira.[21] hannah also wins several awards including a silver boot "booty" award for best country pop crossover with the song "true friend,"[22] and an international music award for female artist of the year. in "i can't make you love hannah if you don't", olivia visits malibu on break where she meets jackson. however,in the season 4 episode "california screamin" it is implied that the two are still together as miley talks about jake quite often in the episode suggesting that they haven't broken up. in order to get seated faster, larry tells the maître d' (jorge luis abreu) it is romy's birthday, and then cazzie's birthday. rico was always this close to figuring out miley's secret.[13] miley cyrus originally auditioned for the role of the "best friend"[14] lilly truscott, but they thought she would be better for the main character, so she tried out for chloe stewart/hannah montana. earl (david koechner) is one of robby's brothers from tennessee. the story follows the daily life of stewart, her brother, and her friends while also starring cyrus's country singer father billy ray cyrus as her dad. suave (moises arias) is jackson's supervisor and sometimes his best friend as well as miley, lilly, and oliver's classmate. bloom is seen briefly in "test of my love," running away from lola at a putt-putt golf charity event. rico thinks that he is more good-looking than him even though the two could be twins. (played by drew roy): is a part of hannah's band in episode "he could be the one". earlier heather bought lilly a pair of horn-rimmed glasses which lilly is embarrassed to wear. jake serves as miley's foil and represents the over-exposed lifestyle she is trying to avoid.: hannah montana2000s american television series2006 american television series debuts2010s american television series2011 american television series endingsabc kidsamerican children's television sitcomsamerican television sitcomsamerican musical television seriesdisney channel showsenglish-language television programmingfamily channel showsteen sitcomsworks involved in plagiarism controversiestelevision shows set in malibu, californiatelevision series based on singers and musicianstelevision series by it's a laugh productionshidden categories: pages using citations with accessdate and no urlwikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pagesuse mdy dates from june 2013pages using infobox television with alias parametersarticles needing additional references from january 2014all articles needing additional referenceswikipedia articles with bnf identifiers. the end of the series, in i'll always remember you, miley reveals her secret on the jay leno show by taking off her wig and singing a song called "wherever i go" as miley. luann causes miley trouble by dressing up as hannah montana and threatening to reveal her secret. on a few rare occasions, characters from these shows (with the exception of that's so raven and wizards of waverly place and jessie and austin and ally - which hadn't been created yet) have appeared in hannah montana in special crossover episodes. travis (till) told her that the song didn't represent who she is or how she feels. unlike earl, who did eventually appear, aunt pearl has remained completely unseen on screen, making her the longest-running unseen character in the show whose voice has not been heard. their relationship, however, comes to an end again after miley learns that jake is too self-centered and they later agree to be just friends. the queen is attended by her humorless servant simon tisdale (patrick kerr) who briefs hannah on royal etiquette. he admits that he discovered her secret by paying attention to her actions, and it begins to inconvenience her friends and family. however, their briefly rekindled relationship ends after he struggles to adopt a normal, non-celebrity lifestyle, which miley is concerned she will lose as a result of dating the actor. maddie's mother, margie fitzpatrick, is a fan of robbie ray." she goes to great lengths to disguise herself as hannah in order to keep her true identity a secret, because she is worried that if people knew her secret they would like her just because she's famous. miley is a normal teenage girl who, as her alter ego hannah montana, secretly leads a double life as a world-famous pop star.[4][5][6] amber also does well in school, and it is revealed that ashley often cheats off her test papers. this has guilt over miley until she finally reveals to him that she is hannah montana. portrayed by tammin sursok (season 4) is jackson's long term girlfriend. they became one of the most popular christmas toys in 2007. was a supportive parent, but she was more strict than robby and wouldn't let the children have sugar before bed because it gave them nightmares, as seen in "i am hannah, hear me croak". this has now occurred on two occasions, "money for nothing, guilt for free" in season 1 and "hannah montana to the principal's office" in season 4. she flirted with jackson, but he is distracted by the fact that she is rico's sister. she told jake it takes her a while to shake-off her over-enthusiastic persona after finishing an interview. the character also appeared in the 2009 feature film hannah montana: the movie. dontzig portrayed by peter allen vogt (season 1 and 3) is the stewarts' wealthy, snobby, pretentious, obese, and obnoxious next-door neighbor who has an ongoing rivalry with both robby and jackson. he was hannah's private tutor in the episode "when you wish you where the star". hannah pretends to like jesse, so that robby will be thankful of jake. in "he could be the one," miley repeatedly tries but fails to tell her dad that she's dating jake ryan again. he tends to shy away from fans, possibly from the ill treatment he has received by sportscasters after his retirement. it premiered on the same date in pakistan and also airs on geo kids from november 2008 and on wikkid plus starting january 12, 2009. hannah later collaborates with the band in a rendition of "we got the party. however, as she continued to develop an increasingly provocative image as the series progressed, the series has received criticism for appearing to be a negative influence on its younger audience. because miley cyrus portrayed luann, this made her a type of evil twin. at the end of the pilot episode, miley and lilly do the gesture in mockery of amber and ashley. she is nonetheless excited to see that they have not left yet.