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but the team is terrible so that’s a long shot.:   on 5 october 2014, huzlers reprinted an article originally published in january 2014 on the empire sports web site, stating that dallas cowboys stars tony romo and jason witten had come out as gay and had admitted an ongoing “intimate relationship. is no quarterback controversy in dallas after all as tony romo gets ready this week for the cowboys to be rookie dak prescott's backup against the baltimore ravens on sunday. the problem with romo is that the man apparently is made of glass and gets hurt way too often for his salary. they won’t disrespect him by trading him to a crappy team., we have not seen the last of romo this season 😉. who thinks he should play for the broncos, needs to watch the denver-saints game,The saints had a handful of sacks and twice as many hits on the qb, if the saints can do that, what are the chances romo would make it through a season? he could be called upon this year due to injury. unless the cowboys give him a full and fair chance to compete for the job in dallas (even then, romo may not want that), he’ll be released or traded in the offseason. would be in his best interests to retire now while he can still walk because he’s at real danger of not being able to.

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cowboys: no qb controversy, tony romo will back up dak prescott. doesn’t matter where romo ends up going: he’ll get hurt and won’t be playing much anyway. to the article, growing acceptance of gay rights had inspired romo and witten to announce their love affair:“jason and i both felt like the time to come clean was now. long-time Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo essentially crying "Uncle" regarding the job he's held for more than a decade, the question becomes where Romo will continue his career in 2017., if tony would go to denver with that defense and offensive skill players….. – what would have happened if romo had stayed healthy and the team was around . on paper romo would do well in ny and chicago. allison: rookie who was put on the roster just a couple weeks ago. romo should just take a paycut and stay in dallas as a backup. and as a team that is already among the 2 or 3 most injured in the league (12 players on ir as of today), i’m not sure the bears brass would be on board with a guy with his medical record either.

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broncos would be his best option, but do they want to kick the tires on yet another aging star qb? hope he doesn’t sign with denver, with their defense and a quarterback that can utilize his offensive weapons…no thank you! from a marketing standpoint you might want to consider adding the rams to that list in the event goff needs more ‘learning’ time. there's nobody that would introduce any other issue or any other consideration other than do whatever it takes to win the game. says:Packers’ receivers this year:Jordy nelson: still not 100% after torn acl. i’m also one of the few that thinks romo is better than dak and should start when ready. says:If denver’s defense is so good, they don’t need romo. i imagine running for his life every play would get old quick for him haha. from one of these options to get in touch with us:Claim: dallas cowboys quarterback tony romo announced that he is gay and is dating his teammate jason witten. Favre is set to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame.

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says:I’m not sure where the next phase of romo’s career will take him, all i know is that he is a cowboy now and willing to mentor and back-up dak. is an unofficial and independent source of news and information not affiliated with any team(s) or the national football league (nfl). to the bears as a 2-year bridge solution while their draft pick learns the ropes sounds good on paper, but i don’t see any reason he would want to finish his career with a team that best case might win 6 games next season.” said romo who was hand in hand with lover jason witten next to him. says:I wouldn’t take anything less than a 1st round pick for romo, or maybe a conditional 2nd (becomes a 1st if he leads team to sb) or traded straight up for a stud defender.! i am still grieving 😦 my hope is dak will hit a rookie wall and tony will lead us to a lombardi, then go out on his own terms, just like peyton did! only team romo would go to would be the broncos…romo is older but he has missed so much time over the years that his body is not as old as other qbs the same age."we are going to let the decision make itself," owner and general manager jerry jones said after the cowboys beat the pittsburgh steelers 35-30 on sunday for their eighth straight win. "everybody here wants to do only really one thing, is win. a history of reliable reporting dating back to 1907, today's upi is a credible source for the most important stories of the day, continually updated  - a one-stop site for u.

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Who is tony romo dating now 2016

could win super bowl this year and call it a career. romo didn’t come out and say to jerry “i think dak should be the starter, he’s earned it. in their right mind is going to trade for a 37 year old qb that costs a fortune? i’d rather they go out and sign jamarcus russell to qb the team over seeing romo wearing a redskins uniform if cousins goes to another team. intriguing options include the jets, texans (john mcclain of the houston chronicle recently said on pft live that this would never happen), broncos, chiefs, washington (if kirk cousins leaves via free agency), the bears, and the cardinals (if the team decides carson palmer is done). his latest contract made it impossible for the cowboys to cut or trade romo, in 2017 the dead money would be . relatively low cost of keeping romo (relative to the high end of the quarterback market) coupled with a bargain-basement, fourth-round slotted deal for prescott that can’t be renegotiated until after the 2018 season could tempt the cowboys to keep both, with romo being a high-priced but high-value backup option. is no quarterback controversy in Dallas after all as Tony Romo gets ready this week for the Cowboys to be rookie Dak Prescott's backup against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.’s clear based on romo’s statement that he won’t be retiring. for the short term to show how bad bortles is.

