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will prob make another drama by the end of this year so. love the detailing in her acting, such as fidgeting it's so good that sometimes i don't even need sub-titles to understand what is going on. ha neul is adorable with his 'like for likes' co-star esom in 1st look. generation[snsd] yoona and exo kai team up in the february 2016 issue of elle korea + bts [photos]. performed hu die-hu yinyin perfectly and i watched this tv program for several times. nara you are a piece of beauty especially the way you portrayed your self in the drama fated to love you i will watch dat drama everyday if i can. shin hye is delightfully splendid in the spring 2016 roem collection. 'cheese in the trap' cast vacation is shrouded in controversy read more. junior, shinee and exo join forces for the february 2016 issue of cosmopolitan korea [photos]. takes over the pages of w korea's february 2016 issue [photos]. yong joon and lee ji ah sizzled with undeniable chemistry in “the legend,” better known as “the story of the first king’s four gods. “healer” fans often described the scenes between our otp as the “healer magical moments” because we never were quite mentally prepared for the feels in each episode that caused us to swoon non-stop.

Who is jang nara dating anyone 2016

.Although we wouldn’t mind seeing them a third time, couples who have already been reunited are excluded from this particular list, such as ji sung and hwang jung eum, jang hyuk and jang nara, nam sang mi and lee joon gi, and park seo joon and hwang jung eum (kind of), just to name a few. nara really looks very young, she is really baby faced beauty. classic in my book, “beautiful days” is a 2001 oldie, but a must watch goodie. due to her humble background and strange appearance, she is put at odds with the other privileged students. this drama definitely had a huge following in the international drama watching community. not like her role in hello monster, such a third wheel side character, 0 chemistry with young seoig, and just annoyed tf outta me. he rejoined his idol group spexial for their very first concert on may 22, 2016. however, despite the denials, the news outlet went on to release more pictures of the pair and insisted they had been dating for four months. like your fated to love you series espcially your team up with jang hyuk it really amazing story i fell in love with the 2 of you such good actors keep it up.* ji chang-wook cast in sbs drama "watch out for this woman". always watching fated to love i hope you visit here in phil. really gave me an awesome ending and becoz of that your movie is my number 1 favorite:) :).

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im in the philippines im one of your fan and i watch your fated to love you and it so beautiful and nice you and jang hyuk are so good together i hope you and jang hyuk will have more movies i hope you two are pair again! actors may not be dating but they do know each other because they worked together on the kbs drama "hello monster. they had really great chemistry as well as the most comical scenes whenever they were together. james and shailene woodley dating rumors: theo looking for another opportunity to work with shailene after 'the divergent series: allegiant'? min ho transforms into an action hero for his latest eider ads. bo gum is having his first dating scandal and he says there's absolutely no truth to it. of best korean actress her skill is very natural it's the most difficult to play and to be natural at the same time all is in the eyes the emotions are in her eyes its look sincere there is no much actress with this skill unlike iu is very bad actress. i really don’t mind seeing them act in another drama together as an otp, that is, if they’re not sick of working with each other yet. lee pil mo and song ji hyo’s reunion should appease viewers with powerful chemistry and a happy ending for the couple.  for those who may not know, “moon river” is actually sam and pets’ fourth drama collaboration.[jvnfc_engsub] jtbc mari and i (seo in guk call jang nara)..and im so very happy when they are reunited jang hyuk.

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it stars rising chinese actors zhang ruo yun and sun yi, and it is an adaptation of a novel by the same name written by author jing feng. jangnara and jang hyuk for fated to love you after 12 year you both still make me cry and laugh. dao and joe chen (chen qiao en) is probably the very first taiwanese onscreen couple that i shipped after watching “prince turns to frog. when a drama’s otp has amazing chemistry together, we oftentimes hope that their romance will translate from onscreen to off screen. their characters had some scenes together in which they displayed promising chemistry. gone were the illogical misunderstandings, the unwillingness to communicate, the forced breakup, the lonely despair, the typical drama cliches. dating rumors began when a blind celebrity item claimed that a certain actress in her thirties was dating an actor in his twenties. (with jang hyuk) i hope you have another project with him, they have a good chemistry! as his unchanging best friend, shang xuan begins to realize how important li li is in his life. as proof of their strong chemistry, even song hye kyo said song joong ki’s acting had made her own heart flutter.. moreover her chemistry wth seo in guk oppa :d amazing. finished watching, again, the 20 episodes of fated to love you, and have really enjoyed them.