[9] in the second season, rico suave (moisés arias), who originally appeared in a supporting capacity during the first season,[10] was integrated into the primary cast. in the episode "b-b-b-bad to the chrome", ruthie is seen to have a battered old car called loretta (a 1980s cadillac eldorado convertible). each cast member's name is "wiped" on the screen in a marquee-light-style. this gives miley a small taste of why she maintains her hannah secret, as amber and ashley only want to be her friend for selfish reasons. she portrays a mean and weird little girl in seven episodes so far. miley (as hannah) has her first honest conversation with amber backstage and learns that when she was younger, amber was bullied and made fun of. this celebratory gesture becomes their trademark and a source of great annoyance to miley and lilly. jake is attracted to miley because she is the only person at school who is not starstruck by his arrival. he appears backstage at a hannah concert where he meets hannah, lola, and for the first time, mike standley. cyrus continued to develop an increasingly provocative image as hannah montana progressed, the series has received criticism for appearing to be a negative influence on its younger audience. in "california screamin'," jackson admits to siena that even though he wants to be more than just friends with her, he still feels insecure because he is not like the other guys she dates. miley then has to listen to her heart and chose the guy who could "be the one. (kyle kaplan) is a schoolmate of miley, lilly and oliver. jesse and oliver guest star in that episode and a montage of pictures play at the end of the episode. in this way, hannah montana presents a unique inversion of typical celebrity experiences. in the movie, hannah's publicist vita is aware and her secret is publicly revealed to the entire town of crowley corners. lily began the show as a huge hannan montana fan, not realizing her best friend, miley stewart, was living a double life. martinez (madison pettis) is president martinez's seven-year-old daughter, also originating in cory in the house. after making her wish, jesse mccartney is her hopelessly infatuated boyfriend.Dating in richmond va colleges and universities

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the characters listed are almost all fictional, except for stars who appear as themselves.[14] hannah exists as a secret identity, an extremely popular and influential worldwide popstar. isis' songs "immaterial girl" and "impress yourself" reference madonna's songs "material girl" and "express yourself". johnny is a fan of hannah montana, and gets her autograph after her los angeles concert. susan stewart (brooke shields) is shown as miley and jackson's deceased mother in flashback scenes, while aunt dolly (dolly parton) is portrayed as miley's godmother (parton is cyrus's real-life godmother). the episodes include: "grandma don't let your babies grow up to be favorites," "i will always loathe you," "you give lunch a bad name," "b-b-b-bad to the chrome", and "i am mamaw, hear me roar". thor usually comes off as being very friendly and has been known to be totally oblivious to when people make fun of him, or when he is found annoying to others. montoya (michael steger) is, in oliver's opinion, the greatest tennis player in the world. amber is the editor of the school yearbook, a great singer, and is the first in the class to hold a valid drivers license. miley's ditching of the famous blonde wig caused many angry parents to call in and complain about her actions in "killing-off hannah", much in the same way fans of the series responded negatively towards miley cyrus' more provocative image at the time. hannah montana: the movie, hannah reveals herself as miley during a concert in her hometown of crowley corners, tennessee, but her fans do not want her to stop being hannah, and so they promise to keep her secret. he plays in the united people's relief celebrity pro-am tournament, and picks hannah as his celebrity partner after kelly clarkson has to drop out. however, cyrus' persistence and ability to sing in addition to act caused the show's producers to invite her back for further auditions. learned about the casting for a new disney show at the age of 11 through a nashville talent agent. elizabeth ii (helen duffy), the queen of england, visits california and hannah and robby perform for her. the episode "new kid in school" has the basic premise as that aforementioned episode. previously experienced an image crisis in "yet another side of me" in which she grew concerned that hannah's look might become outdated. travis convinces miley to invite hannah to support their town. the writers originally wrote the show to be about a young girl named chloe, zoey, or alexis, and it was initially penned as alexis texas. cooper has not made an appearance outside of season one, although he is mentioned and it's assumed they still hang out.[23] she is also honored with her own diamond on the hollywood parade of diamonds, a parody of the stars on the hollywood walk of fame. and mickey (terry rhoads and leigh-allyn baker respectively) are 2 quirky talk show hosts that first appeared in miley's dream in "he ain't a hottie, he's my brother". it is unclear if, like dolly parton, aunt dolly has a career in music; although she does mention that she used to perform on stage, and she was a go-to person for miley when she was considering becoming a professional singer and, in "i will always loathe you", ruthie tells dolly she "put the 'old' in grand ole opry". robby seems to have second thoughts about jake because he has broken miley's heart multiple times, but nevertheless he is supportive of the relationship. it is assumed that she knows hannah's secret because she is in the ball pit when hannah and lola switch wigs in "money for nothing, guilt for free". susan comforts miley and teaches her that even if she can't be hannah montana anymore, just being miley is still "pretty darn terrific". the family's dealing with her death is first explored in the episode "she's a supersneak" in which miley overreacts to robby dating another woman. jake basks in the attention, although miley, who is a superstar herself, fails to be impressed at his star power and believes that jake should be treated as a normal kid. jake tries to play normal like miley, but when he cannot handle the pressure of not getting what he wants, the two decide to be just friends, although it is revealed to the audience in "jake.[12] in "super (stitious) girl", it is learned that susan gave miley a special ankle charm bracelet which says "dream". ruthie is a demanding and opinionated woman, often seen nagging robby about his habits and parenting skills. hannah first meets mikayla on colin lassiter's television show where, on air, the two girls share kind and supportive words. however, even though the movie does not show it, it is implied that they broke up due to the fact that miley went back to california and their relationship would not work long distance. rushton performs at lilly's 16th birthday party in hannah montana: the movie. ruthie reconciles with miley and teaches her to better appreciate her brother. it features miley as herself and hannah montana in a times square-like setting. hannah also sometimes tries to use her dual personality as an excuse. rico, who begins high school after skipping several grades, nearly discovers miley's secret on several occasions.