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imageswith long-time cowboys quarterback tony romo essentially crying “uncle” regarding the job he’s held for more than a decade, the question becomes where romo will continue his career in 2017. has been outstanding in romo's absence, completing 67 percent of his passes for 2,339 yards with 14 touchdowns and only two interceptions for the cowboys, who have the nfl's best record at 8-1. since day one we felt something special between us and that eventually led to us having a relationship for several years now. retire now cause it’s really going to start hurting around age 45, don’t make it worse. big-armed jay cutler to arizona for a later career renaissance and super bowl ring. news reports that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has announced he is gay and in an 'intimate relationship' with tight end Jason Witten. isn’t hating on romo … this is a rational look at the fact that he has an appalling ability to get injured and get knocked out of the season due to broken bones. this:share on facebook (opens in new window)click to share on twitter (opens in new window)click to share on tumblr (opens in new window)click to share on google+ (opens in new window)click to email (opens in new window). new orleans saints are close to a deal to acquire new england patriots cornerback malcolm butler, according to a published report monday. isn’t leaving the redskins, but there’s no doubt romo will play somewhere next season.

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Who is tony romo dating now

broncos would be his best option, but do they want to kick the tires on yet another aging star qb?’ receivers this year:Jordy nelson: still not 100% after torn acl."i think the longer (prescott) plays like this, the more we have a chance to have another win," jones said."consequently, there's nobody happier for our success, because it's his success, and good things will happen for him," jones said of romo. the only options end up being a bad team with a bad oline he should just retire and enjoy his millions. anyway, i doubt if tony would play for the skins for the same reason. cowboys opted to make romo inactive for the ninth time in a row on sunday. and wherever he goes next, i’ll be a fan and when the day comes that he sits at a press conference and announces his retirement, that’s going to be a difficult moment for me not to cry (and i don’t cry). i am unsure what is next for our marriage and what tony plans to do but i will raise my daughter and i hope he will continue to be a father to our child. informal poll of several coaches and decision-makers earlier this year yielded a projected range of trade value from absolutely nothing to a conditional pick that would go as high as a second-rounder.

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dak isn’t the qb that romo is, but they’re winning and he’s all in for the success of the team. has not been active this season after sustaining a compression fracture in his back during an aug. but he has maybe 2 years left if his health is perfect. allison: rookie who was put on the roster just a couple weeks ago. still, romo’s statement makes it clear that he wants to play. so, today, to be able to come out of here with a win just obliterates any thought about any of the issues that you might have as to who's out on the field. million net cap savings, the cowboys would avoid million in cash by cutting or trading romo. off the field stir i even recall was the jessica simpson dating era and that was relatively minor in terms of nfl scandals. i’m also one of the few that thinks romo is better than dak and should start when ready. dak looks great, but wouldn’t be the first young qb to look better than he is with a stellar run game.

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and jets could win now if they had a qb and cowboys desperately need a pass rusher. i had to guess his next place i’d say denver would appeal to him at afc not nfc. the former’s spoofs include a similar admission of bisexuality by justin bieber and a story claiming that the 2014 super bowl was rigged..A – this story would have never been written and what romo was getting paid wouldn’t matter.: tony romo: dak prescott has earned the right to be our starternext: seahawks waive christine michael83 responses to “what’s next for tony romo? is almost certainly going to the jets and that isn’t turning out well. this has to be unbelievably tough on him with the best team he’s been a part of. romo specifically will be the most interested in a team with a great defense, a solid offensive line, and a competent running game. chicago has a slim chance given that he played college ball in illinois. jones has money to burn and the roi trying to trade him is worthless.

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with the all the acceptance of being gay now we had no reason not to. i don’t know how you can hate on tony romo. although the question was asked when romo wasn’t healthy, he has a habit of becoming not healthy on a regular basis. romo just needs to stay healthy til he’s in his 70’s. your long list of excuses for rodgers, it’s clear that rodgers is no “future hall of famer”. can’t see the jets, but the broncos might give an old injured qb a chance and with that d of theirs they are built to win now. i love tony and we have a family but this clearly changes everything. managed to reach candice romo and ask for her input and she had the following to say:I’m upset to say that least.?They are just getting a taste of what tony has had almost his entire career, but all he got was bashed…. this could bt the next bledsoe-brady or the next rgiii.

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! why all the hate for romo (this site) truly befuddles me?’d love to see tony stay on in dallas as a backup to dak and retire a cowboy. "you are going with how the team is doing right now. 36-year-old romo went through his third straight full practice last week after being a limited participant in practice over the previous two weeks.! i love jj as owner, marketer, & contributor, but 5 years to build this team, via mcclay, stephen, & jg, was too little, too late for romo…makes me sick! think broncos are the best fit and would be sb contenders with romo for at least 2 seasons…. tony will get traded to a very qb needy team (bottom feeder) and he will get injured which will force him into retirement. hesca great qb but hes too old to start fresh and his time is up. says:Broncos, chiefs, redskins (if kirk cousins leaves via free agency),If jerry is any smart, he ll trade him to the jests. ” that letter was written by the cowboys pr department to make romo look good.

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