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” keeping each others’ tempers in control, overcoming their differences, risking their lives, and protecting each other — they do it all for the sake of love. has worked in chinese tv series, such a mischievous princess/my bratty princess. conference of kbs2tv drama 'moorim school' - jan 6, 2016 [photos]. coined the geun-geun couple by viewers, jang geun suk and moon geun young were the saving grace of “mary stayed out all night. is a bit of an fyi but sam had just recently finished his mandatory military service in taiwan. gong yoo and yoon eun hye had enough overflowing chemistry to keep viewers awake, alert, and on their toes — even without the coffee! acctress hahaha i like see her in ftly she is so baby face :d. jin goo matures on the pages of eastern trends february 2016 issue [photos]. still hoping that ull have upcoming dramas with jang hyuk . we laughed with them and we cried with them after each twist in the road. is precisely why we need to see them reunited in a good and proper romance, filled with courtship, dates, and the type of happy, positive emotions that come with falling in love. when you consider she pretty much left the korean scene way back in 2004 and restarted her career in china, that is a huge gap, in which she made something like six chinese tv drama and four music albums and becoming the most well known korean celebrity in china.

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azalea faces a backlash on her highly edited snap with nick young; faces harsh criticism from fans. this was exactly the kind of captivating hate-to-love relationship i enjoy watching, where the person you fell in love with was the one you least expected! park bo gum, jang na ra, reply 1988, one more happy ending. hyo joo plays a gisaeng who wants to sing read more. much for a huge chunk of my life, i’ve been watching dramas and one of my favorite highlights is the shipping of the otps (one true pairings), aka the love lines. in fact it is a drama adaptation of the novel called ming ruo xiao xi written by author ming xiao xi (yes, the same name as the lead female character! being opposites, li li is an academic achiever while pei shang xuan is a bad student who is only concerned about soccer.'t forget to cast your vote in the kdramastars awards 2016! little did i know that it will be like a super glue that i didn't want to detach myself from it until the last episode. the actor in question was said to be handsome and had starred in a popular drama, which was also his breakout hit. is a soompi writer with a serious addiction to k-dramas. days turned into months and months turned into years as li li stayed consistently by shang xuan’s side.


seriously i dont know how to move on, i even watched all of behind the scenes of this k-drama on youtube. jung eum holds quite the track record for reuniting with her co-stars, but joo sang wook is not one of them… yet.[jvnfc_vietsub] jang nara message || ansan pet care festival may 2016. jangnara you are so pretty :) i really excited to watch hello monster keep it up ! a handful of kisses should be tossed into the mix as well to satisfy us for their teasing almost-kiss. however, they didn’t end up happening and it was a very nice surprise., born March 18, 1981) is a South Korean singer and actress active in the South Korean and Chinese entertainment industries. i lost count of how many times i wished lee sang yoon would just swoop in for an intense kiss with kim so eun![jvnfc] jang nara - vip premiere red carpet movie (proof of innocence) [2016..Pretty much for a huge chunk of my life, I've been watching dramas and one of my favorite highlights is the shipping of the OTPs (One True Pairings), aka tThis video is unavailable. though its my first time to see u in kdrama industry, u can already consider me as your fan, jang nara.” many fans felt lee jong suk helped bring out the best in park shin hye, who was always known for her “lacking” abilities in kissing scenes.

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jjang \o/ i just finished "fated to love you", second drama i watched starring jang na-ra noona after watching baby faced beauty back in 2011 \o/ my heart keeps skipping a beat every time noona smiles :) great actress :) noona hwaiting \o/.” it would almost be wrong if i didn’t mention this couple when writing about otps!. is jang nara the one who also sang the ost of dongyi 천애지아. visually they’re also a stunning pair and you just can’t help but root for them. have a high tendency of going haywire and all kinds of crazy in order to fill the time, and although that might have been the case with all the makjang, birth secrets, and ahjumma fights in “you’re the best, lee soon shin,” i just couldn’t turn away from the love blossoming between jo jung suk and iu. i will look foward for it~ i love your acting especially hello monster, the chemistry was just daebak! moment i finished watching ftly, i still cant stop myself from being too attached with it. i really hope that you will do a new project again with jang hyuk in the future. she is such a great actress and she’s absolutely gorgeous! no particular order, here are the couples we simply must see again in 2016. is one of the most important elements in cooking and song jae rim knows that best. jang na-ra i never stop watching fated love because from now thats my favorite movie in philippins and i tell my mom to buy ah cd og fated love to watch the apisode ang i love it and i can watch any time i want buecause i am a big fan in fated love i love you jang na-ra :) <3.