^ teen queen is global brand by stephen armstrong 2009/05/21 (accessed june 24, 2009).[3] an additional episode, titled "no sugar, sugar", was filmed but was not broadcast in the united states after parental complaints alleged that the episode provided inaccurate information regarding diabetes."[12] also, in the episode get down study-udy-udy, rico has almost discovered miley's secret according to the "bone dance" which was created by miley by rewritting the lyrics of "nobody's perfect" and her voice singing it. jonas" hannah and robbie ray first meet the jonas brothers at the recording studios.^ a 30th episode, titled "no sugar, sugar", was produced, but never aired in the united states.^ a b c d e "take this job and love it".^ hannah auditions for the role of joannie in "you gotta lose that job. reiner, one of the top film directors in hollywood, directs the feature film indiana joannie and the curse of the golden cobra (a parody of the indiana joneswfilm series)hich stars chace crawford and hannah montana.[8] they are antagonistic towards miley and lilly, banishing them to the "losers' table" at lunch and placing them at the bottom of the "cool list", their annual listing of their classmates by their perceived coolness.^ this occurs in "she's a supersneak," "it's a mannequin's world," and "my best friend's boyfriend. in an attempt to get good grades, jackson sets his father up on a date with karen kunkle, but fails when his father has an argument with her over his cooking ingredients." hannah gives them tickets to her concert in hawaii, as well as to the afterparty. in the season 4 episode "been here all along", she goes out on a date with jesse (as miley), but gets angry when he took a phone call from his father, since she blow off her "father- daughter day" with her dad, but when jesse tells her that he took the call because his dad is stationed in afghanistan and they don't get to talk often, miley is inspired to hold a concert as hannah for military families.", "schooly bully", "bad moose rising", "take this job and love it", "when you wish you were the star", "i want you to want me. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. when miley is hannah, lilly is under the alias of lola luftnagle. she is sometimes heard off screen using her "man voice" when she's angry. hannah met cody years earlier, in "the that's so suite life of hannah montana," though she was only able to recognize cody (mistaking him for zack) in wizards on deck with hannah montana when he had cake on his shirt. correll, who also directed a number of episodes, further alleged that he was unfairly terminated and blackballed by disney after testifying in connection with a wga arbitration. cyrus as hannah montana during the best of both worlds tour. portrayed by drew roy (season 3–4) is hannah/miley's romance interest. the character is primarily based on parton herself who is the real-life godmother of miley cyrus. montana & miley cyrus: best of both worlds concert is a concert film from walt disney pictures presented in disney digital 3-d.'s brother is first mentioned in the episode "miley get your gum" but lilly later wishes that she has a brother in "would i lie to you lilly? she is connected to the mayor as she was able to set up a meeting with him. since hannah montana ended, jason has starred in the disney channel show kickin' it, and voices hamster boy on fish hooks. jonas brothers (kevin, joe, and nick jonas) appear in "me and mr. the sequence was reformatted for high definition and slightly altered for season four, with the credit typing changed, the addition of the "forever" wording in the main title logo, the removal of mitchel musso from the credit sequence and the inclusion of clips from season four episodes. dontzig also has a cousin named "francesca" (lisa rinna) who is also a robbie ray fan. these include her family members, robby, jackson, mammaw ruthie, aunt dolly, uncle earl and aunt pearl, her cousin luann, her friends lilly truscott and her parents, oliver oken and his mother, jake ryan, farmine and roxy, as well as officer diaria and his daughter kelsey, siena and the president of the united states.Lindsay lohan who is she dating now

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hannah acts like a diva in front of riener who assumes that she is trying to impress him with her acting skills. later in the season, miley admits to jake ryan, whom she initially disliked and later dated in the first season, that she is hannah montana. she first interviewed hannah in the wake of "jacksannah" in "my boyfriend's jackson and there's gonna be trouble", where hannah "broke up" with jackson. lily began the show as a huge hannan montana fan, not realizing her best friend, miley stewart, was living a double life. in the end of the episode, jesse comes back to miley and then she reveals her secret to the whole world. her family consisted of her parents robby and susan stewart and an older brother named jackson. however, after a talk with her dad she thinks that oliver will move on and so will lilly but when lilly announces that she is in love with oliver, miley ends up telling her the truth. the following year, it was adapted into the 3d film hannah montana & miley cyrus: best of both worlds concert and its accompanying soundtrack. when hannah montana came to an end in 2011, miley took her music and her style in a completely different direction.[26] hannah later stars in her own feature film, rob reiner's indiana joannie and the curse of the golden cobra (a parody of the indiana jones film francehise), alongside chace crawford. hannah montana also featured characters originating on cory in the house which followed other characters from that's so raven. moseby from the suite life on deck appears in the episode "super(stitious) girl" as part of the wizards on deck with hannah montana crossover event. stewart (miley cyrus) is miley's cousin who visits from tennessee in the episode "torn between two hannahs. the relationship is on again for the third time in "he could be the one". sarah also hyperventilates whenever she is in hannah montana's presence, apparently unable to pronounce her name.^ a b "32nd annual young artist awards – nominations / special awards". miley recalls throwing up on the governor, ruining his suit. all seasons of the show have been distributed on dvd. million views, giving the disney channel the highest ratings in its history. miley appears solely as hannah in the whole crossover event. oliver began the show with a huge crush on hannah montana until miley revealed her true identity.^ miley learns the value of her "normal" life in "when you wish you were the star. it is said that her and sarah's parents are dating, so it is possible that they may have become step-sisters after the show had ended. oliver winds up going with lilly instead because romano is too embarrassed that nobody knows who he is and that he only went for (out of pity). however, in a few private conversations, both miley and jackson say that they love and appreciate each other, but they are both unwilling to admit this in public. jake ryan (cody linley) was depicted as an actor for the popular television series zombie high. "jake" ryan (played by cody linley): jake is a famous television star. (josie lopez) is an actress who appeared in a commercial for a toe fungus treatment. in "test of my love," trey's parents invite miley to a gala with queen elizabeth and miley admits that she has already met the queen, almost blowing her hannah secret.[10] robby tells oliver that he first got susan to go out with him by using the line "my name is robby, hi'. while most celebrities become famous as themselves and later need disguises to not be noticed in public, hannah montana became famous while in disguise, and now has the freedom to be in public as herself. original idea for this show was based on the that's so raven episode "goin' hollywood", which served as the backdoor pilot for a sitcom tentatively called better days to star alyson stoner, in which a child star of a popular tv show of the same name was to try her hand at going to a normal school. chad makes a speaking cameo in "mascot love" where he complains that pirate pete is blocking his view of the cheerleaders. also appears in hannah montana: the movie, the hannah montana book series, and two other disney channel shows in cameo appearances. in "hannah montana to the principal's office," she shows to have an immediate interest in jackson and asks him out, even admitting to him that boys have always asked her out before, but that was the first time she herself had to ask. in "people who use people" it is said that jake broke up with rachel. in "sweet home hannah montana" it is shown that joannie also became friends with miley. hannah once went to traci for boyfriend help when she asked to use her "faux-beau" to fool lilly and oliver (who believe that miley is alone now that the two are dating). she and jake ryan start dating in "good golly, miss dolly," a fact that miley learns just after working up the courage to tell jake her feelings for him. her record producer is her father and miley counts his self-centered daughter, traci as a close friend of hannah's. more hannah dolls were released in november, along with oliver, lilly, and later jake ryan dolls. she then decides not to break her promise, says a quick goodbye to archuleta, and leaves the studio before finishing the song. mack is portrayed as the egocentric and slightly dimwitted male counterpart to mickey.^ a b "31st annual young artist awards – nominations / special awards". (teo olivares) tells thor that jackson is the welcoming committee and that california girls like guys who churn their own butter. goode'' that she is not a fan of hannah montana and actually dislikes her music (to miley's dismay), though she quickly changes her mind in ''hannah montana to the principle's office'' when hannah accidentally called her by her first name before being formally introduced, with joannie claiming ''her star-power cut right through my macho facade''. corelli (greg baker) is a teacher of miley, lilly and oliver. cyrusmiley cyrus got her start on the disney channel show after convincing producers, who thought she was too young, that she was perfect for the role. the season 4 episode "it's the end of jake as we know it" oliver gets a picture text to his phone of jake cheating on miley, so miley confronts jake during the taping of a christmas special with guest star sheryl crow. in "bye bye, ball," hannah performs at a restaurant in order to get a baseball autographed for jackson. in the pilot episode she is said to be continuing a "smash tour" which was being sold out, yet the subsequent episodes show miley still going to school (something that wouldn't be possible with a "smash tour"). brody (played by lucas till): travis is a childhood friend from tennessee.العربيةavañe'ẽazərbaycancaবাংলাбългарскиcatalàčeštinachavacano de zamboangacymraegdanskdeutscheestiελληνικάespañoleuskaraفارسیføroysktfrançaisgalego한국어հայերենहिन्दीhrvatskibahasa indonesiaíslenskaitalianoעבריתಕನ್ನಡქართულიlatinalatviešumagyarмакедонскиbahasa melayunederlands日本語norsk bokmålnorsk nynorskpolskiportuguêsromânăрусскийscotsshqipsimple englishslovenčinaslovenščinaсрпски / srpskisrpskohrvatski / српскохрватскиsuomisvenskatagalogதமிழ்తెలుగుไทยtürkçeукраїнськаtiếng việt中文. he threatens to send the pictures to his editor, but is convinced by his own daughters not to spoil the secret. he is a paparazzo who tries to discover miley's secret. addison portrayed by shanica knowles and ashley dewitt portrayed by anna maria perez de tagle (season 1–4) are extremely mean and snobby girls who are miley and lilly's classmates and bitter rivals. she also has many relatives in her extended family including her grandmother ruthie stewart, aunt dolly (played by dolly parton), uncle earl and aunt pearl, and a cousin named luanne (who looks nearly identical and is also played by cyrus). after considering a "techno hannah," "half-dolla hannah," (hip hop) and the "anti-hannah," (grunge) miley decides that her fans like her for who she is. when hannah arrives at the restaurant she is seated immediately, prompting romy to say "face it dad, she's bigger than you. stewart (miley cyrus) is the central character, also called hannah montana when appearing as a popstar." in "hannah in the streets with diamonds," oliver wears nancy's old uniform which is marked "security officer. most of the stories about uncle earl concern his being overweight, lazy, smelly, or his fun-loving, childlike personality.^ a b c d "29th annual young artist awards – nominations / special awards".[3] its twentieth episode aired on july 17, 2009 and served as the third and final installment of the "wizards on deck with hannah montana" crossover episode;[3] the first was considered an episode of the second season of wizards of waverly place,[5] while the second was produced as an installment of the first season of the suite life on deck. her wig is shorter and wavy and her fashion changes as well (more boldly coloured). jesse (drew roy) is introduced as one of miley's later love interests. a little piece of my heart" where it is revealed that both jake and miley still love each other, but won't admit it. and aaron's relationship on "the fosters" is the first trans romance on a teen drama.