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know how everyone swooned over janghyuks potrayal of leegun but had it not been for the meek yet strong snail princess potryal by the lovely jangnara he would have appeared yet another crazy up in the air chaebol prick.” despite the unfortunate circumstance, lee pil mo gave her the opportunity for a fresh start with a new career and song ji hyo moved his previously immobile heart, allowing him the possibility to love again. i think u and jang hyuk are a perfect couple! this is the first message or comment i have ever written., born march 18, 1981) is a south korean singer and actress active in the south korean and chinese entertainment industries.'descendants of the sun' trumps 'please come back mister' with double the ratings read more."it was amazing to see what being scandalized is like, and i have never been scandalized before," park said in an interview with the korean media outlet star news. ^^ i watched lots of jang nara's dramas and i love almost all of them, especially fated to love you, school 2013, babyfaced beauty, wedding, bright girl, nonstop 2 and mischievous princess. from philipines and i wish that someday ican go to korea and fanally meet you. chang wook and park min young did more than just heal themselves through the discovery of their fated past in “healer“; they also set our hearts aflame with their love for each other, immovable through thick and thin. the drama is about li li (sun yi) and pei shang xuan (zhang ruo yun) who have known each other since junior high school. purpose of the game is to lie, but there’s no lying when it comes to lee sang yoon and kim so eun‘s chemistry in “liar game.

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on top of a good plot, convincing acting, and great directing, a very crucial element of any drama is definitely the chemistry between the leading actor and actress. song joong ki and song hye kyo’s chemistry is evident right from the very beginning and it just sizzled. "oh happy day" is also the funniest movie i've ever seen. thanks to youtube that i was able to finish the whole series in in 3 day. from philipines and i wish that someday ican go to korea and fanally meet you. their realistic portrayal of the silent and gentle love between damdeok and sujini tugged fiercely at the heartstrings and sparked dating rumors, even without a single kiss in its 24-episode run. jang nara, i hope you will be able to read all the comments from your fans, i just wanna congratulate you for having a wonderful and inspirational drama series, like fated to love you, i learnt how to believe in destiny because of this project, i just don't like you because you are a very good actress and singer but also you're a wonderful person, i know you have a charity foundation in china and in korea.” romance was not a genre for this drama, but it didn’t prevent viewers from wishing there was, especially since there was plenty of tension to go around and no relief in sight! is one of my all time favorite k-drama~ ^^,Applause to you, jang na-ra! a comment name (required) mail (required but will not be published) websitecomments. ji min is the yin to park yoochun‘s yang in “rooftop prince.* jang hee-jin cast in mbc drama "you are too much".

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some people, assumed that the actress was the 34-year-old actress jang na ra. u are really good pairing with jang hyuk, i love u both to be together :( my snail couple jjang![vietsub | hán việt] phiền quá đi - jang nara & tô hữu bằng (ost công chúa bướng bỉnh). which actors and actresses will get paired up together this year is anybody’s guess, but the endless possibilities are absolutely thrilling. tae hee & jang nara kiss scene collection - korean best kiss..i love the acting and the whole story is good. one of the best couples to date, no “best” list would be complete without “coffee prince“! i've seen successful story of a bright girl in which she also starred along side jang hyuk and it was also really good. or that he is involved in a dating scandal with jang na ra. our otp had a strong intense chemistry between them and it immediately made fans fall in love with the couple. it was an amazing journey watching the two grow and fall in love, completely disregarding gender in the process. na ra is very good at playing her character, and how she made the 'snail princess' to mature as the series develop, without losing the core of what she is: a gentle and caring woman, with lots of love to give to the world.