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lammatti (chris zylka), called "hottie lammatti with the swimmer's body", is a student at seaview high, who all the girls constantly fawn over. is especially close with her father, from whom she receives much good advice and emotional support. in "money for nothing, guilt for free," hannah raises money for a school charity drive in which miley is competing. "the rock" johnson comes to town for his new film in "don't stop till you get the phone.Българскиčeštinaespañoleuskarafrançais한국어italianoportuguêsromânăрусскийtiếng việt中文. the show's instant success is widely credited with the launch of cyrus's career and her establishment as a teen idol. brody (lucas till) is miley's love interest in hannah montana: the movie and comes from crowley corners in tennessee. in the episode "good golly miss dolly", lilly says that principal fisher reminds her of him. hannah's greatest rival is fellow pop star mikayla (selena gomez) who is determined to steal hannah's fans. after cutting to commercials, mikayla bluntly informs hannah that she despises her, starting a rivalry between the girls. traci has had a frequent dislike for hannah's friend, lola, claiming that she is 'so uncool'.: hannah montana characterslists of children's television characterslists of disney television series characterslists of minor fictional characterslists of american sitcom television characterslists of american television series characters." schwarzenegger is in line at the department of motor vehicles just in front of miley and lilly. according to jake, he and marissa pretend to be dating to increase interest in the film, similarly to how he had earlier dated holly. he is lactose intolerant, but still eats ice cream, revealed in "it's the end of jake as we know it.[24] she also sings for the queen of england and the president of the united states (president martinez in a crossover episode and mentioned performing for president obama and sasha and malia obama in season 4's "hannah montana to the principal's office"). thor is mentioned in "you gotta not fight for your right to party" in which he lends jackson his pickup truck.. suave rico's mother was heard in an episode "ready, set, don't drive". the "shoe fight" incident leads robby to think that miley may be letting her hannah personality take her over completely. has a little sister named "olivia" (rae'ven larrymore kelly) who is a student on the east coast. links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. million viewers; disney channel's #2 highest rated series premiere of all time". jesse can't take the pressure of dating hannah and miley and ends it with miley. miley played regular girl miley stewart by day, and popstar hannah montana by night. then, he locks him up in a submission, uses the attitude adjustment on him, does his signature "you can't see me" and uses the five knuckle shuffle. the song's lyrics describe the basic premise of the television series. despite her father offering her the option of homeschooling, miley decided to attend public school in order to be a "normal kid," a decision she sometimes finds herself regretting. banks fights with hannah over a pair of shoes that are on sale. hannah's many fans are not aware that she is really just a normal teenage girl, and miley tries to keep her two lives separate from each other.' casting also led to the casting of her real life father, billy ray cyrus, as the father of her character on the show. after jesse receives a phone call from his deployed father, their heartfelt conversation leads miley to realize how fortunate she is to have her father close to home whenever she needs him. danny appears in "good golly, miss dolly," "school bully," "new kid at school" and "the idol side of me,". when he finds out her secret he is upset that he was lied to, but learns to forgive her when she reveals her secret to the crowd at the concert.'s blonde wig is the primary difference between her and the brunette miley, although hannah also wears more extravagant clothes, make-up, and sometimes large sunglasses. paul returned in the episode "killing me softly with his height" in the role of dontzig's sister, "donna", who is a huge robbie ray fan. after hannah montana ended, mitchell briefly starred in the disney xd series pair of kings, and he's currently the voice of jeremy johnson on disney's phineas and ferb. and in "ready, set, don't drive," hannah obtains a drivers license after miley fails the test. jake reveals his real name 'leslie' to miley as his biggest secret, and says that he is glad that they don't have to keep any more secrets from each other. osmentemily osmentemily osment played hannah montana's best friend, lily truscott. after the show ended, emily took some time to focus on her music career, releasing her first album fight or flight. miley finds out he is cheating on lilly in the same episode and then lilly breaks up with him.^ no characters originating on that's so raven have appeared on hannah montana, yet raven baxter appeared alongside hannah in a crossover episode on the suite life of zack & cody. in "welcome to the bungle" it is revealed that mickey is pregnant, this is due to baker's real-life pregnancy at the time, which resulted in her being cast as amy duncan in the fellow disney channel sitcom good luck charlie. robby is disappointed, but rather than stopping him, he points to a picture of susan and says that she would not be proud of him." in "sweet home hannah montana", siena and jackson start out as being friends, but throughout the season, siena shows to have true feelings for jackson and cares for him for who he is. chad later sticks another piece of used gum on a picture of hannah in oliver's locker. sundquist, the governor of tennessee was at the october 1999 county fair to award six-year-old miley ray stewart the prize for winning the raspberry pie eating competition. a well known celebrity, hannah makes regular appearances on talk shows and attends glamorous parties. susan was working as a waitress at the cafe during her college days and robby visited while driving home to nashville. he discovers that miley is hannah montana and the two kiss, assuming that they get together. the only people who knew she's hannah before revealing her identity to the world in i'll always remember you, outside of her family are her best friends, lilly truscott, oliver oken and her bodyguard roxy. it is possible that the hannah-song "old blue jeans" is a reference to him, as miley recalled in "love that let's go" how she named him because he was tugging on her old blue jeans. her decades long rivalry with mamaw ruthie ray stewart is due to both having dated elvis presley. duff gets real about those awkward disney channel wand-waving commercials." it is revealed that earl's lifelong ambition is to be a rock star, and he hopes that miley will be able to help him achieve that goal. a controversial performance at the 2013 mtv video music awards, hollie mckay of fox news felt that parents would no longer feel comfortable allowing their children to watch hannah montana "knowing what miley's current stage persona is", and further suggested that disney would be forced to discontinue the franchise in light of the criticism. he does not appear on cory in the house, yet appears in the crossover episode "take this job and love it. the show is produced by it's a laugh productions, inc. (this group grows exponentially at the end of hannah montana: the movie. appears in "miley get your gum", "she's a supersneak", "i can't make you love hannah if you don't", "it's a mannequin's world", "oops i meddled again", and "money for nothing, guilt for free". articles: list of hannah montana songs and hannah montana discography. wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. miley is off shooting a movie (a parody of indiana jones), lilly and oliver begin dating in the third season. has a habit of chewing gum and is seen in season 1 episode 2. he is also mentioned in the series' theme song "the best of both worlds". both miley and lilly have been fans of isis since they were young. meanwhile, jackson is employed at rico's surf shop, where his child-aged boss rico suave often assigns him to complete embarrassing tasks. the show's success allowed miley to pursue a music career—she released her first two albums under the name hannah montana and even performed dressed as the character.

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in the season 4 episode "it's the end of jake as we know it" oliver gets a picture texted to his phone of jake cheating on miley, so miley beats jake up on the taping of a christmas special with guest star sheryl crow.^ conversations seen in "grandma don't let your babies grow up to be favorites," "bad moose rising," "i am hannah, hear me croak," "you gotta not fight for your right to party," "when you wish you were the star," and "cheat it"." it is revealed that her and joannie's parents are dating.^ assuming that robby is referring to the billboard hot 100 chart, this statistic would make hannah the fourth most successful recording artist of all time, after only the beatles (20 #1s), mariah carey (18 #1s), and elvis presley (17 #1s). she returns in season 3 to take pictures of jackson and oliver for her online dating ad, in which the two portray average, unattractive guys that women would not want to date.[13] in hannah montana: the movie, miley plays a custom built gibson acoustic guitar. for example, uncle earl once drilled for oil and accidentally hit a sewage pipe;[17] uncle earl once tried to box a kangaroo and got knocked out cold;[18] uncle earl once found a week-old sardine in his fat fold when he was looking for the remote;[19] uncle earl once fell off a horse and it took four people to help him up; and uncle earl once chased a rolling quarter through a car wash and it was the cleanest he ever was in his life. like lily, oliver then tried to help miley maintain some normalcy in her life and took on a secret identity of his own, mike standley iii. granger (peter gunn) is the main antagonist of the film. miley was trying to create the hannah disguise, and roxy helped her pick an appropriate wig. "'i want to erase my past': miley cyrus admits she's 'embarrassed' by hannah montana". then, in "i'll always remember you", it is revealed that jesse knew that miley was hannah when he told miley that his dad was in afghanistan. he later got his big break in zombie high (buffy the vampire slayer parody) and went on to star in feature films such as teen bigfoot, teen gladiator and the sword of fire, and roger buck: intergalactic bounty hunter (buck rogers parody). in the two-part season finale, robby buys a ranch in malibu to bring miley's horse blue jeans from tennessee, while jackson leaves his apartment and returns home. richard martinez (john d'aquino) is the president of the united states. is the only character in hannah montana to be portrayed by two separate actors. to go to florida", and "we're all on this date together". elvis eventually started dating aunt dolly which began a 30-year feud between the two women. jesse later goes to see miley off at the airport and they (presumably) kiss. in 2009, the first feature film of the series, titled hannah montana: the movie was released to commercial success, and was additionally promoted through its accompanying soundtrack.[24] todd is the first person to taste the "cheese jerky" and realize how delicious it is, foreshadowing it's possible commercial success. theme song for hannah montana is "the best of both worlds" written by matthew gerrard and robbie nevil, produced by gerrard and performed by miley cyrus (as hannah montana). cooper gets mad at jackson for flirting with his sister then he learns olivia is coopers sister and she acts innocent. however, oliver did used to have romantic feelings towards hannah montana before he knew she was miley. also has several dating relationships, many of which are short lived. hannah and mikayla appear together with lassiter a second time for a telethon fundraiser where they trade insults. (christine taylor) is a nurse at seaview high school whom robby ray is dating. he first appears in season 3 in the episode "the wheel near my bed (keeps on turnin')" and reappears in season 4 in the episode "i am mamaw, hear me roar".[23] earl is an unseen character for much of the series, but finally makes an appearance in the second season episode "(we're so sorry) uncle earl.), lilly's mother, jake ryan, jessie, roxy roker, and officer diaria and his daughter. it is said in the movie that they both used to like each other when they were younger. sarah is very polite and kind, but can also be quite assertive when she needs to. robby seems to have so much fun hanging out with the jonas brothers, that miley becomes jealous and tries to discredit his songwriting in front of the jonas brothers. through the gallery to see who the cast is dating now. a former olympian who played volleyball at the 1964 olympics, ruthie maintained her competitive streak throughout life: from 1982 to 1999, she won "lunch lady of the year" from the north central nashville school district every single year and in "grandma don't let your babies grow up to be favorites" she was seen competing with queen elizabeth ii in an arcade dance-game. he is presumably deceased as the family refers to him in the past tense." this scene is a reference to the popular seinfeld episode "the chinese restaurant". cyrusmiley cyrusmiley cyrus got her start on the disney channel show after convincing producers, who thought she was too young, that she was perfect for the role.