Who is jang nara dating anyone 2016

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wish for their reunion is one that’s more smooth sailing and less ill-fated. it’s not just myself and their fans but clearly drama producers also love shipping this pairing as they went on to film four other dramas: “ying ye 3 jia 1,” “let’s dance,” “the queen of sop,” and “beauties of the emperor. she enjoys discussing her favorite dramas, and sharing her knowledge of asian entertainment. unfortunately, his timing in “surplus princess” with jo bo ah was always off and their love was never meant to be. jnr unnie is really a good singer, actress, and a great person who is kind, humble, honest and so good to fans.’re not the only ones who completely fell for this pairing as yoon eun hye herself was so distraught over having to say goodbye to go eun chan that she shed buckets of tears at the drama’s after party. na ra can speak korean, mandarin, cantonese and english language. lots of hard work are put into building the characters of each movie she is in. to her, one of the best feelings associated with watching k-dramas is the flutter of excitement and the intense twinge that strikes her right in the heart. after the song finished, while still holding hands and facing each other, pets said “long time no see, welcome back. the midst of coping with everything thrown in their direction, including illness, family tragedy, and bankruptcy, their love was the whole nine yards of dating, marriage, and even a honeymoon. they aren’t afraid of tomorrow’s uncertainty or how fate might painfully rip them apart; they’re just cherishing one day at a time and loving each other to the fullest.

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i love all of her dramas, she is an amazing actress! i enjoy american, british and asian dramas/ comedies and rcs/. im now watching chinese spin-off of my bratty princess, unruly qiao (aka royal johnson medical/physician) and its jang na ra gag comedy concerto :). along with new couples who will send our hearts fluttering are those unforgettable couples we keep wishing would get reunited for a second round of action. i'm your fanboy i hope you will visit philippines someday. i think i've become a fan of jnr unnie :d wish unnie all the best in your life ♥ saranghaeyo unnie, fighting! as if that wasn’t proof enough of how compatible they are, the last episode was also completely rewritten due to high viewer demands to give our beautiful couple a happy ending. cant stop my tears after watching your "old goodbye" together with jang hyuk. more happy ending | hanbun deo happyending (mbc / 2016) - han mi-mo.: there is only one kind of drama that scares me — 50 episode dramas.[1] she is known for her hit song sweet dream and tv roles in new nonstop, successful story of a bright girl, bratty princess, baby faced beauty, school 2013, my love patzzi, fated to love you and i remember you. if i ever think of her and hyun bin together in a project then hyun bin should act like a proper dick worse than secret garden or my love is kim sam soon and she has to be so sweet i cant think of any other stories to make a project successful for those two i really wanna see them together!

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the love for the drama and otp was so strong that the pair was swept up in dating rumors when they were spotted in new york having a meal and shopping together.'one piece film: gold' release date, july 2016; teaser trailer update on new character. on february 19 at her school's graduation ceremony jang na-ra also received an alumni association award for her contributions to the school. their chemistry was so rocking that the entire drama took a sharp turn by switching the male lead from ryu shi won to lee byung hun, and boy, are we glad they did! hayyy , when can i meet u in person miss jang nara. i'm not a fan of any korean or international actors/actresses but after i watched this movie. his willingness to let go and step back for the sake of her happiness was enviable and her reluctance to hurt him as she, too, chose to let go was equally as admirable. on-screen chemistry seemed to have translated into an off-screen romance when a news outlet released pictures of the two on secret dates, as proof of them dating after the drama had finished airing. is one of the very few celebrities who respect their fans so much. sehun and red velvet irene couple up in the february 2016 issue of ceci magazine [photos].” the drama is about ming xiao xi (pets tseng) who is a highly skilled martial artist admitted to an elite university. the leader of this elite group of pretty boys is mu liu bing (sam lin) and, of course, he eventually falls for our quirky heroine, xiao xi.

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in all this time i, i have never seen as good a performance as that of jang na-ra. the unsubstantiated gossip said that the actress looked very young for her age, which jang na ra does. like the way you handle the fated to love you as kim mi yeong a perfect chemistry to lee gun. is your valentine for the february 2016 issue of tenasia [photos]. pets was their special guest and in the middle of singing “a person thinking of a person,” sam suddenly made a surprise appearance.. moreover her chemistry wth seo in guk oppa :d amazing. haseyo jangnara or kim mi young on fated to love you this korean movies is the best for me ., we were gifted with the type of loving relationship in which our two leads worked out any and all issues like two normal adults, choosing to trust and believe rather than suspect, and freely giving each other support because they cared that much. it only became worse from there, but jang geun suk and moon geun young prevailed — even going so far as to write the entire last episode themselves to save their love, which was both heartwarming and adorable. autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. one of my personal favorites is whenever xiao xi called liu bing “skating grandma” (a play on his character’s name). best tele drama i watched was the wedding where jang nara and ryu shi won acted, i felt so sorry it ended so soon, i wished they had added another episode where they complete the family with a kid.

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