[3] the second season had 29 episodes, and aired from april 23, 2007 until october 12, 2008.[1] he also makes a brief appearance in the show gotcha! the fourth season, the stewart family moves into their new ranch, and miley begins dating jesse.[16] later oliver tries to come up with an understatement by saying "taylor swift is a little bit cute. miley begins to feel sorry for her, and makes her promise to become a kinder person. (selena gomez) is a pop star who is very similar to hannah, but is so far much less successful due to hannah being in the industry for longer. despite being fictional, hannah knows many real life celebrities, including some who are friends of miley cyrus, such as taylor swift and the jonas brothers. for example, in "you gotta not fight for your right to party," miley asks robby to only ground miley, not hannah, because "hannah didn't do anything wrong. (sterling knight) boyfriend of lilly in the episode "my best friend's boyfriend". "achey jakey heart", amber and ashley try to become miley and lilly's friends after miley starts dating jake ryan. mccartney attends a hannah montana concert in "when you wish you were the star. dontzig tricks the stewarts into a competition to see who can make their house look the scariest for halloween, while all he wanted to do was attract more children to his house. the show however, remains workable primarily based on suspension of disbelief. appears in "it's my party and i'll lie if i want to", "torn between two hannahs", "my boyfriend's jackson and there's gonna be trouble", "cuffs will keep us together", "when you wish you were the star", "don't stop 'til you get the phone", "the test of my love", "uptight (oliver's alright)", "once,Cooper montgomery portrayed by andré jamal kinney (season 1), also called "coop", is jackson's best friend in season one. her interest in causes is something she evidently inherited from her parents who met at a blood drive and honeymooned while volunteering for the peace corps. dolly (dolly parton) is a long-time friend of the stewart family, long enough to remember when robby was in diapers. out who the stars of 'hannah montana' are dating now. and miley first start dating in "people who use people", but their relationship lasts only a matter of minutes as jake kisses miley and then tells her he is going away to romania for four months. (melora hardin) is robby ray's love interest in hannah montana: the movie. it was unknown whether they were still together or not because jake had never been seen or mentioned since the episode "he could be the one". the popularity of hannah montana has also given cyrus the opportunity to become a pop star in her own right. pancake is a purple buffalo puppet and has a large number of loyal fans, known as "buffalo buddies. she finds hannah's anklet and accidentally drops it overboard in disgust after learning the diamonds are synthetic imitations. collins (corbin bleu) is miley's schoolmate who appears in the pilot episode. the names of the actors and actresses and clips from the show appear in a sort-of marquee board and it features hannah montana with her new wig and clothes style. joannie and oliver continue to date for 11 more episodes until their break up in "papa's got a brand new friend"." in frustration of this, miley once complained "you might as well tattoo 'i'm really miley stewart' on my forehead! (while he is there, it is extended to six months." things go from bad to worse when jesse kisses hannah on stage and is soon criticized for two-timing hannah when he is spotted with miley, this is the moment that the hannah-secret started interfering with miley's personal life to the point which it became too difficult to manage, and it served as the instigator to miley revealing the secret to the world. his wife once had a car similar to jackson's but traded it in because she thought it was too "girly". What do geologists use radioactive dating for

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" johnson falls victim to miley's plot to get an embarrassing picture of him – something miley does to keep a picture of hannah being published that could reveal her secret. his career was abruptly ended after he injured his shoulder doing a celebratory cartwheel on his last home run. she later appears in san diego to see robbie ray's comeback performance, but arrives too late to see the show. disney announced the concert was filmed in several cities to be theatrically released in the us in february and internationally that month. although not a blood relation, the stewarts consider her a family member as she is miley stewart's godmother.^ a b "hannah montana episode guide 2006 season 1 - lilly, do you want to know a secret? kaplan (laird macintosh) is a childish secret service agent who is assigned to protect president martinez and sophie.^ "you're so vain, you probably think this zit is about you".^ this is the only hint at the cause of susan's death, as it seems the family had anticipated her death. also, he is not mentioned during the episodes following the movie. when hannah montana came to an end in 2011, miley took her music and her style in a completely different direction. after the show ended, billy ray relaunched his music career releasing three albums. he apparently comes from a rich family as he buys a dinner date with hannah montana for ,000 at a charity auction. ruthie feels that because of all miley's success, jackson is often overlooked in the family, not realizing she's overlooking miley's feelings as well. the only change to the sequence for season two were the replacement of episode clips and the addition of the disney logo above the show's title logo. (it is mentioned in this episode that neither oliver nor miley have romantic feelings for each other). she seems to have a crush on jackson, and is frequently having celebrity parties, in which hannah and her friends go to (although lilly only goes for the publicity).^ a b "nickelodeon kids' choice awards – 2008 winners list – pictures and video".[11] during the fourth and final season, oken became a supporting character due to musso's involvement on the television series pair of kings, which aired on the sister station disney xd.. bradley (barry bostwick) is a land developer who plans on building a mall on the fields of crowley corners, much to the towns peoples objection, because of the loss of open land. the first season, miley is an 8th grader at seaview middle school, and in the second season she enters seaview high school. siena admits to jackson that he is right, because he is "way better," and they share their first kiss.[26] he appears in "you didn't say it was your birthday" where he enthusiastically bids on the likeness of darth vader which lilly and oliver discovered in a bag of chips. montana was the show about a young pop star living a double life, that ended up launching miley cyrus' music career! links hererelated changesupload filespecial pagespermanent linkpage informationwikidata itemcite this page. in the video susan tells miley to always listen to her heart. sheffield alleged that he pitched the concept for a television series titled rock and roland to the disney channel in 2001. miley gives max to tell lilly she has the ugliest ears in seaview high history and a squeaky voice in "what i don't like about you. in interviews, miley cyrus spoke of the implausibility of being able to keep a secret such as miley and her family do in the show in a world of intense media scrutiny. goode, joannie starts to date oliver much to the dismay of lilly and miley. because the queen is late, hannah speeds the tempo of the song and abbreviates the lyrics so that she can still attend jackson's championship volleyball game. the soundtrack albums hannah montana (2006), hannah montana 2: meet miley cyrus (2007), hannah montana 3 (2009), and hannah montana forever (2010) were released to coincide with their respective seasons. even though rico was only 8, he ran several successful businesses and loved making jackson do his dirty work. in "miley get your gum," oliver has a feud with chad which starts with chad sticking his used gum onto oliver's "hannah hand. the show's success allowed miley to pursue a music career—she released her first two albums under the name hannah montana and even performed dressed as the character. though her character may appear arrogant and shallow based on her behavior towards hannah, mikayla actually has been shown to have a much softer side towards others. is an alumnus of the (fictional) state university of santa barbara and is a generous donor to the school. ruthie alienates miley in "grandma don't let your babies grow up to be favorites" by clearly showing favoritism toward jackson. miley claims that luann pushed her down a well when she was six years old; robby thinks that luann is nice because she pulled miley back out. this event is actually mentioned in for (give) a little bit during an argument between miley and jackson, meaning that the movie would fit right in the middle of season 3 as if it were a part of the season. the only time roxy is seen to be intimidated was upon meeting an old high school friend. when the towns people were angry about a mall being built, he suggests that miley gets hannah to perform a concert to support the town. in doing so, it also became the most-viewed episode on basic cable. van horn portrayed by romi dames (season 1–3) is a socialite and friend of hannah montana. the sequence then switches to full-screen episode clips (most of the clips used in the season one version of the sequence were of the early produced episodes) with the creator's names appearing in the second-to-last clip. the girls wind up befriending him and he helps miley get the hannah picture back from the publisher. but launched his music career before he starred alongside his daughter in hannah montana, with his hit single "achy breaky heart". the show, three other people (robby, lilly, and oliver) also wear disguises when around hannah to prevent anyone from drawing a connection to miley (jackson is himself, only as a childhood friend)." his daughter, angela vitolo (juliette goglia), joey vitolo's daughter, is a big hannah montana fan. Montana went off the air in 2011, and since then, the cast members of the beloved Disney Channel show have each been doing their own thing. montana as a character has found fame beyond the television show, primarily as a recording artist and music performer. (january 2014) (learn how and when to remove this template message). see what all of your favorite hannah montana characters are up to now. ariasmoises arias had a recurring role on hannah montana as jackson's much younger boss rico. an additional episode, titled "that's so suite life of hannah montana", served as a crossover episode with that's so raven and the suite life of zack & cody, and was broadcast on july 28, 2006. miley is convinced that luann is evil, although robby doesn't believe it. however miley is shown to be very uncomfortable with the fact that they're dating and even stops them from being a couple. the original wig seen in the pilot was a slightly different style, though the famous blonde wig was first seen in hannah's concert footage of "this is the life" in the first scene of the pilot). please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. these careful efforts, her father seems to enjoy writing hannah songs which explicitly speak of her double life, such as "the best of both worlds," "just like you," "the other side of me," "rock star," "old blue jeans," "just a girl," "supergirl," and "ordinary girl. he takes advantage of the stewarts' generosity by faking a sickness to have them watch his bratty eight-year-old niece "patty" (savannah stehlin). fitzpatrick (ashley tisdale), a character originating in the suite life of zack & cody, is an employee of boston's tipton hotel and a big fan of hannah montana. and andy (charles shaughnessy and john henton) are 2 of hannah's co-judges on the talent show "america's top talent" (a parody of america's got talent and american idol). then, from october 2007 to january 2008, cyrus performed in a successful concert tour as hannah montana. corden's carpool karaoke with posh spice isn't what you think. robby claimed he fell in love with susan immediately, and that he knew that susan loved him too because she laughed at all his jokes. however, after hannah montana became a successful franchise, sheffield filed a lawsuit against the disney channel in august 2007, commenting that he was owed "millions of dollars" in damages. since hannah montana ended jaden, kendall, and kylie's bff has really focused on his photography, while continuing to act on the side. 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